Djinn SigilWithin my own research into the world of the paranormal, I began to start digging into anything I could to find out details in regards to malevolent hauntings and/or certain spirits. And at first, myself being Roman Catholic, obviously began to look inwards to my own religion for answers, but unfortunately, the topic of demonology pre-dates even my religion. So, my answer, it seemed, was to begin digging into other faith systems. I began to start studying the Hebrew religion of Judaism, and as you could imagine, that took up quite a lot of my time. Then, however, I came across something that made me take a step back, and reassess some patterns of thoughts that I had been forming.

This article is going to be a special one, because it is going to contain contributions from people who are more familiar with certain matters of faith than I am. They are not authors for the site, but simply people, both of which who choose to remain anonymous, who either have insight or personal experience in regards to this topic.

We are going to go in-depth the “demons” of the Islamic faith, the Djinn.

Now, I myself will openly admit that I am not particularly familiar with the Muslim religion, however, in the past few months, I have become increasingly interested in it from an academic point of view. You should also know that while this article is being published to coincide with the new year of 2013, I have been specifically researching this topic wince the year 2010, digging into forums, and weeding out people who I believed to be telling mistruths, etc., This article will be a collaboration between myself, sharing what I have learned, one other woman who has given her insight to this field from the point of view of a devout and faithful muslim, and a man, who, due to circumstances early on in his life with the Djinn, witnessed an honest-to-goodness exorcism of the Djinn, performed in Jordan. Both of these people have chosen to use the media of simple text to express themselves and offer their inputs, but this comes as the result of many phone interviews, facetime video calls, e-Mails and text messages, to make sure that during the fabrication of this article, I got every detail correct. In regards to their input, nothing has been changed, and every detail I included was given to me by these people. I have not changed a single thing, nor have I “beefed it up” to make it more entertaining or “commercialized”. When you read their contributions, it is 100% exactly how they intended for you to understand it.

With that being said, let me start off by explaining my understanding of the Djinn. I am going to be explaining this from the point of view of a Westerner, who is of Roman Catholic faith, and my views may not reflect those of Muslims or Hebrews. However, being that I have my hands into so many aspects of multiple religions, I personally feel that I have made some connections which others may argue and contest. Note that nothing I say should be taken as hard, concrete proof or evidence. I will state a great many facts, and then offer my insight to this, so please be warned.

For an extended view into what these entities are, you can watch videos by one of the authors who wrote a book or two on the topic, a Ms. Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Here are the links:


From my understanding, the Djinn are sentient beings created by God/Allah. They were the masters of the Earth before mankind was, and it was taken away from them because God/Allah was displeased with how they were utilizing it. They do not remain on the same plane of existence as we are, and I will not even begin to try to tackle why that is. I do not pretend to know the answers to that, and anyone who does should be treated with skepticism.

The Djinn were beings, who were created from smokeless flame, and as such, are alleged to be extremely hot tempered. They are impulsive, intense, and very focused on their task at hand. At one point, they were the preferred species of God/Allah. As explained below by “Hana”, they were a vast and expansive race of beings. They engaged in much of the same function that we do: they had a purpose (“job”), they had families, they had communities and clans, and they had rulers (“kings”). One of these Djinn, named Iblis, forms a direct parallel to the Judeo-Christian Character of Haylel (הילל), otherwise known as Lucifer, or the Greek Phosphoros. The one main difference is that he was never an Angel. He was however, the most powerful of all of the Djinn, and he was even granted access to walk amongst Heaven “with the angels”, and he was also the only Djinn allowed to do this.

When God/Allah created man, Adam, he commanded all his angels and all of the Djinn to bow and kneel before this creation, and to love him. And at first, all did – except for Iblis, much like the story of Lucifer.

It is We who created you and gave you shape; then We bade the angels prostrate to Adam, and they prostrate; not so Iblis;

He refused to be of those who prostrate.

(Allah) said: “What prevented thee from prostrating when I commanded thee?”

(Iblis) said: “I am better than he: Thou didst create me from fire, and him from clay.”

(Allah) said: “Get thee down from this: it is not for thee to be arrogant here: get out, for thou art of the meanest (of creatures).

Be thou among those who have respite.”

(Iblis) said: “Because thou hast thrown me out of the way, lo! I will lie in wait for them on thy straight way: Then I will assault them from before them and behind them, from their right and their left. Nor wilt thou find, in most of them, gratitude (for thy mercies).”

(Allah) said: “Get out from this, degraced and expelled. If any of them follow thee, Hell will I fill with you all.”

So as you can see, Iblis, once again prideful and arrogant, rebelled against the desires of God/Allah, and was forever cast out of Heaven, but also given the opportunity to terrorize mankind as a test to see who was loyal to the holy ways of the Lord, and who would stray.

Now, on top of that, there are other correlations between the demonic, as well as the Djinn, and Angels. While in my opinion, encountering ANY angel would be a terrifying experience due to their dual-existence being some of the holiest of creatures but always having one wing dipped in blood to enforce the wrath and vengeance of God/Allah as well, I could imagine that encountering one of these Djinn, being bitter envious of mankind in general would be quite a horrifying experience.

There are different “classes” of the Djinn, with each one having unique identifying traits. Some of the notes I have taken would explain these, so I’ll just simply dive into it and explain what those classes are: to “simplify” the information, I will not be referring to them in their native language, I will be using the “western” definitions here.


There have been numerous claims that the fallen angel Azazel (עזאזל) was actually the name of Iblis before he was distorted and cast from heaven. As a matter of fact, the book The Vengeful Djinn, by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip Imbrogno, ISBN 978-0-7387-2171-2, pages 17 & 18 address this issue. Let me first say though, that I have heard this numerous times before this book published it, however, I will quote them, as they did a rather decent job of explaining this.

In some early Islamic accounts, Iblis was once a powerful angel named Azazel. The name “Azazel” means “God strengthens” and this angel may have originally been a Semitic god of shepherd’s flocks who became demonized as Abrahamic religions flourished. Azazel is associated with the ritual of scapegoating as an expiation of sin, as described in Leviticus 16. In verse nine, God tells Moses that his brother Aaron shall take two goats and sacrifice them: one is to the Lord for sin and the second is for AzazeI, to be presented live for atonement, and then sent into the wilderness supposedly to the demon. This reference to the wilderness has led to beliefs that Azazel was a demon of the desert. Coincidentally, the desert is also considered to be Iblis’ home when Allah permits him to enter our world.

In the apocryphal story The Apocalypse of Abraham, Azazel is mentioned as the angel of disgrace, lies, evil, wrath, and trials. He is the lord of hell, confined to earth by God because he became enamored with it. In Judaic lore, AzazeI figures prominently in folk tales, along with another fallen angel, Samyaza (sometimes spelled Shemihazah or Shemhazai). Azazel refuses to bow to Adam when presented to God and the heavenly hierarchies. Islamic lore also tells of Azazel refusing to bow to Adam, and God casting him out of heaven and changing him into Iblis as a result. Although the angelic origin of Iblis contradicts Islamic beliefs, it is still considered by some scholars as a possible origin for this rebellious spirit.

According to Islamic belief, the evil that exists everywhere is due to corrupt humans and djinn who have turned their backs on Allah. Demons, fairies, ghosts, demonic possession, and even sightings of extraterrestrial aliens are believed to be the work of djinn, or in some cases, spiritually corrupt humans who have joined Iblis. If we take into account the reality of the existence of djinn, we can understand the paranormal’s great diversity. Rarely do djinn present their true identity to us. Instead, they enjoy taking on many disguises. Many djinn merely play a harmless game with us for their amusement, but some have a more deadly agenda.

Stories about the djinn reveal a long history of perceived injustices and indignities from their perspective, creating valid reasons (in their minds) for many of them to plot against humanity. Believing themselves to be wronged by God in favor of human beings, some djinn have carried a deep grudge for millennia. Add to that the abuses they believe they’ve suffered at the hands of one of the few men to ever have dictatorial control over them – King Solomon. In order for us to understand the djinn and their feelings about humans, we must study both their past and present interactions with our race.

Further than that, not that this is any type of authority, you can also view the entry on Wikipedia for Azazel, where even in there, it states basically the same information as above, under the “Azazel in Islam” section. You can view that information here.



The classes of the djinn or divided amongst many, the first and weakest being that of the green djinn. They are the youngest of them all, and are not actually green, that is just how they’re classified in levels of rank and power. They can do many things such as manipulate the physical universe, but they are all different. It would be the equivalent of the youngest, and the most naïve. They can be playful, vengeful, sometimes kind, and most of the time cruel. As with people, they have different areas of expertise and talent. Some are better at different areas of skill such as the sciences, math engineering, art and other things.

It is been said that the green djinn only enter our world because they are curious about us. It is like a temporary vacation, from their world. One of the more common Islamic beliefs is that they live in holes.

One of the worst things that a person can do is to somehow find a way to offend this hole. That means any littering, disturbance, urination, or any other type of offensive activity that involves this hole could eventually wind up leaving a person to severe emotional, spiritual, and physical woes at the hands of the djinn. It is also said that these holes, which these djinn live in, eventually lead into an entire subterranean network otherwise known as the djinn world. Others believe something similar, such as these holes are simply entrances to portals which will lead us into the world of the djinn. As stated in The Vengeful Djinn, by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip Imbrogno, ISBN 978-0-7387-2171-2, it is believed that just to enter into one of these portals will bring you into a different plane of existence. A different dimension in which the djinn are allegedly the masters in control.

Throughout history, these entities have taken on many different shapes and forms. Some of those shapes all depended on what type of mood this entity was in at the time that it chose to materialize. The shapes include: dogs, elves, a fairie, and even in some instances, they were known to take on the shape and form of an angelic entity.


Then, there is the next class up ladder, the blue djinn. They are also called the marid, but despite their jump in class, there are not very many of them. Surprisingly, they are considered by many to be the most powerful of all of the djinn. They are known for being extremely reclusive, and if given the choice, they would rarely if ever interact with the human race. It is said in is Islamic believes and folklore, that the blue djinn, As heinous as they are, are responsible for saving the entire race of the djinn in a battle between all of them and the red djinn. For those of you who do not know, the red djinn are a different class of entity, and we will talk about them soon. Just for inclusion in this section of the article, the red djinn are worshipers of the Islamic equivalent to the Roman Catholic devil, Iblis.

In terms of strength and power, it is said that the blue djinn are the oldest and most powerful of them all, with their strength lying on a scale just that below the strength and power of an angelic being.

It is also said that the blue djinn were involved in a war. A war against heaven. According to the Islamic religion, when Allah ordered them to leave the physical world because they had to submit it to Adam, the blue djinn resisted and put up arms. They decided that they were going to literally launch a war against the Angels, and fight for their right to stay within this physical world. In the end, it is said that this war lasted a millennium, and the Angels eventually overtook the blue djinn. Not all of them agreed to go quietly, however, and many of the blue djinn chose to stay in our world, with their clans.

As time goes on, the blue djinn sit and wait, quiet, and calculating, and as they get stronger, their only purpose it is believed is so that they can use that strength and engage in a second war with the Angels so that they can fight to regain and retain their ability to live in our world.


The red entities seemingly have only one reason to exist: to bring forth the destruction and the downfall of humankind. In Islamic folklore and belief, these entities would be the closest thing to the Roman Catholic and Judeo-Christian demons. They have abandoned all previous ties to their leaders, their families, their clans, and their God, in order to follow Iblis. They are most commonly described as being either the voice of reason, or the voice of destruction. As a matter of fact, a very common depiction of this particular breed of entity, is the popular notion of having one demon sit on your shoulder, and one angel sit on your other shoulder, and throughout your life, at every action, one or the other of them will whisper in your ear and sway you to make a decision of either good, or bad.

It is also believed that these entities, being the closest to the demonic, throughout history have been confused with such. The issue is, they are known for appearing in the form of reptilian-like creatures, and because they have no allegiances to anyone or anything other than that of pure evil, they are also allegedly responsible for many things such as possession, physical illness and some severe/intense hauntings.


Not much is known about these reclusive entities, but in one mention, it has been said that they are the leaders and the rulers of the blue djinn. They are also known to rule over other large clans and it may in fact be possible that they are kings or in the least, a ruling class of entity over others. As I said, not much is known about this particular entity. It may be so simple that there is only one black djinn, and that he is the ruler of them all. This is not as far-fetched as you would think. However, not much is known so it cannot be proven one way or the other.

There is one very, very famous legend, known as the Testament of Solomon. In this testament, at the side of King Solomon, there was a black djinn. King Solomon had complete control over this entity, and whenever a green or a blue djinn defied their orders, it was the black djinn’s responsibility to punish these entities. In any event, regardless of who or where these legends came from, you can view the Testament of King Solomon here.

The other thing that is note worthy, is that at the current time, with what little is known about these particular entities, it seems that no matter what their status is, they are very important amongst the food chain in the djinn world. They are in positions of power, and it is power that has been gained by the rule of an iron fist. This is not something that they are elected to, this is something that they seem to have deserved, possibly by birthright, possibly by the natural selection. Unfortunately, we just don’t know.


There are different types of classes as we mentioned above and as you can tell from the writing of this article, not much is known about very many of them, but the least known of all of them is the yellow class of djinn. Quite honestly, there is nothing that I can tell you about them. The issue is, is that they are reclusive not only from humankind, but from their own kind as well. They seem to be the hermits and the recluses of their species.


Apparently, they are very sensitive entities. They take offense very, very easily. They are known for being vindictive, and if the situation arises, they will try to get revenge against anyone who engages in any activity against them regardless of what the or original intent was. For example, if a human being has the audacity to try to exorcise these entities from a person that they have possessed, these entities will literally take offense and even though the exorcism may be successful if the conditions are right, just like in Roman Catholic and Judeo-Christian faiths, they may leave temporarily, but come back with a much greater tenacity and a larger force. In Roman Catholic and Judeo-Christian belief, it is said that when a demon is exercised, if the demoniac does not do something to change their life and live for the better, then that demon will return and it will be seven times as strong as it was, and it will bring seven times as many demons with it then were originally present. This is interesting to me, because it shows such a mirror in the three different faiths. So I guess we could chalk this up to being one of the many similarities that the djinn share with the classical definition of a demon.

Another similarity that I have noticed, between these djinn and the Roman Catholic/Judeo-Christian demons is that while neither one of them can actually perform genuine miracles, what they can do is perform the illusion of a miracle. Meaning, that they can make everything seem as realistic as possible, and they can confuse everyone into believing that they had just genuinely witnessed a miracle, but in fact in the end it was all just an illusion designed to get them closer to their goal, whatever that may have been. Another famous example of what the Roman Catholic/Judeo-Christian demons are guilty of, in this regard, is sickness and disease. What they are known for doing, is they will intentionally get a person sick and cause all types of physical ailments, and then when the person is at their spiritual and mental breaking point, this demon will suddenly appear as their miraculous savior, and agree to make them “better“, in exchange for something. Usually, a grant of permission of some kind. Sometimes, it will even be so bold as to promise the person perfect health, until the day they die, in exchange for “a piece of their soul“, their entire soul, or just a declaration stating that they turn away from or abandoned God. So in essence, the game is very simple: they create the problem, and then show up to fix it. Once they do take away what they had given in the first place, they wind up looking like the good guy and someone that you can trust, and in the end you wind up getting screwed. This is Manipulation 101. And they are masters of it.

It is said that these entities can influence a person’s thoughts, and dreams simply by whispering into its ear. It has also been said that they can even aggressively enforce suggestions that eventually become actions from this person that they are oppressing. Well they cannot actively engage with the physical world, they have been known to do small and minor yet distracting things that could affect a person, especially during a critical moment. For example, a man can be cleaning a firearm in his home, and when he puts it back together, a very loud crash could be heard in his house that startles him, accidentally forcing his finger to pull on the trigger which would eventually cause his death and look like a suicide. They can also lightly influence the environment causing you extreme stress and lack of sleep. What do I mean? Imagine going to bed, getting under the covers, and preparing to fall asleep. Now just as you are about to fall asleep, imagine that you hear a noise in or outside your bedroom. Imagine a phantom footstep that walks across your door’s threshold, or someone clearing their throat in the corner of your bedroom where you know there is no person there. Imagine hearing a whisper, or a whistle sound from within the room that you are currently in. Your eyes show you that there is no one there, your nerves start to wind up, setting you on edge. Your sixth sense kicks in, and all you can do is sit there panicking, and getting ready to run like hell. Now, imagine this every single day, for months at a time. It would be safe to assume that you would be constantly tired due to your lack of peaceful sleep at night. This would drain you, and force you eventually to both your mental and physical breaking point. For whatever reason, this is exactly what their endgame is.

Also noteworthy, the symbol of an evil djinn is a camel. They appear in many dreams.


As stated at the beginning of this article, the djinn have been known to take possession of a person. The exact reasons for why they do this or how they are allowed to do this are currently unknown, but the fact remains that many times, this does in fact happen, and it crosses over throughout multiple religions. What do I mean by this? Many times, the activities of a djinn in your home will be naively classified as having a “poltergeist” when it is not the case. The same goes for possession. Many times, people not of the Muslim faith will be undergoing the entire ordeal of possession, and often times, once it escalates to the point where the Roman-Catholic church is involved, they will send out an exorcist to conduct the rituals, but upon completing multiple exorcisms, there will be no effect. Usually after much investigation, and much time being expended, the Priest-Exorcist will conclude that the possessing entity is not one of the Roman-Catholic faith, and but either of the Hebraic faith or of the Muslim faith, and at that time, the Priest-Exorcist has to contact and involve the clergy of those respective faiths. It is not uncommon for Priest-Exorcists to work with an Imam or a Rabbi to evict the possessing entity from it’s victim.

One of the most interesting things about the possession involving these entities is the fact that they claim to enter the body, and then travel through the person while being in the blood. This is, of course, after a period of what the Roman Catholics/Judeo Christians described as “diabolical oppression“. Just like possession in other religions, these entities are responsible for causing all types of physical ailments, such as problems speaking, problems hearing, problem seeing, and other events such as the inability to stand up straight, or chronic pains. Anyone who is familiar with the topic of possession in any of the previous religions I had mentioned will know that one of the set signs are of such possession is the nonsensical and maniacal activity that happens from a person who can no longer control themselves. They will appear to be genuinely insane, such as tearing their clothes off, or laughing hysterically. There are reports of the possessed being known to dance wildly, and engage in extreme sexual promiscuity. These entities can also be responsible for uncontrollable fits, loss of control of bodily functions, spasms, paralysis temporary or permanent, and many other physical ailments as well. Other forms of emotional assault, much like the Roman Catholic/Judeo-Christian demon, involves a severe depression of the person which can cause long-term depression, and consistent thoughts of suicide. Another issue, is that these entities can also enforce their own will upon a person they are possessing, which could result in acts of violence and or homicide. In time, this form of inflicted insanity can be used as their weapon, and as stated above, can push a person towards all sorts of crime and dangerous activity.

In the event that you were ever possessed by a djinn, the first thing that you would have to do is to try to figure out which religion this entity believes in. Much like people, they have a complex belief system. They are not bound to one particular religion, as they have been granted free will. Just like people, they can believe in many different forms of religion or belief. So, for example, if this entity believes in the religion of Islam, obtaining the help of a Priest–Exorcist will be useless to you, because this entity does not believe in the God that this agent is trying to force it out in the name of. The same goes with the Jewish religion. If this entity believes in the Jewish religion, that Priest or Imam would not be able to expel this particular entity from a person, because that would not be appealing to the faith of the actual entity. Once you obtain an idea of what faith this entity believes in, then you would have to get a type of religious clergy from that particular religion to take care of this problem. And, as with most cases, that cannot be guaranteed to be successful, but your chances would greatly increase.


Now, scholars have argued over the fact of whether or not the Prophet Muhammad was visited by an Angel, or a Djinn at first. This is in reference to the event that awakened him to begin acknowledging the visions that he was experiencing, and writing them into what eventually became the holy Quran. The Prophet Muhammad was known for going off into caves and meditating, and engaging in trances. Djinn are known cave-dwellers, and many of the Muslim religion believe that caves house portals into the realm that the djinn reside in. The story is as follows:

In the year 610, while in the cave one night during Ramadan, Muhammad was visited by a “creature” who ordered him in an authoritative, almost threatening voice, “READ!“. Muhammad replied to the creature, “I do not know how to read.”

The creature grabbed him with such a great force that he almost suffocated. It released him, and repeated the same command three times. On the third time, the creature gave him what later became the opening lines of sura 95:

Recite in the name of thy Lord who created,

Who created man of blood coagulated.

Read! Thy Lord is most beneficent,

Who taught by the pen,

Thought that which they knew not to men.

Now, even further, this “entity” followed the Prophet around for some time after this event, and this is the rest of that story:

Tradition holds that after issuing its commands, the creature disappeared. Muhammad went to sleep and awakened in the morning to hear words that seemed to be written on his heart: “O Muhammad, you are the Apostle of God and I am Jibril.”

According to the Al-Sira Al-Nabawiyya, a biography of the Prophet by Ibn Kathir, written in the fourteenth century, Muhammad ran from the cave, all the way back to Mecca, trembling with fear. He ran into his house and found his wife and implored her, “Cover me, cover me.” His wife asked him what was the matter. He told her of the creature he encountered in the cave and said he had to leave because he feared for his life. It is not clear at this point whether Muhammad thought the creature was a djinni or angel, but it was obvious he was very afraid of the creature that had accosted him.

From historical accounts of djinn and demons, we know they often make people do things they don’t want to by threatening them or using physical force. In Biblical accounts of angel encounters, people often feared the angels because they usually appeared when God was unhappy with a person; the angel was sent to chastise or punish. In the Arabic world, however, djinn would have been even more feared than a powerful angel.

Muhammad was able to see the creature from any angle he looked, implying it was multidimensional in nature. However, there is no record of an exact description of the entity. Muhammad was skeptical of the creatures true identity. He saw it on several occasions after the first encounter, but no one else could see it. The creature followed him from the cave and often appeared in his home.

Muhammad’s wife, Khadija, wanted to discover the true identity of the creature and so told her husband to inform her when the entity was present. When the creature finally appeared, she asked Muhammad to sit on her left thigh and asked him, “Can you still see the creature?”

He replied that he did. She then threw off her veil and asked Muhammad to sit on her right thigh. Khadija then asked him, “Can you still see the creature?” He replied, “No, it is gone.” Khadija then told Muhammad, “Be firm, by the name of Allah, he is an angel and not a demon.”

Islamic scholars interpret the test above as meaning that an angel would not stay to look at the uncovered part of a female body, but a demon would. Also, the creature was visible only when he sat on her left thigh and not her right. The pre-Islamic people believed that the proper sequence of things was from right to left. If the creature was also visible on the right, this meant to them that it would have been moving from left to right and against the balanced movement of the universe and against the will of Allah. Only evil djinn can do this – angels can’t. This test convinced Khadija that the creature was an angel, and not just any angel, but the Archangel Jibril. Muhammad still remained skeptical.

The Angel “Jibril” is also known in Judeo-Christian religion as “Gabriel”. And in this situation, since even the Muslim religion/community has decided that this creature was not a djinn or demon, it is to be taken as fact (for the intents and purposes of this story) that in this one case, an Angel did indeed appear in the form of a demon, or a djinn. Muhammad’s validity was questioned by his own people ferociously after this encounter, because they believed that this creature was indeed a djinn, and not an Angel, and accused him of retroactively fitting this part of his story to be told as if it were an Angel, to “clear the air“, I guess.

An interesting note though, is that many of the people in the day of Muhammad believed that he was in fact djinn-possessed due to his hobby of traveling to caves and meditating in an area that was known to house the djinn.


Yes. You read that correctly. They can change forms, and manipulate their appearance, just like demons can, in order to accommodate their purposes. One of the most identifying traits of the Djinn is the fact that ultimately, they are extremely insidious, and mischievous. They have been referred to throughout history as being “tricksters”, and they “get off” on completely confusing the minds of mankind. Many, many cultures throughout history have their own version of the “trickster”, but as time will attest, this is an instantly identifying feature that should begin to raise red flags if you begin to experience these types of things.

This is also one of the reasons that Muslims caution their children not to throw water, rocks, sticks, or other projectiles at black dogs or cats, because those are some of the preferred forms of the transforming djinn. They are also known famously for taking on the forms of birds, goats, mice, and even humans, depending on their agenda. Extremely interesting to note, the djinn cannot take the form of the Prophet Muhammad, but they can take the form of other prophets, especially in dreams.

Most of the time, however, the particular class of djinn that takes on a habit of using shapeshifting are the young, “green” djinn. Make no mistake though, when I refer to them as young, I mean that they are the youngest of the djinn, but they can still be hundreds and in some cases thousands of years old, and even though they are the “weakest” of the djinn, they are stronger than any human, and should be treated with caution. And some of the things that these types of djinn enjoy doing are haunting people who they feel deserve it for whatever reason. They will appear as apparitions in the middle of the night, if the opportunity arises, they will distort your vision, affect your reality, they will terrorize you through mirrors or other reflective surfaces, they will take on the form of animals to scare the hell out of you, they will appear as shadow figures, and so on. They will engage in such activities as banging on the walls, giving the appearance of a disembodied voice, whisperings, having particular items move from one place to another unexplainably, etc. They will also appear as creatures which are grotesque and intimidating in order to scare the living hell out of you. A rather common belief is that the djinn have seen how people react to hauntings, so they mimic the activities to further conceal their identities, and enforcing their existence of being “the hidden ones”.


In the book The Vengeful Djinn, by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip Imbrogno, ISBN 978-0-7387-2171-2, they offer a rather interesting take on the connection between the djinn and other paranormal entities. While this book is not widely accepted by Muslims, the connections that they offer are interesting to say the least. The chart that they offer can be found on pages 122 and 123, and has been re-created below:




Have gender

Have no gender Shape shift their gender

Live for thousands of years, eventually die into oblivion

Live until the end of the universe

Live longer than humans, eventually die and wither to their primordial state

Had original ties to angels

Closest beings to God

Had original ties to angels

Outcasts from God’s favor

Enjoy God’s favor

Outcasts from God’s favor

Inhabit dirty, polluted places

Inhabit heavenly realms

Inhabit dirty, polluted places

Eat and drink

Do not eat or drink

Eat and drink

Organized in families and clans

Organized in hierarchies of powers and duties Organized like the military
Have sex with each other Do not have sex with each other

Have sex with each other

Have sex with humans; can impregnate

Some have sex with humans; can impregnate

Have sex with humans; can impregnate

Shape shift to any form

Shape shift to any form

Shape shift to any form

Usually invisible unless they choose to be seen

Usually invisible unless they are directed to be seen

Usually invisible unless they are directed to be seen

Follow their own wills; some of the will of Iblis; converted follow the will of Allah

Follow the will of God

Follow the will of Satan

Duty is to self and own agendas; some to Iblis; some to Allah Duty is to glorify God

Duty is to Satan to subvert humans

Do not speak directly to God

Speak directly to God Do not speak directly to God

Deceitful, Trickster nature

Messengers of God

Deceitful, Trickster nature

Opportunistic interference in human affairs

No intervention without direction from God

Opportunistic interference in human affairs

Cause illness, bad luck, misfortune

Provide support and help

Cause illness, bad luck, misfortune

Possess humans and animals

Do not cause possession

Possess humans and animals

Can enter dreams Can enter dreams

Can enter dreams

Knowledge of present and past but not future Knowledge of past, present, and future

Knowledge of past, present, and future

So, as you can see, the similarities are striking and sometimes shocking. While there are more similarities and differences, the above chart provides a great “quick reference” visual to help you out in the event of a quick, basic question.

While there are many other connections that people have suggested or proposed, such as the connection to the djinn and extraterrestrials, ultraterrestrials, and other entities, I will not be including those due to the official content of this blog being almost exclusively dealing with matters of religious faith. And now, with that being said, that is the basic, Western description of the Djinn. Now, I will include the beliefs of the Muslims directly from one of their faithful, a woman who only wants to be referenced as “Hana”. The below is in her own words, with no changes to her original contributions except to otherwise format it to “flow” with the rest of the article.


The Mischievous Djinn: A Muslim View of the Paranormal

In recent years, thanks largely impart to the work of “PRS” (the Paranormal Research Society) and the show ‘Paranormal State’ on the A&E television network, there has been a growing discussion of spirituality and the paranormal. People are now asking questions about the origins of the experiences they have had, and the things they are seeing. After all of the “debunking” is done and evidence has been collected, sometimes you are still left with something that cannot be explained with known science. In those cases, we are left to wonder: is it the spirit of a dead loved one, a demon, a nature spirit (“elemental spirit”), or something else? How do you live with it, get rid of it, or understand it? The answers almost always return to the person’s religious beliefs. Each of us will carry our own answers to those questions based on what we believe in. What one person will accept as a deceased loved one coming by to say “hi” is viewed as a dark and evil entity trying to trick mankind. The reality though is that we may never know the complete answers. But, that does not stop us from seeking that knowledge.

I find it fascinating to learn from other people’s view points and sources of information. It is a comparative religions study; a mix of attempting to break modern misconceptions, going back to scriptural texts, exploring deep rooted mythologies, and opening new doorways of understanding; all to try to answer the questions which still elude concrete answers. To offer one more view point, one more color palette in the mosaic of religious understandings, I am sharing the teachings of my own faith: Islam.

As Islam is an Abrahamic religion (monotheistic religion that worships the universal God of Abraham), there are many similarities with Judaism and Christianity. Yet, for all that is so similar, there are always details that are very different. One of the most obvious areas of similarity and difference is right at the beginning of the story… the creation of intelligent life.

The Three Intelligent Beings

The Quran (the Muslim book of Scriptures) tells us that God (Allah) created three beings of great intelligence: Angels, Djinn and Humankind.

The Angels are described as beings made from pure light, most likely the first of God’s creations. In the Quran, Angels are said to be completely obedient to God as they have no free will. Thus, Angels are assigned all sorts of tasks according to the will of God.

Djinn, however, are described as creatures made of smokeless fire. These are the first of God’s intelligent beings to be given the gift of free will. Like Angels, the Djinn exist on a separate plane of existence from Humankind. They can see and interact with us, but we cannot see them in their natural state.

Humankind was the third of God’s intelligent creations. It is described that God made Adam from the mud of the earth and also bestowed him with the gift of free will.

Iblis and the Resentment of Humanity

When God created Adam, God commanded all of the Angels to bow down to Adam and all did except for Iblis. This part gets a little confusing for many. This basic statement is given twice in the Quran (Quran 2:34 and Quran 18:50). In both, Iblis is listed as being with the Angels during this event. In the first passage (Quran 2:34), Iblis is said to be proud of being among the disbelievers who have disobeyed God. In the second of the two (Quran 18:50), Iblis is said to be (or become, depending on the translation) a Djinn. Most scholars accept Iblis as being a Djinn as he obviously, from both passages, had free will and was thus able to choose to disobey the commands of God.

Because of this disobedience, Iblis is sent away from God and cursed to Hell for eternity. He begs God for a respite to his punishment and is granted the time to wait until Judgment Day. During his time on Earth waiting for his final judgment, Iblis is granted permission to test Humankind to sin.

Basically, this is an Islamic version of the Judeo-Christian story of the Fallen Angel (Lucifer), but in this version the culprit is Djinn rather than Angel. Because so many people correlate the story of the Fallen Angel with Lucifer, Lucifer is a common translation for Iblis. However, the Biblical scriptures do not assign any name for the Fallen Angel, so there is some debate. I have recently read from several sources that Samael, Azazel, and other names have also been connected to the Fallen Angel story. As I am not a scholar, so, I will not attempt to argue one way or the other. These are just the facts.

But, from this beginning, Iblis holds anger toward God and Humanity, in much the same way that a middle child will show resentment toward their parents and new baby sibling. But, the anger grows even more so for Iblis as he is punished for his disobedience. And like the story of the Fallen Angels in the Bible, many chose to follow Iblis in this show of anger and new purpose to tempt Humankind to sin.

In this rebellion against God’s command, Iblis then earns the title of Shaytan (Satan). In Arabic, Shaytan means “mischievous, insolent or rebellious one”. It is a title given to all who rebel against God. Thus, all of the Djinn that follow Iblis are also called ‘Shaytans’. Though the word is actually a direct version of the English word Satan, in context it is much more similar in use to the word Devil, with Iblis being THE Devil, and his minions are little, lesser devils. And it is here, knowing the Devil and his minions, that we then venture into the world of paranormal experiences.

Djinn, Demons and the Paranormal

Remember here that Djinn are beings with free will. Not all Djinn follow the leadership or desires of Iblis. There are Djinn that are said to be Muslim, Christian, Jewish, or other religions. Some are nice toward Humankind while other are ambivalent or mischievous. But, many have chosen to follow Iblis and show malice and/or malevolency toward Humans. But, what does any of this mean for the paranormal?

Well, let’s look at their role in the religious mythology of Islam as well as their capabilities.

Djinn are said to fall into five (5) main categories: dwellers, souls, devils, evil spirits, or strong spirits (rough translations of the actual categories). The “dwellers” (also called haunters) are those that choose to live with or around Humans, and these are the weakest. Think of these ones as the basic ghost hauntings. The “souls” are the ones that specifically attach themselves to children. I understand these to be more of the “imaginary friend” types. The “evil spirits” are stronger than the typical “devils” and just as malicious in intent. The strongest are the “strong spirits” (Ifrits), and these are possibly the most famous for being written in the “Jinni of the Lamp” stories from the Arabian Nights. They are strong, ill-tempered and rather slow in intelligence.

The “devils” are a bit more interesting. As we commonly hear from some Christian groups, many believe that there are no human spirits wandering the earth, but rather they are all Demons or Angels and nothing in between. From there, you have some people who have expressed a view that Demons are the Fallen Angels that chose to follow the “Fallen Angel” that was caste out of heaven. Others say that Demons are creatures created by Satan to do his bidding. I certainly will not argue either way on that one either. But, in both cases, Demons are viewed as evil beings doing the bidding of Satan and working to tempt Humankind into sin. In this way, the “devils” (Shaytans) of the Djinn are holding the same role as Demons.

Now, as I mentioned before, Djinn are beings that God created of smokeless fire. They exist on a separate plane of existence from us so that they can see and interact with our world, but we cannot see them unless they choose to show themselves. The very name “Djinn” basically translates to “those who are hidden or concealed from sight”. They quite literally can live in our homes, our places of work or anywhere else and we would not know unless they choose to make themselves known. Because they are naturally not very fond of Humanity, they tend to prefer to live in places with less Human traffic, such as forests, cemeteries, warehouses, abandoned buildings, attics, closets, and even restrooms.

Djinn are reported to be able to move objects in our world without us seeing them, as they are exceptionally strong, can live for hundreds, sometimes even thousands of years, can learn several languages, are incredibly fast, capable of speaking to us or making noises that we cannot see where they originate, able to show themselves to us as they choose (changing shapes to look like animals, deformed beings, or even like Humans depending on their goals), with some that are able to fly, able to invade a Human’s mind and affect their dreams, or speak to them personally, even affecting a person’s health.

Right here, you can see why this can be interesting in the field of paranormal research. These beings are connected to reports of object levitation, phantom noises, disembodied voices, strength, speaking in tongues, looking like deformed creatures or dead Aunt Betty, and possession… and they tend to live in cemeteries, attics, and other creepy abandoned places. So yeah, this seems to sum up a large percentage of paranormal reports.


Should we fear Djinn? Well, honestly, it seems that those Djinn who are ambivalent about Humankind are simply not as likely to interact with us. So, those that do interact are mostly going to be those of strong feelings one way or the other. And as even the nice ones can get pissy if they feel insulted or if they fall in love with a human (yes, there are reports), then I would say you just don’t want to interact with them. Better to be safe than sorry.

Can Djinn control us? No. Djinn have been permitted by God to interact with us and to tempt us. They cannot force anyone to do something they don’t want to do. But they can, however, much like the demons of the Judeo-Christian world, take possession of our bodies.

Can Djinn be controlled? Yes. The Quran tells stories of King Solomon controlling the Djinn and forcing them to work for him. They helped him court the Queen of Sheba, build palaces and more. There are many other reports of controlling Djinn, but it is mostly seen as witchcraft and thus shunned by most Muslim communities. However, there is still the common use of Quranic verses being carved or painted on walls, amulets, blue clothing, and other things being used to try to keep Djinn away. That in itself is an attempted form of control.

Once again, you can read the ‘Testament of Solomon’ in it’s entirety HERE.

Can we exorcize Djinn? Yes. As with many religions where possessions are reported, there are Islamic exorcisms. However, it is interesting to remind everyone here that Djinn can be of any religion. Some possessions can occur where the Djinn doing the possessing is not of the same faith as the person they possess. This can complicate things when the exorcist tries to remove them in the name of X, Y, or Z faith and the Djinn does not acknowledge their authority, based on the faith of the individual Djinn conflicting with that of the holy person conducting the exorcism. This is, however, very rare. Most possessions tend to be by Djinn who are serving Iblis. They do not follow a monotheistic religion as they have rebelled against God. In those cases, it is the power of God himself that casts them out. Remember, they most likely believe in God, as they are choosing to defy him. So, a Priest, a Rabbi, or an Imam could all effectively exorcize the Djinn through strong faith and the will of God.

There are a lot of other interesting facts and folklore stories of Djinn to talk about. But, I hope this helps everyone to understand just what Djinn are and how they relate to the paranormal. If you would like to learn more about Iblis or Djinn, I would suggest some of the sources listed below at the end of the article:


We touched upon this a little bit higher on in this article, but we didn’t go into too much detail about this, because what it all boils down to is the fact that there is not an incredible amount of information that is offered to people outside of the Islamic faith. For thousands of years, the Djinn have been successful in staying hidden from the prying eyes of mankind, and it is this exact reason why most people – those who have not come into contact with them – only pass on verbal stories of them, oral tradition, folklore and superstition. I personally know that I have not given all of the details I could have given, because ultimately, I feel that it would be straying off the topics and by delivering more statements and facts, they would only raise more and more questions, much like in the topic of demonology, and this article would be written with no end in sight, as it would be constantly updated indefinitely. So in regards to Djinn possession and exorcism, I decided that instead of writing about suppositions and guesswork, I would attempt to get the story straight from the horse’s mouth. I have conducted interviews with a few people, and listened to their stories. There is one interview that will be posted here, as an update to this article in the near future, but let me tell you, “chilling” is the proper word to use for this descriptive encounter.

Even further than that, there are quite a few YouTube videos depicting what is allegedly an authentic Islamic exorcism of the Djinn. While I cannot verify the authenticity of said videos, I can state that just as with Catholic and Hebrew exorcisms, information such as this is extremely hard to come by, if not completely impossible. Video of such an event – authentic video – is a rarity that you should be considered lucky to come by. Here are a quick few that you can take a look at:


After everything is said and done, as with most things involving faith, no one can tell you what to believe. These entities are manipulative, vindictive, playful, mischievous, envious, vengeful, irrational, violent, and most importantly, powerful. There are very specific ways on how to remove one of them from your home, life, or body, but in each one of those situations, it is extremely plausible that on their way out, they will do something to severely damage you, as a last act of defiance. These are not entities to be played with, and I certainly do not recommend summoning them to do your bidding, as things almost always turn out badly. There are literally so many things that I opted not to include in this article, as I stated above, because it can all be found out via your own research. Such things could potentially be dangerous to the reader who becomes excited at the things the djinn can do for the amateur conjurer. I did not go into the magic they possess, or how they can affect someones lives if you can “properly control them”, as King Solomon did. These are things that I have left out with good reason, and I hope that you, reader, can understand that.

There is no denying that these entities seem to have an uncanny similarity to the demons of other religions. They share too many of the same traits to be ignored, or to be simply discarded. While the fact remains that the djinn are not the same entities as demons, their trickster nature allows them to portray themselves as demons by simply mimicking them perfectly. Since the Djinn were never angels, they could never properly be referred to as demons. Many people will generally refer to them as “demons” to avoid taking the time to properly explain what and who they are. Unfortunately, I myself have been in this exact situation, where I had to dumb myself down, and simplify the terminology so that people could understand better, but I hated referring to the djinn as a demon. This is my response to that, because from this point on, whenever I am asked what the djinn are, I can refer them to this article. And now, so can you. Once again, I truly hoped that you enjoyed learning about this elusive and intense collection of entities that have been around much longer than we have. And also, please take the time, if you are genuinely interested in the topic, to read some of the books and resources listed below. They are literally chock full of knowledge and information.


  1. Kris says:

    Brilliant article! Can a demon possess a djinn or vica versa? When God created djinn, did the angels have to bow down and protect them? Are there good djinn? If someone is possessed, how can you tell if it’s a demon or a djinn? Does the Jewish religion believe in djinns? Sorry about all the question, but I find this subject fascinating. Thanks!

    • LVCIFER says:

      That’s actually a good question. I am not sure if a demon can possess one of the djinn. Logically, Angels were far more powerful than the Djinn. And since a demon is only FALLEN angel, theoretically, the angels/demons SHOULD have dominion over the djinn if they so chose it to happen.

      Upon the creation of the Angels and the Djinn, from everything I have read, no, the angels did not have to prostrate themselves to the djinn. This was only “owed” to man because when God/Allah created man, he viewed them as his most perfect creation, and wanted all of his previous creations to pay homage and respect to man. The angels and the djinn are somewhat on a pseudo-level playing field.

      As far as a possessed person (“demoniac“), it’s truly something that has to be investigated. If you ask a devout Muslim, they will always say that a possessed person is possessed by a djinn. Many of them will even swear up and down that djinn are demons, when that is not the case. Only the truly trained can easily differentiate the difference between a djinn possession and a demonic possession.

      It also becomes extremely difficult, because the djinn are free to worship however they please, so it is possible that the djinn doing the possessing may be Catholic, or Jewish. So when a Muslim Imam attempts to remove the possessing spirit in the name of Allah, it most likely won’t work, because in that case, that djinn doesn’t recognize the authority of Allah. You would need a Priest-Exorcist (if the djinn was Catholic) or a Rabbi (if the djinn were Jewish).

      I have heard of ALL THREE (an Imam, Priest, and Rabbi) being present for extreme cases and situations.

      Father Malachi Martin once spoke about an exorcism that he partook in where all three religious men were present.

      As far as the Jewish religion believing in the djinn, I am not 100% sure.

      According to the book “Legends of the Fire Spirits“, by Robert Lebling, ISBN 978-1-58243-632-6, on page 16, he goes into some detail about the djinn/Judaism connection:

      “According to Talmudic tradition, after Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden of Eden, Adam was separated from Eve for 130 years. During this time female spirits had intercourse with Adam, and male spirits with Eve, and from these unions the mazikeenn were born. Some Talmudic scholars have called them ghouls and demons. Others have characterised them as ‘fairies’, somewhat reminiscent of the European Celtic variety: winged creatures that could fly and practise magic. Victorian explorer-translator Sir Richard F. Burton believed the mazikeen were equivalent to jinn. They were able to foretell the future and could shapeshift. Like humans, they enjoyed feasting and drinking, and they married and had children.”

      Now, going back to your former question regarding djinn and angels… This is a very tricky topic, because the Islamic “devil“, and Djinn leader, Iblis, is also believed to be the fallen angel “Azazel“.

      Aside from my own fascination with this character, my other writer, ANIMUS, has been researching Azazel in depth for about the past 9 years or so. I have an article that he wrote specifically for our book that translates into about 45 pages on the origins of Azazel, his rise, and his fall.

      Needless to say, if you examine all religions, and historical data about Azazel, it is very likely that Iblis and Azazel are the same entity.

      Now, that raises the question “How can an angel also be a djinn?

      Well, according to the book “Legends of the Fire Spirits“, by Robert Lebling, ISBN 978-1-58243-632-6, on various pages has this to say about Azazel:

      “In the Islamic faith, Iblis is generally regarded as a jinn who was elevated to the status of an angel, presumably because of his intelligence and leadership qualities. As we have seen, angels were origi- nally created by Allah from light, and jinn from smokeless fire. A few Muslim scholars suggest that Iblis was of angelic origin and others say he was created separately by God. But the Qur’an states clearly that he was a jinn, even if elevated to the rank of angel: ‘Iblis … was one of the jinns, and he broke the command of his Lord’ (Qur’an 18:50).

      After 25,000 years, the jinn became proud and arrogant and began to disobey the divine rules. Allah sent legions of angels to punish the jinn, and many of the wrongdoers were destroyed. The rest were dispersed to distant islands — all except for Iblis, an impressive jinn who was captured and brought to heaven. There he was educated and raised to the ranks of the angels. Because of his eloquence, he became a teacher of the younger angels.

      Meanwhile, the scattered jinn on the earth came together again and formed a nation on an island in the Southern Ocean. Iblis saw this development and was drawn by the lure of power. He left heaven and descended to the island, where he persuaded the jinn to accept him as their king. He then took a second name: Azazil. He maintained his links with heaven, however, as we shall see.

      As defined in Islamic theology, angels , unlike humans and jinn, have no free will and have no choice but to obey Allah. The Qur’an (66:6) describes angels as ‘stern [and] severe, who flinch not [from executing] the commands they receive from Allah, but do [precisely] what they are commanded’. Iblis was able to exercise free choice and reject a command by Allah. When Allah created man, Iblis/Azazil refused to bow down before Adam, as commanded by his Lord. He did so, he said, because he, Iblis, was made from fire and man was made from clay, and thus he was superior to Adam. Iblis was also able to compel the obedience of some rebel angels, who fell from grace with him and will suffer in Hell with him after the Day of Judgement. (This apparent inconsistency, given that angels have no choice but to obey Allah, has not been satisfactorily explained.)”

  2. Wayne says:

    I stumbled across your site and found it extremely insightful and entertaining. I have a question which isn’t related to this post. If God is the supreme being, did God create angels? If so, does God have power over angels? And if he goes, would he now have power over Satan?

    • LVCIFER says:

      Yes, God created the angels.

      Yes, God has absolute power over them, they have no free will after “the test”, and the ones that used it and chose against Him were exiled from heaven to become demons.

      I’m not sure I understand your last question?

      • Wayne says:

        Sorry my bad…terrible typos. The last sentence was supposed to read “And if he DOES, would he NOT have power over Satan”.

        My point being: If God is the supreme being (and creator of everything), would God not have power to stop Satan or the demons from their evil doing to mankind? Is it because He has no power over them after they had been exiled? Or because He chooses not to?

      • sallihan lem matin says:

        Mr. Wayne..if you wondering about that, find Adam and Eve story and why they were send to earth.. from there, you will find your answer.

    • muhammad ramis hashmi says:

      yes in the bible the holy quran is the same and he has power over all I have witniss it front of me my age is actually 13

  3. Seraphim El says:

    Would love if you could email me. I feel we have a lot to talk about. I’ve left my email address so hopefully I hear from you soon.

  4. D says:

    Would they have claws and a zig-zagged tail? And would they hone in on one member of the family?

  5. Chris says:

    Dear author of this blog, I have been following your blog for years now. It is unfortunate to see your post frequency to become more and more infrequent. Thank you for your comprehensive coverage on the Dybbuk and Emily Rose cases, among many others.

    I believe this post is the first in 2013.

    Anyway, your mention of Father Malachi Martin brought back my memory of his description of the few stages of a possession. In the movie that I have just watched a few days ago, The Conjuring tells the story of paranormal investigators Edward and Lorraine Warren. Could you please be kind enough to shed more light into the background and history of their lives and achievements?

    P/S: I have read their wiki page.

  6. Melanie says:

    Hi 🙂

    I’ve grown up with these ‘djinn’, I’ve encountered more than a few different types of them too. None of them have ever harmed me, although they do like to scare me from time to time. Some of them have also helped me in the past, after reading this post I’m not sure whether that was for them to gain something out of it or me. I have never asked them for favors or made a deal with any of them, they merely follow me. I would like to speak to you in more detail about some of the things that have happened to me because I have a feeling you’ll be able to shed some light. Please email me.

    Thanks 🙂

  7. Miyako says:

    When you mentioned the black djinn in the testament of Solomon are you talking about the demon Ornias?

  8. $harine says:


    Once again…a great article..
    But why is there no recent posts..??
    Just wondering..!!

    • LVCIFER says:

      Honestly, in the past, it’s been due to two reasons: 1) previously my work schedule was very tight; 2) I’ve been doing a massive amount of writing for the book. I’m aiming to get it to 450-500 pages before release.

      • D says:

        I am glad to see you again. Do you think you could tell me about possible zigzag tails? I know it sounds crazy but there is a story behind this.

      • LVCIFER says:

        Would you be able to elaborate more on the ‘zigzag tails’? Haven’t heard of that before.

      • D says:

        Hi, Lvcifer. The issue I am writing about is one that has occurred off and on in the friend of a home. Two of the kids in the family separately reported to a friend of mine (and she saw something herself) that a “thing” was harassing them on the top floor of their house. One night, the person who told me described claws and a very odd, long, jagged tail on the creature. The drawing from her looked like Pikachu from Pokemon, and I know that sounds ridiculous before anyone says anything else. It seemed to hone in on one child, and when he left the house, it started bothering a younger girl. It is quiet now, but the top of the house still feels “occupied,” according to my friend. I have been looking for advice online, and someone told me to look into the djinn. This is why I am asking. If you have not heard of such a description, then it might be something else, or maybe it manifests to the kids in a way that they can see it?

  9. D says:

    Oops. The home of a friend.

  10. $harine says:

    Hey Lvcifer,

    Please share your personal Id…I read it somewhere-
    is this it?


    as i experienced there are good and bad demons and even have different religions. we used word jin for them… and for iblis we use word shetan,devil. we never use word demon or jin for shetan(iblis,devil). children and animals easily sense them.
    also read Hazrat Sulaiman A.S era.

  12. Ronnie says:

    My ex wife changed her name to djinn before I met her. She turned out to be a right nightmare. I had to divorce her.

  13. Anonymous guy says:

    I read a part of the testament of Solomon. It’s funny because Solomon just calls out any angel “entity” and it comes the next day. Now today, try calling an angel to come to you to “succour” you, you will wait a whole lifetime..Now i understand that’s Solomon, but if we’re all equal in the eyes of God why won’t angles come and talk to us to “succour” us?
    Although i’m not beeing very honest because i have the suspicion that Saint Rita helped me when i was a child, and i always held her dear in my heart.
    Nontheless why isnt Orias coming and taking half the pay and half the food of somebody now (and sucking his thumb)? I know Bill Gates wouldn’t mind, or any bankster for that matter.
    —> Maybe those banksters are the demons taking ALL our pays (they became greedier overtime)!! Because they are, indeed, stealing from us! Burning the whole world in debt!
    Oh well i’m thinking outloud, but when i think about it (yes i began writing before thinking thouroughly) it makes sense..

    • General Gorden says:

      God sees us all in the same way but the answer to your question is by answering This question I’m about to ask you. How do you see God through your own spiritual eyes?

  14. General Gorden says:

    Is it possible for demons to comunicate with us without possessing any living thing? Is it possible for demons to speak to us without speaking to us through our dreams and thoughts? Is it possible for demons to speak to us by using it’s self to communicate with us? I need to know the answer ASAP cause I can’t get this question out of my head

    • LVCIFER says:

      The answer to every question you asked is “Yes”. There are many, many different methods that the diabolical can use to communicate with us. While most of the time it is through a form of altered reality, such as intense sleep / dreams, it can also be through the use of hallucinogens, or even something as simple as paranormal events. “Normal” people will very, very rarely come into contact with the demonic, but they have been known to make themselves interact. Some demonologists even use a tactic called “religious provocation” to draw them out. It’s proven highly useful in the past to achieve confirmation or denial of the identification of a malevolent entity.

      • Paul Mulrain says:

        Im a grand demon master of the black craft..I have many djinn, I’m also a collector of these spirits..I have many from.shaitan kings.marids.infreets.silat..etc..they are very real and most off the s torys you hear are true..I speak with them all the time..I even have few bound to also a host for many too.15 years of my life I have been on this path with djinn and demons..very powerful name is facebook name is. KING AGHUL.

      • LVCIFER says:

        I’m very curious about you. I wonder if you’d be able to go into any greater detail to elaborate on your last comment?

  15. naseruddin says:

    Sorry to Say about your comment:

    “An interesting note though, is that many of the people in the day of Muhammad believed that he was in fact djinn-possessed due to his hobby of traveling to caves and meditating in an area that was known to house the djinn.”

    Meaning the ones who suffered from “Status Quo” or the ones who, were not in a position to see Mohammed as a Prophet (pbuh), on the contrary many thought & believed he was telling the truth & , given his reputation, & eventually the world is witness that it is a truth, so please don’t mislead your audience

    You contradict your own words, first you said Jins live in holes, next in caves, you need to make up your mind on that dude.

    I am still reading your blog…just thought was necessary for the heads up.

  16. naseruddin says:

    One more thing you got it wrong is “the Muslim Jins will possess a human body”, according to Islamic religion its forbidden for them to do so,
    therefore you theory that an Imam cannot exorcise any other religion jin other than Muslim is invalid, most of the jins, till date we encountered are of various religions & most of them non believers in God & never came across a Muslim jin.

    Its embarrassing for other religious Rabbis/Fathers(priests) to acknowledge that most of the times these Imams succeed, the only nightmare for a jin is not to fall in the hands of imam or mujaheddin because the first one reverts them back to Islam which will be against their family/tribes will,
    for which they can be punished, well the second one on the other hand doesn’t even give them a chance to explain, if they cross their path.

    One interesting fact is Muslim Jins sometimes come and pray in mosques, most of the times after midnight, & they usually stand in the center of the building inside, in the straight line to a Imam, so its discouraged for Muslim travelers or homeless poor to sleep in the center of the mosque at night they can sleep any where else except center place.

    Thought you might like to know this.

  17. Ramzi Gaouzi says:


    I am a frequent visitor of your blog and I find it fascinating. First of all I would like to thank you and show appreciation for the thorough and in depth work you put in. This particular subject is even more interesting to me as I’m a Muslim myself . I was born and raised in Europe but my parents are from Arabic descents. Growing up I have heard a lot of myths and folklore about Djinns. Even experienced people who where in a trance like state and claimed to be possessed.
    Pardon me if I have not used my eyes as I should but I can’t find the ‘chilling’ interview you mentioned to be posted in an update. Can you please direct me to it if you have posted it?

    Many thanks for the incredible blog you created and hopefully we get to enjoy another subject soon.

    kind regards

  18. AliKhan says:

    Im a muslim. When iwas about14-15 i was in my grandmothers room upstairs. To our family this house always had negativity screaming fighting etc. One day i went into the room laid down on the bed and felt a presence pushing me down. I couldnt move I left the room and after that nothing ever happend to me till this date.

  19. gary godfrey says:

    The Djinn is not what anyone on this website understands.
    The Banshee is higher up the ladder than the Djinn.
    Many battles have been fought between the two concerning stealing and killing family.
    Although in reality they are from the same group in origins.
    But the Banshee posesses far greater spiritual powers.
    They can kill on will.
    They are very family orientated.
    After 3-years with them, I had to ask to leave their group.
    My request was accepted with reluctance.
    It was conditioinal though, as I was now a member of theirs.
    The condition was that at any given time in the future a request by me would be accepted to re-join the brotherhood/sisterhood of the leaf.
    The above groups travel at high speed through trees, air, forests, rivers, oceans, deserts, rock enclosures. A human can tell their presence by the beautiful scent, devotion to you, screaming language, a great longing to be accepted by them. Both of these groups do not stand for any type of nonsense. They will oly bond with humans that a worth of them.

    • Omar says:

      please Mr Gary Godfrey .i want you to come to Africa ,i am just pleading with you ,i mean in the country Ghana .search for this man Dr.Osman Nuhu Sharubutu or Sheikh Osman Sharubutu …and i like to get your contact either on facebook or cell number or on Gmail and yahoo too.thank you

  20. Legacy says:

    I happened to stumble upon this Post two days and I must confess, its definitely fascinating and interesting..
    my question is, can man possibly interact with the djinns in this new generation and how or what will a man do to draw their attention and make them become visible

    • gary godfrey says:

      Yes, yes, man can interact with the Djinns, but why would you want to?
      Their nature is aggressive, they are alive and fully functioning today.
      They are not only found in Countries which have vast Deserts.
      There Body makeup is a little different in such that they prefer to strut their stuff.
      What I mean is they prefer classical armour in a suit that the individual generates for the occasion.
      This does not mean the Djinns aggressive attack would win a fight, but tends to scare.
      I have personally seen them change from one armor suit to 5-6 in minutes.
      Again what I am saying here is the Djinns get their thirst for blood so to speak is through
      watching an event that happened near their residence. Many Animals or Humans deaths are
      witnessed by the Djinn community. To get credit for the Trophy the Djinn has imbred within itself
      the one whom commited the actual act. So this gives much momentum to their cause. They appear to keep records of trophys in fights that the Community won. Even going back into history.
      This race of spirits are not of the Earth, but reside in the Lower Astral. They have caused a lot of trouble there, because they will not listen to reason. Many of them were killed there. Djinns all have
      red eyes, are very violent, have a leg/elbow without joints and are very strong. Many times the Djinn
      is seen by the dying person standing right above his body. This is a great accomplishment.

      A problem the Djinn has is is another group called the “Banshee”
      This group senses and chases the Djinn.
      When the “Banshee” are present, their are no Djinns.
      I have also had my time with the Banshee, for years.
      They are much more powerful than the Djinn and the Djinn prefer to evade them.
      The Banshee will look at the Djinn and predict its time of death, this scares the Djinn.

      The Djinns are an airborne spirit, prefering to hang out in deserts, high temperatures, rock faces, also shallow underground enclosures. Their purpose is domination of whoever they come in contact with. Although this is not exactly easy for them as one cannot do the job, it takes many.

      The body of the “Djinn” spirit is the body of a Warrier. They believe they are here for a purpose, that purpose is conquor everything that opposes their belief system.

      Djinns attatch themselves to leaders, who believe in a long awaited change to society and then act upon this belief. They will not attatch themselves to any others. Your question is the “new generation”, how is it possible to draw their attention and make themselves visible?
      Do what I have done, use already established physical/spiritual infrastructure that exists today.
      This infrastructure is highly advanced and is hidden all over the earth. So, what I am telling you
      physically walk to them, then form a sentence in your head. The sentence will be picked up iimmediately. Many who do this will “see” one of them. You must remember that when you approach
      them you are on sacred ground.

      In the old days, India, Egypt, Greece, China, and many Arab Countries had built temples of greatness to their spiritual leaders (or Gods) to honour them. What has been forgotten in history
      is the description of these great temples. Namely, every one of them was made of solid rock and
      surrounded by a waterway, giving the populace an opportunity to physically view them during a monthly cycle.


  21. Greg says:

    You state that one needs a Christian Priest for a Christian Djinn/Islamic Imam for Islamic Djinn etc… as the prayers would be ineffective being the djinns believe in different gods. But the fact is, all 3 of those religions believe in the same God, the God of Abraham. The effectiveness of the prayers are only tied to one thing – the faith, wisdom, and intensity of the one performing the ritual, not his/her religion.

  22. Tina Donisi says:

    How can you tell the difference from a djinn from a actual Demon? Without communicating with it.

  23. Haarith says:

    Hello. Firstly, well done for what is evidently a lot of effort into the research, collaboration and writing of this article.

    Secondly, I’d like to amend a mistake/misunderstanding. The opening lines of Surah 95 have been incorrectly stated as
    “Recite in the name of thy Lord who created,
    Who created man of blood coagulated.
    Read! Thy Lord is most beneficent,
    Who taught by the pen,
    Thought that which they knew not to men.”

    Surah 95 is called ‘At-Tin’ translating to ‘The fig’. The opening lines are as follows:
    “By the fig and the olive.
    And [by] Mount Sinai.
    And [by] this secure city [Makkah],
    We have certainly created man in the best of stature;
    Then We return him to the lowest of the low,
    Except for those who believe and do righteous deeds, for they will have a reward uninterrupted.”

    Source used to find opening lines of Surah 95:

  24. Nana Yaw says:

    I want a male marid djinn to help me in life

  25. Uzma says:

    I’ve read all of your posts.They are amazing.

  26. ana says:

    I believe I may have been contacted by a djin. when i was young, i was close to homeless and my mother wanted to kick out of the house. i several times saw an animal dissappear and then a human appear next to me. i believe this was djinnies.

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