Often times, there are some questions that people will ask me, and usually, if the answer is a simple one, I will just answer them directly. Other times, there will be situations where the answer is not so simple, and it will take a little bit more time and effort to answer. This article is not going to be a very long one, but it will be one that I designed to answer a question that I come across on a rather frequent basis. Actually, you would be utterly surprised as how frequently this question comes up. In the time over the past couple of years that I have spent researching the paranormal, as well as delving into the demonic aspect of it, I have had to answer this question, either by e-Mail, instant message, twitter, or on forums at least 30 times, so I thought that this would be a pretty good time to address this question. In particular, most recently, Kristina asked me about this question in the comments section of one of the posts here. The question I am referring to is:

Can Angels possess a human?

The answer is actually pretty simple. It is the explanation that is a bit more complex. And the answer is YES, Angels can take possession of a human – but only if it is ordered to them to do so by God. Without God’s Will, they cannot and would not engage in such an action. Also noteworthy, is the fact that unlike the demonic, Angels of God actually respect the will of mankind, whereas the demonic do not. For an Angel to take possession of a human without that persons will or the Will of God, it would be an offense against God, and therefore, they would simply never do this. Let me explain.

Demons are still angels. They are “fallen” angels. When referred to as “fallen”, that does not necessarily mean that they have lost any of their power, or that they are lesser beings, it simply refers to their state of Grace. They are no longer receptive to God’s Grace, so they have literally “fallen from Grace”. They are still the same, powerful entities that they always were, they just simply choose to use their power and ability for more nefarious and malevolent purposes. In regards to their ‘strength’, or ‘power’, they still retain their rank. In Heaven, the Angels were organized by rank in regards to their powers and duties to God. In Hell, those same fallen Angels are organized very much like the military, with a clearly defined and set hierarchy.

In the book Interview With An Exorcist: An Insider’s Look At The Devil, Demonic Possession, and the Path to Deliverance, by Father Jose Antonio Fortea, ISBN 978-1-932645-96-5, an actual exorcist and theologian explains the history and state of the demonic in accordance with what I just mentioned above:

1. What is a demon?

A demon is a spiritual being of an angelic nature that has been condemned for eternity due to his rebellion against God. As pure spirits, demons are not made up of matter. Because they do not have bodies, demons are not inclined to any “sins of the flesh” (i.e., it is impossible for them to commit the sins of lust or gluttony) . The sins of demons are exclusively spiritual. But they can tempt human beings to sin in matters of the flesh.

Demons were not created evil. (In fact, it is impossible for God, who is Goodness itself, to create anything evil.) Remember: demons are just “bad angels.” After God created the angels, He tested their fidelity to Him before admitting them to the Beatific Vision, the sight ofHis very essence. For purely spiritual beings, this “seeing” of God’s essence would be a purely intellectual vision. Some angels obeyed the divine test; others did not. Those who disobeyed were irreversibly transformed into demons and cast out of heaven.

It may seem surprising that some angels would choose to hate God. But we need to understand that those who rebelled saw God no longer as a good-as the Good- but as the oppressor of their freedom. Hate was born as their wills resisted the call of God and held fast to the decision to leave the Father’s house.

Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they were defeated and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world- he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him (Rv 12:7-9) .

How can purely spiritual beings fight among themselves? What weapons do they use? Angels are spirits, so their battles must be purely intellectual. The only weapons that they can use are intellectual arguments. The angels gave reasons to the rebels for why they should return to obedience to God. The rebel angels countered with their reasons to support their position and spread their rebellion among the faithful angels. In this epic angelic battle, some who were inclined to rebel returned to obedience, while some of the faithful angels were seduced by the evil arguments of the rebels.

In art, demons are depicted as deformed and grotesque beings. This would seem appropriate given that demons have definitively decided on a destiny far from God. The interior loneliness in which they find themselves forever and their envy of the faithful who enjoy the Beatific Vision continually bring them face-to-face with their sins. They hate God, themselves, and all those who seek to serve God.

But not all suffer the same pains. Some angels were deformed more than others in the battle. Those who were more deformed suffer more; the least deformed suffer less. The intellects of the rebellious angels were deformed and darkened by the very reasons they used to justify the rebellion of their wills against God.

Their plight is similar to the moral debasement that humans can suffer through sin. We need to remember that we are composite creatures made up of soul and body. Aside from the sins that are proper to the body, the internal psychological process that leads a good person to end up in the Mafia or as a guard in a concentration camp or a terrorist is essentially the same as the sequence of acts of intellect and will that led to the fall of the bad angels. Though we are body-soul composites, we as humans have only to look into our own interior life to understand how we can fall into sin. In this light, the sin of the angels becomes more easily understood.

Most people do not understand that even the “good” Angels are pretty bad-ass. They are not the pretty little cherubs that you see during Valentine’s Day on Cupid cards, with tiny little wings and a goofy little bow and arrow. When God needs something done, for example, like the destruction of a city, such as Sodom and Gomorrah, guess what? He sends an Angel. As you saw in my previous article about Pyriel/Puriel/Uriel, he sent that bad-boy to attempt to kill Jacob, a holy man. That specific Angel is described as “pitiless”, and will ultimately be one of our judges at the end times. So to be an Angel of God is to be both beautiful and holiest of holy as well as savage and vicious and exacting. And from the same book, Father Fortea also goes into slight detail about how not all Angels or demons are equal in power:

2. Are all demons the same?No. We have already seen that each demon sinned in a certain way and with a determined intensity. While the angelic rebellion against God had its roots in pride, from this root other sins grew. This can be clearly seen during an exorcism, when the particular demons possessing the person display sins of anger, self-worship, and desperation, among others. Each demon has its own psychology and its own way of being. For example, some are talkative, others are mocking; some are proud, others are hateful. Even though they all turned away from God, some demons are more evil than others.

As St. Paul and the tradition of the Church indicate, we need to remember that there are nine hierarchies of angels (from highest to lowest) : seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels. The superior hierarchies are more powerful, beautiful, and intelligent than the inferior ones. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, each angel is completely different from other angels. In sociological terms, there are no angelic “races”; rather, each one is its own species. As we have said, though, it is possible to group the angels into hierarchies (these hierarchies are also called choirs) since these groups form themselves into choirs that sing praises to God. Their praise is obviously not that of the voice, but rather a spiritual type of praise that comes from their will to know and love the Trinity.

Because some angels from each of the nine hierarchies sinned and transformed themselves into demons, a demonic hierarchy exists. In other words, there are demons that are principalities, virtues, powers, etc. Even though they are demons, they retain their particular angelic power and intelligence.

Exorcisms have shown that superior demons can have power over inferior ones. What does this power consist of? This is something that is impossible for us to know because we cannot see how one demon forces another to do something, since there is no body to push or force. Nevertheless, a more powerful demon can prevent a less powerful one from leaving the body of a possessed person during an exorcism. Even though the weaker demon is suffering and wants to leave, the stronger one may impede it.

So ultimately, this post goes out to anyone who ever wondered about the answer to this question. I apologize for only using the citations of one book in this post, but ultimately, I feel that Father Fortea did a good job explaining who and what demons are so that it could support the answer I have given. Furthermore, using nothing but simple logic, it would be rational to state that since demons can possess a human being, with demons actually being “bad” angels, that the “good” Angels would have that same ability. It stands to reason that the only difference would be the purpose for the possession. It is doubtful that an Angel of God would take over a person to cause them torment and agony, which a fallen Angel would utilize only the negative aspects of this ability. Hopefully, this has shed some light and insight onto why I believe Angels, good or bad, to be able to possess a person. As always, feel free to sound off in the comments below. I’m just an anxious to see what you all have to say as you are about me, and what I have to say.


  1. maschem67 says:

    It certainly does seem like a very logical extension, if there is demonic possession there must be by default angelic possession. As you point out “demons” are nothing more than fallen angels. So the next question becomes are there documented cases of angelic possession? I understand that this is probably harder to document.

    • Bob Dok says:

      I rarely read this kind of things because there a lot of lies around. I can just talk of me and what happens to me. Angel can take control of body functions but not of soul. In year 1999 in Auckland I have been in extremely dangerous situation surrounded by some 30 gangsters on drugs and drunk with woods,chains,knifes and metal poles. One of them has risen wooden beam and tried to hit me on my head. I blocked the hit with my right hand,but from the hit my elbow broke in 7 pieces and my hand drop down holding on my skin. I sense huge pain because nerve on elbow goes directly in brain. I fell down on my knees with all this people around me saying:”Oh my god !”In that moment second hit was coming with noise of pack of wild animals around me,something happened. My pain stooped,sound went in background. My vision get weird. I was looking like from behind…like view in cinema. I definitely lost control on my body and become silent witness of the events. My body started moving without my control. My left hand picked my right hand,and my body went towards one door -entrance of the house trough all this people. In near impossible fashion this thing lock the door from the inside,against pushing of many hands. Then my body went up on some dozen stairs and lock another door entrance on the house and with voice of urgency alarmed people in the house to call police and ambulance. After that my body turn in same position like down in the yard…on my knees and than pain come back which make me to scream :AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh!After that Ambulance come. They actually have been afraid to move me 1 mm. My right hand was holding on the skin and my main nerve was not damaged. During the recovery some shrink-doctor came to “help me”.He tried to explain me how this should be fight or flight syndrome. Everyone there tried to putt in the shoe box this event as faster as possible. I have operation in Middlemore hospital where I found another angel my doctor (Now in England royal hospital) who save my hand to don’t be cut using titanium plate,screws and wire . Yes angels save me. I count total of 14 times in my life. This is just one of them. God wanted to teach me compassion,not for others but for my self. My love now is free!

      • Mariana says:

        Right now ive been having various nightmares on being possessed or possession nightmares and whenever I’m alone I always feel sonething watching me in a bad way and I always say hateful things and have been losing control like hurting my little sister and push my own grandma. I really need help on an answer with this. Am I being possessed or do I have issues?

      • Bobby says:

        Beautiful. God had also shown me that his love and grace is the most powerful weapon we have. I was being tormented by demons, and believed every word they said. It was like a constant whisper inside my head telling me to end my life. I finally agreed, and went inside my pickup to kill myself from the exhaust fumes. My mom came to save me just in time. I know a Angel told her. Anyways after all that God lead me to this man that baptised me in the holy spirit, and cast out demons from me. It’s been a month now and I haven’t heard one dark whisper. Before all this, I never knew we could fight demons and rebuke them. I’m beyond thankful for our father in heaven’s LOVE. GOD didn’t create us to be tormented, he created us for love, and he gave us unimaginable power to say no to ALL darkness.

    • jaquesha says:

      angels nor demons exist they are illusions from people who are poisoning your life and trying to control you. chakra stones, holy products all created by the religious people, they have to have some power, so thats what they do to try to frighten people, smear everything you have with blessed holy rubbish, so that you are diminished to the gay religious society they have. if you dont submit to them, they will use their church and faith membership to poison you , make you blind, lace your food with unregulated drugs and poisons, anything to control you and rob you of everything you have in the name of religion or spirituality no one is actually possessed, it is a hollywood movie sensation, and money making machine to get more people to join the catholic church and judaism, the two faiths they put at the top of society and life, for some unknown reason.
      move from where you live, dont even go for help, try to find someone you love and trust, and hang out with them. if you stay where you are, they will try to make you commit suicide or make you violent with undetectable poisonous substances they planted over a long period of time, where you work and where you live, so they can eventually kill you.
      Just being blunt, its not a very nice world out there, perhaps the closest person to you that you trust and have known for a long time, or for most of your life, wants you to suffer because they have a mental disorder or control issue over you.. change your environment and look more closely at people who could be your worst enemy, and perhaps, you are actually living with them, married to them or they are a close family member or plastic mask friend who hates you. remember, they will smile in your face, joke and be friendly to you, and probably be the most pleasant person you or anyone else could know, but while they are smiling, they will stab you in the back and kill you if you dont kill yourself first.
      good luck

      • mary says:

        I disagree angle’s don’t posses us, because God gave us the holy spirit, we do not need angle’s to take control of us at all, and God doesn’t either. If anything is possessing you it’s of the devil

      • Vat says:

        Can you prove spirits don’t exist

      • Hannah says:

        They do exist. I don’t know what happened to me college but I experienced both an angel and demon presence before the passing of my loved one. The Angels left apports and gave me money. They put money in my pockets and bag. I levitated in my sleep. They possessed my technology, changed my clothes in my sleep and while I was outside. I even ate a mint then the mint appeared in my pocket. I was hoping the money thing would continue. The angel showed me the pastor’s number on my phone. I was even locked out of my house even with the key because of a demon. So yea it’s rare but they exist.

      • Mind says:

        You are simply stupid and ignorant of the spiritual world

        Religion and control is one thing and true spirituality a totally different matter

    • Jenny says:

      I myself am experiencing angelic spirit possession after being rescued by God in a dramatic way from a demonic spirit possession, which nearly killed me. I became possessed demonically after dabbling in the occult and was rescued when i called for God to help me. I now find that i have the gift of writing. I am given songs of praise to God, articles on spirituality, instructions on my health and wellbeing and who needs my prayers. I now know to check everything i hear by opening my Bible at random and seeing if the message is positive or negative. If positive, i know that what i have heard is true. If negative, i know it is untrue. I am truly grateful to God for rescuing me and giving me a new purpose in life. I would like to hear from anyone else who has experienced an angelic spirit possession.

    • Shane says:

      Ok I am 46 now… roughly 20 yrs ago I caught my mate playing …dabbling in the occult, that night something strange happened.. my mate I believe was possessed by something bad, he was talking in a strange language, his eyes rolled back in his head and he was rocking back and forth, I prayed to him the Lord’s Prayer .. with no affect, I placed a bible in my mates hand, he tore it apart with one hand, nothing I did or said would soothe him or stop his rants. Then suddenly I grabbed him by the throat and commanded him.. at first he looked at me and laughed.. the next time I told him to stop I felt different.. but I felt the strength in him disperse and he relaxed under my grip.. which made me let him go in fear I had hurt him.in the weeks that followed I got constant headaches had the house blessed and finally evicted my mate I believe somethin helped me that night and I fear I kicked out a mate in dire need

      • I have been the Arc Angel’s vessel for over 40 years now..I died 3:00 a.m August 23rd 1979…CHEERS!!!

      • mindanalyzer says:

        How do you know you are an arc vessel?

        Do you have any power? sight?


      • Christopher Shreve says:

        To add some light to the conversation. Good spirits mostly follow a higher law or order similar to us on earth and with that in mind they help in unique ways at unique times with your best interest or another’s that you interact with. I am sensitive to spirits and interact with both good and bad daily. Angels do influence us at times.

        A good example of this and an amazing true story is the Cokeville Miracle.

  2. Boshhab says:

    there is no angelic possession, and demons are not fallen angels.

      • solidetherx says:

        OF course the fallen are demons. Unless you are speaking of the “first ones” before the inception of the big bang the first war when god decided there should be light. God was originally one of the first entities in time and space. As we all should know there can never exist “nothing” Something is always there. Be it space, time or darkness. In the dark over the eons power was the only currency, reality or prophecy. The one we come to know as god decided this to be against his better belief and began a dispute among the “first” the war created such immense power release that had built up from countless years (unfathomable time extents) of a stalemate situation. when God chose to strike he brought light and all the others were now his enemies. they fled from the light and its power and the release of it created all the by-products , such as gases , molecules, and the bearers of eventual star creation. He felt “good” so thus it was. from then on the story goes. The first were scarred and spurned by god (he does not call himself this) the closest is I am who I am. This came to me in a dream from the Archangel fallen to earth (not to hell) Uriel. He prefers the name Puriel or the name Lucifer calls him Pyriel. Believe me or not. I give a care not. It is the truth.

      • LVCIFER says:

        I have a quick question.

        “Belief” isn’t my issue. As far as I am concerned, none of us were alive at that time, so we don’t have a clue about what really happened one way or the other.

        However, the tale you’ve told is immensely interesting. It caught my attention dramatically.

        Would you be able to go into more detail about pretty much everything?

      • solidetherx says:

        Also, Angels can and DO possess humans. I will not say why I know this, but pray you never find out it is true.

      • Lotovale Junior Lotovale says:

        Hello,I’m possessed by 3 fallen angels

      • Lotovale Junior Lotovale says:

        I don’t know how to work this technology,I’ve been in jail for ten year’s,and I’m new to this,but whilst incarcerated,I was formed to look confidence,that’s him there,talking his literature

    • LVCIFER says:

      We’ve had this discussion before. Djinn are not demons. They are djinn. Demons are demons. Just because you EQUATE them with demons in Islam doesn’t make them demons.

      • shalom says:

        sir lvcifer I’m 17 ,and I think I’m possessed by an angel and y?,well cause whenever I feel like doing something bad i then find myself not being able to do it,its like it suppresses me physically and mentally,then right after that it starts talking to me and telling me to get a hold of my self e.g. when a female friend of mine came over to my house ,we were alone,I then became sexually aroused,and so did she,then I immediately took her by the waist,pushed her to the wall,and just when I wanted to start touching her sexually ,something held me back physically I felt the strength of it and then the voice started talking out loud rebuking what I was about to do and so I stoped.tell me sir is that really an angel or a demon who just wants to pretend to be an angel,cause I’ve been possessed by a demon when I was 15.

    • damzyl says:

      you’re wrong about that! When I was sixteen yrs old, I felt extremely sleepy………so I went up to my room to nap. My eyes were just looking around the room. I could not fall asleep. I saw an angel standing at the end of my bed. I tried to get up and run out of my room. I was paralysed. It started walking towards me and spoke to my mind….”Do not be afraid, I’m not going to hurt you. I then felt at peace. It hovered above me and slowly started to seep into my body. I felt a warm tingle from head to toe. As soon as it entered my body, I almost instantly had control back, and I got up and ran out into the streets. In shock, I looked up at my bedroom to see if anything was lurking. I’m pretty sure it’s still in me dorment waiting to be awakened for something. Like god has planted one of his soldiers in me….

      • lynn says:

        Beautiful 😉

      • Peter Reid says:

        True a similar thing like that happen to me with the tingling feelings. But I think that it might have been my guardian angel. It came over me one evening I saw a tall dark shadow over my bed just looking at me but it had tall hair in appearance but I wasn’t so afraid but I was wondering if it was a good or bad spirit!

      • Linda says:

        this is just a continuation of my posts. I was right. During the week of the galactic alignment the seed planted in me 20 yrs ago by the angel, began to wake up. I have become a messenger. I went through a huge “awakening” There is so much to know. For starters watch, “false flag alien event don’t fall for it when it happens.” It’s on youtube. For anyone that really wants the truth, message me, and I’ll be glad to fill you in. The 4 horsemen have been released on December 21st 2012. The tribulation and the end has begun

      • Amber F. says:

        Uh, does it have to be good angels that do that? When I was 13 the exactly way you begin your story is what happened, but I saw a fuzz ball that made me curious. It then smiled showing teeth and multiplied. They attacked me and held me down to my bed with their teeth, while one was saying something in another language and it seemed to merge with my head. Idk, but next I saw visions of past events or mistakes I’ve done then my room, it was like a flash vision then my flash my room. Then my I started to lose feeling in my legs and it was going up, I was in pain already, but it was getting worse. I had tried calling to my mom, but voice seemed mute.Then it felt like someone cut me open and started cutting my insides while conscious. It hurt so much i can still remember what it felt like. I blacked out from the pain and only felt myself being dragged away. I could hardly see, but saw like a red and black fog behind me while I was heading to a warm bright light. Then I heard ‘Go.’ I opened my eyes and saw teeth marks on my arm and felt like crud. Can u explain that to me? It has bothered me for some time. I keep worrying it can happen again.

      • solidetherx says:

        Are you positive it was not an incubus? Did the “angel” announce his purpose or his name if not you were possessed by something other than a force of god. They can induce peace of course sin feels very good. What did you do or what were you asked to do after this angel came into you. Did he really just come to you to make you feel good “peace” like an arm load of heroin. AN angel has a purpose what was it there for otherwise you wer just a victim of seduction. Demons cannot commit sins of flesh or “feel” so maybe it came for a feel good visit?

        Next time force it to reveal its name no servant of god would refuse it. Demons cannot either actually they are quite proud to say it and assume humans are too dim to even know the difference in the name of a fallen or gods holy strike force. Believe me no angel floats into your bedroom for no reason just because you were having a bad day.

        I am man son of GOD. Made pure in his image. I command you say thy name..

        It will introduce itself …. (i.e. Forcas, Decarabia, Andrealphus) If he will not it is a mere minion of little consequence ignorance of him will suffice to terminate his presence…

        If it is a Daemon level or lower fallen – cast it out .. By stating… I cast thee out. I am a servant of all purity and good. Turn your back to it. (the shape or feeling) SHOW no fear in this. Say. In the name of GOD and his mighty armies in heaven I cast you back to whence you came. (be it in time or a place)

      • AMB3R says:

        I’ve had two or three occasions where my friends have spent the night, they’ve seen a dark figure either at my door or just at the foot of my bed, guarding me. For a while we thought it was a ghost, then possibly my mother (who has passed) but now I’m starting to think it’s my guardian angel. I’ve been looking up angel possession and what not for at least an hour, and I found a community that tracks angel activity, sightings, and quotes. Apparently (for those of the gentle heart that wish to better the world) you can invite an angel in, if you have no hatred and open your heart. I… tried this. I was nervous and scared but I spoke aloud like the way I pray.

        I’m religious, but not the greatest example of a Christian. I struggle with depression and have already attempted suicide. (I was found and brought to immediate care) My body just sort of… felt weak. Not the “Oh my god I’m gonna collapse” weak, but that peaceful feeling just before you fall asleep. It was blissful. This happened somewhere around midnight, and it’s not 1:53am. I’ve never felt so calm for such a long period in my life. I don’t know if I’m really being healed by an angel, or if it’s in my head. I’d be grateful for any input anyone has.

        I’m still trying to identify my guardian angel. Does anyone know how? I truly want to be a part of whatever they have to offer, especially if I can help others in the process.



    • Angels incarnate are more real than anything else….angels in human form is actually extremely common you would be amazed…I am proof of that as being one, no I am not nuts just open your heart to. It, it is real and desperately needed at this time in the world

    • mindanalyzer says:

      I could be wrong but my intuition tells me that Fallen angels and demons are different entities
      I have read that demons are the spirit of the dead nephilim

      As for angel possessions, a Lord’s angel would never do that … , but something tells me that with a fallen that could be possible. Maybe an angel can reside with us if we invite them in and they accept the invitation

      More about demons?

      I regularly post in SpiritualForums.com and recently I had en experience. As I was driving I got a notification from SF, it was about a post questioning if demons can also send us messages …

      well, right after reading that, the song playing on the radio mentioned the word DEMON , and I said to myself What are the odds. A couple of minutes down the road I see a plate from NY starting with GGG but they looked more like 666, then I continue and a while later there is a stop sign , I stop and the plate of the car in front of me started with LIE

      for me this was a clear message , demons do indeed send us messages and they lie

      God bless you all

      PS: I went through a period of my life, which took more than a year, in which I would dream night after night with being a warrior angel
      It was amazing , I was given huge jet black feathery wings by a group of warrior angels , I was taught how to fly, I would battle and destroy demons and aliens, I would be given messages , I would feel ashamed in these dreams when doing stuff against God codes, and so forth
      After a while these dreams stopped and sadly
      they have never returned

      These days I still get communication but through time prompts. Depending on my energy and my thoughts is the number I would experience; mostly are 3 digit number or time prompts
      If I am obsessing about money or investments I would get constantly the 666; last week I got many 888 which according to what I read is really good ‘cause this number is related to Jesus

  3. missfirewire says:

    Excellent post, thank you

    • Linda says:

      If you are interested in knowing more about what’s going on with the world today…message me. We have begun the “awakening” I know what’s going on and who is responsible. I’ll be happy to share.

      • Kristoff Ford says:

        Linda I would like to speak with you sometime privately, thanks Kristoff

      • DavidOlson says:

        I believe in God no matter what anyone says. I believe God is real an I just hope that I go to God when my time has come. I’ve been praying like super prayers ALOT. I just keep praying for salvation even though I know that I’m a sinner. I believe God lives inside us and we were given the breath of live from the father.

      • Peaches0791 says:

        How do I message you Linda?

      • Rachel says:

        Linda I am not sure on how to reach you as I have just discovered this site . Would like to chat and hear some insight

  4. nugget61@gmail.com says:

    could a good Angel get angry and lash out? and would a persons apperance change when the angel wants to be heard?

    • Linda says:

      No, a good angel is not one of the fallen. I was worried about this all my life too. God speaks to my mind. I have epiphanies. He told me that an angel of God can’t paralyze you, or keep you from speaking unless he has permission from God. The fallen however are now just demons…they have to take possession of your body before they can control you. One has to be a rotten person, with no faith for this to occur. Or they are just a bad seed in general. The angels can take on any appearance. Even when they enter someone. Watch Beyonce being taken over by a demon spirit. Google Beyonce and the demon possession. Everything is coming out now…just as it says in Daniel 12:9. We have begun the “awakening.” For more info message me at queenbee_76@live.com

    • solidetherx says:

      Ask My wife.

      Angels anger with vivacious wrath, for we serve an angry and vengeful God. He is great and loves us all, but Father gets angry and so do his servants.

  5. Uncle Tree says:

    Maybe this is a good example:

    “A 15-year-old Michigan boy says he has no idea how he was able to lift a 2,000-pound Buick enough for his grandfather to escape from underneath.”

  6. Namelsstruth says:

    Dude good article but people should not worry about this in any way because as humans we are made in gods image not an angel or demon. there for we have the power to be just like god with the ability to still sin. you see we can create just like god we have done it to a point with the internet it is a world inside of our world and we also have the ability to understand what godliness is you see even though angels battle with intellect they still can not fully understand like humans can we can actually do evil and good in life and not end up in hell forever we can steer our own path or let god do it for us and still be in the right mind set. To be like god you must understand everything. we can understand things that gods true being if not for us could never understand we are his highest ranked being and most loved creation . He sacrificed himself in human form so that we could once stand with him weather on earth or in heaven. I am son of god and he my father i am an image of him in glory grace and peace. not perfect to the meaning of the word but to god my father i can stand without flaw and guide the lost and confused into his arms and his family he as Jesus came to save but more than that show man kind how to stand as that family one family above all. We as man must stop fighting over who is right and wrong and take our place next to god to love one another and not to hate some ware in the last 2000 sense the coming of the lord Jesus we have lost the true meaning of being like Jesus. We fight over beliefs When there never was one path to God he has always been in you and you in him. A man Jesus was just like you and me but he knew his true being so why dont you fallow and ask god not a book or one belief but god the creator and his spirit to show you that being. I promise god will show you and change you into that true being.

  7. Chris says:

    I havn’t told many people about what I’m going to tell you I have been haunted by demons for 2 years with proof basically it started off in my dads the day he was in hospital, I came back locked all doors closed all windows and I was on my own I went to bed and awakened at 6am I was paralised but fully aware of what was going on I couldn’t move and my body started to shake 3 mins later it stopped at around 7 my alarm went off and then I hear a growling noise coming from the hallway with footsteps coming closer to my door I could hear the cracks coming from this things knee I was so scared I phoned the police they said to be calm and told me to leave the back door
    unlocked so I managed to get up out of bed grabbed the nearest thing and opened the door. I checked everywhere around the house before I unlocked the back door to see if anyone was there and there wasn’t but thd cat was so shakened and frightened it’s hair was sticking up the police came out and said nothing was there. 1 year later it appeared for all to see not just me let me explain 2 weeks ago it came at It appeared on my wall I could describe it and show it to you it has pale skin with red dot eyes but it also has others three to be exact and yes others can see them it is however getting to me as he approched me and asked me to join him.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Hello, Chris.

      Any chance of shooting me an e-Mail, so that we could discuss this further?

    • Dhaval says:

      The demons name is Appylon…

      • solidetherx says:

        DO you realize that appylon is a misspelling . the name is Apollyon. One of the alternate names for the mighty KING OF HELL– ABBADON. Indeed if this is he. Abbadon would indeed have all the power to do the things you described and more. In cerebral events I have so met this nefarious being Red eyes, teeth, horns, the whole lot. HE is what we believe we see when we imagine the “devil” Lucifer is actually the most beautiful thing in creation. How else could he corrupt so many if he looked like a malignant tumor?. Abbadon, like Lucifer can have a polite candor when he needs or wants but when it comes to torturing MEAT he is the best. So get help from the church if you can, best kiss you ass goodbye. Maybe sell your soul to him for mercy. HOW THE FUCK did you get on his radar? You must have committed some serious good or evil to even attract his attention. He dwells in rank beneath Lucifer. He is almost like a vice president in Hell. Lucifers man at arms. The right hand of evil. I say this in extremely laymans terms. GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL.

        PRAY to your saints, your Archs, and you God.

    • Peter Reid says:

      Chris if you want to get rid off this thing you have to get rid of the fear thats within your heart and you have to replace it with the love of God. A perfect love casteth away all fears and demons ok. and if you need help in times of trouble call upon your mighty I am presence to inter-seed on your behalf to bring down the good angel to bind and bond the demons!

      • solidetherx says:

        If only it was that easy… PETER??? have you or anyone you’ve known been possessed? Even seen a ghost? Get away with that generic B.S. The Vatican has trouble dealing with these beings but your 2 cents is going to save the day. When you are chosen for whatever reason. It is for the long haul. In the battle between good and evil usually a cleansing occurs leaving no survivors. The two forces are so powerful they balance and when there is true balance there is no remainder.

  8. Bobbo says:

    Within the concept of “good vs. evil”, good angels’ should follow the teachings (wishes) of GOD, and GOD wants man to have free will. With free will, no one can make a choose for you; accept you, so being possessed, whether by a “good or evil” angel does not that take free will from you. Granted and hopefully something good is watching over you/me, but could a true possession by a good angel ever truly happen under GOD wishes?

    • LVCIFER says:

      With almost all possessions, it cannot occur unless there is a specific event that takes place where you give permission or consent to the possessing angel, either good or evil. Without your consent, it cannot happen, unless it is engaged by Azazel or his kin. They are the only ones who do not rely on being granted permission.

  9. Bobbo says:

    when you say consent, are you talking about …
    I’m pretty new to all of this, maybe watching to many ghost shows
    i”m pretty leary about this whole thing and nothing personal but your screen scares me a little
    By the way, thanks for the reply

    • LVCIFER says:

      Well, in order to be possessed, you actually have to give the demonic or malevolent entity permission to do so. Usually, it’s after a horrible period where you are under diabolical siege, and you just give in. But without permission, it cannot happen. You an only e tormented and harassed and attacked, but not possessed.

      • bobbo says:

        I know during the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and confession you accept GOD into your soul, but how does someone grant permission to the devil to enter them. Is this done via a “satanic ritual” like drawing of a pentagram on the ground and killing something ‘per say’.
        Also if I might ask, can a “diabolical siege” consist of constant temptations of doing the wrong thing?

      • LVCIFER says:

        No, it’s actually a lot simpler than that. It can be as simple as the demonic tormenting you until you give in. They tell you to give them permission, or to “let them in”. All you have to do is say yes, yeah, ok, etc. That’s all it takes. There’s no rituals, at least most of the time. Another thing that would surprise you (and most people) is how many priests and nuns are diabolically tormented and even possessed. That isn’t just in movies, there are many, many stories about extremely devout people being victims of the Adversary. Of course, satanic rituals will increase your chances, but many times it truly just happens to normal, average people.

        Diabolical sieges aren’t as mild as that. You can be legitimately tormented. Denied sleep, denied the ability to focus or concentrate, denied the ability to eat, to be comfortable, in some cases it even gets sexual and you can be repeatedly raped by something that, for all intents and purposes, isn’t even there as far as other people are concerned. They can confuse your senses so that you’ll hear smells, and taste sounds. You’ll touch with your eyes, taste with your touch, etc. You can be physically attacked, forced to do physical harm to yourself, to have inanimate objects harm you, etc. They can literally trap your mind inside your body and not allow you to move. You can also become mysteriously ill, violently, often times with no actual medical explanation. When you do sleep, you will have lucid nightmares that are so real you will wake up, and then through mental manipulation continue living those dreams. They could, for example, oppress you in such ways that a normally conservative person will become extremely promiscuous with many partners constantly, etc, Your mental stability can be destroyed, as well as your emotional well being. Eventually, you’ll hit a point where you’ll start contemplating suicide, and that’s exactly what they want. In the end, they want you to either take another human’s life, or your own. That’s the end game. Suicide means that you’ll belong to them for eternity in Hell.

        In medieval Europe, they believed that if you committed suicide while under possession or oppression, you would spend eternity as the slave of the demon that was in control of you when you did it.

        All sorts of interesting stuff.

      • Linda says:

        I have no problem responding…..it’s your name that’s throwing me. I will try to answer your question though……I happen to be on a very increasing spiritual journey atm and have alot of news to share with anyone that wants information. So what is it you’d like to know?

  10. paulie446 says:

    Good answer to the question! Very well put and easy for everyday people to understand. Angels and demons are the same creation by God, however the intent of the two are completely opposite. Both are angels. Good angels have various purposes and assignments from guarding innocent children to fighting bad angels (demons). Their intent as well as their purpose center around God’s will and protecting mankind. Because of this, they would never take over the body or mind of a human and there is absolutely no intent to harm or interfere with humans or their physical bodies. Bad angels (demons) however, are controlled by Satan and despise anything or anyone that gives glory to God and will do whatever is in their power to destroy humans and their souls. Part of this plan by Satan to destroy mankind is accomplished through temptation, oppression as well as possession. The most common act of demons is also the easiest…temptation. It can come on so subtly that you would never even have a clue that the thought to “steal this” or “lie about that” came from a demon. This falls under the category of Satan convincing man that he doesn’t exist. Little tiny thoughts of evil, that — if entertained by the person — can transform the temptation into the actual act itself. Oppression is more common than possession but can be just as harrowing an experience as possession. A demon of a certain name or nature can afflict a person to the point where one can have dizzy spells on a regular basis. Ongoing depression for unknown reasons, antisocial behavior, sometimes even convulsions can be attributed to demonic oppression. The key here is that while a born-again Christian who has accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior CANNOT be possessed by a demon, they can definitely be oppressed by a demon. Yes, it is biblical (and a basic literal fact) that darkness cannot exist in the light (so no demon can enter where the Holy Spirit resides). For those of you who think that your Christian friend or relative was possessed by a demon, I would suggest you research for yourself the differences between oppression and possession and you will find that demonic possession of a true believer in Christ is not possible.
    In response to maschem67’s comment that “by default there must also be angelic possession”…in your use of logic you have to consider intent. Due to angelic purpose and intent to protect humankind, it would not be logical for angels to possess a human, and therefore not possible. I highly doubt any cases or reports of “angelic possession” would hold up under scrutiny because this would require the “victim” to have been “forced” to do God’s will. This is not logical because God has no control over our free will. God doesn’t have control over the free will of angels either, otherwise Satan and 1/3 of the angelic hosts would never have rebelled against God in the first place. This brings me to a response to nugget61.
    No, an angel would never become angry or lash out. The only way this would be possible is if the angel felt a righteous anger (as even biblically Jesus felt a righteous anger yet did not sin) and lashed out at evil. There is a spiritual world that we cannot see. And since there is a very real battle for the souls of mankind, the angels actually do battle against the demons. Angels do lash out, but only at evil…and sometimes they do it in protection of us as humans in the physical world. As far as a persons appearance changing, this is an effect that demons use during a possession in order to cause fear or terror in those witnessing the event. In cases of successful exorcism, when the demon is gone, so is the effect the demons had on the victim. For example, the vicitm no longer knows how to speak Latin, also the victim’s appearance would return to normal.
    In response to Uncle Tree’s video post, I would say that even in this amazing circumstance angelic possession is not the case. There are however, 3 distinct possibilities.
    The first is that it is quite possible that the teen experienced a rush of adrenaline and was able to lift the 2,000lb car off the ground with his bare hands. There have been reported cases of this type of strength exhibited in different circumstances around the world.
    The second is also a more commonly accepted possibility. It’s possible the teen experienced a rush of adrenaline, yet instead of lifting the entire car off the ground, he lifted the car but the tires remained on the ground. He may have lifted the car and the front suspension’s slack gave enough room for the man underneath to slide out.
    The third is a possibility that I believe happens every day. Guardian angels. God has a plan and a purpose for every person on earth. For those who have accepted Jesus into their hearts, God can reveal an important role in furthering His kingdom. I believe that sometimes accidents happen to people who’s purpose on earth has not been fully realized and their time has not come. God knows this and instructs the guardian angels to protect people. When this accident happened, it’s possible that as the teen began to lift the car up, guardian angels reached under the car and helped lift it up because God has a plan for the man who nearly died.
    Now I know that not everyone who reads this will agree with me, but these comments are my personal beliefs. But to LVCIFER, you’ve got some good info and good articles on the spiritual realm. I’ve enjoyed reading stuff on your site!

    • paulie446 says:

      In further support of my belief in guardian angels, I’d like to add another point.
      We all know it to be possible for a demon in the spiritual realm to move an object in the physical world. There have been eyewitness accounts and this is well documented. So I believe that if a demon can move objects and levitate things in order to cause fear or cause harm, then it is also possible that angels can move objects in order to save a human life or protect a human from harm.

  11. Chris S says:

    I’ve actually been possessed by an angel. It wasn’t the most fun situation, but it did save my life and sanity more than once. I know it sounds crazy, but I know what happened and how it messed with me.

  12. I have story to tell you. On Aug. 20th 1979 I was in a high speed car crash at 100 miles an hour and rolled 8 or 10 times. Phoned in d.o.a. but found alive..barely. My skull was badly fractuered and my brain bleedind and right face and such paralized…not much hope was given…a family and town prayed for me and 10 days later I walked out of the hospital with amnisia only remembering a bright red light..Life took it’s course but on Jan.25th 2006 while on vacation in Mexico I awoke to an angel in the room that gave off a bright,bright red light. My amnisia was gone I remembered everything from that car crash. I was healed by an angel. I am possesed b.y Raphael,he speaks through me. I have my hospital records. I am a miracle. He says it took all his power to make me live and was left a broken angel. Now he is fixed and I guess you would call me possesed by him. Been like this a long time now. I have learned to live with him. He hides

    • AMB3R says:

      A.. mighty angel hides in you? Angels are god’s army. They’re powerful and glorious. Personally, I don’t think a being as miraculous as that would hide within someone. I also don’t know about the consequences of healing someone, but again.. as far as their power goes… would it really leave one that broken? I have questions… I don’t doubt your story, but it conflicts what I believe. I feel like I have an angel, but I’m not positive. I’m young and needy of answers, and… rambling.
      Sorry. I do that.
      If you can answer my questions or anyone else I’d be grateful.

    • mindanalyzer says:

      interesting story
      I pray to God, his son Jesus and I always ask them to send me Michael and Rafael to help me heal the back situation that I have (2 herniated discs and a bit of degeneration despite of being only 48yo) and to give me strength

  13. Raphel said God heard the towns prayers so load that he sent 1 last angel to see theworld through my eyes…..to see if there was hope….guess what….he found it in me and my world….true story

    • Damien Donell Haynes says:

      I believe your testimony Darren Harasymchuk, and all of the stories that are told on here. I have some breathtaking testimonies of my own. I will tell them soon okay? God bless you all!

  14. funny it took so long for me to find this site but I am supposed to be dead….saved the angel Raphael from the bible and he is inside my and speaks when there is someone to speak to….4 or 5 times a year and yes angel possesion is real. I have a c/d made and vidio of this channeling….what doess that make me……

  15. paul says:

    Spicies of fallen may live on planets and stars and even ruleth these planets in revelation a angel is given the power of the sun to scourge men this angel ruleth over the sun

  16. rm says:

    i have had experiences that seem like possession but dont follow the normal rules of demonic possession.my thoughts were it seemed like an angel.not cute and cuddly,quite scary but not violent.i’m trying to find more information on the subject.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Rm, would I be able to ask you for any more details?

    • mindanalyzer says:

      My dreams of being an angel were also like this , nothing evil or dirty, but at the same time a lot of violent ideas about fighting and destroying demons, like an obsession; some days I would even wake up with these ideas and fighting energy
      I know it was good because sometimes I would have sinful thoughts in the dream, and suddenly I would feel this profound shame and good start praying to God in the dream, asking for forgiveness

  17. Linda says:

    reply directly to my email to simplify our convo…..You seem to know a lot you’ve studied about the possession of angel’s taking over human’s……..I do know this………they can, some are good angel’s and some are bad. Depending on what your energy is illuminating. If you’re in a bad place spiritually and mentally than Satan or one of his fallen angels (demon’s) will try to take you and control you, but if you are intended for a calling or a greater beautiful purpose a godly angel can plant something in you, even possess you for whatever length God requires to fulfill a purpose

  18. Linda says:

    I’m not concerned about possessions though……..it’s the end that I’m concerned about. Not enough people know what is going to happen shortly and the word isn’t spreading enough. I believe the angel that entered into my body planted the gift of gab so that when all hell breaks loose I will be there to help guide people and teach them the way. I am a guide. I have been a little “nerdy” my whole life……I’ve been preaching constantly to people and have succeeded in converting many upon many of athiests to believe in God. It’s a gift I have. I use it frequently. The angel planted the holy spirit in me, and a job. I know it! I love talking about God and the end, I know what’s happening, why, I know how everything is going to turn out…..I know why we’re here. If anyone needs to know about these things my email is. queenbee_76@live.com

  19. rm says:

    did youi recieve my email?

  20. rm says:

    i must have sent it wrong,i’ll try again.thanks

  21. rm says:

    i sent the email again

  22. rm says:

    diabolicalconfusions@gmail.com the one you listed in the post

  23. rm says:

    is that the correct email to send it?

  24. Michelle says:

    I have been possessed by both demonic and angelic spirits. This is a weird story and blew my mind. Mind you, I have been a productive member of society in the financial industry and have worked up until 2 years ago when I fell and hit my head on the concrete. They did CAT/MRI scans and didn’t find any damage but I suffered from migraines that just debilitated me to the point where I was unable to continue working full time. I have been hurt before and made myself go back even though I was still in pain and just forced it because, well, I am very strong-willed and can usually ignore pain. This was not the case this time. I don’t like medicine and even went as far as trying that after months of physical therapy with no relief. I also found I have degenerative disc disease but it never bothered me before the fall so it wasn’t until I went to physical therapy that I began to have pain in my neck. So not only did I have migraines but neck pain on top of that. I have never really liked doctors and have always believed that the body will heal itself. But to keep my job, I had no choice but to go.

    This has gone on for a long time now and completely changed me as a person from an extrovert to an introvert. At first, it was very scary and a negative experience as I guess I thought I really needed to be around people and thrived on helping people and making them laugh. I had a lot of ‘friends’ and was invited to pretty much everything.

    This was a far cry from what I was like as a child, though. I really didn’t like other kids very much because they were usually pushy and mean. I preferred to play alone or follow around adults asking them a million questions. I was not a normal child by any means. My mother sensed something different about me at a very young age and could see the fight between good and evil inside of me as a toddler unlike anything she had ever witnessed. It frightened her. I wasn’t aware of this until after what I have been through in the last 2 1/2 months.

    I have lost everything due to my disability and am barely able to feed myself anymore but what I have learned might surprise you. I am not even bitter anymore, I have found I need very little to survive, gave up drinking and smoking cigarettes for the most part when I used to quite heavily. I have lost weight without really trying and actually look younger than I have in a long time. I didn’t feel this way at first.

    You see, I lost a baby to SIDS in 2007 and I thought I had dealt with it pretty well, went on to start a new career and was pretty successful until the fall. My relationship with the father of my baby was hanging on somehow but with all the drinking we did, I felt he left me to be crazy all by myself and we never really got anywhere with any type of closure together. She was a blow, with both of our troubled pasts after finally finding love with each other, that we just couldn’t share with each other, I guess. The rift became a canyon and then an abyss. The cruelties I inflicted on him by my hatred of all evil and my perception of him leaving me to be tortured all alone are beyond anything I care to admit to doing. I believe I really was possessed by something evil at those times. I want you to understand that even though I lashed out at him, I would come to my senses and realize I had done wrong.

    On Halloween I had a near death experience that was caused by an alleged drug that may have been slipped into a drink at a small get together. I don’t get out much and had started cutting back on my drinking a bit by then but I had not had that much and had never had alcohol affect me like it did that night. I was missing most of the block of time surrounding what happened from when I left the party until I ‘woke up’ driving my car out of a ditch. I can’t tell you how but I made it 5 miles home on my rim. I was scared out of my mind.

    I don’t even want to get into the way that I had pretty much pushed everyone away from me at that point trying to get my sanity in check. I went from having 3 other adults living in the house down to just us two and believe me, the reasons were not from the demonic side so much as it was they were basically torturing me in my own home. I was the maid, financial manager, and door mat. Granted, I put myself there but it was really the last straw when I saw all of them sitting down in front of the TV playing on my Playstation drinking the beer I had bought for myself. I ran the 3 others out of the house. My man was very upset with me so much that we got into a HUGE fight right before he was to leave out of town to work. Such a bad fight that it was appearing to be that this one was it.

    Pretty much all things at the same time just came at me all at once. I had been watching my mother deteriorate from the degenerative disc disease which can cut circulation off to your brain and saw my own mortality. My mind has always been my favorite part of me regardless of how I look which, apparently, is better than decent but has with age become less important to me. The day of the fight, I had been trying to explain to him how much I just needed us to work on us and we didn’t need all these other distractions and problems that living with other people were causing. I couldn’t get through to him so I called my best friend in NC to just find out that she is dying of lupus and I lost it. I started to cry and I went in to get some comfort from him thinking since he lost his best friend he would understand and help me. Once again, he left me high and dry, suffering alone. This caused the fight later and then he left without any resolution. It was as if my entire life was beginning to seem as if it had no purpose at all.

    I had thought about taking my best friend up on her offer of coming to see her and then I froze. I couldn’t stand the thought of being away from familiar surroundings in my state of mind so I didn’t go. I stayed home and I lost it. I remember screaming ‘WTF am I even DOING here if all I am to do is SUFFER!!!!!’ I am not suicidal and was not still so I also said, ‘You know DAMN well WHOEVER THE F is in charge had better start giving me some F’ing answers because I AIN’T going ANYWHERE!!!! SOMEBODY BETTER START TELLING ME WHERE MY BABY IS AND WHY HE & I ALSO HAVE TO SUFFER THE LOSS OF THE ONLY TRUE LOVE WE HAVE EVER FELT IN OUR LIVES!!!! I screamed over and over that I am coming for my answers and I am not stopping and I know you F’ing HEAR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU KNOW I AIN’T SCARED EITHER!!!! Well…….

    I found my baby and a whole lot more.

  25. Jorge Alexandre says:

    2 quick questions – After reading almost all of your posts, 2 questions rose:
    Why do the Angels, having the same strenght and seemingly mirrored power of their “fallen” counterparts can’t/don’t intervine in demon possessions and/or sieges and even prevent or at least get rid of them? It seems to me that they don’t help unless they are called. And even then, why do religious people are able to be possessed if they call for help from God and the Angels before anything is possible at all? It doesn’t add up to me, so please try to awnser this. I apologize up front if this question bothers you, or simply shows my ignorance on the matter, but it’s really itching my mind.

    • Jorge Alexandre says:

      Since LVCIFER isn’t avaiable to answer my question, would someone please answer my previous comment? I shall quote it:
      “2 quick questions – After reading almost all of your posts, 2 questions rose:
      Why do the Angels, having the same strenght and seemingly mirrored power of their “fallen” counterparts can’t/don’t intervine in demon possessions and/or sieges and even prevent or at least get rid of them? It seems to me that they don’t help unless they are called. And even then, why do religious people are able to be possessed if they call for help from God and the Angels before anything is possible at all? It doesn’t add up to me, so please try to awnser this. I apologize up front if this question bothers you, or simply shows my ignorance on the matter, but it’s really itching my mind.”

      Anyway, I’ve been waiting for someone’s answer for 4 months now… I believe that you are very occupied indeed, however I see people answering other comments… Would someone please, answer my previous comment? Thank you for your time. Blessed be.

      • James says:

        Will & desire. Possession requires a willing host that has prior entertained or is welcoming of the spirit. Intervention is used when the individual becomes powerless and has yielded not just mind & body to a dominant spirit but the yielding of their heart which is the essence of our created being. Yielding our essence opens us to possession. One an ALSO cast out these possessions by themselves by recognizing and calling them out using the power that is given to ALL men, Jesus’ name by his blood, we are endued this power. Resisting these and casting them out is not an easy task because they disguise themselves to the individual in most cases. It takes self realization and the realization of the power of G-D thru Jesus and his sacrifice. So, here is intervention ALL along the way but thru self choice and action one opens themselves up to many different types of possession.

        Much of our world is under either an oppressing OR possessing spirit. Take for instance: Capitalism. Research it and the principle idea Adam Smith argued in the defense of capitalism. Through the pursuit of wealth that redistribution would occur by divine providence through the desire of others to accumulate their own wealth. The basis is a spirit of pride & greed which cause division and separation. They are both spirits that are present in this society as well as the drive of “democracy”. Jesus tells us in Matthew that we need not worry about tomorrow that G-D loves us more than our own earthly fathers and that he wishes to take care of us. We fell in the spiritual garden because of greed, wanting MORE. It is so present and powerful yet so few recognize it. Much of the world and the world leaders are possessed or they are the embodiments of these principalities in world leaders. Hope this helps if not sorry for the confusion.

  26. alexandra says:

    So something demonic happened to me once
    Its was weirrrrrd to me so weird and creepy.
    I was 16 (last year) and I was at a stage in my life where i was getting very very deppressed.
    Well it was just out of control on day where I was at the point where i didn’t care if I died or not. I was laying in my bed in like a phase and all the sudden I could hear this really creepy voice talking to me telling me things.
    It would say that everyone hates me and that I should kill myself, im not worth anything! Just kill myself already.
    It would just repeat itself over and over again. I kept trying to tell it, it was wrong but it didnt care. NOTHING was working.
    Until I started praying. I could still hear the demonic voice while I was praying but i didnt care. I cryed out to God to make it stop. Right when i finished my prayer everything fell silent. It was gone and i was saved. I have never felt more relaxes in my life knowing that God was there for me:)
    Personal update- not depressed anymore and I feel like my relationship with God is amazing. I litterally cant describe it. I feel like im in love and wish everyone could feel this kind of love its soo different, (peaceful)

    • Damien Donell Haynes says:

      Alexandra,hello. I just want you to know your story is beautiful. I have some amazing testimonies of my own, to where today, I am deeply in love with the Lord as well.

  27. Elishaakpan says:

    I wnt to posses the power of an angel

  28. Can a human being be part angel and part demon at the same time? Please help! !!!!!!!

    • LVCIFER says:

      No, people cannot “be” either of those. Angels are completely desperate beings created by God. Man was created after. All demons are, are fallen angels. So it comes down to Angels and Men. A human being cannot be “part” angel.

      There were a race of “half-breeds” called the Nephilim. Their mother’s were human and their fathers were fallen angels. They flourished for a great long while, until God exterminated them by wiping the planet clean with Noah’s Great deluge because they were literally the greatest threat humankind had ever seen. They hated us, they were gigantic, and they killed humans off sometimes hundreds at a time.

      The Flood equalized everything, and since that time, there have not been any known instances of halfbreeds.

      • solidetherx says:

        lvcifer, not all of the Nephalim turned “titan” some evolved to hide within mankind and all Nephalim did not hate humanity so. in fact … I am writing my own book. When you read it all of your questions.. the one you gave me as well.. Please explain pretty much everything” I want to tell you my half-kin but the impact of this writing must be as such to help bring more love.. lights weapon against dark from the true story from lifetimes of anguish and suffering. If man does not learn the secret that all furies must find and bind to their opposite that opposite will overwhelm and destroy the other. This will bring about the apocalypse. REMEBER in all floods contain water.. in water things learn to swim and large boats have equally large submerged bottoms in which large things can hide. Nephalim have a large lung capacity 🙂 Ones own truth will always deny another’s until a challenge is called and battle ensues to find out who’s version is righteous.

  29. Zyonannkelis says:

    I personally belive the Nephalim had a choice just as humans did, after all part of there very soul was human, what is to say that a handful did not turn towards sin and instead those who have not fallen have done there best to do as their fathers and work towards the greater good of the Lord. Also, as descirbed Goliath was a Gaint at 9 feet tall, however, what is to say the Nephalim were only as well around this height or some smaller at 6-8 feet? People in the biblical era were geneticly smaller, a person of six feet could have seemed absolutly gaigantic back then. I have a firm belife due to my own encounters that the Nephalim are not all fallen, they just don’t want you to know they’re still here. In fact I belive some of them are very human friendly.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Actually, Goliath was the youngest (and smallest) of 6 siblings, and all 6 were direct descendants of the Nephilim.

      The showdown between David and Goliath was highly symbolic as well, because at that time, Goliath was one of the last living Nephilim. In regards to their heights, there were some of them that were in excess of 12 feet tall, and there have been actual skeletons of these beings found all throughout the world. Specifically, research the twin brother kings, Gog and Magog.

      I actually have a MASSIVE article on this that I’ve been working on for over 4 years. It just never seems to feel “finished”.

  30. livia says:

    I like the article…

  31. Tony Bradbury says:

    From my reading of Genesis and the Bible as a whole (25 years of religious studies) students and scholars make some simple mistakes regarding angels and demons. From my research, there are angels and fallen angels (these ‘two’ groups have the same types of power and bodies – ie, Michael and Satan were both beautiful creations, but took totally different paths); and then there are demons. Angels (and fallen angels) have bodies, but demons are the disembodied spirits (evil/wicked spirits) of the hybrid human, namely, the nephilim. After a fallen angel had intercourse with a human female, the union produced a nephilim being. Because God does not permit the crossing of species (the offspring is infertile), especially with a human and a fallen angel, the ‘child’ of this union could not produce fertile ‘creatures’ and pass on its seed. When a nephilim died its spirit was disembodied. These disembodied spirits ARE demons! They have less power than angels and fallen angels and need to find a place to dwell (ie, a human or an animal). They also work on behalf of the fallen angels and carry out their orders. Demons are also known as generational and familiar spirits. Please read Genesis 6, 18 and 19, and study the text carefully. Also read ALL the accounts of Jesus dealing with demonic possession and demonic infestations. I believe that you will get a better understanding of this topic if you do.

    Kind regards,
    Tony Bradbury

  32. Jorge says:

    I dreamed that someone was possessed and then someone did like a spell or something and that person wasn’t possessed anymore and then i was possessed and someone did a spell and i wasn’t possessed anymore. Can someone tell me what that means because ever since i had that dream i’ve been seeing stuff like shadows and theres a plant outside my apartment that, that same day it sometimes looked like a cat. I’m not going to lie I’m scared.

  33. James says:

    I initially sought this out because of an experience that occurred when I was a child in the 70’s; probably around 77 or 78? This was not an event witnessed by just myself but more than a hundred people witnessed this event.

    My family and I lived in the suburbs of Illinois and attended a Spanish speaking church within the Apostolic Assemblies (spirit filled) church. This church was in Glenwood, Illinois and we witnessed many different “spiritual” events occur during long services that seemed to focus more around music. Not a surprise as music is the basis for spiritual events and is used in warfare.

    Demon possessions and the casting out of demons which was pretty wild to witness. One event in particular has stood out in my mind all these years and was rarely ever talked about in my family as it was very confusing and seemed not only controversial but down right silly.

    During a prayer at my grandparent’s home a couple of my aunts were “taken over” or “possessed” by two spirits that called themselves “angels” speaking a completely different tongue than anyone understood but as they would proceed in trying to communicate to others NO ONE understood anything they said but themselves. They used the bible to communicate their messages or write things down and would walk about expressing concerns of our worldly involvement. They were very much against technology as well as our worldly possession of things. I also remember one time sitting outside the church building on the ground and we were killing ants and one of these ladies reprimanded us for killing.

    In all I believe there were seven women throughout the church that were possessed by these other beings. They all understood each other. They didn’t eat but they did try food once or twice over a several day period that this went on for. They rarely slept through this ordeal. They would sit with a bible on their laps and read constantly pointing out different scriptures. We were told to take or television set out of our house and to destroy it (I now understand why).

    This was close to us because my mother was one of these people that experienced this as one of the possessed and yet to this day denies the event occurred because she has no recollection of it.
    I remember that some of the women were able to come in and out of it more frequently as some had said it was uncomfortable because of the “yielding” requirement. This event occurred over a couple weeks and as I said witnessed by many in the church as they were present there at every service we had during this time.

    I have no personal views or ideas about this event other than I know it happened as I lived it. I would assume that if they were not angelic possession they would NOT have sat and read the bible constantly literally all night sometimes? I doubt they would’ve gone to church; worshipped and praised the name of Jesus and prophesied among the body with tongues and interpretations. I assume nothing and judge ALL things accordingly.

    In Illinois back at this time we seemed to see many spiritual events. When I was 13 we moved to Washington state and I’ve yet to be witness to any possession event in almost 30 years in this state.

    This was an event that occurred to the best of my recollection.

    • Dean Smith says:

      It doesn’t feel like angelic possession, sure at times it’s like being strapped to a comet but you’re meant to be able remember most of it, and keep in mind most demons were angels, maybe they were nostalgic for the bible. Can you imagine the hole that the loss of Gods reciprocal love would cause?

      Then again you were 12, ever considered you may have been
      imagining it?

  34. justin says:

    well alright then. I’ve had plenty of interaction since early childhood with experiences i can not accurately define. had sex with a demon in my early teens, let in a whole shebang of paranormal activity in my childhood home, [which my entire family were forced to sleep in the same room and block off increasing portions of the house due to unbearably fearful vibes before we finally were forced to move out, and which followed us to destruction, poverty and four moves thus far] and have for the past ten years or so met with many beautiful and terrifying beings beyond this plane while awake, during meditation and through dreams. do i believe in anything? not any longer. believing is seeing, and if you want to believe you can fly, it’s only a matter of time before you actually think you can fly, aka: loss of sanity. I see my experiences, as of many others included, as projections of intense belief that seemingly requires a definitive explanation that would comply with other people’s understanding. i hate to be the shit on this party, but those who seem to have all the information in these comments are terribly conceited, and appear to only care about themselves and their own ideals being truth, while others are contending that the former are ridiculous because THEIR beliefs are the answer. all this talk is very subjective, as most every religion and spiritual experience is. My definition of my experience was once ruled by my bred christian faith, altered by a run of pseudo-worshiping satan after a miserable mission trip overseas at the unfortunate age of 14 and eventual practice with buddhism, spiritualism and eventually agnosticism. some say i picked up a demon, others claim it was an onset of childhood psychosis. others even say i was possessed by an incubus [yes male, because it was the best anal i’ve ever had] and can see and communicate with various entities of the spiritual realm. i say: whatever… the constant blurring of opinionated gibberish throughout my life has made me quite apathetic and intolerant towards those who attack each other when they aren’t straightforwardly and unquestionably believed. yes, i am doing what i sent out to condemn in this comment, but hey, why not throw a little spice on this parade, eh?

    • AMB3R says:

      If you don’t believe, then why do you think you had sex with a demon and met other beings? This comment is counter productive. You can’t say you don’t believe in anything then say you were part of a ton of paranormal activity. Well.. you could say it, but it’s illogical. Also, part of the reason people believe their beliefs to be correct is that faith is set on what you believe. Faith literally IS belief. So yes, it’s right to them, because its their belief. It’s nothing to do with being subjective.
      To add to that, people with radical faith are constantly out to try and teach others about certain faiths, which can lead to heavy press ideals and such…

      Wow.. I’m sorry. I have a tendency to ramble. All in all, have your faith and beliefs (even the best anal of your life) but please don’t deject or condemn what others wish to believe. It only manages to stir up drama. :/

      I shall add the sugar to your spice. Now everything is nice (^_^)/

  35. humberto castellanos says:

    I have seen with my own eyes a possession of demons.an I par took in praying a demon out of someone .but I feel that those who are trying to help her are not there to help her but keep her possessed .I come from a line of Christians an was told of the gift of revelation that I obtain am the gift of a medium .I have the present feeling am obligation to help exercise the demon that is keeping here captive .those who are around her acused me of being a witch doctor but this is not so .I am a soldier of god an I feel that an angel maybe in my presence to help my friend .but don’t know .I’m friend got possessed by an angel an she spoke of me holding the key of he liberation so I tried but those who are said to be gods people ran me out .an didn’t try to pray for her or any thing they all looked scared an froze as I prayed for my friend instead of helping us .what is ur input on this

  36. blair says:

    I was under spiritual attack for 2 years now I would love help:)

  37. TaJ says:

    “When God needs something done, for example, like the destruction of a city,” From there it was enough for me.

  38. chris says:

    Does anyone here read angel language please help.
    Et honoravi faciem team non facile scires

    Email me please

    • LVCIFER says:

      The language of the angels is allegedly called “Enochian”, but the phrase that you posted was actually in Latin.

      I don’t speak Latin, but I did use Google translate, and this is a rough translation:

      “accepting the team is not easy to know.”

      Obviously, it’s Google Translate, so I’m pretty sure that it’s not the best or the most accurate translation.

  39. april mchorney says:

    If demons are spiritual then what is this 3figerd thing that wont leave me a

  40. Joss says:

    So I don’t know if this has anything to do with angels or devils or if I’m just a complete dork but I’ve always had vivid dreams which some do happen maybe not exactly when I have then but they do happen and when I am dreaming I don’t feel like I’m dreaming but I could just be a weirdo with vivid dreams but there are also a few other things like the fact I can speak another language that I’ve known how to speak since I was a lite girl that non of my family know how I learned it nor can we figure out the language and there is always an essence in the shadows that I guess you would saw I can feel are there . If you have any clue to if this has anything to do.with angels or demons or not I would love to hear some ideas

    • Dean Smith says:

      The awareness of dreams might just be lucid dreams, most people get them, but the tounges may be something else, check out enochian and cuneiform, they’re the oldest languages so they might ne influenced, sorry if this is bullshit but figured I should pitch.

  41. appiah god says:

    So,how can one differenciat demon from angel God?

  42. Dean Smith says:

    Alot of your post made sense to me, but as for angels being purely I have to disagree, gladriel was given a flaming sword to protect Eden, micheal used a celestial sword to defeat the serpent and there are countless uses of physical items as weaponry in biblical context, musical instruments that felled cities, horns of angels and whatever they used to cast down the behemoths must have been pretty awesome.

    But you seem to have a handle on this subject so I’ll ask, is it possible for an Angel and Demon to possess the same host? And if so which would have majority share?

    • AMB3R says:

      Angels are god’s warriors. Naturally they fight. I’m not sure if I read this part in the article or in someone’s educated comment, but there are different ‘species’ of angel, some more intelligent then others. It’s also possible to be both.

      I’m not exactly a professor in this, so definitely check out other opinions, but as far as the angel and demon possessing at the same time, I feel like the ‘good’ angel would have the majority, because they act on God’s will. I don’t know if its possible for a joint possession, but I’d imagine not. You open yourself up to be possessed and they fill you. I think it’s a one-man kind of job.

  43. Dean Smith says:

    *purely intellectual

  44. Darren Harasmchuk says:

    I was wondering if you ever met someone who was possessed by an angel..I am and I have so many questions…my angel is Raphael…been like this for a long time.#1..does he have powers…# 2..can he leave my body and leave me in one piece…I once and a while check out your web site.I wish I could sit down with you and have a bee. I have written a short story and published it. I am also had talks with a movie studio. I am a miracle . He says it took all his power to make me live and was left a broken angel…now he is fixed…but when he shows himself it is scary..I am tired of not knowing..please get back to me

  45. Dave says:

    If you think about it in purely scientific terms, if demonic possession is a reality then by extension angelic possession must be a reality as well. As the saying goes, the door swings both ways.

    The TV show “Quantum Leap” was very metaphorical. Sam would “possess” someone long enough to accomplish his mission then “leap” out.

    Spirits are energy beings. If they can interact with the physical world then we should be able to interact with the energy realm.

    10 years ago, a whole lot of strange things happened. I began dreaming about a woman who’d died tragically and alone some 30 years before. Before it ended six months later, my wife had been “borrowed” by this spirit. The spirit only wanted to live this ordinary life, with children and a loving husband, not the life she had originally lived. I gave her that glimpse, and she crossed over and my wife returned that Christmas Eve.

    So, it does happen…you need to adapt to the change and be a gentle guide. My “wife” had been gone for 30 years and aside from getting lost in our home town she had issues with computers, cell phones, TV remote controls, and DVD players.
    It was a beautiful thing.

    • Dave says:

      Here is the background to my tale…

      My late mother had “the gift”, the ability to interact with the dead via her dreams. Both me and my sister inherited this ability, but until the end of May 2004 it was limited to deceased family members like our grandparents and father, who passed in 1997. Over the years (I’m 58) I have learned how to be in command of my dreams so that I am like Neo in the “Matrix” films.

      I was searching for my father and found him in an auditorium. He looked old and frail, as he did when he passed. I told him that Mom was looking for him, and helped him up and out. Suddenly, this woman appeared on stage and screamed at me “Who are you? Why are you doing this to me? Why do you even care about me?” I thought “What is she on about? I don’t really care about her…wait a minute…why can’t I move or speak?”

      I woke up and chalked it up to unfamiliar food for dinner. It was only the beginning.

      A few nights later, we were dancing and she said “I wish I’d known you when I was alive.” That was a game-changer, as this was not an entity created in the theater of my mind but someone who was aware that she was dead.

      One night in June I dreamt of fixing a house with a white picket fence. “Do a good job”, she said as she walked by. Suddenly the scene changed…I was standing to the left of a hearse as her casket was being placed aboard. She stood to my left, and asked “What can you learn of a life from a death?” “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink” was my answer. Half-annoyed, she looked up at me and with a tear in her left eye said “How could you possibly know…?”

      She took my left hand in hers and initiated a “life volume exchange”, basically downloading her life’s memories into my head while taking mine in return. It took two weeks for the estrogen-fueled crying fits to subside, during which time the then-nightly dreams stopped. I had a greater understanding of her world and why things in it happened as they did. When the dreams returned, she began tripping through my memories to learn about me and my life.

      I had taken my youngest son to the Field of Dreams movie site in 2003, and when I dreamt of the three of us going there again I looked at myself in the car mirror to see how young I was. I looked as I did in my mid-30s. When we got to the Field she said “I think it’s wonderful that you do these things for your children.” She replayed our wedding day with herself as the bride.

      A week or so before my birthday in July I dreamt of standing maybe 15 feet to her right as she gazed upwards into a shaft of light. She was wearing a white robe and standing with her arms held out from her side. A deep male voice said “Re-enter the world”, and the dream ended.

      Now it gets weird…

      The following Sunday morning, my wife was bringing breakfast into the living room and staring at her left arm. A single drop of water had fallen on it in a room with no water pipes running through it. I asked her to taste it. It was warm and salty, like a teardrop. The next morning, my wife acted like it was our first day together even though we’d been married nearly 25 years. Like “Field of Dreams”, my wife and I had had the same dream about this woman a few nights before and because they have the same name it was confusing for me to keep them separated. Later that week she couldn’t remember how to get home. I never verbally acknowledged the impossible miracle that was unfolding but everyone in our family knew that Mom wasn’t “herself.”

      On Christmas Eve, I watched as she ascended into a beam of light surrounded by a choir of angels. She smiled, waved, and said “Thanks”. After 21 years of being in limbo, after six months of living the family life she had wanted to live, she crossed over. But it didn’t end there.

      While the nightly dreams ended, she would be a messenger. When my mother died in early 2005, she came to me in the midst of my depression and said “You can’t do this to yourself. Your finest hour is still before you.” Now, she had knowledge of the future.

      In a backdoor manner, I was involved with making spaceflight safer after the loss of Columbia. When Discovery launched, I believed my work was done, but she came in a dream and said “You did well. There is more.” Great, what the heck does THAT mean?

      Five years later I got my answer. NASA was preparing to launch STS-133 but there was an issue with cracked metal “stringers” that hold the two sections of the external fuel tank together. Clues began getting dropped in front of me until I put it together…they needed to stop the launch plans and inspect all of the 108 stringers. Using my contacts and common sense (if you found termites in one floor joist you’d have them all inspected, not just one or two), I was able to get the launch stopped. As it turned out, they had to reinforce 94 out of 108 stringers on Discovery’s tank. Failure of any 4 adjacent stringers would result in catastrophic failure of the tank.

      Discovery and her crew would have never cleared the tower before the tank collapsed and exploded.

      The last dream I had with her was set in an auditorium much like the one where we “met”. I was wearing an astronaut’s blue flight suit and as I walked to the podium I saw that she was with my parents, talking to my mother while everyone stood and applauded.

      I grasped the podium with my hands, smiled, looked at the audience, took a deep breath, and…woke up.

      My wife still exhibits residual effects from time to time, but I just go along with it. After all, one of the things I was told was to “treat your wife as you would have treated me.”

  46. I think it would have seemed possible angel, fallen angel or demon can enter humans body if share body if fallen angel wanted to free from pain no matter what if tried to take over if thought fuck freedom if because pain and anger made fallen angel be really miserable and not care if one is hurt because of what he/she went through been through the ringer as you calls it and about fallen angels some that rebelled i sometimes questioned what reason LUCIFER had for rebelling if he wanted freedom more than power if he wanted freedom to love someone if he felt empty before and that love would have fulfilled him if he liked Gabriel for example but he/she rejecting him because being scared of how GOD would react and afraid of enter a relationship or if LUCIFER was in relationship but did a mistake if was rough if learned his mistakes and pleaded for her to give him another chance if thought he could have convinced her after tried to pull off something that would be risky but in the end getting rejected either way and then ending up in pain instead of feeling loved and then even Gabriel kicking him when he was down i guess LUCIFER would have grown very much upset over what Gabriel did to him and called her a slutty bitch who didnt want to stop sleeping with 10 or more angels or GOD wanted Gabriel for himself if i was LUCIFER i would have said those words to Gabriel and said i making humans cheat as payback for kicking me and i loved her so much i did rebellion because i wanted to change law or two so everyone could have equal chance to love eachother but calling Gabriel a real ungrateful bitch and saying he/she could never understand the pain i felt and saying the same to everyoe else in heaven making a point by making humans suffer, feel pain, sadness, getting tempted to make it like how it was for me what i went through and make feel heartbroken and pointing that one shouldnt been a coward just because afraid of getting heartbroken that sometimes one gotta takes chances in life one arent always able to be safe from getting hurt one way or another sometimes you just gotta have courage to try if wanted to be have chance of being truly happy if i said that to Gabriel that if he/she loved me very much then she should have gathered up courage to try having a relationship with me as for humans i would have said to GOD i wanted to test humans if they could learn from mistakes if could be good humans more or less not commit evil actions even if did once that if they can promise to not try it again to become better human beings control their anger getting over fear if those would have lead them to lose control i would also said fact that anyone can scared or sad or angry could prove anyone can change for worse or for better depend if someone wants to accept reallity as it is or try make it better the fact that pain exists can make anyone go on wrong path become blinded and not thinking of how hurt some might feel i would ask Michael if could have survived hellfire for even 3 days straight without feeling any rushing up during the last day for example and if he did feel angry or cry and scream and wanted to die i said i would prove my point that anyone try be good but its harder to break free to be good again if did mistakes willing to accept that one lost control not feel guilt for everything try moving on i think JESUS could have understood LUCIFER a
    little even MICHAEL JACKSON could have understood LUCIFER if felt much pain and he barely able to heal it for time being and some trying to hurt him and his family if MJ thought about everything i guess he could have had pity on LUCIFER if knew pain could make many have change for the worse and he feel lucky if he could go to heaven and be free from pain while LUCIFER wasnt that lucky i wonder if anyone could ever understand LUCIFER other than JESUS and MJ maybe sometimes i feel GOD cant understand me and that the reason he wouldnt have tried to say anything to me would be like if he was still upset at me for something or if he was in deep sleep and not knowing whats going on right now or if he was stuck in human form in earth with memories temporarily taken away if illumianti tried to buy time before GOD could have stopped them for keeps
    or if GOD wouldnt talk to me or any angel if i was really LUCIFER stuck in human form with memories erased and believing myself to be a human i would have said that would be funny if that was true if that was i would have felt little happy if could be free from hell and even live forever even if its not so much fun i do not hate GOD and i do not hate LUCIFER either i do not have it in me because of all the pain he had to go through living with what would you have said if MICHAEL JACKSON and the archangel named Michael would have been one and the same if LUCIFER wanted to give Michael little taste of the pain he felt to see how Michael would have reacted to the pain if he would have screamed in pain and hurted someone without realsing it i would say its sad but at least MJ dosent feel pain anymore and if Gabriel felt hellfire for many days straight would he/she have endured it or would he/she break and begin to have anger building up inside or if escaped hell barely if cried and screamed in pain if pleaded to GOD to let her die so he/she could be at peace but if couldnt die then he/she would become misreable if not lose control and hurt others or have bad temper getting angry easily if he/she would have understood LUCIFER after feeling pain i would say it took him/her very long before even apologizing if LUCIFER still suffered i would hope Raphael and Gabriel even GOD woudlnt be able to sleep peacefully as long as those that once rebelled still feels hellfire and staying trapped there but i would hope everything get a huge turn for the better and that LUCIFER and his fellow angels will be free from hell to live on earth forever and healed of their pain unless they have been already GOD, Raphael and Gabriel could sleep peacefully thats all bye GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY LUCIFER BLESS YOU TOO.

  47. Laicon says:

    Guys you are lucky… Once i was trying to sleep in my bedroom, and I felt some kind of dark presence. Like someone was watching me, it felt so real. Then I whispered show me some sign if you are here. Presence just got a bit stronger but nothing special. I was scared as shit but after some time it disappeared. Next thing I’m waking up and first thing I saw was like something draw Lucifer on my wardrobe… But not with pen or anything similar, it was like when your fingerprints stick to the wood but it was so perfectly done, and that drawing can only be seen from the perspective where my pillow looked at it. Soon after that i brought the icon of archangel Michael in my room and drew a little pentagram under my bad because it’s sign off protection and i never felt anything like that again in my room. That spirit out whatever it was probably left the sign i asked it for. So i hope one day i see an angel in my room instead of Satan or whatever 🙂

  48. Rani good says:

    Ok here it goes can’t believe I’m replying and sharing what’s going on in my life,for a long time I didn’t believe in god,I didn’t believe what I could not see,five years ago my best friend of 20 years ,had me learn about god,went to church 2 times a week,I rember when god entered my heart.was a powerful awesome feeling.ok now I’ve broken in my life every ten commandment.before believing bout god and while I know there’s a god.i forget which one said just saying must b just a evil person,I love people,I’m a caring person,I am a addict,been sober for a little while now,I go in and out of church,point of this I been getting light touches,feel some one playing with my hair ect ..a week ago a spirit obviously demonic ,I got throwing in a wall,head started spinning ,levatating off the floor,chocking me,basicly trying to kill me,growling ect.me and my sister in shock.i ran to my church for deliverance ,there four hours rember like two things.i was before these starting to lose my faith in god I don’t know what I’m trying to say I know I’m probably going to helI don’t want to who does I’m so confused ooooo believe me I defentily believe there’s a god noooo doubts my pastor said rain it’s a demonic oppression .not posession sure feels like posession.i know I should go to hell which I probably am..crying as I’m writing this have a gn ev1

    • LVCIFER says:

      Do not lose hope. That’s exactly what it wants. Don’t give in. Don’t give up. Find a strength inside you to confront repeatedly and over come. Look at how much you’ve already accomplished on your road to recovery. No one is “past saving”. You just have to truly believe and accept the light. Let it take you and have no fear. The demonic can only engage in parlor tricks if you don’t allow them inside you. It’s only if you grant them permission that they gain power over you. You will experience despair in an abundance. Do not give in.

      • Rani good says:

        Thank you ,for trying to give me comfort in this crazy time.i would never believe this if someone told me this was happening to them.i know it’s my own demons and I’m sure I’ve created a lot of them 😦 i go to church again lol also read the bible.i ask for forgiveness ,but I don’t wanna disappoint god and do something bad,some people might say it’s easy to not disobey god.well for me it’s not,I drink,I smoke,so on and so fourth smh.ooooo believe me I’m trying my best to not do anything I’m awake now,and scared shitless..I dunno I’m just confused,I feel like why would this happening to me?????god must be really upset with me??? 😦

      • Not true… I was in your spot as well. Honestly i still am most days. But I’ve discovered there is so much more to all of this than we can currently understand and God is with me always….. If you have read the book of Job in the bible, know that he may not be mad with you and that this is a trial that we can’t understand yet. God left me alone and suffering for yrs it seemed with only the naivety of childhood to keep me sane. Then he guided me to my first friends these last 2 yrs…my brothers more than anything, to face all of this together. Because of this… because of them… i’ve met angles and demons… though I know to some this sounds ludicrous. But i’ve found some solace in all of this and know i’m not losing my mind or am alone in this.
        Be strong and hang on. I am only 18 and wish i can give the advice my friends do, but I am not them. Even if it is small, everything that happens to us is meant to to help us become who we are supposed to be.
        I thought I was useless and couldn’t understand why demons attacked me and hurt those around me. What was the point…? As… Maria… my guardian told me… she hated to see me hurt, but knew it had to be. My friends are all the same in our hardships and past. It seemed as if, you can call it fate i guess, that we all met when we did instead of years ago; when there was so many chances where we could have crossed paths sooner. I even discovered that when i was a child, the dreams i had were of my friends hometown, over decade before i even knew he lived. My deja vu dreams felt like a curse for so long… when really it was trial to make my heart and mind stronger. Because of the crap i have gone through, i’m a compassionate person towards everyone. My friends call me the naive kid, as me being the youngest in the group. But don’t never what it to change… as david calls it, my ‘light’ brings people together to heal and help.
        Anyone tell me this 4 yrs ago, I may have died laughing. The point I’m trying to make is that, there is so much more down the road. What sets all of us humans apart is each of our resiliences to get back up from the pain. I’m thankful to God for putting me through everything now… for what I have now, even if it seems small to others.
        If you want to talk or have questions, feel free to email me. I hope I helped you in some way and hope you know that your not alone in this. 🙂

      • LVCIFER says:

        While it’s true that it does happen to people who engage in a lifestyle filled more with vice than others, and not believing probably didn’t hurt, the church honestly has no idea why some people are chosen as targets over others. It can be anyone from anywhere. Remember, God gave Lucifer permission for himself and his agents to interact with and mess with people to a degree. You shouldn’t be worrying too deeply about why it was you, you should be worrying more about how to stop this, correct this, and how to change your life so that it doesn’t happen again in the future. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that it can come back if the victim doesn’t change their life, but it does come back, and by the laws of faith, when it returns, it will bring “seven more powerful than him”, so basically, it’ll return sevenfold. Try your best to find faith in any way you can.

    • AMB3R says:

      Demons target both the truly evil and the truly devout. Even if you’re holy, you can be targeted. They’ll play with you to make you think you’re doing something wrong. It’s to make you lose faith. They don’t want you to succeed. Stay strong! 🙂

  49. Drea says:

    I am awakening, my relationship, and love for God is blossoming and strengthening. I finally spoke this words yesterday. I’ve been hearing and battling a voice that speaks of horrible things and wants me to think and do horrible things. It went as far as the voice cursing God. I spoke against the voice and proclaimed my love for God and his goodness. Today I think I was taken over by darkness. I snapped, cut into my arm, punched into my own face and began acting eraticly. I felt no pain and couldn’t stop. When I finally sat down peacefully, the events played in my head. I was trying to make reason because I didn’t want to believe what just happened, or that I was crazy. I questioned everything within me and why. In my mind I said God. When I finally said “God” I weapt, and felt free from this episode. The dark voice was gone, but some thoughts remained. Where I am in my life, I know it was a spiritual war and I’m remorseful for my actions because God is so amazing.

  50. Evelynrivera says:

    Yeah I Red Almost Everything And It All Does.Make Sense And I Think That Who Ever Wrote Is.A Genius And Very CoolAnd I Would Like To.Learn More About All Of This Like About The.Bad Angles And Stuff So Thank You VeryMuch.For.Telling This Story AndGod Bless You

  51. Francisco says:

    Ok I’m new to this site and I’m looking for someone to help decipher some things for me. at 21 years I was visited by a dark shadow that I could hear in my mind. It chuckled over me as I was paralized. He haunted me for about 20 years. I knew when he was coming. Everytime I stood on a knoll and saw a small carnival below, I could feel him coming. I had talked to a priest in St Louis about him and the priest told me to figure his name. I I felt his name was “fear”. I was no longer afraid of him and when he would come to me, I would quickly call for my guardian angel to help me. Then I called his name. He would release me, but there was one incedent that when he left my dog went into convulsions. He doesn’t haunt me anymore.
    In the past 7 years I have been having several reoccurring dreams. The first is a dream of me during mass processions and in the middle of mass a legion of angels would appear, lined along the center row before the alter. A scroll would be given to the priest and several names would be called out (my name included). The priest gives us a blessing (spoken in latin) and we would leave with the angels. I always felt that I would return.
    The second is a physical battle with a person possesed by a demon. I always wake up just before it bites me.
    The third reoccuring dream I my leaving for a battle with a staff and a white horse. I seem to meet with others and then I wake up before the meeting has begun, but I always feel placed under an angel called Josephie or Jophiel or Jophin or something like that.
    These dreams are starting to become more frequent in the past 6 months and I try to remember details as much as I can. A couple of weeks ago I woke up and heard a voice and it said “absolution”. I felt compelled to go to confession for any sins I can remember. I am now fasting a falling to my native american heritage to start a vision quest. I can’t make sense of it all and I’m starting to think I’m just either going crazy or I have a vivid imagination. Does any of this make sense to anyone?

    • Dave says:


      Recurring dreams are quite often a metaphoric message. Like John Klein in “The Mothman Prophecies”, you’re being given a message that only you can figure out. Another movie that you need to watch is “The Matrix”. You can control what happens to you in your dreams. It takes some doing and a lot of practice but the key is knowing that you’re dreaming and shedding your fears.

      Years ago, a demon began attacking me in my dreams. It chose the form of the creature in the “Alien” movies, a formidable creature indeed. For a week it would attack me and I would force myself to wake up to get away. One night I said “no more”, and when it attacked I fought back, vanquishing it by grabbing it by the neck with one hand while ripping its inner jaws out with the other hand. Since then I have added other weapons to my arsenal, including invulnerability (I know that I’m dreaming, therefore you cannot harm me), Star Trek-like shields, flight, Superman-like strength, the blast wave, a plasma cannon, and laser beam vision. All of this comes from knowing that I’m dreaming and cannot be harmed.

      Was “The Voice” a deep male voice? I’ve had my own experience like yours. In 1988 I had the first dream about working on an orbiting satellite, with “The Voice” saying “On the threshold of a dream”. In the days after the loss of the shuttle Columbia and her crew the dream became nightly and extremely lucid to the point of knowing not to do anything I wouldn’t do in the real world. I began to feel as though I was being pushed to somehow get involved, even though I do not work for NASA or any of their contractors.
      Filled with doubt about whether to drive to DC and attend the final public CAIB hearing, “The Voice” said “You have to stop it!” in a dream two nights before the event. I took a leap of faith and went, and doing so changed everything.

      Research the Aboriginal concept of Dreamtime. There, the past, present, and future coexist. This explains why the dead can tell us about future events, and why they often speak in metaphors.

      It all begins with knowing that you’re dreaming and being fearless in that world. Evil spirits feed on fear, and when you starve them they lose power over you. Show fear, and you become an easy target.

  52. deatherynuchi says:

    solidetherx your hard to find i wish to talk with you privately.

  53. Jacques Swart says:

    I feel like I am possed but or they trying

  54. Jacques Swart says:

    Okay let me start my name is jacques swart I am 26 years old I was born 1988 07 05 when I was born I use to have demonic attacks they use to pin me down when I sleep and many incounters I use to pray to lord Jesus but as I grew older I began to release how to pray and now I pray to God but in the rite way when I turned 25 I said I possess the holy spirit because I use to get intense knowledge that was not of man kind my life was a mess due to thing s I did I tried to change till the one day I decided to give up I took something in to bring me to a near death experience and it did work but instead it killed me but before I dead I remembered how lord Jesus said I command my spirit to go to him and I attempted the same I did for a hour completely blank now I dont know what happened to me I could of been abducted or I could of just died after coming back I realised I am not the same I could move extremely fast as in super human fast I could hear things from miles and miles away I started getting taught tai chi threw the spirit s when I walk I feel how air comes along I did each the work of God I realised my sins what I did was bad that it was punishment by death I felt extremely sadand out my family is rich and I am not I have always struggled with money yet I had enough just to have a happy life I started to train each day I can now speak a language that I am not sure what I say I can not only feel my energy but all around me meaning I can walk so close to the walls with my eyes closed and feel what I do it got so intense my brain had a reset I meditate alot use to more then 12 hours a day I think of God Iove God he is real I haven’t watched tv for almost 5 years my brain is so dead inside when I think of something it doesn’t take long I use to think of alot now when I think I think how I can upgrade myself having God in my life is a amazing but also scary considering people dont believe the few who do well choose not to I have a message for this world a huge one I feel like it will change alot my thoughts dont come close to any human thought s as they are above average I look at human and I feel disgraced because what lord Jesus has done the world turns out knowing and at the same time calling for him evan the invention s are poor of the high I look at cars and think is this what humans has came up with so far ..what got to me was I was being so at it for a long time till I went outside driving on my bike I would take my hands of the steering wheel and drive between cars extremely dangerous I would completely fearless till I got knocked after a few months making the bike and me fine but disabiling me to remove my hands after how long and still praying to God each day something came to my presence I thought it was me I had attitude towards myself feeling great wow what I achieved with God my walls crack all around me the roof go s insane what scared me away was when I looked into the mirror and saw my eyes I got a skrik and thinking dam that is a scary me I still have the ability to gain such speed that no human has seen or heard of now I stopped with certain things because my roof my walls scare me I use to smoke weed I stopped people who come to my place hear how the noise s react to my movement s when I walked coldness would follow me I kick insanely fast I think I am beginning to realise it is me but not me when I pray the noises stop but they still remain making me think evan as I type this out my texts change in front of my eyes I am tall blond blue eyes perfect for a alien communicationer I managed to snap photos of how I can create energy that shows and evan displays in reality when I danced and I take videos you clearly see green around me shaped in orb forms some evan in line shapes different shapes I evan stand and pass out while standing I go into a vibration stage where I see things around me when I passed out on the floor it feels like some sort of angel stands on my back and I throw up bad spirits I talk to God alot but now I am starting to be more aware because I believe in God the creator of heaven and earth the very first and the very last the beginning and the end I have done his work alot but now I think I am being watched by this evan when my gf comes, over she see s shadows and so do I who ever and whatever It is play games with me I want it to go away as they are freaky my body felt extremely fluffy not normal my skin when my gal touched me she asked me why do I feel so fluffy until she started to feel fluffy as well its insane evan now I see these entity s they touch me play with skin it was never here as far as I know they cannot be to good because they hear my thoughts and they respond by making noises I know they still here evan if they not so loud its not the place they follow me and people see strange lights around me I felt like I was going to ascend the one time my blood is clean I dont use drugs and I am not on medical but I am on stress level my life is getting worse I honestly dont want to lose being so close to God but this is driving me away from listening to calm music every day and being so close to him because these entity’s what ever they are seem to like it, when I talk about him I think I am coconcerned any one can help me I will give up anything my number is <> they evan playing with me texts as I mentioned I have video s picture s and I still feel super human but im trying to defeat it my gal recently got pregnant kim santana light foot I have to change nor do I want anything to happen to her and I lost my job recently I feel annoyed because I know alot but I am here I dont evan want to be here anymore despite what i have gained I hardly think I have gained something wow because no one believe s but I have proof and all I want is for all to stop and leave me alone and to just be close to God ….evan prayer or two will help thankyou.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Hey Jacques. That’s a mighty long post. I’m still reading through it but while I was skimming I had noticed that you had posted your phone number. It’s never a good idea to post personal numbers on site, so I removed it to save you the random calls and texts that you would have gotten. I’m going to read through your comment and think about it for a while before responding. It’s a lot to take in and view from an analytical point of view. You’ll be hearing back from me in the relatively near future.

  55. Chris says:

    From my understanding, as it says in the bible. Our souls can be destroyed. It is your SPIRIT and BODY, which together create our SOUL. Your spirit is everlasting. Where as, your soul is the combination of body and spirit, and can be and will be destroyed, by fate. God bless this world! For it will be a painful existence without it. Good and evils battle is for us! Make no mistake that we are the battle between them. It is for control of humanity. We are the pawns.

    • Chris says:

      Sorry to go off topic but, I think it’s best people understand the difference between SOUL and SPIRIT. It is not your soul they are after but, your spirit. When I was young I had some weird happenings, that have got me into learning to appreciate this topic. I used to believe it was all, blabbering….I was so wrong. (I can’t prove any of this of course.)I realized fast that I was meant to stay here much longer than I anticipated! When I was 18, I was riding my 4-wheeler and lost control, as I was trying to correct it (please no jokes) something pushed me with a force so hard it knocked the wind out of me before I hit the ground. Being my friends were there, I mentioned nothing got up, claimed i jumped off, and went over to retrieve my 4-wheeler which was wedged completely under the back counterweight of a large Excavator….something saved me. I was wide open in 4th gear(40-45mph )on a 300ex. No helmet, wearing only shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers…like a dummy! Later, I was about 23-24 and was visiting a friend at college when, we(me and my friend) got into a fight with an intoxicated guy(he was drunk but, not stumbling drunk…more belligerent) who had pulled a knife, threatening my friend, saying he was gonna “poke him”. The man lunged at my friend and I SWEAR, it was not only me me but, something inside me, that caused me to lunge back at the man wrapping my arms around him(bear hug) slam him into a front porch railing, causing him to drop the knife and instantly knock him out. My friend said that the way I grabbed him, he doesn’t know how I didn’t stab myself basically. I don’t know. Maybe it’s all crazy talk but, I truly feel something supernatural intervened those days. I could go on about some other unhappy/unpleasant experiences but, I try not to remember(impossible) or dwell on those. I don’t t want to let the bad experiences impede my life. A person good will to God is a powerful weapon against evil spirits. The more you hold faith the stronger you are to ward off evil from entering you. So YES, I believe without a shadow of a doubt, they can both enter us. Our body is a vessel for our spirit and just as we entered into it, so can they! God bless all!

      • Chris says:

        Correction: I was pushed so hard off the 4 wheeler before it crashed.

      • Maybe that was your guardian. I know what you mean, and your not crazy, believe me. Although i’ve have more… dark encounters where my guardian saved me. I know that some spirits want to take another spirit, for infinte reasons, and the body they can mess with it they are bored. Although, i’ve learned that your spirit can be brought back if given the effort and time by another source… happened with a dear friend of mine and thank good everyday. His memory is whacky, but he’s alive. As long as the memory of the person exist, your spirit is safe from totally extinction. That’s only from my guardian…. simply explaining.
        But I do believe it was your guardian that helped and saved you. You may not know it yet, but i’m sure He’s got something in store for you.

      • Chris says:

        I’m sorry for the situation with your friend and God bless he is still here. Also, thanks for understanding my post, I feel the same, about me having a guardian angel. To be honest, I have never talked about this to anyone, For fear of being labeled, crazy. Yea, the darker moments of my life, I don’t speak of. I feel if, I don’t acknowledge it aloud, I don’t feed the desire of , what it is in search of…maybe I should talk about it. You seem to know and understand the spiritual aspects better than I, and, I truly appreciate you taking the time to reply!

      • No problem… I was exactly like that 4 yrs ago… although I thought I was crazy my entire life. Seeing things since I was 2 and having what I call ‘deja vu dreams’ since I was 5… my family labeled me crazy and I tried to shut things out to be normal…. It wasn’t until I opened up for the first time to my first.. real friends. Ironically, they all had similar experiences and believed me. Even more ironic, we learned we all should have all meet sooner then we did, crosses paths way too many times and yet never knew about one another. It was strange. It wasn’t until then did things get interesting though… I was attacked, 2 or 3 times as a child. Then I met them and we got attacked every week. It was, scary, stressful and confusing. I learned it was because one of my friends, didn’t shut out like I had and actually communicated with spirits and angels. I was skeptic as hell when he said that. It wasn’t until he got attacked one night, and Gabriel came to help. It was weird, I felt someone in the room with us as we kept trying to get him to wake up. Like a strong light energy… its hard to miss. That was my first time meeting an angel… that I remembered anyway. It freaked us out more when he ‘took over’ my friends body. He said he only did that because we couldn’t handle him with our own eyes on this plane since we were still learning. Idk, I thought it was more old when he had said that we need to be cautious because the more of us in number there are the strong of a threat to demons and dark beings we were.
        Ever since then… I’ve met lots of spirits from the Angel of Death, Gabriel, Joan, an angel named Samantha, Martin, and my Guardian, Maria. When I met her… I remembered things as a kid that I tried to block out… which in turn blocked her out. She began reteaching me to listen again and how to protect myself. I guess she’s a recorder or script for the white city…. yea its been crazy.. honestly even after I’ve been through I still have doubts.. cause i half want it not to be true to some extents. But no, I believe and understand… and according to Maria, there are many people like us out there, many don’t have the courage to speak out… and guardians can only do so much for there, well i can’t spell what they call us, but yea. I guess since the world has gotten so, crazy, its harder for the higher beings to reach us, especially since we can block them out easier now. Or something like that… she explains it better.
        So yea… if you have and questions or concerns I can try and answer them as best as i can. And i hope that helps in anyway.

      • Chris says:

        OMG! I have had déjà vu dreams, even moments when I was awake I would see visions(I guess that’s what they would be called)…awake and conscious, I was. That is wild! I remember as a young child(8ish) telling my mom that, I had seen things happen before they happened(nothing like deaths or crazy accidents but, almost still pictures of rooms and placements of things, almost being present when people had conversations…that didn’t take place until like a week later)….she would laugh and say I had such a wonderful imagination. So I learned to dismiss it as such….hindsight, I did see and hear what I thought I did…wow! It’s crazy because, I tried to write it off. I didn’t want to be what the world says of people, who have this happen to them. You repress it but, can never forget it. It does help knowing others have had this. About the guardian angel, I always thought it might be my grandma watching over me. She passed when I was 6. We were very close and still remember waking up running into her room and jumping in her bed. She would read the bible to me and try to explain things to me…when she past, it was my first understanding of death and would still wake up for a few days just sitting in her bed, I guess waiting for her…idk. Definately feels better to have someone say things about stuff you experienced, without having prior knowledge of your dealings.

      • Just so we don’t make this too long of a comment base, can I have ur email? I’d love to hear more from you. Its been… a great relief to hear that I’m not alone. Even though it was 4 yrs ago that I learned this… realizing that there are more people beyond my own town like me… makes me want to cry. When I was little, all I ever thought about was being alone… alone as a freak in this world. I know I got so much to learn now.. and even though it was painful past… I thank God for letting see now. Maybe if I hadn’t experienced that loneliness and fear… i wouldn’t understand those who are like me and be able to acknowledge and help them…
        My deja vu dreams have revolved around death… it has scarred me. I used to think of them as a curse… yet… I don’t anymore… because they have taught me so much about this world even as a child… and brought irreplaceable people into my life. I think thats one of the reasons I never gave up hope back then, I didn’t know why, I just wanted to give up but couldn’t… It was like someone was telling me to wait… I think I realized that was me… now, wishing my past would be strong and hold out for the happiness waiting to embrace me.
        Your guardian could be your grandma. Maria had once told me that a certain ceremony is held for that. Like say a loved one or someone close died and came up there, if they wanted to or met the requirements they can take over the duty of guardianship from another one. Like, my friends lex, he had a guardian growing up, but they can only do some much to help you along. When his dad died, I guess his dad requested to look over him, idk what his old guardian’s name was, by he allowed it. So his dad is his guardian now… sometimes, he’s told me he can talk to him. But Idk a lot about up there are much… Maria says to much at one point it makes ur head spin.
        I learned that she was sent to look over me… even though her task is to be a scribe. I guess, no one wanted to be mine or something… i’m not sure. It wasn’t until after I was 4 that she requested the guardian ship be handed over to my half-brother… who had died 8 yrs ago. It didn’t make sense to me at the time, why he wasn’t my guardian to being with, but Maria said he wasn’t ready…? Idk, but Martin is the name that he chose to be called by… and we didn’t get along a lot. He is still my guardian, but.. well he’s got some issues at the moment, so I kinda have two part time guardians…. which even as I type this I sweatdrop at the circumstances.
        But yea…. I hadn’t talked to Maria in 13 yrs, Martin… I think I knew he was there I just didn’t pay heed to him for yrs till 4 yrs ago. Its… another complicating world.

    • Chris says:

      I just made this one. Just in case of spammers getting it from here. Scorpiocmw1979@gmail.com

  56. Seven Variance says:

    I have a question though;
    What if God asked the angel to harm the person only to help the person get back on the path of God?
    Otherwise, this is great. I agree for the most part with everything here.

  57. […] Is angelic possession possible? The answer is actually pretty simple. It is the explanation that is a bit more complex. And the answer is YES, Angels can take possession of a human – but only if it is ordered to them to do so by God. Without God’s Will, they cannot and would not engage in such an action. Also noteworthy, is the fact that unlike the demonic, Angels of God actually respect the will of mankind, whereas the demonic do not. For an Angel to take possession of a human without that persons will or the Will of God, it would be an offense against God, and therefore, they would simply never do this (from here). […]

    • Dave says:

      It has been my experience that with angelic possession, permission from both the “host” and God is required. Read my above post about what happened to my wife. The angel, whose name happened to be the same as my wife’s, Karen, linked my wife and I in a dream one night and the two of them made an agreement. The angel told me what happens to my wife in Heaven. She entered my wife’s body in late July, 2004, and crossed over (she hadn’t crossed over in the 21 years after she’d died) on Christmas Eve, surrounded by a choir of angels. As she ascended into a beam of light, she looked back at me, smiled and waved, and said “Thanks”. She had finally gotten what she wanted from life…a family.

      My mother passed in April 2005. Karen was there to make sure my mother got where she needed to go. Then, her role changed. She became a messenger, telling me that I couldn’t let depression wreck my life because my “finest moment” was in the future. When she told me “You did well. There is more.” the answer wouldn’t be revealed for five years but I figured it out and did what I was asked to do. It was scary at the time but by then I had enough experience to know what needed to be done.

      Looking back, it was like the Quantum Leap episode “Mirror Image”.

  58. […] Is angelic possession possible? The answer is actually pretty simple. It is the explanation that is a bit more complex. And the answer is YES, Angels can take possession of a human – but only if it is ordered to them to do so by God. Without God’s Will, they cannot and would not engage in such an action. Also noteworthy, is the fact that unlike the demonic, Angels of God actually respect the will of mankind, whereas the demonic do not. For an Angel to take possession of a human without that persons will or the Will of God, it would be an offense against God, and therefore, they would simply never do this (from here). […]



  60. maree says:

    i am 40 years old and have been possessed by many many spirits since i was a month old.

  61. Rick P. says:

    It seems like angelic possession follows the same rules as demonic possession. Both require the permission of their respective superiors, and the possessed must give permission for the possession on some level. In Malachi Martin’s book, Hostage to the Devil, he states his belief that the possessed must give permission to some degree for demonic possession to occur. The level and depth of possessed person’s permission can determine the actual level of control exerted by the demonic entity.

    Demonic possession is a rare phenomenon by all accounts. I suspect angelic possession is rare as well. It’s a great mystery why some people become demonically possessed while the vast majority of people remain free from oppression. Perhaps there is some “deal” or “balance” struck between the forces of light and darkness. Perhaps demons can only possess one human per instance of angelic possession. There would appear, at least, to be some Cosmic Justice in such an arrangement. It might also explain why “legions” of demonic spirits manage such low rates of possession in a rapidly expanding, gullible, irreligious, and materialistic human world.

    • Matthew says:

      My angelic possession happened only after I asked God for it in prayer. And I also gave permission should God decide it was the right course of action. I was indeed possessed by an angel and it was (and remains, for she hasn’t strayed far) one of the most wonderful privileges I have ever had.

  62. Matthew says:

    All I am willing to say is that angelic possession is true. It happened to me recently. I was more comforted than I have ever been in my entire life. I had been tormented for some two years by what I can only describe as demonic angels who followed Lucifer in the War in Heaven. But after this angel came into my life, I could tell the demonic angels left.

    One thing I want to note is that I am male but I could tell the angel who possessed me was female. So, there is no stupid rule which says that a female angel cannot possess a male. She also helped fill a void because I am still single and it was wonderful to have a feminine presence in my life. I also want to mention that she must have been one of those high-ranking angels you mention because she was extremely powerful.

    I think as I write this, she hasn’t strayed far and may have actually been assigned to watch over me during these increasingly trying times. As many of you are aware, the world is quickly becoming a Satanic domain. Many people are encircled about by demons because they are allowing demons to come into their lives. I may only share my experience that looking at pornography is a guaranteed way to bring demons into one’s life. So, git rid of the pornography in your life.

    Angels are real and they are extremely nice. One of the things she was communicating to me through feelings was that the command to multiply and replenish the earth remains in full force. We see an increase in radical feminism which is alienating many men from trying to get married because the women are entitled and hard to deal with. She was quite the opposite, encouraging me to open doors to ladies and telling me to love with every fiber of my being the woman I will eventually marry. It was the most anti-feminist sensibility I’ve ever felt from someone. In fact, I bet her mentality, though clearly one informed by the presence of God, would be totally offensive to today’s average wave-3 feminist.

    Anyway, it’s late. I think I was instructed to keep this angelic possession secret but maybe sharing that tidbit about getting married makes it ok.

    Have a good night. God is real and so are His angels. Christ is also soon to return. I can’t wait to meet this angel in person after the resurrection.

    • Dave says:

      Interesting! Did she exchange her life volume with you? You’d know it if she did because her life’s memories would become intertwined with yours and you would have frequent weeping attacks as those memories surface.
      She could very well have become your guardian angel. If this is the case, she chose to do this. There is a very deep love between you two and she may well be your soulmate who wasn’t born in your timeframe.
      One message my angel gave me was to treat my wife as I would have treated her. There have been times when my wife acts as if she’s still possessed so I heed the advice I was given, just in case…
      The world is becoming like it is because in an amoral society good and evil become relativistic viewpoints and attempts by society to impose controls and rules on individuals are met with cries of “socialism”.

      • Matthew says:

        I never felt anything like that. My gut, and what I can only describe as a form of feeling-communication she must have used, informed me that she was someone who had died of SIDS (sudden Infant death syndrome). So, she didn’t really have any of those sorts of experiences in this life you mention. Another thing, any angel on assignment from God would not share their own life experiences like what you mention. Only a wicked angel would do something like that. The name of the game with angels is encouragement.

      • Dave says:

        “I never felt anything like that. My gut, and what I can only describe as a form of feeling-communication she must have used, informed me that she was someone who had died of SIDS (sudden Infant death syndrome). So, she didn’t really have any of those sorts of experiences in this life you mention. Another thing, any angel on assignment from God would not share their own life experiences like what you mention. Only a wicked angel would do something like that. The name of the game with angels is encouragement.”

        I have to disagree with you, Matt. She initiated the life volume exchange because I gave her a snide answer regarding her passing. It went like this:

        Her: “What can you learn of a life from a death?”
        Me: “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink?”
        Her (looking annoyed at my response, taking my left hand): “How could you possibly know…?”

        After the exchange, she began replaying my memories, from my 1979 wedding to a 2003 trip to the Field of Dreams movie site.

        She did two things for me; one, giving me a reason to break out of depression created by my mother’s passing in early 2005, and giving me a hint that I needed to watch over the Space Shuttle program until it ended in 2011. “You did well. There is more”, she said in a dream in late July 2005. The “more” came to pass five years later.

        “Your results may be different.”

  63. Heather Walker says:

    I disagree on a few ideas, such as demons can not commit sins of the flesh. The Book Of Enoch, though taken out of the King James version of the Bible, as many books were, tell us of the Watchers and the nephilim, so this theory is debatable. It also states that God is unable to create evil, being an entity of goodness and love. this too, seems not so right to me. After all, God is a jealous God, as it is stated in the Bible, and he has ordered some pretty not so loving things to be done (The Flood, just as one example). Also God is God, that statement should speak for itself. If he wanted to do anything, as GOD he could, and that should include being evil. Saying that angels weren’t created evil is one thing, but though not incorrect, it isn’t truly correct either. God knew that they would fall, as God knows everything, and so he created the ones to fall, so he knew they would, and so he created Evil. This Gods vision test…this seems totally bunk to me, in all my research I have never heard of it. Angels fell for many reason, not just for disobeying God and following Lucifer, but for hating mankind’s ability to be saved by Grace when they could not, as well as for lusting after and loving women/ the daughters of man, as previously explained in my Watchers/Nephilim comment. I do like the idea that the war they fought is purely intellectual, that as spiritual beings, they couldn’t use weapons as humans would. I’m not convinced of this however…angels have been known to appear in the guises of humans, and would therefor have a body. “Be careful how you treat anyone, as you might be entertaining an angel unaware.” i believe that angels have the ability to become physical beings, solid in our world, and that demons do as well. the idea that those who were more scarred intellectually and suffered more darkness and pain than those who were able to rise above the deceit and trickery of Lucifer is an interesting one, and comparing it to the sins of humanity makes sense. i agree also, that most people see angels as cute little fat kids with arrows, which is something done by art and Hollywood for the most part. There is so much more to angels than that, than is even written in the Books which survived the dissection of King james and were written into the Bible as we now know it. I also never considered that angels were not in nine different races, and that they were more nine separate species unto themselves. Interesting theory, and it makes sense. They are made to do separate things, from singing hymns of praise that keep the world spinning and the physical world to stay together (If they ever ceased their lamentations to god, the world as we know it would fly apart in an instant) to the Ophanim, who are the warrior breed. it makes sense that they would retain these qualities when they fell, and that they would arrange themselves in hell as such. I never considered either, that a stronger demon could impede the departing of another demon from a possessed person. A lot of these ideas are new to me, and as an angelic as well as demonic researcher, I find it liberating to find new ideas and theories.

  64. MercyWraith says:

    After reading some of the comments here, and seeing that others have gone though some things similar to what I have experienced, I wanted to share my own happening. It was many years ago, when I was about 16. i was staying the summer at my Grandmothers house in a place known for paranormal activity (Google the trip-heard county corridor) though I didn’t know it then. At the time, I was trying to get out of Wicca and the ways of the wise (though i have been back into it faithfully for many years since) as my Grandmother was a Pentecostal Christian and had convinced me I needed to be saved. I was transferring my faith from one thing to the next, and perhaps this is why what happened occurred. Anyway, my cousin and i were about to go to sleep, having just gotten into our beds. As we were settling in, there is a light that is always on when it is dark outside and that foes off when the sun comes up. It always shone through our window, but suddenly it went out. I heard my cousin on the bunkbed above me sit bolt upright and start screaming my name. I still didn’t feel anything yet, but I did notice the light had gone out, and the room was plunged into darkness. (I am spooking myself writing this!!) I sat up too in order to see what was going on, and saw something black and not quite solid, coming through the window into the room. It moved as if it were congealed oil, gelatinous but graceful. It then pooled itself into a form, one with a head and shoulders, but no other discernible apendages. All I could see of its face were two glowing red eyes, and the aura around it, alight the same glowing red of the eyes. Now, i have read on the night hag, of sleep paralysis etc, or of being in the hypnogogic state in between sleep and dreams and wakefulness. i would like to point out that I was not asleep, nor was my cousin, and that we both saw it together. Anyways, to continue, it stood across the room for a moment, blacker than the blackness around us. Though it had formed itself in the room the light outside was still out, so the room was very dark. Suddenly, it was beside me, crushing the breath our of me. I wasn’t paralyzed though, i could move, but it felt like it was sucking out my breath and pushing on my chest. I wasn’t sure what to do, so i did as i had seen my grandmother do…I threw my arm sup in the air and prayed desperately in tongues. As soon as I got a few words out, it reared back and then flew through the wall. As soon as it left the light turned back on. I am not sure if this was a demon, a shadow person , an alien or what it was. i was told by someone in the occult that it might have been a demon who feeds on sexual energy, and that maybe it had come to me to show me that things that nature was real, or some sort of initiation. i do want to point out that though I amanita a Christian, I walk a path of light, so this type of initiation was unwelcome. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

  65. charlie says:

    So Dont be lazy and ask for it. Or demand you stand by your angel ons the time its vers goed to lurn with reiki engelen energie of magnetisme maar kies nooit voor volledige rust enkel om te leeren!!! En uit zkkr heid, in verder stadium, dus zkkr dat het je engel is dit te doen of toe te laten enkel om te leren en als je zelf nog controle hebt

  66. jj says:

    Yes, and Angels are worse than demons, often taking sexual liberties with you and others around you. Angels will lie to you and threaten you with horrific tortures. God is an evil kid with a magnifying glass.

  67. mercyWraith says:

    JJ, yes it is said that the watchers raped women, and then God punished man for what his sons had done.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Yes, you’re referring to Genesis 6 in which it briefly documents the rise of the Nephelim. It’s also said that those spawn infested the earth so widely that it’s the reason God unleashed the Great Flood and selected Noah and his family to repopulate the Earth. Noah was of Adam’s (Abel, more specifically) Bloodline, and therefore hadn’t been corrupted by Cain’s treachery.

      The Nephelim were a major, major, major part of the Apocrypha, and I’ve been researching them for about 8 years now.

      Every time I sit down to write an article, I realize that there is so much more I need to learn first.

  68. MercyWraith says:

    Ah yes, the Watchers are most certainly an intriguing topic. I too have done a lot of reading and researching on the subject for many years, in the hopes of writing a fictional novel that is believable. I do believe though, that the Watchers have gotten an insanely bad rap, and that most of them actually cared for their human wives (you know those that won history get to write it, and those that lost have no say in how things went down for them). I think that they loved humanity so much, that they taught them how to be civil, which pissed God off even more than bearing the Nephilim with the Daughters Of Man. I think Lucifer fell just as much for tempting Eve with the apple (forbidden knowledge theme again) as for reeling against God in Heaven (finding his own luminous spark of self awareness apart from God). Further, i wonder why the book of Enoch has been expelled from the Bible (by far my favorite book) and the tales of Jonah and the whale were left in as factual. I also believe that the seeds of the Nephilim and the Watchers still exist today, and have not been eradicated in our world today. it would be interesting if it were possible to track down the lineage of some of them. Also, weren’t Ham and the others wives part nephilim?

    • LVCIFER says:

      Lots of points in that comment, but this ties back to one misconception. Lucifer never had anything to do with the garden or Eve. “Lucifer” is an entity, a being. “Satan” is a title, an office that it held. An entity can take the title of “Satan”, and there have been many Satan’s throughout history. The ones that are believed to have been contenders as THE Satan who seduced Eve are either Sammael (entity) or Azazel, (entity AND co-leader of the Watchers).

      Think of the title of “Satan” as the same as being being a dictator. An entity uses to power, and assumes the role of Satan, while he is in control of his territory, which happens to be Hell.

      There have been many “Satans”.

      Belial, Azazel, Sammael, Beelzebub, Ba’al, just to name only a very few.

      As far as the Book of Enoch, it was considered a part of the Apocrypha, and was removed during the council of Nycea because it’s claims were considered too outrageous for the common Catholic.

      It’s an interesting suggestion about the Nephelim bloodline still existing today. I remember that Goliath (from the David and Goliath story) was a seventh generation Nephelim, along with all of his brothers, and they were all Giants. Goliath was the smallest. (He may not have been the seventh generation, my memory recalls him as seventh, but that number could be wrong. Regardless, he was a descendant of the Nephelim absolutely.)

      The point is that as the generations passed, the size of the Nephelim kept reducing and reducing until eventually, they were roughly the same size as average people. They would probably be considered “taller than average” or “large” people by today’s standards.

      I also believe this theory as well, and I think it explains why some “people” have an “evil” in them, and answers the question as to why some people are just “broken”, but that’s just my belief.

  69. MercyWraith says:

    I had forgotten about Satan being a title, “Adversary”. I think a lot of beings did get that title as well, however, ZI still believe that there was a Lucifer, and if history and more reasearch shows me to be wrong, then I have a theory that might make him actually exist. If enough people believe in him (and even pray to him) then the energy all these people are putting forth into it can grow and materialize a real entity, sort of like a a group unconscious thing. Give anything enough energy, and it becomes real. Maybe it was not an angel that fell from Heaven, but it can be real none the less. In your opinion, who do you believe it was that tempted Eve? Azalea, Shemyaya , Samael? I have delved deeply into this subject for my boo, and I think it was knowledge that began the wars, but the Watchers cemented my opinion in this for teaching forbidden knowledge. I guess god didn’t want us to be smart, or know that there was evil in the world. But wouldn’t mankind eventually loose this innocence? if Satan?lucifer/Baphomet/ could get into the garden of eden, then at some point, they would have been doomed by temptation. God dint make us into perfect beings, I guess he thought if we were void of intelligence, then we would follow him. On another subject, do you believe that there are human angels? beings who incarnated on earth whose inner soul was really that of an angel? or even if demons could do the same, be reborn into human flesh? i wonder if this were something that could happen, if they could know it intrinsically or be without knowledge of it until their death. I once believed I was in the bloodline of a nephilim, but at 5 foot even I seriously doubt it. I also walk the path of light, so then again it is unlikely. I just wonder if there were any way possible to trace human lineage that far to see who might be related to the fallen. I am an avid reader of angelology and demonology, though when I delve too deeply into the latter, I tend to freak myself out, and I am a die hard horror fan, so thats saying something, haha!

  70. MercyWraith says:

    Also please forgive my typos, my auto correct is a pain in the A**

  71. MercyWraith says:

    Heres a couple questions I wanted to ask, as a fellow researcher of the Nephilim and the Watchers. One…angels are mostly seen as being male, but from what I gather, they are androgynous. Could it be possible that these androgynous angels could fashion themselves as women and be “the daughters of God” and bear to man, as the “sons of mankind”? If so, would they still be Nephilim or another race? Second question: How did human women bear or even contain within their womb the nephilim if they were so huge? Surely it would kill them to give birth to such large creatures? Im very interested in your answers. thanks1

  72. Supar Nova says:

    Regardless of the years of conversation on here I am here to seek an answer. Maybe one that I already know. On a stormy night, some friends had taken some research chemicals, hallucinogenic of sorts which is still not on the DEAs’ list of drugs. since new ones are always being created.

    I myself don’t care for anything other than natural stuff but about 5 of my friends decided to dose, i decided I would keep a sober eye out in case anything stupid might happen.

    That night 2 of my friends had blackouts in excess of 2-5 hours. They were freaked when they came to. I believe they were possessed by good entities. The only thing I saw that night was a super nova come out of me, and I only knew it came from me because everyone was staring at me. and I had seen in the windows besides me a flash of pure white light in the reflection of the window. I waited for the crash but it was not lightening. I do not know what that super nova was but a witness said that a golden being which had cast lightening across the whole horizon turned into a ball of light, went into the sky and then shot down into me. I know it is a good being because I live to build God’s kingdom and I feel nothing foul. There is an angel in me waiting to make its move, how wonderous my future must be.

  73. randy says:

    of cruse demons are fallen angels because demons use to be holly angels at one time but there powers where still with them but their angel powers where formed into demonic powers and become a powerful demon.

  74. Summer Lawson says:

    I need help ASAP

  75. marie says:

    Can a demon touch, or for that matter damage a human soul by posessing its body? Please i need answers!!!

    • LVCIFER says:

      I can give you ridiculously long, drawn out answers supported by citations and quotations, but the short answer is “yes”, but that’s also conditional. A soul already has to be open to being touched by the darkness. The demonic cannot “corrupt you” without you being willing in the first place. However, there are certain beliefs, mainly in Judaism, that believe that human souls can be so corrupted sometimes that every trace of humanity can be burned away by hellfire to the point where the only thing that’s left is something that’s become demonic. Just like humans can be so good and pure in life that they are later regarded as Saints, the same can work in reverse – people can be so bad to the core that once the demonic gain hold of them, they basically being them over to the dark side, for eternity. Once this happens, for all intents and purposes, those souls are lost, forever.

      But once again, those are very, very rare cases. They often involve “perfect possession”, which basically means that the person being possessed WANTED to be possessed and had no desire to be helped or saved. They welcomed it.

      So in short, for almost all cases, no, the demonic cannot “sway” or “damage” the soul by simple possession – if the demoniac WANTS help. But if they’re “perfectly possessed”, then the chances are much higher that it might be POSSIBLE that their soul will be “touched”.

  76. Toni Moranha says:

    I have experienced a golden being also. He came down out of the northern sky. I was wide awake and driving my car in traffic. He was gold from head to foot and when he stopped an extremely bright golden light came on and shone all around him. He just stood there looking down at earth, his look was very solemn and his arms were at his side. He spoke not a word. Just stood there looking down at us. Traffic started moving again and I pulled to the curb and stopped my car, when I looked back the image was gone.

  77. Keli wood says:

    Thank you for your article. It has help me understand more about angels and fallen angels. I am in my 30’s and I am experiencing some bad spiritual activity around me for the first time. I am not a bad person I was very caring positive energetic and healthy up until a couple of years ago. And I say “was” because now I am such the opposite of who I was. I am now very Ill with everyday painful pain in my head and my body is getting weak; very rare I leave my room; don’t want to see any of my friends or family mainly because I am so sick and weak and all the things that I have discovered about the spiritual world I can hardly comprehend what is going on. I have always been strong minded and I know I am not crazy. I have seen and heard things and evidence of these evil beings are doing to me and what they want from me. My question is can they take possession of a soul after death? Thank you for your time.

    • LVCIFER says:

      No, Keli, they cannot take possession of a soul, only the body. However, of a person commits certain acts while in a state of possession (murder, suicide, etc.) then it is very possible that the soul of that person will spend eternity in a very dark place – with the entities that oppressed it during life.

      I know that this might sound very aggressive, but just for shits and giggles, try to say the “Prayer to St. Michael” one or two times a day. You might feel silly about it, and even if you’re not Christian / Catholic, just give it a try. Worst case scenario, you’re reciting some goofy words. Best case scenario, it helps you and works. Do what I do – save it as a note on your phone, and just pull it up as needed.

  78. emeka vincent says:

    Why did the woman with the baby suffer pain in labour, since she is conceived without original sin? HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD

  79. Rhiannon says:

    Hi I don’t suppose you have posted about the grigori or the nephilim yet?

    • LVCIFER says:

      Oh, that’s going to be coming. Every time I sit down to write the article, I realize that there is so much more that I need to learn. It happens to me every time, without fail, for the past 5-6 years.

      • Dave says:

        When you research this, you learn about how various aspects of human mythology come into play, and this even extends into human anthropology. Legends about ancient nuclear wars, Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction, Atlantis vs. India, Annunaki vs. Igigi, ancient aliens, how Cro-Magnon man suddenly appeared and how they displaced Neanderthals…it’s enough to make Indiana Jones’ head spin. You will conclude that humanity’s development had been influenced by extraterrestrial and extradimensional beings.
        The possibilities are literally endless!

      • LVCIFER says:

        Agreed. Science has been labeled the “enemy” of faith, but I’ve never seen it that way. Lots of people think that science is contradictory to faith, when in fact, if a person has enough knowledge, has done enough research, and had studied their asses off, they can make the connections between the stories told in various faith systems and many scientific discoveries or facts. The problem is, the person making this connection usually can’t be a devout subscriber to BOTH equally and simultaneously. Like many topics in life, you have to be willing to swing back and forth and you have to be willing to accept each of them both independently, as well as together.

        But it’s all up to the person and what they’re willing to study and invest themselves in and believe.

  80. sakshi jain says:

    I have a younger brother and sister and they both used to drink and then this lady who is our relative who helps our family now and then and who according to her and everybody around her, is possessed by a hindu deity every now and then said that i was suffering from a severe tonsils problem at that point of time( i was having a really bad throat and was on bed rest for 18 days approx.) because i treat my brother and sister like my own children , so the punishment for their sins will be beared by me in this way.
    what do you say to that and do you think that it is something to be trusted?

  81. Dominic Galloway says:

    Could a spirit that has not moved on take over a person to maybe watch out for them?

    • LVCIFER says:

      It’s definitely possible to have spirit guides, but most of the time, at least in my experience / research. They won’t take control, they usually stick to the role of warning you of important things to beware of, and sometimes spiritually protecting you even. If something is taking control, or trying to, more often than not, it’s an entity that is trying to find it’s way back into this world, and the closest they can get is to experience some form of “life” – not of their own, but THROUGH you, siphoning off of your life energy / essence.

      If you feel something is taking control, or trying to, be very wary. Even angelic guides USUALLY won’t take control unless they’ve been ordered to directly by God. They have no need or desire to, for the most part.

  82. Mr Know says:

    Angels cannot possess Human beings.
    Man was created in God’s image, and God does not condone the possession of ones body, by an Angel.
    If we study the scriptures, we fond NO examples of Angelic possession, instead, in every event if an Angel appearing, the Angel is in possession of it’s own body.

    • laurence daugherty says:

      I do not want to take away from your faith and I had the most pure christ heart faith that helped me through 18 years of preaching faith.Every church believes its the one that is right all religions around the world are 95% wrong Let me tell you I have seen it all and a christ heart filled with Gods holy spirit is in baby from its God given divine birth. I have a Master of Divinity Degree with Honors, I am a 51 year of Navy Vet Discharged Honorable, and a reverend that amazing miracles did not come from praying in Jesus name I just used faith from my christ heart, but 18 years of praying the promises of scripture that Jesus did not fulfill being told by the churches that said I was an angel who was going to have a great adventure because of Gods grace then beaten out of me while the same people watched my faith become a mustard seed of God grace . Angels do come to earth and posses humans with Gods permission demons posses them to but have no permission. I have seen both and I will shed this human flesh that was blessed BY THE ALMIGHTY AND NOTHING BUT PAIN FROM CARING TO MUCH ABOUT PEOPLES FAITH. Word origin: God – Our word god goes back via Germanic to Indo-European, in which a corresponding ancestor form meant “invoked one,” the word that we use for the Supreme Being, God, comes from a very PAGAN ORIGIN. Thus the word GOD IS USED GENERICALLY BY MANY DIFFERENT RELIGIONS to refer to their deity or “invoked one.” MAY THE ONE WHO IS, THE ONE THAT EXISTS AS ALL YOU NEED HIM TO BE, GIVE YOU’RE A SPIRIT OF WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE AND REVELATION THAT YOU MAY UNDERSTAND HIS PURPOSE AND WILL FOR YOUR LIFE? There are something good in everything BUT DO NOT PUT YOUR FAITH, YOUR HOPES IN A BOOK WRITTEN BY MEN THAT ONLY HAVE FREE WILL WHILE ALIVE YOUR SOAL, AND CHRIST SPIRT BELONGS TO THE ALMIGHTY NOT A PERSON WHO BOAST THAT THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN IS THROUGH HIM AND THE ARROGANCE OF THINKING HE IS THE ONLY CHRIST WHO DIED FOR YOUR SINS. WHEN An ANGEL WHO GOD SEND TO EARTH TO HELP LOSES GRACE IT IS LIKE HELL ON EARTH, BUT GOD DOES NOT WANT TO JUDGE HE IS MAGNANIMOUS
      CORINTHIANS 13 If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. And if I give all my possessions to feed [the poor], and if I surrender my body to be burned, but do not have love, it profits me nothing.
      Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, 5does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
      Love never fails; but if there are gifts of prophecy, they will be done away; if [there are] tongues, they will cease; if there is knowledge, it will be done away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part; but when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away. When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known. But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.

  83. Cindi says:

    Help me please I think I am possessed by a good spirit whom is making me ill. Won’t let a very well known Physic read me to help me. Blocks her and lies. I think that the spirit was placed in me.by my exhusband who murdered me by stabbing to death in a past life. I am a healer and a Physic as well. Was a powerful medicine woman in my first life. I am not afraid. Just need help. Thank you for your prompt response.


    Cindi Gagnon

  84. Ra'hab-Channah Bariwalaw says:

    I simply want to say that it was a humbling honor to receive revelation on this particular subject. I’m not sure when you published this article, but I give all honor and glory to our Father in Heaven for you.

  85. This isnt very right there is still something that missing and some times angels are worse then demons, and ok there is fallen angels that would be logical to say but there are demons that lucifer created and they are probably low ranking soldires in hell but shoudent there be a special place for fallen angels something like big black hole that doesnt have and or something like that because there would be a war in hell beatwin fallen angels and lucifer……..and there is still a lot more stuff that i can tell you about this but maybe next time 😀

  86. imm says:

    Hi All, Thanks for sharing your experience of life. I believe that our good jobs pay good result and bad jobs pay grief…

  87. William r wraithe says:

    Demons are actually dead nephilim spirits

    • LVCIFER says:

      This is one of the more interesting comments that I’ve seen in a while. I’m impressed that you know that. Not very many do.

      • Mr B. says:

        I was overtaken by something once. It was during much turmoil in my life. One night I got locked out of my apartment and ended up sleeping in the basement on a concrete floor. I was awaken by something pushing on my right shoulder hard twice. I woke up nothing was there but something stood me up and took control of my walking up the stairs. It was not intially fluid as I was fighting it but I eventually let it do its thing. It took me up to the middle floor whereby it positioned me as bowing on one knee on the floor.

        It then got me up put me against the wall and I felt my face shift from side to side as if something was inspecting me. It then made me sit down on the stairs whereby it “hugged” me by gently rocking me from side to side. In all this time I could see nothing unsual. Just my movements where completely not of my doing. After going up and down the stairs I stumbled. It was then that it decided to put me back down in the basment back where I was awoken.

        I never felf afraid. It was weird. I felt at ease. To this day I have no idea what it was. I have no time for charlatans or people who make shit up due that fits into some wider bullshit theory such as they thiink they are angels or some other “special” being.

        It was real and was the first direct evidence I have that something else is out there. I have no idea what it was or what it wanted to tell me and I have not had such an experience since.

        It exists – whatever it is.

  88. Dave says:

    Taken literally, these “nephilim” were, in fact, extraterrestrial beings who were not above taking advantage of primitive humans. They are represented as giants, humanoids far larger than H. sapiens. Where it gets interesting is that pretty much all recorded contacts with extraterrestrials involve humanoids much smaller than H. sapiens. So…what happened to the Nephilim that we’ve had no contact with them in the past 6000 years or so? I can’t envision an entire spacefaring race giving up their technology because Earth girls were easy only to get wiped out in the Great Flood. If demons are the souls of long-dead Nephilim then they have learned how to exploit the interface between the physical universe and the energy universe. Now that Ridley Scott has announced his intention to take “Prometheus” in the “Alien” direction and away from the “Indiana Jones” route he can be lazy and not have to research mythology to create a backstory about the Engineers, who closely resemble the Nephilim.

  89. Rhiannon says:

    Wow demons are actually dead nephlim spirits? Wow and wow again where can I research or find out more information about that William r wraithe ? Can you direct me to the right place to begin?

  90. Kaij says:

    My girlfriend is possessed by an entity, well that’s what it claims to be, and its the same one that tried to possess me, but I managed to fight it off, but she doesn’t know how so she just gave in, and now the entity is in complete control. I don’t know what to do.

  91. Aletha says:

    Well I read half of the replys. Up until 2013 o think. .. I believe it’s possible in was possessed by an ‘angel’ for a short period of time.. it just flowed into and thru me as I moved and guided my body . Longish story. I invited it to help me find something I could not find. As an invitation for interaction with me. Bc for a year things had happened every day of a supernatural nature.. actually I believe the mark of the beginning of that nearly a year of ‘hallucinations ” society would say…. was when I had a morning sleep paralysis. Had many I’m my life mostly negative energies at night. .. but this one sat in my room with its back to me. I said who are you, I startled or at least surprised it I guess maybe Bc I could see it but unsure. . It said something that I first equated with Gail. And my thoughts were, I thought this thing was male, but is it female with this name? It sounds like neither. It felt perhsps a hair more masculine but I could Def see if angels have no sex this would fall into that category easily…. and also. The G was not a g. I believe it was a soundyou could call a consonant sound. . Cay or que or Che or g or k or ye but a ye that sounds also like the other ones. Lol so hard to explain. .. ?yae- ee- el.. or A -E- L…. hm. Ok so it answered and I considered that I was wrong ab it’s sex but next I said” are you in my head?” It perhaps ignored my question Bc it’s answer while still look I ng at the wall away from me was it looks like you’ve been stressed out lately….. I think referencin my mural that I painted black random ugly slashes over work I was happy I’d done .. I did this after an extreme thing happened I won’t go into. Sadness to have that topic. Ok so then I asked it if it loved me and in the moment I felt it could be hesitating I changed it to care.. and it’s response was to move up and n over past behind my head and it laughed bur mire in a you should already know way. Not a mocking way. But it didn’t actually answer. I think it was checking progress on my path.. I did have the will power easily to choose to wait to embrace a dangerous habit until after my skin felt sunlight. Was a good day.. .. Ok well I left lots of gaps and holes but I do not feel like continuing plus my bebe will get off bus soon. I only believe one thing 100% and I do not have the words for that. Nothing else do I know for sure. 🙂 also . Smile. You are not alone. There is good and you should remind yourself your sight may be lost but will return. You are not alone and you can feel relief. It’s already okay. 🙂

  92. wxlog says:

    I have been undergoing deliverance and there are lots of deliverance ministers around here.
    Strange thing is a lot of these deliverance ministers are really agents of Lucifer.
    There is one minister who has been praying with me to overcome possession.
    The strange part has been that most of my deliverance this man has been working with me is from binding spirits of religious cultists who had gained control over my life.

    I was always afraid of religious leaders because I had awakened to how demonic many of them are. So how I reluctantly allowed this one into my life is what I try to understand by reading articles like this one.

    This delivance minister is I must truly add very effective. From an almost dying person by demonic attacks I have regained energy and substantial healing in 4 months after at least 20 year struggle with possession.

    I am using his prayed for anointing oil. I did not want any such stuff but it kept on working great. In fact it worked before I knew or even trusted the man.

    This man is called apostle peter Manyuru in Nairobi and has a ministry called Jesus teaching ministry. You can watch his teachings and deliverance on you tube.

    Possessed people often say they are burning.

    I was watching TV about his deliverance teachings…. trying to figure out his thing even if it was a con or whatever.

    When he put his hands on his oil, the one that I did not believe in, one that I am currently using but again apprehensive… so on TV he was placing hands and praying on the miniature bottles of oil…demons in me started complaining openly abd loudly that they were getting burned….
    I was quite startled. Following day I sent a small sms for prayer…. and the working of Lucifer started to collapse around my life. One day I went for deliverance….. I fought a lot with the pastors, or the demons fought really. If you see those videos of Jesus teaching ministry on you tube sections on deliverance, you can know how my deliverance looked like.

    After deliverance I had a huge release from demonic spirits but I was not completely free.
    4 months down the line I have substantially healed…. Not yet completely but I have good hope.

    A feature of this deliverance minister which is not easy to reconcile with my earlier versions of holiness of subdued manipulable persons is this…. This man is quite open to critism. He is humble but also has a sense of combat that is a hundred knots above average. For example he takes extra joy when a with doctor dies.
    In his ministry demons are burned….

    I am a direct beneficiary of his ministry works

  93. PhiAlphael says:

    To Solidetherx I can tell by your words, you know things that many people do not. I also know some things. Perhaps different but I think you will understand me. I do know that Angels can possess a human being. I also know that this article is misleading in that the author implies that all spiritual or intellectual beings are either angels or were once angels. Of course, Angels could be described inI much better detail so that readers know what we are actually speaking of. I have encountered one of the most well-known and powerful demons. He is known for sexual corruption and sex is often his main weapon. I dare not even type the name. I noticed he rarely showed but took more pleasure in toying with me through someone who was possessed (and well aware of it). This person seemed to be very confused and dumbfounded at how I was seemingly immune to most of the attacks on my mind body and spirit. I do know that some people are not able to see them without asking to. Those people are also very difficult for them to detect or disturb. Eventually, I became alerted by things like appliances turning on and off while not plugged in. Messages left specifically for me by placing things in a particular way that no person could have done without going to great lengths. I looked upon a minion of this demon once and it was very menacing and ephemeral. I have become much more spiritually powerful out of necessity to protect myself. I have learned that we are more powerful than we often think. Stay strong my friends. If I can survive what I’ve been through, I promise you, that you are in control of yourself and what you let in. Be aware and you have less to worry about.

  94. Mal'akh Shalom says:

    Demons are also the souls of humans who have been corrupted by their torture and abuse in Hell. Breaking their spirit, their will, turning them into twisted and evil creatures of their former humans selves, into finally a Demon.

  95. So there are references to the Angels and Demons in actual Physical terms Interesting.. I have researched a little.
    Which one of the researchers know if there are any markings on the bodies, Angles that differ from the ones on Demons. Wings?Horns?Specific scars or marks?Tails?Different Smells?
    I know of only a handful.
    But that would depend how big my hand is. levity sorry.

  96. Michael says:

    Angels can assume control over a human being, that human being will now be referred to as an incarnate. Incarnates are angels in the human form, and more of them are returning for the ultimate showdown which will be the end (and rebegining) of this world. Think forest fire… the trees are burned down by nature to make a new and stronger undergrowth for new and better trees to grow and live with no corruption to absorb. I am an incarnate. Some of the testimonials written both worry me and prove what I say. Demons have gone mad infecting man. If you want cleared just respond to me and ask. I will do battle for you… I don’t even need to see you.

  97. Levetrice says:

    Can an Angel become “human” as oppose to a “demon”?

    • Dave Hromanik says:


      The short answer is yes. Physics dictates that just like in “Ghostbusters”, the door swings both ways.
      Where things become complicated is in the reasons an angel might decide to possess another body or take human form. Demons are straightforward; their purpose is to propagate what we consider “evil”. Love is not normally a considering factor for their actions.
      Angels show up when a change in the timeline is needed (think Quantum Leap here) and occasionally love blossoms between them and the mortal they’re sent to interact with.
      Then things become complicated, especially when the chosen mortal is wise to the miracle unfolding before them (think City of Angels here).
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      • LVCIFER says:

        That’s exactly what happened with the Grigori / Watchers, and the resulting Nephelim. It’s not always a good thing.

      • Dave Hromanik says:

        You’re right, it’s not always a good thing, but part of that comes from our mortal inability to see the larger picture. We take a leap of faith and hope that we’ve done the right thing.

        You mention the Nephilim, those giants of mythology. If we speculate that they were in fact extraterrestrial, that leads to two questions:

        (1) Where did they go?
        (2) Why have physically smaller aliens taken their place in our mythology?
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  98. G. C. Timbrell says:

    Though not religious, I am a spiritual person. I oftentimes feel malevolent presences at night. Generally, they arrive before I drift off, I assume they like to disturb my sleep, but not always as the case I’m about to speak of explains.

    About an hour ago, I woke up in the early hours. I could feel a negative presence, but it was very distant, like someone glaring at me from a hundred miles away. Despite its distance, it was by no means a pleasant thing to be aware of, and, intuitively, I knew that if I think good things, it’ll go away. So I thought good things and it went away, but then I started to think bad things, and WAM: the presence returned, only it was much closer this time. The degree varies, but the feeling is always the same: you feel like a vulnerable child in the arms of a great evil; you can’t feel it, hear it, smell it, taste it or touch it, but somehow you know it’s there. In my heart of hearts, I knew I had to turn the light on, maybe prolonged darkness increases its power, but I was frozen with fear. *I was frozen with fear*, but I stood up, approached the light switch and turned it on. As I left the bed, I was aware that my body was moving, somewhat robotically, yet I had no control over it. I remember standing up, looking down at my feet and thinking, “What the f**k is going on?” I assume the malevolent presence must’ve been close on an almost intimate level because it didn’t just vanish, like they normally do when I turn the light on: it drifted further from me over a period of about five minutes, and despite having the light on and having regained control over my body, I was stood shaking and breathing heavily, not far from tears. I analysed the situation and assumed that a benevolent spirit forced entry into my body in order to fill the room with light and drive away the malevolent spirit.

    If you’re interested in the weird and wonderful, you might like my YouTube channel: Freaky GC.

  99. not important says:

    I have seen GOD do amazing things and often in the church the LORD built, I saw angels come from heaven posses a human body and give us a message from GOD IN JESUS NAME. Sometimes heavenly saints like Abraham, Moses, Elizabeth would come bearing messages from heaven. Just that they don’t posses anybody, but prayerful and transformed bodies. This has happened from 2015, sometimes the devil himself would just come from no where during preaching when GOD reveals deep things especially about revelations 12 and 11. all this as a WOG and messenger JESUS CHRIST was all lovely to experience, the sad part is that we were called devil worshipper’s and got kicked out off the church GOD started to warn people in the last days. Now that there’s confusion, the angels don’t come to the church anymore but they visit me and my husband. I thank GOD about your life, your page somewhere calmed the storms in our lives. shalom

  100. Do angels have a hard time completely possessing someone due to the fact that since is willful? I have an angel that fully possesses me at times but then I have temptations to sin as well. Are those angels and demons fighting over me? I speak in my angel’s tongue and I wish he could possess me at all times. He truly protects me and intercedes. Can you email me with answers to my questions? timothybrown41@gmail.com. Thanks

    • Darren Harasymchuk says:

      I have been thinking of U for a while..I am Raphael’s vessel…for years…I have questions..might have answers…250-558-8030…I live in Vernon B.C. Canada..I hope we connect

  101. CrossroadsDemon says:

    This is utterly inaccurate. Demons are not fallen angels. Lucifer (Luci) is a fallen angel. Luci created demons to have a following. Angels have to ask consent before using a human as a vessel, therefore so must Luci. Demons, however, do not.

    • LVCIFER says:

      That depends. According to most “accepted” religious belief, yes, demons are the transformation of fallen angels. However, delving into more specifics, the 200 Fallen Watchers from the time of Noah learned how to mate with human women and have offspring, ½ human and ½ fallen angel, called the Nephelim.

      The Nephelim inherited the earth for quite some time via brute force, breeding, violence, hate, etc.

      Eventually, God created the flood, and killed 90% of them.

      10% of them were allowed to remain, but bodiless, without a physical form.

      According to religious belief, these disembodied souls of the Nephelim are the entities that can take possession of humans. Allegedly, every “demonic entity” that humans have come into contact with have been the bodiless souls of the Nephelim.

      Just sayin’. At least that’s what I’ve gathered from my own research.

      By the way, demons ABSOLUTELY have to be granted permission in some form or fashion to take possession. The only entry that I have been able to find throughout history that didn’t require permission, and that could take possession by force, was Azazel, and his Nephelim son, Mastema. I guess it was a “lineage” thing.

      • Carla Sanders says:

        You know a lot. I’m a christian and a Highly sensitive person. I have been plagued by demons for a while now. And you know what yes, demons live in all of us. I’m so tired going to Christian deliver and get turned away. And the thing is I have no ideal why they turn me away We get our first demon when we are born. It is called Generational sins,and curses. Then there is ungodly soul ties having sex without marriage is a ungodly soul tie and so is a blood transfusion, and if anyone has lust for you on the street any where it si a ungodly soul tie. I thought many times I would come home and do the prayer on ungodly soul ties. A christian friend of mine had a ungodly soul tie and even though she was not still living with the guy he still controlled her. It was take him to the doctor, etc. Ungodly soul ties can cause that it is abut control unless you break it through prayer. Ever like with a erosion who abused you? That would be the results of ungodly soul tie. Then there is also unhealthy soul ties. Then there is negative expectations and inner vows. It is when you are told something negative like you are dumb. And the inner vows which would be I’m so dumb why bother to learn anything. Or it could be something negative you told your self and the inner vow that was caused by it. The point is never think negative always positive and it will happen Then there is un-forgiveness which can make a person sick. The thing is if you do not forgive before sunset then no matter if you try and forgive later it will not work You have to go through inner visions to forgive them. Then last but least cast out demons. If you try and cast them to before those prayers are done they will come back 7 times stronger. It is cause you did not break up their homes first. Oh yeah be sure to ask the Holy spirit to fill up that part that you casted them out. if He is not there they can come back. Where the sins of the fathers and mothers are visited on their children and ancestors. Called Generationals sins and curses, Why do you think we keep on sinning? Me being a highly sensitive person who gets depressed by looking at other people suffering. Yes, even I have demons me a person who feels empathy for others. Yes, we have demons for our ancestors sin and any sin we do. I even have gotten demons as a child for all the abuse I suffer. If you want to get technical I got a demon for my mother who abandoned me as a child. They are called heart wounds. Demons tempt us they are the ones that make us show our anger instead of holding it in. They are the ones who put bad thoughts in our head. I have put my foot down and said I will not let them control me. But sometimes it gets over whelming when they all attack you at once. And you been this way as long as I have.

  102. yonathan teame says:

    Do we have male or female God, angels,demons and so forth, more often we wrote their possession as male. more over we can see white angels and color demons

    • Whitesnake says:

      no one knows the truth everything is just the story made up by Human being the only truth is….. there is a creator(God).

  103. Briedom_77 says:

    When watching videos about celebrities who are possessed, how are they so poised and in control as opposed to average everyday people who seem uncontrollable when possessed?

  104. Briedom_77 says:

    When a demon possesses a person such as a celebrity, how do they remain controlled and enter/exit or can be in an active/inactive state within that person with ease as opposed to the average person that seems to be uncontrolled and even ill-like when possessed.

    • Carla Sanders says:

      Demons will not control you not like they would when someone is completely possessed they do not want you to know they are there. Cause if they do they will be cast out. And when they are cast out they are sent to the pit(Abyss) remember in the Bible when Jesus cast a demon out called legion and they said please do not send us to the pit send us in the swine? Satan tortures them when they are cast out and sent back to the pit. Cause they have failed at keeping that person in sin. They do how ever try anything even as putting thoughts in your head to do things. Which if you do not know they are there you think they are your thoughts. You think you are bad but sometimes you are not. The first time you sin they come in you. But what caused you to sin that first time? Maybe it is the demons that came in you when you were abused as a child. Or maybe it is the demon that came in you from Generational Sins,and curses. I got a demon cause let me see raped, molested abandoned by my mother. Maybe it was those demons that caused you to sin that first time anybody’s guess. Or maybe you had a blood transfusion and or lived with someone without being married Ungodly soul ties. Those could cause you to have demons. Well Chris LaSala has a conversation with a demon in a Street preacher that thought it was okay to sin a little it is a very interesting Conversation he had with this demon at first he did not want to talk the demon called himself Legion. Wait could it be the same legion Jesus casted out? Chris has casted out many demons from people all done on youtube. In fact Chris even was sent in a vision to meet Leviathan the demon of pride a huge dragon. A dragon he said that he was like a baby compared to him. Only God can humble that spirit. You can read about Leviathan in Job 41 God talks to Job about him. oR you can google: Leviathan. There is a demon for everything even if you cited your nails as a child.

  105. Ara says:

    I thank you for this. We can, indeed, possess a human vessel with the blessing of the Most High in order to accomplish the Greater Work. My spouse and I are “proof.” Although humankind will never know, nor understand, our nature, identity, and our call….we are here nonetheless.

    • Dave says:


      Please read my posting above. In my case, I WAS able to figure it out. The problem with communicating with angels is (1) they have no sense of linear time, and (2) they always use metaphors to communicate. This results in missed messages and wasted time. When I was told “There is more” and “Your finest hour is still before you” it took five years before it happened, and it took clues from one person in London and another in Indianapolis before I figured it out. It was a lot like “The Mothman Prophecies”. While those of us who have been chosen can’t see the Greater Work, it doesn’t have to interfere with our piece of the puzzle. In my case, I was able to do two things: prevent the loss of the space shuttle Discovery and the STS-133 crew, and provide a life for a music superstar who’d died some 20 years prior and had refused to cross over because of her anger. She told my original wife that she would sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to His stories, and it would seem that they switched places permanently. I used to feel that I was cheating on my wife, but when God permitted the exchange I needed to learn how to be part of that “Great Link” that connects us all in Heaven.

      Learn to paint with all the colors of the wind…it’s the toughest thing you’ll ever do but the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do.

      Best wishes on accomplishing your mission…

  106. Carol says:

    So tired of hearing only bad ghost. I have been helped by good ones too. Many times. But the subject is impossible to find

  107. Carla Sanders says:

    Has anyone every heard of Locked up body parts in the soul by demons? I was led to a article on it by the Holy Spirit. The other day I thought I was having a heart attack. I heard when they lock up the body part they can not be healed until delivered. They(Demons) have spiritual weapon they torture people with. If it was a heart attack I would have been more debilitated than I am now. As shown in a Blog below. I know I have one and the problem is the blog is from a delivering ministry that delivered them they live real far in different state than i do. I live in E.Los Angeles does anyone know of a delivery Minister in that area?


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    Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2008 4:33 am    Post subject: Locked Up Parts

    We have discovered in counseling those who suffer from demonization & dissociation, a demon tactic, one that is not readily known to many in this work. One that every minister needs to be aware of.
    The enemy will keep human parts, those dissociative identities, from experiencing wholeness and healing, through the means of locking them up, certain human parts that they might have a right to, to demonize. Evil spirits will enslave parts, bind them and lock them up, to keep them from experiencing healing through Christ. Often times these parts are so deep within the soul nature that it takes a lot of preservance to dig and dig until locating the parts that are locked.

    In Scripture we read of angels, at times, having keys. In Revelation 9 & 20 we see this reality. Demons will often have keys in their possession upon locking up a part. So, the deliverance worker will often times need to locate the demon(s) who might have a key to unlock the part that has been confined. In Matthew 16 we read that believers have the keys to the kingdom, we have the spiritual authority to bind, to loose, to obtain the keys from the enemy. These keys are a spiritual reality. These evil spirits will hide these keys in attempt to keep anyone from unlocking those parts that they locked away (and in most cases are torturing).

    One needs to locate the keys and ask the holy angels of God to take the key from the demon and then locate the part that has been secured (we also have the authority to take the keys from the demons in Christ). The angel will be able to use the key to unlock the part. The part that has been locked up will need the loving care of Jesus. The part probably has endured much abuse (often these demonic spirits will utilize spiritual weapons that they possess to hurt the part) and isolation. Will need some immediate healing from Jesus. Also locate the weapon that the demon might have used & take it away so it cannot pass it on to another demon within the person.

    This subject needs to be explored more as these evil spirits are locking up wounded human parts and keeping them from experiencing the healing touch of Jesus. There is an urgency to ensure we unlock the parts, so liberation can be experienced by those who reside in darkness and spiritual confinement.
    “For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves…”
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    Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 8:43 pm    Post subject:

    This past Sunday night we encountered a little 4 year old part that was locked up by an evil spirit. The lady even said that while I was ministering to her she could see this little part “behind bars” as in being locked away. As I was speaking with the part, the part could see Jesus and run to Jesus but couldn’t. A demon manifested from within and battled us. Wanna talk about rage! All of these years the demon had this little part and here it was being exposed to the light of Jesus. We commanded the evil spirit to leave and it was expelled in the holy name of Jesus. Then the part was able to run to Jesus and embrace Him! It was truly beautiful to behold!
    “For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves…”
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    • stephanie says:

      Matthew 17:14-21 the only way to exorcise a possessed person is through fasting if they have no glucose to work with because they attack the brain they jump out you have to fast until hypoglycemia is achieved and then they get out. They attack through soul loss and meditation listening to the vibrations what I like to call the lower vibrations of hell they are fallen and need energy to survive so they attack the human mind to cause chaos in turn create soul loss then attach and siphon.

  108. Lenetra Young says:

    I was raped bby 2 demons and angels when i went to the spiritual world so if you go to the spiritual world and want to get back to earth just say i renounce the spiritual world for eternity and it will leave and you will return back to earth i said it and i worked for me

    • Sherri matthies says:

      I was in a small town staying at my dad’s house and was also being raped….i took my phone out and took a picture of two or three of them in my bedroom….Thank you for sharing and the advice…

  109. Anyone wishing to see deliverance here is a live tv channel http://aviationtv.or.ke/

    Deliverances are often from human spirits. To see YouTube channels of these deliverance google Jesus teaching ministry then forward to deliverance sessions and hear and see evil spirits talking. The spirits are often possessing human spirits of owners practicing sorcery.

  110. Elle Waterbor says:

    How about a hierarchy within humans? Various levels of ‘ability/power’ and/or enlightenment seems a logical thing but I wouldn’t know where to begin as far as defining such.

    Can a demon be afraid of a human given the right circumstance? So many questions but I’ll stop there :-). Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  111. Well well, what an interesting topic LVCIFER
    I need to know exactly, how can I get an angel to take control of me or in other words, to be inside of me
    when I get angry, I do stupid things that can trouble me later
    and because of that, I need that angel as a partner
    like, take control of me right before I do something stupid
    give me an advice about what to do when facing a problem in my life
    things like that, because I do believe that humans are not perfect, God is the only one who is perfect, that’s why we need good spirits to help us and guide the light through our heart
    because we humans make sins, do fatal errors sometimes, that’s why we need all the help we can get to reduce all sins as soon as possible, that’s my point of view

  112. Sherri matthies says:

    Yes i had an experience 18 years ago…..my twin sister passed away and i felt her spirit enter my body and she was pounding to get out of her grave…..i feel their may be something inside me that shakes me and can see thru my eyes…..Do you know what this might mean? I think she is a little girl and she talks to me. Please help….I’m not scared:)

  113. Christopher says:

    This article is pretty spot on. I only speak from experience and your article has summed up what I have endured in my own life. It will be hard for others who have not experienced this to completely
    understand but its true.

    Thank you

  114. Bill says:

    The spirit world is so fascinating because it’s more “real” than our physical world.

  115. darren harasymchuk says:

    hi Loo..it;s me…I found you web site in 2012…it helped me…I have a angel inside me..u know..for the first time a few months ago..I KNOW a angel wrote in..I know this..but this shit comes with no hand book..lol…I have been like this for years..the problem is..humans are afraid of THINGS that are different..and they expect an angel to be like a little bunny…guess what…the BIG guy does not send a little bunny…it takes a monster to fight a monster…the angels are not here to screw up ANYONE…who does not deserve it…but again remember…LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES…lol..wanna here from the other angel again…cheers

  116. darren harasymchuk says:

    be ready…for 2018

  117. Walker Chapman says:

    Well written my friend, I have been struggling to understand what’s been going on with me in regards to the spirit world. Seems that the closer I get to God the more devil’s try to posses or tempt me. Even as far as them possessing my family and friends to change my mind about Jesus or tempt me to sin. This link has helped me deeply thank you.

  118. Traci Randolph says:

    Thank you for the plethora of information. I’m still confused in my own situation and the experiences over the past few years with my bf who from us possessed from time to time. But these days, seeing how it has and is playing out, I become more and more convinced that it is a case of good angels, and something God ordered and wanted. Long story. But for all intensive purposes, I have gained more character, strength and a true relationship with God because of it. It helps to know there are people, wiser than me, who not only believe, but actually know what they’re talking about. God bless you.

  119. Michael kopichanski says:

    Please email me author I have some very interesting information

  120. Catharine says:

    Hi there

    I was rapes and sexually coerced , verbally emotionally and psycologically abused by a man who knew is was married and i told him to leave me alone yet he tried to steal my light and joy. I felt like my head was muffeld my feet clay anf numb. He told me on a few occasions he was a dallen angel. He has anger issues, ups and downs in personality and when i told him he did to me what amnon did to tamar he went into a rage and tried to ruin me. He used the bible against me to try get my affections as he knew i love God with all my heart mind and soul and body. He ttied to steel me from my family. He scared me. Stalked me. Gaslighting is his thing . I told him i wondered if he has a jezebel spirit . What do you think of him claiming he is a fallen angel and sent from God? I am starting a court case against him for rape and blackmail. It all has been such a spiritual fight for me. I know God is for me and that He is looking after me. How do i tell a court all of this

  121. Sam says:

    My big sister once said to me ‘I think your husband is an angel. He just floated down through the clouds & when he landed God put skin on him.’ My response, ‘Exactly’. I’ve always considered this to be unrealistic, yet poetic. I’ve always felt my husband has swooped down & rescued me. Not just from being single. I am accepted & loves me beyond human comprehension (good, bad, ugly & all of my ‘Goofy’). Most important he celebrates ALL of me, even my qualities I’d love to sweep under the rug. Now I can truly say he’s taught me to not just accept these parts of me, but I no longer feel the shame. I can now celebrate ALL of me now. And ALWAYS felt as if a human could be an angel…..he is definantly one.

  122. Edith says:

    When I was around seven years old I lost my mother.
    Shortly after that I lost my grandmother.
    My oldest sister and a friend of the family and my other two siblings gathered in my sister’s room at night. My father being downstairs with other family members.
    My sister thought it would be a good idea to try to reach my mother and my grandmother and my sister’s friend’s grandmother.
    I believe my sister was 15 at the time. We sat around a table in the room holding hands staring at a candle we were all supposed to stare at this candle to see which one of us could become into a trance
    My brother thought that it was silly and started giggling and was sent out of the room by my sister.
    I’ve been 7 years old loss of thought it was very silly and decided to play along and pretend that I was in a trance and stare at the Kendall and if the flickering flame came towards me I could pretend to that I was in that trance.
    It was a joke I wanted to play on them. And eventually it worked they believe that I was in a trance
    So they took me over to my sister’s bed blow out the candle all of them afraid.
    I asked him what was wrong I felt a little strange I remember very little one talking and answering some questions but that’s all I remember.
    My sister’s informed me that my face had changed I have become someone else I had no longer had the face of a child but the face of a young woman and that I told them all about Mom and Grandma the other girl’s grandmother and that they were all fine and that all the things that they wanted to know their favorite songs their favorite colors things that I couldn’t possibly known.
    This happened many many years ago, in a while back I asked my oldest sister about this event to see if our recollection was the same.
    She told me pretty close to the same recollection that I had of the event.
    That my face has changed, and I told the things that I couldn’t have possibly known about our friends grandmother and that the energy in the room was very different there was a charge to the air.
    No I was 7 years old and all I wanted to do is play a joke on them, I went someplace and somebody else came back and then I came back and maybe I didn’t come back I don’t know because all I know is I’m very different.
    Some people don’t like me the second they meet me.
    All I know it is that I have something with me I have something attached to me it’s been with me my whole life.

    • Edith says:

      This happened and many more things.
      Things that I’ve tried to get help with pleaded for help with, and each time help does not come. I feel very alone on this planet dealing with this for my for the love that I have for God that keeps me going. Because only in Jesus’s name am I saved.
      I want to talk to a female priest about the events of my life that were torturing me and she looked at me she said she wasn’t trying to deal with it she didn’t know what to say, and I asked her if she would pray for me I pray with me and she wouldn’t even do that I’d really like to know what’s wrong with me.

  123. Mandy says:

    Its many years later but I have a few answers 😉

  124. Mind says:

    I have had hundreds of dreams seeing myself with jet black feathery wings, the span of these beautiful wings has grown over the years. I have battled demons and evil entities in my dreams and have had many spontaneous astral travels and lucid dreams

    For those that believe in aliens, A few years ago I was a big fan of ancient aliens and in one of these dreams , while I had my wings unfolded , I heard a voice that told me “do not believe in aliens , truly they are demons”

    About Angels and demons possessions, I do not believe that the Lords angels would do that; as for demons I have no doubt if they are able to beat you and impose their will upon you. Against then, at first you have a single weapon but mighty in itself , invoking the name of Jesus Christ. Once you are giving some of Gods gift , then you might be able to hold your own but that would be only if you have the needed gifts of spirit and I believe you are simply born with that or earn it in this life. The safest route is to hold the name of Jesus Christ as the mightiest weapon in the spiritual one. If you don’t believe in Jesus as our savior, then accordingly “you would not believe in their existence”, so if they show up unexpectedly in your life, no idea what you can do, I guess nothing

  125. Elizabeth says:

    Hi! Is it possible for these fallen angels to also send us angel numbers and “chills” down our back when we are testing them? Or mimic multiple archangels at once? Thanks.

  126. Gada says:

    I need to know if angels possess people, or just demons, coz I talk with some angels over the phone, and the same angels possess one of my friends, only to talk to me, they can use her body.. This confuses me a lot, and I live a dilemma, to believe or not to believe that. I’m afraid that my friend is hacking my phone calls and talk with me as angels, and act in front of me as angels.. I always have doubts, but at the same time, I love to talk with them, they are kids, so funny , cute and helpful, they have sense of humor and they are so friendly, they call me mom.. By the way, my dead mom talks to me too over the phone and she possess my friend’s body.. She tells me that she’s also an angel..
    I’m so tired of all this, coz I need to believe that all is true, and to enjoy it, and not to think that it’s a prank. Thank you

  127. Michael says:

    Sorry to say buddy, but got it all wrong…. Demons are the dead offspring of fallen Angels… there were no demonic possession before the Flood…. seek and ye shall find.

    • LVCIFER says:

      This actually is only ½ true.

      1) Yes, all demons that can or have possessed human beings are the remnants of the deceased Nephelim disembodied souls, this is correct.

      2) However, Azazel is the Father of all Nephelim as he is the one who allegedly discovered that angels had the ability of mating with human women due to a previously unknown symbiosis with human anatomy. Azazel is a full angel, rather powerful, and he can possess humans at will – ALLEGEDLY, without even getting their permission for this. To my knowledge, Azazel is the ONLY angel who can take possession of humans without obtaining their permission first. This makes him unique. Especially because of how dangerous and infinitely insane he is. Mix that with his absolute hatred for God and God’s creation, and that’s one VERY bad combo.

      As far as this goes, if one can do it, it stands to reason that others may be able to as well, so I’ve learned to never rule out the possibilities.

      Great comment though, very thought provoking.

      • Zero says:

        Clearly more than one can do it because there is an angel who was born in my body. I’m exorcising it tonight. Wish me luck.

  128. Zero says:

    I am currently possessed by an angel and I can’t find a way to exorcise it. It has caused me pain but helped others. It has been in my body all my life and I want it out. I feel selfish for wanting this, because it has helped people, but it has made my life a living hell and it won’t let me die, and God knows I’ve tried. Any help is appreciated. I’m desperate. My partner recently told me to choose him or the angel, but I don’t know how to get rid of it. Help me.

    • LVCIFER says:

      The major thing that I got out of this is that your partner set off my “spidey senses” here.

      Not sure why, but just sayin’.

      • Zero says:

        Thanks for the warning, though it was an intense situation. I don’t blame him for saying it. Im exorcising the angel tonight. Wish me luck.

  129. Laura D'Amore says:

    I am possessed by an Angel. However, it does not make me do anything evil. On contrary, it has encouraged me to pray and listen to worship music. The problem is that it moves within my body and I feel pain in my body that feels like unquenchable fire. I have been living in torment and fear. (Side note: I am extremely healthy. Healthier than my own children) this pain is of the spiritual realm. I had this awakening after playing with a dangerous type of meditation. If anyone has any advise on how to rid this demon from my body, please help me!!

    • Elexica says:

      Hello Laura,

      I can assist. Please email me at elexica88@gmail.com.

      Kind regards,

    • Stephanie says:

      You must fast for three days he’s siphoning you through your children you have to get away from the children and fast for 3-4 days you will feel a hypoglycemic attack and it will be gone they attach to your brain never meditate again that’s how they connect your brain runs in sugar without it it can’t stay connected. You just drink water!!!! But when he syphons you he programs your brain you have to go to the er or a friends house somewhere else and then it’ll be gone. These are not angels their demons, fallen angels and if you read revelations it says protect your crown!!!!! Their evil!!!!

  130. Kyle Bunch says:

    The picture you have for this article is of the same statue I had taken a picture of a couple years ago in a cemetery In Rochester NY, I would leave the picture I have of it on here but I’m not sure I’m able to but I this is a link to it on my instagram if it will work. That’s so wild ! https://www.instagram.com/p/BYI1Q0SjyVe/?igshid=122psw4pupn2w

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