About This Place

So, you’re curious about what this place is, and what it’s going to become. You’re good to be curious. Curiosity makes the world go round. It’s the mother of discovery, and the father of trouble. So, first thing’s first, let’s start with the first question you are probably asking yourself:

What exactly is “diabolical confusion”?

This answer cannot be programmed, categorized, or easily referenced. It is generally a description for the things that happen to someone who is either possessed by an ‘evil’ entity or to someone who is attempting to confront that ‘evil’ entity. It is not a term that many people will be familiar with, however, anyone who has delved in the field of demonology will know exactly what it means the second you utter the words. It is not easy to locate a proper definition, however, the best description I have ever come across was from author Father Malachi Martin in his book, “Hostage to the Devil”. The below quote is from pages 19 and 20 of the HARPERSANFRANCISCO EDITION, published in 1992, ISBN 978-0-06-065337-8.

A new hallmark of the proceedings enters as the Breakpoint nears, and ushers in one of the more subtle sufferings the exorcist must undergo: confusion. Complete and dreadful confusion. Rare is the exorcist who does not falter here for at least a moment, enmeshed in the peculiar pain of apparent contradictions of all sense.

His ears seem to smell foul words. His eyes seem to hear offensive sounds and obscene screams. His nose seems to taste a high-decibel cacophony. Each sense seems to be recording what another sense should be recording.Each nerve and sinew of onlookers and participants becomes rigid as they strive for control. Panic – the fear of being dissolved into insanity – runs in quick jabs through everyone there. All present experience this increasingly violent and confusing assault.

The above description is a rather abnormal description of how my mind works. While my sense function as normal, my mind is what experiences those above symptoms. In movies, they mildly address these issues, for example, by having the ‘possessed person’ speaking in a normal voice, while at the same time having background voices whisper alternate words and languages, and maybe even sometimes additional voices speaking the same words at the same time as the main voice. This all occurs while feelings of fear, panic, reprehension, abhorrence, and the like are running rampany through your being.

This site is going to operate much like my mind – much like the diabolical confusions that occur during those events mentioned above. There will be no “main theme” to this site. It will cover a vast array of topics from movie, book and music reviews to technology reviews as well as my personal rants, raves, and thoughts. It will be a mixture of a personal blog and a review blog. It will also be a place for me to talk about and update anyone who cares about my literary projects, mainly a book (or hopefully a series of books) I am currently in the process of writing. Ultimately, there is no “aim” here, just erratic ramblings of an abnormally sane, logical and cold-hearted sadist. You’ve been warned.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully I can keep you entertained and interested. Time will tell.

  1. Rene818 says:

    Interested to read more of your articles.

  2. The exorcism of Emily Rose led me here!
    Love your site 🙂

    • LVCIFER says:

      Thank you very much. Lots of work being put in, behind-the-scenes.

      • zxcv6279a says:

        Hello again Lvcifer, I’m having a few problems with your site, I went to “Invite others” I believe in my Profile, and it sent a message to myself. I Must be doing something wrong. Also every time I try to Post a comment, it asks me, ” Are you so and so” and asks me for a password. I also noted that when you get to Diab. Con. there is No “Log in” space And Finally I’d like to know if you got the Case Study that I sent you Yesterday.

      • zxcv6279a says:

        Well Lvcifer, I really have NO CLUE as to how to reach you or if others can reach me Do I come up as zxcv6279a? I originally wanted that as a password or do I come up as jimmyexorcist? I have’nt the foggiest. and also I keep leaving you messages at or should I say In random categories that you may or may not see immediately. Very Frustrating indeed. and What if I want to leave another member a message and what if they want to message me. I admit I am a computer Dummy but this is ridiculous, Its probably something quite simple to do. maybe I’m just simpler than simple. But I am so hooked on this site that we (the site and I) should be like Peas and Carrots. But so far this site is like a box of chocalates….you never know where to get your messages or how to reach someone directly. I’m a simple man but i’m not stupid

      • LVCIFER says:

        You could always just shoot me an e-Mail at DiabolicalConfusions@gmail.com, or reply to the one I sent you before.

    • cute4993 says:

      why do u love this website.

  3. Orion says:

    Interesting site on rather unusual topics, certainly not your everyday topics. Nice articles.

  4. Ryan Rego says:

    More info on the name of Jesus and its effect on Evil.

  5. Esther says:

    You should avoid all those diabolical things because by your interest in them you are inviting deception and demonic activity into your life. Even as a believer in Jesus Christ, I must avoid intimate dabbling into these things. Without the protection of Yahweh, you are open ground for demonic oppression and deception.

    • zxcv6279a says:

      Many times I have found that, Lets say, On these SHOWS on TV about Hauntings/ Demonic activity, Many times they Do Not Really find out What they are Dealing With. I saw A Certain Episode where the Family/ Owners of the Property, Brought In, NOW GET THIS, AN ECLECTIC Priest? This Guy came in and Used American Indian, Catholic, Wicca And Even SANTERIA by Lighting a BLACK CANDLE???? Which is Supposed to Draw out Negativity. No Doubt he Made the situation Worse. By Saying Eclectic or even Non-Denominational, is the Equivilent of Saying ” I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM OR WHAT I BELIEVE IN.” People Need to Understand that If you Put a penny in a machine to get something, you don’t keep putting in every coin type you have Hoping to get it Right…….You need to ask. Demonic Problems? call a Demonologist affiliated and Recognized by a reputable Church. There are’nt many But they are around especially in the NY/NJ/Conn/Penn/Ohio area Good Luck

  6. TexasL says:

    Lvcifer, I saw you gave someone your private email. May I contact you as well?

  7. Johnny says:

    We’ve talk before i changed my gmail it was demondriver6668 i would like to hear from you when you get the chance

  8. Ronin says:

    the supernatural tv show get me here … what do you think about the names of the demons , hell hounds , hell knights and hell prince

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