Now, I don’t normally do this, but this application tickled my fancy, and I thought it deserved a spot on DC. It’s not secret that I am a blogger, who also write for a rather popular iPhone website, so I usually have my eyes peeled for any applications that will pique my interest, and today, my two worlds collided. Paramount Studios, in celebration for the release of their new Horror/Thriller movie “The Devil Inside“, starring Fernanda Andrade and Simon Quarterman and directed by William Brent Bell has released an application to help you determine whether or not you are possessed by a diabolical spirit.


Below, you will see screenshots of the actual app in use, and be guided through the rather simple process. I myself have an 81% chance that I am diabolically possessed.

The app is functional on all iOS iDevices including the iPhone, the iPod, and the iPad. The premiss is that all you have to do is answer a few simple questions, and then engage in a scan of your eyes (so that the application can look deep inside that dirty, rotten soul of yours) and decide whether or not you are indeed possessed. The exact application description is as follows:

No soul is safe. Is the devil inside you? Find out if you’re possessed. Take a quick test to find out if you’re possessed, answer three questions and then hold still as the app scans your pupils, measures them and then gives you your possession rating.

Share your rating with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Requirements: Compatible with iOS devices with front facing camera, including iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4th Generation.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

You can download the app by simply clicking this link on your iDevice, or using this link to take you to the direct iTunes download link posted at that URL. Feel free to sound off in the comments below, and share your own screenshots or results!

  1. Demonologist13 says:

    If only it were truly so easy to detect it. (-:

  2. solidetherx says:

    Lvcifer, I assume that is your phone and thus your image I recognize in the phone. When did you have teeth modified? I ask this because of certain events that have occurred from an altercation with a visitor breaking many of my teeth from my mouth. I have the need to recreate mine in such a manner. I also have the need to plate them in stainless steel with a coat of silver with the sign of pyriel etched…

    • LVCIFER says:

      I had the option of having mine permanently implanted via dental work, or going a different route and getting them as caps.

      Unfortunately, due to the profession I work within, I couldn’t get the permanent implants, so I had to settle for the caps.

      • solidetherx says:

        Thank you. I am currently having posts put in to replace surgically removed broken teeth. On the posts for those tooth positions I plan to have them augmented as such.

  3. I’ve suffered demonic-related experiences as far back as I can remember. I’ve been temporarily possessed many times where I hadn’t been able to say or do what I needed to. My life, even up to now has been under demonic bondage. I’ve had countless demonic attacks against me full of humiliation and anguish. I’m able to see spirits as well as feel them. Many times the eyes are most sensitive to feeling them when they enter or leave me. I’ve also seen/experienced what I believe are angels, but I’ve experienced far more demon-related experiences than angel-related. I just don’t know why I’ve had these experiences. I’ve wondered if I’ve been cursed because of a previous life? My experiences happen every day. I’m convinced the majority of people these days have been under the influence or control of demons. As for me I’ve suffered one trauma it seems after another for years. It is unbelievable how demons can be so innovative in the ways they cause misery! They don’t only use other people to cause misery, they organize events to happen which have often included possessing me! What makes it worse for me is I’ve had an awareness for over 35 years often seeing what appears to be demons or evil in the faces of other people! I also see what I believe are spirits moving in the air. Sometimes they have what appear to be wings. Other times they just appear as movement in the air. I see this every day in my home as well as outside often when looking at people. I’ve seen them come out of people a number of times. When the experiences have gotten to be too much at times I use a spiritual clearing and healing method I had learned from a purchase I made online from Peter Michael. The clearings do work well, but the effects don’t seem to last more than a week. Regarding my life – I’ve had to push all friends and family out of my life. I haven’t been able to maintain employment for long, I haven’t been able to save money, haven’t been able to maintain relationships. I live on disability income as a VA nutcase. Years ago I’d been diagnosed as having acute schizophrenia. The diagnosis changed to bi-polar disorder then was said to be in remission when I was able to sleep and live without medications and not have mood swings. I haven’t been on medications nor been hospitalized in 15 years. Though my life is hell because of what I see and experience I’d rather be medication and hospitalization-free so I can at least be aware and learn from my experiences. These days I despise psychiatrists – for so many years they’ve never been able to realize let alone treat what every patient needs in order to heal. Psychiatrists have been blinded by their egos sitting behind their desks with their diplomas and books on the wall and their PDFs and prescription pads nearby. Every psychiatric patient needs one thing in order to heal. It’s self-esteem. I don’t know if self-esteem will heal what I have, but I know self-esteem, over the years has been one thing I’ve needed more-of. I’ve been married twice. My two children are dead. My parents and two close friends as gone as well. I have no support system and hardly a friend to rely on. I believe demons aim to isolate people from their families, friends and loved ones so to easier control and manipulate them. They manipulate people’s feelings, thoughts. They can cause physical pain. They can cause nightmares. I’ve suffered nightmares for years. All my teeth have worn down from grinding them while sleeping. Demons aim to ruin souls by manipulating thoughts to cause people to feel less worthy. They get people hooked on drugs, they cause people to kill themselves and murder others. As for me I’ve attempted suicide in the past. Any time I try to enjoy anything that involves being with other people the joyful experiences never last long before something happens. When it happens so many times you can’t remember how many times? Then you start to realize something isn’t right. I’ve tried everything under the sun to free myself from demonic bondage and spiritual warfare. I’ve tried holy water, praying to Mary, turning my life over to Jesus, wearing protective amulets, smudging my home with burned sage, frankincense. Other people have prayed for me. I’ve turned to other people paying for negative entity/energy removals. I once went to a Catholic priest asking for exorcism, but had frightening experiences and “road blocks” left and right that prevented me from talking and meeting the person I needed to see! Sometimes I wonder if all I’ve needed to free myself of demonic bondage is more self-esteem, more self-confidence? I doubt it because I see people that have both and their lives are miserable. Most people don’t realize that demons are real! Demons do not want to be realized as such! The more people come to realize that demons, angels and spirits are indeed REAL – the more power people will have over their own lives! Hopefully we’ll be able to save ourselves from doom or what seems to be a world that’s been losing common sense and love for each other.

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