One of the first entities that I have decided to write about in this type of format, as an attempt to dig into the mythos and discover rare or otherwise hard to find information about, was actually inspired by a movie that I was watching over a vacation of mine. The movie was “The Prophecy 3: The Ascent”, starring Christopher Walken and Vincent Spano. In this movie, they seem to be giving the main character, Danyael, a Nephilim, these unexplained impulses, and he is drawn to a certain area of the world where he is to meet what they refer to as “The Next God”, an angel named “Pyriel”. This intrigued me, because I had never heard of an angel referred to in this manner before, so I immediately began to research this entity. This is what I’ve found.

Unfortunately, in any of the research that I have found, nothing seems to point in this direction. This angel, Pyriel, was never at any point referred to as a replacement or anything of the sort. As a matter of fact, his name isn’t even Pyriel, it is Puriel, and the movie was just basing this character on an arcane spelling of his name. But once I had something to go on, I was able to dig up some information. In the book A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson, Library of Congress Number 66-19757, the brief entry for Puriel is as follows:

Puruel (Pusiel, “fire”) – the “fiery and pitiless” angel who “probes the soul,” as described in the apocalyptic Testament of Abraham. G. H. Box in his edition of this work believes that Puruel is a Graecized form of the angel Uriel.

So, as you can see, there isn’t very much included there, so I went through a few more of my books, and I struck gold. Thanks to excellent researcher, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, I was able to develop a more complete picture of what this angel’s function is. In her book The Encyclopedia of Angels (Second Edition) by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, ISBN 0-8160-5023-6, this is her also brief entry for Puriel:

Puriel (Puruel, Pusiel)

One of the ANGELS OF PUNISHMENT. Puriel means “the fire of God.” In the Testament of ABRAHAM, Puriel is a pitiless angel who scrutinizes souls. Puriel is sometimes identified with Uriel.

So, as you can see, there isn’t much information in here, but this is the second time that I have come cross an entry stating that it is believed that Puriel is a different entity often associated with or as the angel “Uriel”. It makes sense, in my opinion, so I decided to do a bit more digging into the angel Uriel, and this is what I managed to come up with. From the same book as mentioned above, this is the entry for Uriel:


One of the most important angels, described as an archangel, seraph, and cherub. Uriel probably means “fire of God” or “God is my light.” Uriel is often identified as one of the four primary angels, along with Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, possibly aspects of the ANGEL OF THE LORD. He is not part of the official Catholic canon, but he is prominent in Jewish texts and apocryphal writings.

Uriel is among the angels identified as the ANGEL OF DEATH; ANGEL OF GREAT COUNSEL; ANGEL OF PEACE; ANGEL OF TRUTH; and as one of the ANGELS OF THE EARTH; ANGELS OF THE PRESENCE; ANGELS OVER THE CONSUMMATION and one of the ANGELS OF DESTRUCTION sent to destroy SODOM AND GOMORRAH. He is an angel of September, summer, and Libra and Aquarius.

In 1 Enoch Uriel (Suriel) is identified as a guide to ENOCH on his trip through the layers of heavens; he is the angel who “watches over thunder and terror.” As a cherub, Uriel is said to guard the Gate of Eden with a fiery sword in hand. He also appears as a “benign angel” who attacks MOSES for not observing the circumcision rite of his son, a role also credited to Gabriel. In the Testament of SOLOMON, Uriel thwarts Error, who leads men astray. He is one of the seven PLANETARY RULERS. (See THWARTING ANGELS.)

Uriel is portrayed as a stern and punishing angel. Enoch said he is head of the seven archangels, and he presides over Tartarus or HELL, where he pursues punishment of sinners. According to the Apocalypse of St. Peter, this punishment consists of burning sinners in everlasting fire and hanging blasphemers by their tongues over unquenchable fires. On the day of judgment, he will break the brazen gates of Hades and assemble all the souls before the judgment seat.

Uriel is among the angels identified as the dark angel who wrestles with JACOB. In the Prayer of Joseph, Uriel states, “I have come down to earth to make my dwelling among men, and I am called Jacob by name.” The exact meaning of this statement is not clear, but it suggests that Uriel might have become Jacob, thus making him the first angel of record to become a mortal.

Various Jewish sources relate the story that when Cain kills Abel and tries to bury the corpse, earth spews it up again and cries, “I will receive no other body until the clay that was fashioned into Adam has been restored to me!” At this Cain flees, and Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael place the corpse upon a rock, where it remains many years without corrupting.

When Adam dies, these same archangels bury both bodies at Hebron side by side, in the very field from which God had taken Adam’s dust.

According to midrashim and 1 Enoch, the FALLEN ANGELS Azazel and Semyaza (see WATCHERS) cause such wickedness on earth that the archangels tell God. He sends Raphael to bind Azazel hand and foot, heaping jagged rocks over him in the dark Cave of Dudael, where he now abides until the last days. Gabriel destroys the Fallen Ones by inciting them to civil war. Michael chains Semyaza and his fellows in other dark caves for 70 generations. Uriel becomes the messenger of salvation who visits NOAH. Dispatched by Metatron, he warns Noah about the coming Flood.

Like Metatron, Uriel also is credited with giving the gift of the KABBALAH to humanity. He is said to have led Abraham out of Ur and to have interpreted prophecies for the benefit of humanity. In 4 Ezra, Uriel reveals heavenly mysteries to EZRA and answers weighty questions about evil and justice. He serves as a guide of the luminaries.

Uriel appears in QUMRAN TEXTS, such as the Gospel of Barnabas.

Uriel was condemned as one of the REPROBATED ANGELS in 745 C.E. by a church council, but he was later reinstated. He is often portrayed as holding a flame in his open hand.

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And once again, as with most topics in this field, I see that there are even more references, so to connect those dots, I checked them out, and this is the entry for the function of the angel Puriel/Uriel:

angels of punishment

Angels who carry out the discipline and punishments of sinning humans and other angels. In the Shepherd of Hermas, the visionary HERMAS has a permanent Angel of Punishment who looks like a mean, whipwielding shepherd, and who keeps Hermas morally in line. In 2 ENOCH and the Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, the angels of punishment—presumably also evil—reside in the third HEAVEN.

Some angels in charge of punishment are named. In the Pistis Sophia, Ariel is the chief; in other Coptic Gnostic writings, Asmodeus holds the position. The Midrash Tehillim lists five angels of punishment encountered by MOSES in heaven: Af, the angel of anger; Kezef, the angel of wrath; Hemah, the angel of fury; Hasmed, the angel of annihilation; and Mashit, the angel of destruction. The Maseket Gan Eden and Gehinnon lists seven angels of punishment: Lahatiel, the flaming one; Shoftiel, the judge of God; Makatiel, the plague of God; Hutriel, the rod of God; Puriel/Pusiel, the fire of God; and Rogziel, the wrath of God.


At this point, I am starting to get a very vivid picture in my mind’s eye as to who exactly this angel is. Apparently, he is a bad-ass. He is also one of the first twelve (12) names that God called out into the light, making him one of the first twelve angels ever created amongst hundreds of millions of them. Hanging on to the theory that those first created were the most powerful of them all, it would stand to reason that Puriel/Uriel is not only a bad-ass, as stated above, but Puriel/Uriel a major bad-ass. But, I can’t say that I am satisfied with all of this, I wanted to read more, even if it was a different iteration of the same things I had already discovered, so I decided to break out some other books and see what I could come up with. Once again, from the book A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson, Library of Congress Number 66-19757, the more in-depth entry for Uriel is as follows:

Uriel (“fire of God”) – One of the leading angels in noncanonical lore, and ranked variously as a seraph, cherub, regent of the sun, flame of God, angel of the presence, presider over Tartarus (Hades), archangel of salvation (as in II Esdras), etc. In  the latter work he acts as heavenly interpreter of Ezra’s visions. In Enoch I,  he is the angel who “watches over thunder and terror.” In The Book of Adam and Eve he presides over repentance. Uriel “is supposed to be,” says Abbot Anscar Vonier in The Teaching of the Catholic Church, “the spirit who stood at the gate of the lost Eden with the fiery sword.The Book of Adam and Eve designates him as this spirit, i.e., one of the “cherubims” of Genesis 3. He is invoked in some of the ancient litanies. He has been identified as one of the angels who helped bury Adam and Abel in Paradise (Hastings, Dictionary of the Bible);  as the dark angel who wrestled with Jacob at Peniel; as the destroyer of the hosts of Sennacherib (II Kings 19:35 ; II Maccabees 15:22) ;  as the messenger sent by God to Noah to warn him of the impending deluge (Enoch I,  10:1-3). all of which feats or missions have been credited to other angels, as elsewhere noted. In the view of Louis Ginzberg, the “prince of lights” in The Manual of Discipline refers to Uriel. In addition, Uriel is said to have disclosed the mysteries of the heavenly arcana to Ezra; interpreted prophecies, and led Abraham out of Ur. In later Judaism, says R. H. Charles (The Book of Enoch),  “we find Uriel instead of Phanuel” as one of the 4 angels of the presence. Uriel is also the angel of the month of September and may be invoked ritually by those born in that month. The Magus claims that alchemy “which is of divine origin” was brought down to earth by Uriel, and that it was Uriel who gave the cabala to man, although this “key to the mystical interpretation of Scripture” is also said to have been the gift of Metatron. Milton describes Uriel as “Regent of the Sun” and the “sharpest sighted spirit of all in Heaven” (Paradise Lost III). Dryden, The State of Innocence, pictures Uriel as descending from heaven in a chariot drawn by white horses. Despite his eminence, Uriel was reprobated at a  Church Council in Rome, 745 C.E. Now, however, he is Saint Uriel, and his symbol is an open hand holding a flame. Burne-Jones’ painting of Uriel is reproduced as a frontispiece in Duff, First and Second Books Esdras. The name Uriel derives, it is claimed, from Uriah the prophet. In apocryphal and occult works Uriel has been equated or identified with Nuriel, Uryan, Jeremiel, Vretil, Suriel, Puruel, Phanuel, Jehoel, Israfel, and the angel Jacob-Israel. See the pseudepigraphic Prayer of Joseph,  quoted in part in Ginzberg, The Legends of the Jews V, 310. In this work Jacob says: “When I was coming from Mesopotamia of Syria [sic], Uriel, the angel of God, came forth and spoke: ‘I have come down to the earth to make my dwelling among men, and I am called Jacob by name.’ ”  The meaning of the foregoing is puzzling, unless Uriel turned into Jacob after wrestling with the patriarch at Peniel; but the incident as related in Genesis 32 suggests a different interpretation. A commentary on Exodus 4:25 speaks of a “benign angel“ attacking Moses for neglecting to observe the covenantal rite of circumcision with regard to the latter’s son Gershom, the benign angel being identified as Uriel in Midrash Aggada Exodus,  and as Gabriel in The Zohar I, 93b. The latter source reports that Gabriel “came down in a flame of fire, having the appearance of a burning serpent,” with the express purpose of destroying Moses “because of his sin.” In The Legends of the Jews II, 328, the angel here is neither Uriel nor Gabriel but 2 angels, the wicked Hemah and Af. Uriel is said to be the angel of vengeance that Prud’hon pictured in his “Divine Vengeance and Justice,” a canvas to be found in the Louvre. Uriel, “gliding through the Ev’n/On a Sun beam” (Paradise Lost IV, 555) is reproduced on p. 296 from Hayley, The Poetical Works of John Milton. The Uriel in Percy MacKaye’s Uriel and Other Poems is not our angel but William Vaughn Moody, American poet and playwright (1869-1910), to whom the title poem is addressed in memory. The most recent appraisal of Uriel is the one offered by Walter Clyde Curry in Milton’s Ontology Cosmology and Physics, where, on p. 93, Professor Curry says of Uriel that he “seems to be largely a pious but not too perceptive physicist with inclinations towards atomistic philosophy.” To illustrate in what high esteem Uriel was held, we find him described in the 2nd book of the Sibylline Oracles as one of the “immortal angels of the undying God” who, on the day of judgment, will “break the monstrous bars framed of unyielding and unbroken adamant of the brazen gates of Hades, and cast them down straightway, and bring forth to judgment all the sorrowful forms, yea, of the ghosts of the ancient Titans and of the giants, and all whom the flood overtook . . .  And all these shall he bring to the judgment seat . . .  And set before God’s seat.

Pyriel, from "The Prophecy III: The Ascent".

Re-read that last sentence right there. He will break down the gates of Hell, bringing the souls trapped within to judgment, including the souls of the “titans”, a/k/a the sons of the Grigori “Watchers”, the Nephilim, some of the most wicked creatures that had ever walked the face of the earth. These entities were so bad, that they posed a genuine, true and real threat to mankind, and God had to sent a giant flood to rid the world of them. And following the other information that we have found so far, Puriel/Uriel is going to be the one who judges them on behalf of God. But, I wanted more. I always want more. So I kept searching, and found another entry for Uriel in The Dictionary of Demons – Names of the Damned, by Michelle Belanger, ISBN 978-0-7387-2306-8:

Uriel: In the Ars Theurgia, Uriel makes an appearance as one of the so-called “wandering princes.” In this capacity he is said to have ten chief dukes and one hundred lesser dukes who serve to carry out his wishes. Those of his hierarchy are described as being truculent and evil by nature. They are also said to be full of trickery, so they are always false in their dealings. Uriel’s manifest form is that of a serpent with the head of a beautiful maiden. All of the demons who serve in his court assume the same monstrous shape when they appear to mortals. Uriel also appears as a demon in Trithemius’s Steganographia.

Uriel, of course, is a name that is not typically associated with demonic entities. He is better known as one of the archangels. Uriel appears in the Book of Enoch alongside the archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. Later in the same text, seven archangels are named, and Uriel is again included among their number. He appears as the fourth of the archangels in Saint Gregory’s heavenly hierarchy as well as that composed by Pseudo-Dionysus. Uriel is also identified as an angel in the Testament of Solomon. Uriel’s name is sometimes rendered Oriel or Auriel. His name is taken to mean “Light of God” or “Fire of God.” See also ARS THEURGIA, BOOK OF ENOCH, SOLOMON.

Ok, so this entity gets around. I guess that is to be expected when you are one of the first beings of creation, I guess you would feel a special interest in observing all of that which was created after you. But the interesting thing that I have found through this research is that Puriel/Uriel seems to be teetering back and forth over that line of “good” or “bad” angel. He genuinely seems to have one wing bathed in the Heavenly light of God, and the other wing constantly dipped in blood. At times, he is unquestionably exalted and praised, and at others, he is equated with the powerful, higher-ranking demons. I guess it depends on the agenda he is trying to accomplish? Once again, in another book by one of my favorite researchers, The Encyclopedia of Demons & Demonology, by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, ISBN-13: 978-0-8160-7314-6, we see that here, he is viewed within that negative light. Here is his entry from the point of view as him being a demonic entity:

Uriel: DEMON and wandering duke of the air. Uriel has 10 chief dukes and 100 underdukes with numerous servants. They are evil, false, and deceitful, and reluctant to obey the commands of an EXORCIST. They appear in the form of a SERPENT with a virgin’s head and face. The 10 chief dukes are Chabri, Drabros, Nartniel, Frasmiel, Brymiel, Dragon, Curtnas, Draplos, Hermon, and Aldrusy. Uriel is also the name of an archangel.

So, there isn’t very much in this entry as you can see. The author seems reluctant to refer to this Uriel as the same Uriel of the archangels. Why this trepidation? I have no idea, but looking at it from that point of view, you can understand how some people would either be confused or reluctant to make that type of connection.

Ultimately, the connections we make are matters of the simple ability of connecting the dots. Throughout history, there has been so much controversy caused by people who connect the wrong dots. Can I definitively state that all of the entries I posted are undoubtedly of the same exact entity? No, I can not. But that does not mean that I am wrong, it simply means that the connections I have found further display the complexities of the creations of God. As stated in the very first “Prophecy” movie, having the misfortune of meeting any angel, including the good ones, would be a terrifying ordeal. And knowing that at the end of time, during the final days, this angel, Puriel, is going to be the one judging us all, good and bad, and further that he is described as both being an “angel of punishment” as well as being “pitiless” somewhat concerns me a bit. However, in conclusion, it is no secret that for much of the scriptures, God is a harsh God, and in many instances, there is little room for forgiveness for certain offenses, this makes complete sense. You wouldn’t want a push-over guarding the gates to your eternal paradise, otherwise everyone would get in, whether or not the deserved it. But the one thing I will state, after concluding this small bit of research, is that I truly hope I never meet the angel of Puriel/Uriel before my judgment. He seems like one scary dude.

  1. calebdaniels says:

    Revelation 20:14

    Then Death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire.

    Your descriptions make it seem very much like the biblical death angel. (notice Death is capitilaized in that verse)

    • LVCIFER says:

      Well, originally I was going to call him that in the title, but I couldn’t do it in good conscience, because he doesn’t fit within that scope, hence the whole “angel of punishment” thing. The accepted Angels of Death, according to accepted scripture are: Michael, Gabriel, Satan/Samael, Iblis, Azrael, Abbadon (Apollyon), Hemah, Kafziel,Kezef, Leviathan, Malach ha-Mavet, Mashit, Yehudiah, and Yetzer-hara. I believe that’s all of them.

      • calebdaniels says:

        Ah, I see what you mean. The current title is quite fitting.

        Though I’m a firm believeing Christian, I do find your personal experiences quite interesting. Biblically speaking, there is room for the supernatural, I just want to find out to what extenent it goes.

      • LVCIFER says:

        You and I both man. All my life I’ve been hoping to find some type of answers to questions relating to the supernatural. Studying angelology and demonology seems to be the way that I find at least some of those answers, to a degree.

  2. calebdaniels says:

    My one concern is this: it appears that the more one studies, the more intertwined with the supernatural he or she is.

  3. maschem67 says:

    Interesting point of the more one studies the more one becomes intertwined, seems almost counter to the expectation. It seems the “nefarious spirits” would like to remain fairly unknown and not show themselves to the learned. Doesn’t seem to go with their end game, an ignorant host is the best host would be their preference, would it not?

    The more you know the more you are prepared for what may come is where I am coming from I guess. All in all great entry, and great discussion.

  4. Bravo says:

    Iblis isn’t thought of as the angel of death. Iblis is the chief of the Jinn (or Shaitan/Satan). In Islam I think it’s Azriel (or however it’s spelled) that is typically credited as being the Angle of Death.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Also, according to a 55 page article that both myself and my co-author have been researching for years, Iblis is yet another name for the fallen, Azazel, the “Guile of God”. The rebel. This is also explained in detail in YET ANOTHER article that is book-exclusive. *chuckle*

      This article will take up approximately 1/8 of the entire 400 page book.

  5. Bravo says:

    Just a little more: actually, the Angel of Death isn’t spcifically given a name at all in the Qu’ran.

  6. David B. says:

    I believe Maschem67 is right on his point. The one unaware and ignorant are the real ones to fear! Of course if someone KNOW what is wrong and does it anyway i am sure it is much worse than the ignorant doing the same so pay attention to your actions. Knowing the names and demonic traits of entities is crucial protection against them, and knowing who is good and benevolent can be effective as protection or call for guidance.
    God bless

  7. Seraphim El says:

    Email me for some more information please would love to chat with you.
    Some extra research for you, my friend; Uriel is also Uriens. It connects with his role of ruler over Tartarus.

    Thank you for this entry.

  8. I think its doubtful about there being a angel of judgement i havent even hallucinated as you call it or heard from anyone in heaven even if someone sounds litttle angry or upset if i said something about GOD and accidently spat in a church ithink GOD would be little upset with me but i wonder why i havent heard anything i feel frustrated about it i sometimes think that GOD might be in deep sleep to regain most of his energy and strength if he was old weak and tired i do not mean as insult i think even GOD would have been vulnerable to time too just like humans aging becoming tired as becoming older if worked hard earlier in life or if there was like a barrier or wall between heaven and earth some made sure GOD wouldnt interfere if illuminati wanted GOD out of the way and put barrier or wall between earth and hell to lock LUCIFER and the other fallen angels in hell to get time or if GOD were on earth in human form with memories taken away if illuminati couldnt destroy him instead tried to buy time and if made LUCIFER also forget everything who he really are and about LUCIFER i do not think of LUCIFER as pure evil neither any of his fellow angels if LUCIFER did things then it was pain, hatred along with other emotions like anxiety and sorrow making him lose control and hurt everyone around him and if LUCIFER were able to break out of his habit of commiting evil actions and instead tried to make good and if he tried to give us feelings and pain to test us and see if we can be able to learn from mistakes if any of us mortal humans did mistakes
    and if man killed someone and if felt guilty about and regretted about it GOD could have forgiven him once given him a chance to redeem himself if humans can be vulnerable if feel pain, hatred, fear and anxiety and then did suddendly killed someone in moment of anger so much and if had much pain like burn pain if was miserable drinked alcohol and took drugs if LUCIFER wanted to prove to GOD that human can change for worse if made it be no diffrent between himself and us humans we all being diffrent too we can be able to be good or evil depend on actions thinking is something but commiting it is another if can avoid it then its good showing someone is willing to not give in to thoughts and temptations if there was an angel of judgement im sure he/she would judge any of us depend on our actions if any of us did kill few and not felt guilt and regret not wanted to repent or atone for the sin one commited i would ask what would you think if one human sold his soul to LUCIFER in exchange for success in business and then helped those in poverty if sold soul
    to help children and teenagers specially them i wonder if GOD would been shocked if even LUCIFER would been surprised if the human was willing to burn in hell if some few sold their souls ot help those in poverty if that kind of group of humans existed and if they would have loved both GOD and LUCIFER wonder if GOD would have been upset if some loved both him and LUCIFER
    or if was touched if some would be willing to suffer to help poverty if even wanted to dream of there be peace between him and LUCIFER not fighting over diffrances and not resent eachother anymore if could have forgiven eachother it would been good but i think its harder than we would think if GOD was little stubborn about still letting LUCIFER and the others still be in hell not even living on earth forever and be free from pain then id be dissapointed if GOD couldnt try giving it at least one last chance and trying to make peace isnt easy specially between GOD and LUCIFER it would have taken a long time (like a decade or two in human years) i think angels, fallen angels and humans are all alike in some ways feeling pain and having emotions depend on what happens for example if GOD had anger when LUCIFER rebelled and was stubborn about letting LUCIFER be in hell thinking it would make LUCIFER not do anything bad but instead doing opposite it would prove not everything can be controlled or forced specially change sometimes it would be for worse if feel pain, anger and fear for example if pain was too much if st Raphael felt hellfire for 10 days straight and then got himself free and if he tried to recover if he cried and screamed in pain still
    if felt like he wanted to give up because pain seemed too much i wonder if angel of judgement could have still holded himself/herself under control not harm others because of anger and misery id say thats up to him/her if tried to resist temptation if felt hellfire at some point or if this angel of judgement have felt much hellfire if gone through much if knew if some were never meaning to kill or commiting other evil actions if even give warning to few humans that they dont get more chance if want to go to heaven if some can be able to go to heaven despite done something horrible once if
    tried to become better and if became better after all that would be nice if many humans can accept they did mistake or two and try make effort to become better if LUCIFER wanted many not take things for granted not taking love for granted or if you not suffer and try to be happy and not blame some for things happening to you or if you did mistake you shouldnt blame GOD or LUCIFER its sadly your own fault reallity isnt something you cant run away from forever and its better ot face your inner demons i would think everyone of us have good and evil in us even angels and fallen angels having good and evil in them or becoming evil if something made angel get changed for the worse if then got angry if harmed humans because of anger i think GOD would feel dissapointed
    about what the angel has done and specially if never felt pain and if thought the angel would have too much anger and temper inside not trying to be patient and letting go of anger or do something to relax i think LUCIFER knows about going through tough times better than anyone even GOD no offense i think its so because he had experience if LUCIFER would say he knows us humans better to GOD and said to the angels that they couldnt understand how hardship is feel fysical pain, losing someone close or if were in love with certain someone but then hurt the one he/she loves its hard to understand unless one experienced it first and if like LUCIFER would make point that sometimes one cant always run or avoid facing something or take chance or risk if loving someone if was too nervous, felt insecure and was afraid of doing something wrong or if like some were against them loving eachother but that shouldnt have stopped them from loving eachother even if 2 angels loved eachother so much if were willing to be commited to eachother not cheat on eachother and be honest if they were officially in relationship were always faithful even after like 50 human years
    i would feel happy i do hope everyone would remeber cheating is wrong a sin if many cheat because they dont want to think about what happens if slept someone other than one you married
    my reaction would be shame on you i would feel that way if a husband cheated more than once if not learned from mistake confessing to his wife that he cheated asking for her forgivess showing he wanted to still love her i would call it good if LUCIFER would have known about temptation but if he never wanted to cheat if he only ever thought one who he loved if he did things for him/her but there not be like happy ending more like an tragedy if LUCIFER felt he couldnt be in love ever again if he wanted others to be happy and in love and wanted to make sure every couple are faithful to eachother then its also good even if its not GOD trying to make many be better i do not hate GOD i do not hate LUCIFER for anything i want to love both at least love GOD and respect LUCIFER if loving LUCIFER would been by loving music sometimes i felt music helped me relax and sometimes react out what i have deep in chest if i would be angry or feel like crying little its just what i feel sometimes it feels like LUCIFER reaches out to me in one way or two and music sometimes makes me think about things i would think if GOD wouldnt let LUCIFER and his fellow angels from the pain and not letting them live on earth forever i would feel upset at and sad at GOD feeling his love would have seemed futile if couldnt forgive LUCIFER because i think as long as LUCIFER and the other falllen angels suffer there wouldnt be any chance of peace and stop to suffering of innocent humans so what if many rebelled once it shouldnt be enough to stop anyone from forgiving some if suffered enough and GOD accepting the fallen angels as they are or how could possibly be not perfect even if wild or party much or sleeping with many diffrent humans as long as
    at least they not commit evil actions it shouldnt matter if the past wasnt the best and if they had diffrances thats what i think im a hypocryte and a freak but im not to speak of what i think, feel and
    believe thats all bye GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY LUCIFER BLESS YOU TOO.

    • Jacob Paul Blessing says:

      I think that if Uriel was real I would think that Christ would reside in Him and his love for Christ would rule his heart causing a great deal of hatred for murderers inhumane acts anything that would harm the temple of the Son of Man or sinning against yourselves such as homosexuality and things like that because Christ dwells with you. God is his light his heart is rules by love, for Him. Yet at the same time what is he to do think about it even if Christ Himself gave him the power to kill a human being or to torture them, he would be torn apart inside himself because of his love for Christ. Maybe just maybe Uriel has many names and is afflicted by mankind. hey though what do I know right.

  9. Dan says:

    I am, here.

  10. Prayer agenst all demon n evil spirit of types n all evil crafter to be destroy n rebuke n trown in the pit of hell by the four arkangels in heaven blessing for doris viera n my self luis abran gonzalez n edwin viera

  11. Prayer for my yonger brother wilberto gonzalez to remove all energt m negative energys of evil spirits n demonic spirits n evil posetions agenst his body mind soul n spirits n rebuke all that is causeing his body to get energytic some parts of his body by evil crafters agenst his energy shild him n protect him cleance him from all evil demonix energetic spirits agenst his body past present n future ,heal him from its issue of body part that the devil is attacking him amen

  12. Heavenly 4th says:

    Spreading lies about the one who judges clearly one the president gets elected you’ll be granted great tribulation and for u and your leader I have chains u will confess with ur tone e that Emanuel is the beginning and the end if not crucified and burned alive -The Real Phanuel?

  13. Heavenly 4th says:

    Just couldn’t help it I am the most high’s eyes

  14. Peter says:

    My eyes were blue, not red, as you have shown in your picture.

    I have been known by many names, but I prefer the name Pyriel. In this life it is Peter, and my eyes are now dark green.

    There are many truths, and many un-truths in what has been said. Language will confuse those as it has from the times of Babel.

    It was not “Pitiless” but “Apathetic” for my Father asked of me to do what no other could, and for the love of my Father I did and took upon myself to wear this burden, this “Karma” as you would understand it. For this, I was granted a mortal life, to “Regain what what taken from me”.

    I will tell you that my purpose was neither “Good nor Evil”, hence I was labeled “Pitiless” as you call it. I was created in the purpose of my Father, I am the “Balance” between. It is true what you say in that I am “He who will sit by the Father in the days of Judgement”. I am here to “Witness” the deeds of man, as I have always done in this mortal coil. The time of “Judgement” is near, for “Our” work is nearly at an end.. in this lifetime I have been, as you would say, “Given back my wings”. And for this I am truly grateful, as my time here in this world has drawn a close.

    I will say that I have helped many of you over many lifetimes to find peace in your hearts. For all is not lost. All of us have been given purpose, it is up to you to gain the clarity to find it. I have helped those who seek it, both “Good and Evil”.

    Do not lose hope, for the Father has only LOVE for all of you.

    And for those that see this life as some form of a “Test” rest assured, it is. All will be revealed.

    Fear not, for I see all and all will be given fair trial, this I can promise you. All will be judged before the Father in the end times. All we have done has been the will of our Father, and you have always had a choice in your actions, this is also the will of the Father.

    I hear you ask so many times “How can GOD allow such atrocities, there must be no GOD”.. no, for I tell you that the Father is LOVE, and he loves you so much that he gives you complete freedom to do as you will. You have been given “Guidance” and it has always been your “Choice”, such as it is, such is the LOVE of the Father.

    I will not stand to correct all that has been said in my name, but there is one more I would like to correct.. I was not known as “The GOD of Genocide” as I am no GOD, but I have committed these acts in the Fathers name as was my LOVE for my Father.

    I will also say to you, “Lvcifer” as you call your self, that I appreciate you taking the time to give a balanced and more or less informed opinion, and being the information right or wrong, you at the very least had the sense to spell my name correctly to which drew my attention. There are reasons why I have not been written in the pages of your history which I am sure you now understand.. and to you I will give you this..

    You were correct in your assumption, of which “He genuinely seems to have one wing bathed in the Heavenly light of God, and the other wing constantly dipped in blood” to which I have taken as a compliment, so I will be truthful in who I am..

    “I am the Angel with Demon Wings”

    I will say once more as I have said before.. do not doubt my words, for it is out of LOVE I say these things to you.

    I will also say that I have a reputation for taking slights against my name more personally than my brothers, and such slights are “Swiftly Corrected” by those who have “Watched over me” in this mortal existence. Many of which have found a swift end. I warn you to not take these words in vain.

    Do not despair, for we are all the LOVE and LIGHT of the Father. The One True GOD The Creator.

    Peace upon you, for the trumpets sound..

  15. Jessica says:

    Have you uncovered any more information on Uriel? Did you know these Angels have 2 equal parts making one whole- a male and a female side? 🙂

  16. Jenna Morningstar says:

    Thanks for writing this. I pray to Uriel daily as he is both the angel of wisdom and justice. You gave me some more insight on into him, so I appreciate it.

    He is a less well known angel, but an Angel of God nonetheless. I don’t think he is evil or fallen in any way, but he is certainly darkest of the 7 archangels. He certainly has his that side to him which is pitiless and tough on humans. But he is also considered one of the four Angels of the Presence, the others being Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael. He too is the regent of the son and an Angel of Light.

    Yet they also say even his brothers fear him… He is scary sometimes, as he is the “Angel of Thunder and Terror” one must not forget. However, I’m the crazy masochist who wants to meet him one day in the afterlife. Whether it be at the gates of Purgatory or Heaven. I love him very much and have for many years. He has helped me escape the clutches of the dark one and brought me back to Christ.

    I notice your user name being similar to Lucifer… Believe it or not, I spent some years as a Luciferian and believed he worked on God’s side, mainly, but was this cool emo creature that was the Angel of Punishment. Some of us go through it as teens and young adults.

    Then I dated ‘Satan’ for about 6 years and my thoughts changed. I thought I could ‘fix him but his demons had a hold of him and ruled his life. And so now I want now nothing to do with “the dark one” and recognize him as wrong and evil. I was since then saved thanks to help from my family, friends, good people, and God. So I’ve let it go and learned from the ordeal which in the end brought me closer to Christ.

    I mean, I still watch that show Lucifer on Fox (epic show if you don’t watch it already), but that show isn’t based off scripture or Gospel. Lucifer in that show reminds me more of Uriel, the actual Angel of Punishment. Yet I like the emo struggle with God, I admit. I have been there in the past. (And other smarter Christians do watch the show without issue and recognize Lucifer as a more noble character whom changes for the better of mankind.) But right now without Christ and my Angel, I don’t know what I would do… They brought healing Light into my hurting Soul.

    I must also mention some New Testament information for you. Not direct from the gospels, but in the Apocrophia you can find a story about how Uriel saved John the Baptist from death (King Herod’s ‘killing first born children’ order) and brought him and his mother, Elizabeth to the Holy Family; Jesus Mary Joseph, to the safety of Egypt. Leonardo DiVinci made a famous painting of this scene.

    And too, I always connected the appearance of the two angels whom appeared to Mary Magdeline inside the the Tomb of Christ as being none other than Gabriel and Uriel. While his name is not used directly, Gabriel appeared to Mary we know and is a messenger angel. And Uriel is also the Angel of Fire and Light; also considered as the Angel of Confirmation in the Anglican Church. The Flame of God And Spirit that burns within.

    And from my dreams, it appears the two are connected. Friends or brothers in arms. So it would make sense he would have his eyes on the Ressurection and guided his Apostles after Christ’s death and acscention.

    Sorry if this all sounds crazy to you, but I hope I was helpful in some way. You were for me, so thanks for your studies and post. And while you should, on some level, fear Uriel, do it as a guide to keep you away from serious sin. He is there to guide us and give us wisdom. And too heal our inequities. He’s on our side and still a Saint! He never actually fell… Just unfortunately mistaken as a fallen by some.

    God is just harsh sometimes, but as a means to keep us on the right path. And God did send his only Son to save us and bring about redemption for mankind. Uriel is also the Angel of Redemption, and this must not be forgotten.

  17. JC says:

    thanks for the research. I was searching up on Pyriel myself and this was the only site I found with some actual probing.– theory….Pyriel is one of the 4 seraphim (huge 6 winged bad ass) that surround the throne of God. representing fire (obviously) – I wouldn’t say he’s a punisher…more of a cleansing element to our souls natural purifying need…although I can see how many would relate his (I say ‘he’ but I think they are all gender neutral entities) er…teachings…. to be like punishment.

  18. Harold Lindsay says:

    Very interesting. A lot of stuff that you cannot find in a KJV of the Bible. I am looking for any examples of Angels going to war to defend the faith or protect the rights of Christians to practice their faith all over the world. Or have they mostly been victims without any protection? In other words are there examples of Angels or just Christians defending their rights to practice their faith? Is it okay to shed blood in the name of God? Any thoughts or opinions, suggestions, help etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your time and effort.

  19. smita says:


    I am a hindu .I dont know much about angels.i had a dream few days back.there was a guy who looked like neither man nor woman.he was very white almost pale wearing white clothes.He told me he has been promoted to puriel then he started crying.i think tears of joy .he said that he has been here since thousand of years.then i got up .i dont know what to make of this dream.i was searching for more information and i came across this blog

  20. Peter Busdon says:

    I understand what you are saying I’m not wanting to be confronted by Pyriel. However according to Jesus, if we accept him as our savior and are legitimately sorry for any wrong doing prior to our death. Then all is forgiven and the gates of heaven will open for us.

  21. […] with the destroying angels of the Old Testament in the below video. If you read the Book of Enoch, Uriel is listed as one of the pitiless, destroying angels that incinerated Sodom and Gomorrah, a psy… Interestingly, Uriel is thought of as being the “Regent of the Sun” in John […]

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