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Very soon, there will be an update coming which will explain more about the functions of this site as well as offer more info about the author. Overall, this will be a random blog. I am not looking to have this URL go famous, or to “make it big”. I am just a very opinionated and long-winded person who has interests in many varied topics. Ultimately, I feel that the average visitor could learn some things from me, and I’m sure I will learn from them as well. BUT, to be clear, this will be a PERSONAL blog, not a professional one. Ultimately, it will span across a wide array of topics, each one a topic of interest to me. I’ll simplify it a bit, and go further to give you an idea of what to expect.

  • Movie reviews.
  • Book reviews.
  • Technology reviews.
  • Many posts dealing with the supernatural/preternatural.
  • Quotes.
  • Topics dealing with demons and demonology.
  • Random ponderings and updates.
  • Maybe even some venting.
  • Updates regarding my literary projects.
  • Music reviews.
  • General sharing of life experiences and/or stories.

So with all of the above being said, I know that no one is here reading yet, but I hope to interest at least a few people in the future. Hell, if I don’t, at least I will have an outlet to vent, so I guess it is a win-win. Stay tuned, you’ll be hearing more from me soon.