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I was actually recently asked on the US social networking site how I came to be involved/interested in this particular field, so I figured that I would update anyone who was curious with a post about that. It will try not to be too long or too drawn out, but here we go.

I am actually an author, but if you read my bio in the “About Your Author” section, I go into the type of person that I am, and the type of life that I have lived. I have experienced and done a ton of stuff in which most people don’t seem to think would be a big deal. I completely understand and respect that there are many, many people who don’t believe that these things exist. Unfortunately, I am often not granted that same respect in return, though I have accepted that a long time ago.

For many hundreds of years, iron has been believed to be a substance that repels most of if not all of the supernatural entities of most of the world. A quick search on the internet can reveal some of the reasons behind this, so I will do my best to compile most of them here. If anyone wants to point me to any additional source material, be my guest, I’ll read anything.

Human blood has a very distinct smell which can often times be instantly categorized as iron. But back in the day, people did not know that blood contained elements of iron in it, so they simply equated iron to lifeforce. Being that iron is a mineral buried within the earth, once it was uncovered that you could obtain iron not only from meteorites, but deep within the earth, certain cultures regarded iron as the lifeforce of the earth. It was regarded as a magical substance because it could withstand both the elements of fire and a deep freeze of the cold, and because it was still harder than most if not all metals at the time.