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Well, apparently, there is a new “Hellraiser” remake in the works. I have found out a great deal of information about this movie directly from as well as Below is listed a in-depth list of all of the known information and updates this film has undergone since it’s announcement. I personally think that at this point, after 57 sequels to the 1987 original, there isn’t really much that can be redone. It has also been explained that this would not be the “start” of a new franchise, but that Clive Barker, the creator of the original short story that spawned this icon and the man responsible for writing and directing the said 1987 original, will intend for this ‘re-imagining’ to be the beginning and the end of the new Pinhead. He does not intend to have sequels made, he simply wants to re-tell the story with today’s technology and updated special effects. This will obviously relate more to a faithful adaptation to the short story where we will see a quite different pinhead than Doug Bradley has portrayed for the past 24 years. (more…)