The first thing that you should know is that this article is 100% serious, and very, very real. This is not a GAG article, or a joke post. I am not going for humor here either. This is real, serious, and for a passion project that I am currently working on. I’m not trying to solicit anything, just trying to find assistance, so if it comes across that way, then I apologize.

I am looking for survivors of demonic possession from the East Coast of the United States who want their stories to be told. I am willing to travel to the following states in order to conduct interviews with these people: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Other states may be on the table as well, but I will have to take those on a case by case basis and see if I can fit the extra time in with my work schedule to make those trips.

I am looking for these people because I am currently in the process of writing a book that deals with the subject of demonic possession and exorcism, specifically, what has happened to people who were the victim of a diabolical attack, how it affected them, what happened, and how it changed their life. This is going to be a book which will be a collection of non-fiction stories which will re-tell the entire story from beginning to end, and it will require absolutely extensive interviewing.

I am even willing to speak with people who are currently in the state of possession, as their stories, though unfinished, are of great interest to a great many people, and I think they would fit quite nicely with my project.

However, as this topic will obviously attract, I want the stories I select for my book to be genuine, valid, verifiable, and most importantly, true and heartfelt. I am not in this to make a profit. In fact, it is very likely that this book will not sell too well, being that it is for a select audience. But it will be visceral, and real, and true. So unfortunately, there will be no compensation for this. Trust me, it is not because I don’t want to offer you any, but because I don’t have any. A very, very small grant was offered, which I declined, so all of the travel, research and writing expenses are out of pocket. However, it will not cost you a dime to tell your story and interview with me. I will travel to you. I would like the first full-blown interview to be face to face, and then we can figure out other ways to speak, most likely internet video chats for future events, or I will figure out a way via email and phone conversations, as well as any other type of communications you may be open to.

How this process will work:

1) You contact me at or by email to initiate contact and explain your story.

2) Tell me briefly, within a page or two, what your story is: Who you are, how it started, what happened, how it progressed, who stepped in to help you, who did you seek help from, and what the end result was. (Did it help, or are you still trying to free yourself?)

3) I respond to you, and if I think your story has a place within the book I am writing on this topic, I will request a face-to-face interview.

4) If I believe that it will be something that people will be interested in, I will request further interviews. These interviews can be very time consuming, so it may take some time scheduling and re-scheduling. Please understand that these interviews will take up a good amount of your time, and while one or two will be face-to-face, the great majority will take place via video chat of some kind.

5) Months will go by, it may even be a full year or more, depending on how long it takes for the finished book to be passed through publication. I will be working on speaking with a great many people, and each story will take me some time to properly understand and rewrite.

6) Then, the world will read your story eventually.

Now, this may seem intimidating, but if you so request it, your identity will be concealed, as well as your location, and you can be”anonymized“. If you prefer the real details to be given, that can be done for you as well. It all depends on what you are comfortable with. I know of people who endured this, and were successfully exorcized, however they lost all of their friends and were turned into social outcasts, so I can completely understand a desire for anonymity.

TO BE CLEAR, I am not insensitive. I understand what a psychological and spiritual battle this is, and how absolutely terrifying it is for those who have been through it, as well as their family and loved ones. I am NOT looking to capitalize on someone else’s suffering or misery. This is not about the money for me. I want to tell people’s stories, and open up the general public’s eyes to the fact that demonic possession and exorcism is not something from the middle ages, and that it is real and valid and happening today.

If you, or someone you know has suffered through a diabolical siege, or even has been involved in an intense and frequently active or powerful “haunting” involving things such as “psychic attacks“, “poltergeist activity“, or abnormally strange events – which can be verified by additional witnesses – then please, ask them to contact me. There are many stages to diabolic possession, and one of them is an intense and terrifying form of a long and drawn out “haunting” scenario known as diabolic infestation. I am interested in these stories as well. Very much so. I can be reached by: or

Phone number available upon request.Instant messengers available upon request. All additional information can be worked out between the both of us when the time is right.

I want you to know that I am not judgmental, and I will not think you’re crazy. I am very open-minded, and extremely willing to hear your story. Once again, this is not a joke, so please, if you are not 100% completely real, then don’t waste anyone’s time trying to seek attention. I have a very good BS meter, and only want to dedicate time and effort to those who genuinely need or want their stories to be told. Thank you for reading this, and please, please pass this on to anyone you know who may have been (or is currently going through) something like this. You never know, maybe they may want to talk to me.

  1. terry says:

    can you add me to your newsletter?

  2. Dewie J. Gaul says:

    “Surprisingly enough, the story of Anna Ecklund is not an easy one to come by, especially since it is considered the most famous exorcism story in the United States. There are different, varying accounts to the whole thing, and very few books have been published about it. One of these books, however, is entitled Begone Satan!, and was written by Father Carl Vogl approximately 80 years ago or so. It was translated into English by Rev. Celestine Kapsner, and published in approximately 1973. ”

    The booklet Begone Satan was published long before 1973. In September 1946 I went into a religious book store in Dubuque, Iowa, and bought 10 copies for $1.50 plus tax. I still have one of those copies I bought back in 1946. It shows that the imprimatur for the booklet was issued July 23, 1935 by the Bishop of St. Cloud, Minn. The exorcism occurred in September, 1928, at Earling, Iowa. That is when I was born at a farm house about three miles from Earling. My grandparents lived in a house about a half block from the convent where the exorcism took place.

    • LVCIFER says:


      You wouldn’t happen to have any copies remaining, would you?

      • Dewie J. Gaul says:

        I only have the one copy. I gave all the others away over the past sixty plus years. I think the booklet text is on line, isn’t it?

      • LVCIFER says:

        Oh it is, but I have a thing for collecting rare works on the topic of demonology in general, and there’s nothing rarer than the first printing. Figured I would ask and see if it was my lucky day.

  3. dennis says:

    I have a very real story, of my possession & exorcism, if you are seriously interested.
    This is a story you could not make up and had no priest involved.
    Demon possession is rare and this event is unique in more ways than one.

    • LVCIFER says:

      I’m always interested in listening to other’s personal experiences. If you’re willing to talk, I’m willing to listen.

      • dennis says:

        Just realised that it says above, east coast of America.

        I live on the east coast of England.

      • dennis says:

        I should have added that this is not a prank.

        I am 62 andI live in the city of Hull, East Yorkshire, it’s gone 1am and I’m very tired

        and I type very slowly.


  4. Dewie J. Gaul says:

    Dennis, I would like to know your story. Can you include me in when you tell it?

    • dennis says:

      Dewie, It’s Quite a long story, never got round to putting it on paper, thought a writer might be interested. I think I live too far away for Lvcifer.
      Only told the story to some family and friends over the years, it happend when I was 24 and the oldest person in the room. The church/religion are useless for anything like this.
      There were 5 witnesses/partakers, one was my wife (girlfriend at the time), who passed away over 3 years ago and at least 3 of the 4 left are contactable.
      Have you had any experience of a spiriual sort or are you just curious.
      This story tends to frighten the crap out of most people.

      • Dewie J. Gaul says:

        I waqs born about the time there was an exorcism at Earling, Iowa. My grandparents lived about a hlf block from the convent where the exorcism was carried out. I have laways had an interest in exorcism because of this sor of a connection thereto.

  5. dennis says:

    I was searching for the truth (about life) before my excorcism and joined the moonies, 2 weeks later got thrown
    out, they don’t like questions (all brainwashed)
    After the excorcism we went to a church and told them what had happened.
    They had never come across anything like this before, did not like and could not answer my questions, and eventually I got thrown out – same thing again.
    They bang their heads on the religious ceiling and will not think any further – you can see the fear
    in them.
    You do not need holy water, a cross, fancy words or prayers, days or even hours, nor does it
    require a priest or a reference book in latin, to exorcise a demon.
    My exorcism was carried out by 3 young people, under the age of 20, who had no experience,
    real knowledge, or any warning that it was about to happen.
    As I said before it’s quite a long and unique story that you could not make up.

    It looks like I will have to write it myself.

  6. anne says:

    Hello Dennis, I just read this article and you made me very very curious. Is there any posibility to write your story here? I am very interested in things like that, you sound genuine and as you said unique. What you said here, ” you don’t need holy water, a cross etc ” made me think deeply because we have been taught that a prayer or saying the name jesus christ should help or if you make the cross sign. sorry for my english, it’s not my native language. I look forward for your reply.

  7. Mary Ann Endre says:

    I don’t care what the general public think,or say. They are a bunch of nitwits. I think my boss was possessed by the devil, but I am not sure. She constantly cursed and used foul language, and one day after one of her many tirades, she looked serpentine. Her face was absolutely diabolic, filled with anger and hate. I didn’t like working with her.

  8. kritika says:

    In India some cases of possession r so severe that the family of d possessed takes the possesed to a temple called “mehndipur Balaji” in state of Rajasthan.. Once my cousin went there for regular prayer n he was tightly slapped by a newly married young woman..her husband told that she is possessed ..lord “hanuman” is the one who is believed to destroy all evil powers n remove them from d bodies of possessed.. In some incidents the possesd ladies put hot boiling milk on their heads n bodies n injure themselves..they push their children whom they loved so much..

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