In the year 1973 anno domini, there was a case of possession and eventual exorcism so extreme that it left an entire country at odds with the topic of religious fanaticism and/or demonic possession. Fresh off the heels of “The Exorcist” being released, a real-life case of diabolical possession occurred, in which afterwards, both the parents of the possessed and the priests who exorcised her were brought to trial – and found guilty. This is the story of a girl named Anneliese Michel, otherwise known as Americans as the true inspiration for the movie “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, and in one rare case, Hollywood didn’t do enough to sensationalize this story. They actually left too much out of the movie. WARNING: Included in this article are real photos of Anneliese Michel, and actual audio taken by the priests during the exorcism. These are disturbing and shocking images/sounds, proceed with caution. You have been warned.

To start, I will open up by stating that by al recollected accounts, Anneliese Michel was a well-adjusted, generous, kind, unobtrusive and devoutly religious girl for her age. There had always been one story or another of her conducting herself in a generally positive manner. She was liked by many, and respected by all. She was a good student, and involved in a serious relationship with a boy named Peter who by all accounts genuinely loved her.

Anna Michel, Anneliese’s mother recalls: “She liked life. She sang willfully. She was an intelligent girl. Teachers and professors always complimented her.” Though by her own admission, Anna has to dig pretty deeply to recall all the events of what happened, because this was a very long time ago. You see, Anneliese Michel died on July 1, 1976, at the age of 23. For the last few years of her life, she had been overtaken and besieged by demonic forces that refused to allow her even a single moment of peace. Anna claims that Anneliese was a very passionate and feminine girl, and in her ways of thinking, she was your typical modern woman.

The two priests who eventually took on her case were, collectively, referred to Anneliese Michel by over 60 authorized exorcists throughout the entire country of Poland. Time after time, each of them would tell one priest or the other that they should stop what they were doing, and take a trip out to Germany so that they could talk with the Michel’s. Both men were highly intelligent, one being a theologian, yet they were ridiculed and singled out by their peers, other theologians who disagreed with the legitimate presence of evil. It was regarded as a “taboo” topic, and in fact most men of the cloth today regard evil as an archaic, ancient train of thought, and prefer to think of evil as more of a metaphor, and not an actual, individual presence. Many people who work in the field of possessions and exorcisms regard these people as complete hypocrites, and quite literally as heretics because by their constant professing of their disbelief, they are blatantly going against the direct teachings of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity, which most of these men claim to have dedicated their life to.

Father Ernst Alt, assistant exorcist to Anneliese Michel during these events, claims that Anneliese Michel rarely, if ever, spoke about herself. She was the type of person who liked and enjoyed helping others, constantly displaying compassion and empathy for her fellow person. Often times, when there were familial disputes, Anneliese would take the side of her younger sisters instead of her parents, because she liked to defend those who had trouble defending themselves.

Once Anneliese Michel became ill, she was placed in a hospital in Mittelberg, Germany. This was an establishment specifically designed as a sanatorium for sufferers of tuberculosis. While she was there, she spent her days and nights praying constantly and dedicated the rest of her time to strengthening her faith and her spiritual relationship with God. Her ultimate desire was to become a catechist, which is someone who teaches the principals of the Christian religion, especially one using a catechism. While in Mittelberg, Anneliese Michel experienced what would ultimately be the basis for the future court case attempting to disprove her experiences – she had her first seizure.

As a result of her stay at the Mittelberg hospital, Anneliese Michel was actually cured of her tuberculosis, and returned home. She then began to attend high school at Aschefenburg, where everything was relatively normal up until the very end, when she began to have trouble speaking. At this time, in conjunction to the above problems, she also began to have trouble walking, often holding on to tables, chairs, beams, or any other material that would help her support her weight.

This immediately forces me to recall two separate stories listed in the Bible of Jesus casting out negative spirits. Please bear with me, I know that not many people these days are religious, so the following citations should be read in accordance with whatever beliefs you have. I only cite them because of their relevance to this topic, which happens to be inherently religious.

Now He was teaching in one of the synagogues on the Sabbath. And behold, there was a woman who had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bent over and could in no way raise herself up. But when Jesus saw her, He called her to Him and said to her, “Woman, you are loosed from your infirmity.” And He laid His hands on her, and immediately she was made straight, and glorified God. (Luke 13:16)

And further, there was also a case in which a mute demon was also cast out:

And He was casting out a demon, and it was mute. So it was, when the demon had gone out, that the mute spoke; and the multitudes marveled. But some of them said, “He casts out demons by Beelzebub, the ruler of the demons.” (Luke 11:14)

As you can see, even back in the day, there were skeptics and doubters who claimed that Christ was doing these miracles by using diabolical illusions or assistance. Ironically, as it has come to be known, this is possible, to use the assistance of a demonic entity to actually relieve ailments caused by demonic oppression, but that is an entirely different article.

At this time though, in regards to Anneliese Michel’s newfound ailments, Anna, her mother, feels that this was only the beginning of the new phenomena that was about to rule this families coming days.

Also at this time, everyone began to notice a change in Anneliese. On top of the issues she was having regarding her speech and inability to support her own bodyweight, she was also having sudden onsets of severe depression and excessive sorrow, but that was also the least of her problems. During one night at the dinner table, Anna recalls a situation where Anneliese’s hands appeared to be “enormous”, to the extend that she would even claim that they were almost twice their normal size. Anyone who has an experience in these matters would not be surprised by this, as the demonic are notorious or manipulating the physical world, specifically the body of that which it possesses. At the table, when Anneliese noticed this, she was noted as saying “I have black hands. Savior, forgive me.

This was also right around the same time that Anneliese began to have troubling and often times horrifying visions. She claimed to see things, namely terror-inciting visions. “I see devil faces on the walls, they have seven crowns and seven horns.”, she had said.

In an interview on the topic, Father Andrzej Trojanowski, doctor of theology and exorcist, claims that demonic entities take a distinct notice of our departure of faith and closeness to God. He also believes that is why mortal sin is something which testifies to the victory of evil spirits in our lives and current times. He claims that possession and such other spectacular actions or evil spirits is a disclosure, and that something such as a demonic spirits commits these actions because it must, that these actions are it’s sole purpose. He also mentions that these demons must eventually show themselves, but that they do not want to by any means. It will often go to extreme lengths to not make public any of its actions, as it does not want to unmask itself. As a matter of fact, when the point has come that the demonic entity makes it’s presence known in the form of possession phenomena, it’s actually a defeat on the demons part, because from that point on, usually steps will be taken to rid the afflicted on this onslaught.

Father Roth invited what would eventually turn out to be the main exorcist of the case, Father Renz, to accompany his prayer group just once, to see a possessed girl. During this pilgrimage, this girl was speaking in a masculine, guttural voice, she repeatedly swelled up, and couldn’t enter so much as a single sanctuary to save her life, literally and figuratively. She needed to be physically “calmed down” (most likely restrained) by her father. Father Renz could not believe that possession could occur somewhere in which Baptism was an active practice, and originally thought that this was over-exaggerated phenomena – until he saw with his own two eyes. One of the things that he would never forget was the fact that whatever was possessing this girl, or oppressing her, would physically throw this girl down to the ground, on her back, and force her to stay where she landed for hours at a time. This was something he would see very frequently with Anneliese Michel.

Back to Anneliese’s story, the night of the dinner event in which Anneliese’s hands swelled, Anna decided right then and there to begin attempting to contact an exorcist. She saw the amount of suffering that her daughter was enduring, and decided to try to find some form of relief or remedy. As stated above, Anneliese would be violently thrown down to the ground again, and again. She would stand up as quickly as she could, only to be forced down again. She would always pray the “Hail Mary”, and during each time that she would recite this prayer, she would be repeatedly thrown to the ground, once again on her back and forced to stay that way. She could not protect herself from these falls, so she would very frequently injure her face and head. Anna would spread as many quilts and pillows on the floor as she could find, but “the devil is malicious”, she would say. Anneliese would always land “just slightly” off or away from the quilts and pillows, on the bare ground. As a matter of fact, accepting that she would not be experiencing comfort anytime soon, Anneliese began to sleep on the stone floor of her home – something that would actually last 3 years.

What’s shocking and even frightening to me to some degree is that even now, as of 2007, Anna Michel claims to still be dealing with the presence of some wicked entity in her home, though nowhere near to the degree that Anneliese did. She claims that whatever it is was “left over” from when all of this happens, and that even though weeks or months will go by with no signs of a presence, every so often, something will happen, just to remind her that “it’s still there”.

Now, reader, let me take a second – a brief pause, if you will – to make note of a few things. These topics are VERY grave. I know that I am ‘running through’ these things rather quickly, but take into consideration that it is only because of the fact that there was a whole lot of unnatural phenomena which occurred during this case. Let me ask you, if you were in your home, and your hands began to swell, and you couldn’t stand up physically, but didn.t know why…. If you started seeing demonic faces on the walls, and you started getting thrown down to the ground by some invisible force, hoe would you react? I’m pretty positive that you would be experiencing a terror beyond anything you could imagine. Everything you had ever thought would be questioned and second guessed. You can’t imagine the feeling of seeing your child be tormented by some unseen hand, and not being able to do anything to help them. It is a sense of complete helplessness, and despair, and terror, and it is constant. Never knowing when it will happen – what will happen. So please take these things into consideration while reading this. I know the details are flying by, but this isn’t just some article, this was an actual girl, a human being who was being terrorized in an unimaginable way.

Back to the case details, Father Renz, the main exorcist in this case, claims that he sent Anneliese to as many doctors as he could once he became familiar with what was happening to her. He was constantly trying to see if they could find anything at all that would maybe explain some, if not all, of the events occurring. In the end, it was concluded that Anneliese had something “similar to” epilepsy, and that she would need to be prescribed medications for the problem.

As a requirement by the Catholic Church, Anneliese saw MANY psychiatrists, some of which went as far as to say that it was impossible to cure cases of possession with injections of tablets. Not surprisingly, when the actual court case came rolling around, it turns out that each and every single one of these doctors changed their stories when the time to testify arose.

In the work An Exorcist Tells His Story by Father Gabriele Amorth, the former Chief Exorcist for the Vatican, Ignatius Press of San Francisco, 1994 softcover Twelfth Edition, ISBN 978-0-89870-710-6, page #79, paragraph 2:

We can state that “one of the determining factors in the recognition of a diabolical possession is the inefficacy of medicines”, while blessings prove very efficacious. I exorcised Mark, a young man who was the victim of a severe possession. He had been confined a long time and been tormented by psychiatric remedies, especially electroshock, without the slightest reaction. When the doctor prescribed sleep therapy, for an entire week they gave him enough sleeping pills to sedate an elephant; he never fell asleep, either during the day or during the night. He wandered around the hospital in a stupor, with wide-open eyes. Finally he landed at my doorstep, with immediate positive results.

And finally, after all of the doctors had given their diagnosis and professional opinions, Father Renz decided to perform a “trial” exorcism, which may, as it sounds, be performed as a ‘test; or a ‘diagnostic’ event.

In the work An Exorcist Tells His Story by Father Gabriele Amorth, the former Chief Exorcist for the Vatican, Ignatius Press of San Francisco, 1994 softcover Twelfth Edition, ISBN 978-0-89870-710-6, page #77:

With these “patients”, it is profitable to use a euphemistic language. Therefore, we always call the exorcisms “blessings”. The presence of the evil one, once it is ascertained, is referred to “negativity”. It is also advantageous that the prayers be in Latin. All this is to avoid using words that alarm and thus obtain the opposite of what is desired. There are people who have the fixation of being possessed; in these cases, we can be almost certain they are not. To someone in a confused state of mind, the fact of receiving an exorcism may become proof positive of possession, and nobody will ever be able to convince them him differently. When I still do not know the person well, I insist on saying that I am blessing him, even if I am performing an exorcism; at times, I simply give The Ritual’s blessing for the sick.

So as you can see above, both the medication issue AND “trial” exorcism/blessings have been explained by a man, Father Gabriele Amorth, who claims to have performed over 30,000 exorcisms in his career, 30+ years of which were exclusively as an exorcist for Rome.

During the above mentioned “trial” exorcism/blessing”, this is where it really hit the fan. As a test, perhaps to prove it to himself, even, Father Renz gave a mental command, i.e. a command that he only thought but did not say, to the demons in his presence. He Thought the command “Withdraw from her! Say who you are!”.

At that particular moment, Annaliese quite literally went berserk.  The demonic entity inside her began to make themselves known in startling succession. In that moment, the priest knew for certain that an epileptic person or a crazy person simply wouldn’t be able to react that way, in particular, read the thoughts of another person. At this moment, Anneliese tore the rosary from Father Renz and destroyed it. This made my blood run cold when I read this, because if there is one thing that is absolutely sacred in cases of demonic possession, it is the rosary. This religious artifact is never touched – unless the thing possessing is extremely powerful.

According to Ed Warren, the late noted demonologist and assistant to exorcists of the Roman Catholic Church, in the book The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, by Gerard Daniel Brittle, iUniverse Press, 2002 softcover reprint edition, ISBN 0-595-24618-4, page 151, paragraphs 2, 3, & 4:

All the while the phenomena kept up as usual. Before leaving, the Warrens had taken Father Jason aside. “There are a number of entities in the home,” Ed told him, “but judging by the intensity and power of the phenomena, we suspect the disturbance is being caused by more than demoniacal powers. There’s the distinct possibility that a higher, diabolical entity is involved, possibly having been drawn from the retreat house, where it could have sought to victimize the monks. If so, you might observe some sign that would alert you to its presence.” That sign occurred on Tuesday night, as Ed and Father Jason spoke on the telephone.

One curious aspect to a diabolical siege is that rosary beads are a taboo item to the demonic spirit. Only the most menacing and blasphemous of entities would dare to move them. As Father Jason was speaking on the phone, rosary beads floated out of the spare bedroom in which he was staying. He watched as they turned left, drifted down the hallway, turned left again into the kitchen, then finally wrapped themselves around a kitchen chair in a gesture of strangulation.

That was it! Ed told Father Jason to get the family out of the house and stay away until he and Lorraine got back from New York on Thursday. With that, everyone packed up and left immediately.

Anneliese was no longer “able” to pray. It was as if that moment, a line was drawn in the sand, and a war was declared between the possessing entities and the priests. In the beginning, it started out as only two priests conducting deliverance ritual, which are more or less ‘unsanctioned’ exorcisms designed to attempt to liberate the afflicted individual, but ultimately, they were joined by many other priests. After a small while, the original two priests, Father Renz and Father Alt decided that it would be best if they were the ones dealing with the situation, so they requested that all others leave them to the task.

By this point, both priests had been given the order from their Bishop which allowed them to begin official exorcisms. They each had separate authorization in the forms of written documents. Though I was not able to obtain these documents, I was able to listen to them transcribed by the actual priests in a documentary on this case. The letter, which was very brief, on official letterhead from Bishop Joseph Stangl, reads as follows:

I authorize Father Arnold Renz to go through with the procedure involving Anne Lisner (her pseudonym), according to paragraph 11.51.1. My prayer will accompany this case the whole time. I pray God to help us.

While brief, it gave the priests the exact authorization that they had needed in order to conduct an official, Church-sanctioned exorcism, which is important because once this permission is given, it is regarded as if the power of Christ himself is partaking in these rituals. Bishops are regarded as being a part of the lineage of Christ, and since Christ gave all of his disciples the power to exorcise in his name, this permission, now required by the Church, is designed to infuse the actual ritual with a supernatural grace far beyond that which any exorcist would have on his own, which is due only to the authority of Christ. An exorcist alone without this power of Christ has absolutely no authority, but once that authority is given, watch out, because it’s like giving steroids to an athlete. Everything is just amped up.

At this time, Father Renz and Father Alt convened in Klingenberg, Germany, to begin a strenuous and intense schedule for exorcism. During the first attempt at exorcism, Father Renz performed the Roman Catholic Ritual, and to his absolute surprise and shock, the possessing demons began to speak , on their own, without even being provoked. The priests began to interrogate these entities, attempting to find out what had happened and why they were there. Questions such as “Who are you?” and “What are your names?” were asked, all of which are extremely important in the ritual. Through these questions, they were able to ascertain that there were six major possessing demons engaging Anneliese.  These demons were:

  • Judas Iscariot
  • Lucifer
  • Hitler
  • Fallen priest Fleischmann
  • Nero
  • Cain

Now, below, you will find a PDF file available to download. It is just a quick scan I did of the available descriptions of the demons listed above. This information was taken from the book Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned, by Michelle Belanger, Llewellyn Press, 2010 softcover  first print edition, ISBN 978-0-7387-2306-8. This only includes the entries for Lucifer and Satan, because all of the other demons claiming to inhabit Anneliese were those of actual PEOPLE – i.e., the fallen priest, Adolph Hitler, Nero, Judas Iscariot, and Cain. I took what was available and placed it here, but again, credit goes to Michelle Belanger for an awesome lexicon of demonic entities.

Lucifer and Satan

Then, surprisingly, some of the demons began actually making confessions. Because so much activity was being engaged, at first, Anne was taking dictation of all of these comments, but they quickly became too much and too fast to handle, so with the Bishop’s permission (as is now customary) they began to record these sessions. By Anneliese’s own request, she wanted to let the entire world hear these tapes, but that request has not been honored. After the trial and as of 2007, the Roman Catholic Church has decided to confiscate these tapes and professed that they would remain confidential for the next 30 years or so.

These tapes are not exactly easy to come by. Surprisingly, I was actually able to encounter a good amount of them (approximately 100 minutes spanning through multiple sessions) directly from YouTube! I do not know how long these “videos” are going to be available; however, I have all videos and translations saved to my harddrive. While I do not know how accurate the translations are, as I do not speak German or Dutch, someone out there took the time to listen to and translate ALL 100 minutes, so without further introduction, here are the videos of which I speak. Warning: These recordings are shocking to the average person, and you may find that you do not want to listen to all of the recordings. I do not blame you. They are spoken with a distinctly guttural, violent, hate-filled and inhuman voice. There are sounds here that will make you cringe. I personally felt unexplainably dirty after listening to this audio. You have been warned. This is a 9 part series taken from YouTube, which was the only form of English translation I could find.

Part 01/09

Part 02/09

Part 03/09

Part 04/09

Part 05/09

Part 06/09

Part 07/09

Part 08/09

Part 09/09

I also have an audio file in the form of an MP3 which is basically the same exact audio used in the videos above.

Now, at this time, Father Alt had virtually no support from his peers, either in his country or in others. Outside of the Bishop and the priest assisting in the Rituale Romanum of 1614, he was more or less alone in this. Now, it is important to keep in mind that this was a time when religion was on the decline and science was on the rise, such as psychiatry and psychology, so Father Alt was under great pressure from the scientific community. They wanted to give these types of cases some scientific context, explanation and categorization. Unfortunately, for anyone who has not witnessed this phenomena firsthand, you just don’t feel or know how seriously legitimate this occurrence is.

On recorded occasions, Anneliese claimed to see the demons jumping around and dancing on the floor in front of her, tormenting the priests. She even asked them (the priests) if they could see them, which they could not. Her eyes at times would literally become “black and fiery”, filled with an abundance of hate and rage. This was a peculiar time for those around Anneliese, because her activity became even more strange. She had chosen to begin sleeping on the stone floor in the dead of winter to atone for the sins of “wayward priests” and “drug addicts”. She would also engage in such acts as eating spiders off of the floor, and licking up her own urine. This was on top of frantically and fervently tearing at her own clothes, often times leaving herself completely nude.

Anne, Anneliese’s mother, recalls one night at dinner, the chair that Anneliese was sitting on was suddenly ripped out from under her by some unseen force, and Anneliese jumped high above the chair, which was a feat considering that she had trouble supporting her own weight and walking properly. When father Roth arrived, he had with him both a bottle of normal tap water, and a bottle of Holy Water from San Damiano. Anneliese took the bottle of Holy Water and threw it at him. Suspiciously, the bottle stopped mid-air, mid momentum, but only for a moment, then fell to the ground with apparently no velocity, as if it were just “wafted” as if a leaf on the wind. Another unnatural event occurred when Anneliese was standing in the hallway of her home. She had kicked a cup full of water as if she were punting a football, and the cup flew across the room. However, not a single drop spilled, even after the cup landed and rolled around for a bit on the floor.

In the book The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, by Gerald Daniel Brittle, iUniverse Press, 2002 softcover reprint edition, ISBN 0-595-24618-4, page 60, paragraphs 3 & 4, Ed Warren as well as his wife Lorraine Warren goes into much detail about hos demonic forces can and will manipulate the laws of physics.

But how can the Warrens know if an intelligence is truly behind the disturbance, when that external agent is invisible?

Lorraine explains it this way: “Although this intelligence often chooses to remain invisible, there is no mistaking what’s behind the phenomena, especially if it is an inhuman demonic spirit. Activity will occur in circles, in reverse, counterclockwise, or in distinct violation of the laws of physics. Stones, for instance, or nuts and bolts will fall out of the blue sky onto a home under demonic attack. These stones will come down with such force that they may actually penetrate the roof.  We have seen the same downpour of stones happen inside a house as well. And so that it will be understood that these events are not of natural origin, the objects will fall in a zigzag manner, in defiance of the laws of gravity so there is no question as to what’s really behind them. This falling of stones or even small animals like frogs or fish isn’t rare, by the way – it happens somewhere in this country about once a week.

“And it won’t just be objects falling: a dozen other unnatural things will be happening inside the home at the very same time. And all the while this outward show of phenomena is going on, a similar, subjective assault will be launched against the people themselves.  Terrifying things, like innocent children becoming debased monsters with superhuman strength. Or adults   suddenly aging overnight, or taking on features of the dead. And many times, these effects are not totally reversible. Yes, these things happen! This is very real, very serious business. When the demonic is responsible for a disturbance, lives are often ruined.”

Often times, Anneliese would also somehow force tables and chairs to move about frequently, constantly rearranging themselves without ever actually physically touching the items above-mentioned. From the same book as mentioned above, The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, by Gerald Daniel Brittle, iUniverse Press, 2002 softcover reprint edition, ISBN 0-595-24618-4, page 57, paragraph 2:

Perhaps the primary legitimate explanation for peculiar goings-on in a house is psychokinesis, the power of the mind to levitate or teleport small objects through space. PK, as it’s abbreviated, is caused by the transfer of psychic energy to objects. Typically, the individual giving off this energy is under a great deal of stress.

Frustrated or angry children are quite often the source of PK activity.  Though unusual psychokinesis may be similar to phenomena brought about by spirits,” Ed indicates,  “PK levitations rarely involve weights of over one pound. No experiment has yet shown the human mind able to move weights of over two pounds. Demonic spirits, by contrast, regularly move furniture or appliances that would require two strong men to lift.

And, as mentioned a small ways above, Anneliese was notorious for destroying and tearing apart rosaries. We all know how I feel about that, based on the knowledge I have on the matter.

A family friend, Mrs. Thea Hein was one of the first to notice the apparent change in Anneliese. In 1975, Mrs. Hein took Anneliese on a pilgrimage, as she was a close family friend. While on this pilgrimage, she noticed that Anneliese was physically unable to drink the Holy Water from the spring, and also physically unable to walk past an icon of Jesus Christ, Mrs. Hein was instrumental in contacting the priests early on because of her fear of demonic possession. She did not believe that the doctors who diagnosed Anneliese as an epileptic were correct based on the symptoms she had observed, and she basically got the ball rolling on getting the Church involved. At one point, Anneliese said to Mrs. Hein: “I am Anneliese, and I will go for your neck and tear it apart.” Then she struck Mrs. Hein in the head violently, and had to be physically restrained.

Her boyfriend, Peter, was constantly involved in most of this process. He would often drop by the house, expected or not, to spend time with Anneliese. Even though for the most part, she could not talk unless she was blaspheming or raging out, there is one event which he recalls in which Anneliese suddenly grew stoic, stared him right in the eyes and said in a clear, unimpeded voice: “I am of a stony heart.”.  Also worth noting, on many – many – occasions, Anneliese was physically abusive to both her sisters and Peter, violently throwing them to the floor, and assaulting them on some occasions literally from dusk until dawn.

According to Ed Warren, the late noted demonologist and assistant to exorcists of the Roman Catholic Church, in the book The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, by Gerald Daniel Brittle, iUniverse Press, 2002 softcover reprint edition, ISBN 0-595-24618-4, page 167, paragraph 1:

[…] As for changes to the body, the strength of the possessed is completely overwhelming. I have seen a possessed child throw grown adults around the room like a sumo wrestler. And a possessed adult is completely unmanageable. I know – I have been attacked by the possessed on more than one occasion, and big as I am, at two-hundred-and-twenty pounds, I can report to you that no human being could ever single-handedly fight off a possessed individual. You’re dealing with something that has the strength of six men.

In the work An Exorcist Tells His Story by Father Gabriele Amorth, the former Chief Exorcist for the Vatican, Ignatius Press of San Francisco, 1994 softcover Twelfth Edition, ISBN 978-0-89870-710-6, page #69, paragraph 2, Father Amorth goes into detail as well about the enhanced physical strength of someone afflicted with possession:

One begins with the physical symptoms. The two areas most commonly affected by evil influences are the head and the stomach. In addition to headaches that are severe and unresponsive to prescriptions, symptoms include a sudden in­ ability to learn. In particular, young people who never had trouble at school all of a sudden cannot study anymore, and their ability to concentrate disappears.  The signs listed in the Ritual are limited to the most spectacular manifestations of possession, such as the ability to speak or understand unknown languages perfectly, to know the hidden and the remote or to demonstrate a superhuman physical strength. As I have already mentioned, I was able to detect these signs only during the blessings (this is how I always refer to exorcisms), never before. Often I am told of strange or violent behavior.  A typical symptom of evil influence is an aversion to the sacred.  It happens then that prayerful people suddenly stop praying. Others stop going to church and become full of rage; some suddenly blaspheme often and act violently against sacred images. Almost always we also encounter asocial behavior, such as anger against relatives or acquaintances, and many types of bizarre behavior.

In the book Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans by Father Malachi Martin, HarperOne Press, 1992 softcover reprint edition, ISBN 978-0-06-065337-8, goes into a little bit of information on the phenomena of superhuman strength briefly, mainly by telling you how the actual exorcist and his assistants deal with this on page 16, paragraph 2:

An exorcist comes to know from experience what he can expect by way of violent behavior; and, for their own sakes, possessed people must usually be physically restrained during parts of the exorcism. The assistants therefore must be physically strong. In addition, there may be a straitjacket on hand, though leather straps or rope are more commonly used.

In the work Interview With An Exorcist: An Insider’s Look At The Devil, Demonic Possession, and the Path to Deliverance by Father Jose Antonio Fortea, Ascension Press, 2006 softcover edition, ISBN 978-1-932645-96-5, pages 86 & 87, Father Fortea goes into detail about what some of the telling signs of phenomena would indicate a case of actual, demonic possession in the second mention down the list:

75. What extraordinary phenomena occur in a possession?

When a trance state is present or a demonic personality appears, we can be certain that we are dealing with a true case of demonic possession. There are cases of possession, however, in which other extraordinary phenomena are manifested. The most frequent phenomena are:

  • The person suddenly understands foreign (or even ”dead’) languages he has never studied. Regardless of the person’s age or intelligence, he will obey orders given in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and other languages, even when used simultaneously. Sometimes the possessed will speak to those present in these unknown languages, though this is less common.
  • The possessed displays abnormal physical strength, sometimes over the course of several hours. Sometimes the person is even able to perform acts that are usually impossible, such as lifting several people at once.
  • The person demonstrates a knowledge of hidden things.
  • Perhaps the most extraordinary phenomenon of all and the most infrequent-is levitation.
  • Some cases of possession, however, manifest no extraordinary phenomena at all.

Also, according to Ed Warren, the late noted demonologist and assistant to exorcists of the Roman Catholic Church, in the book The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, by Gerald Daniel Brittle, iUniverse Press, 2002 softcover reprint edition, ISBN 0-595-24618-4, page 104, paragraph 2, he also goes into depth in regards to the times of day and night when activity is strengthened or weakened.

“During infestation, the strategy of the demonic is to generate fear through incidents of inexplicable phenomena,” says Ed. “Activity will be especially prevalent during the psychic hours of night, between 9 P.M. and 6 A.M., with the peak occurring between 1 A.M. and 5 A.M. The very first incidents of activity will tend to occur at exactly three o’clock in the morning. This symbolic hour, the ‘high noon’ of the demonic day, is chosen as a mocking gesture because it is in direct opposition to the traditional hour of Jesus’ death. Once the initial infestation has taken place, then phenomena will tend to erupt at any time after the sun goes down. If the infesting spirit can draw energy during the daylight hours, activity may also go on during the day, though to a diminished degree.

Quite literally, invisible forces would throw Anneliese up against one wall, then slam her into another, then back again, over and over again. Her face and head were full of bruises in various stages of healing to the point where her skin was either very dark blue or black. Her eyes were so swollen that she could barely see anymore. Her teeth were broken and chipped from her multiple attempts to bite and/or eat the stones from either the floor she slept on or the walls of her room. Her body was literally so damaged that she was hard to physically recognize. I personally have a theory about this phenomena, however this is completely unsubstantiated. I am basing this off of something I read from Ed Warren, in which he was persistently questioned about what the demons he has physically seen actually looked like.

According to Ed Warren, the late noted demonologist and assistant to exorcists of the Roman Catholic Church, in the book The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, by Gerald Daniel Brittle, iUniverse Press, 2002 softcover reprint edition, ISBN 0-595-24618-4, page 100, paragraphs 2, he also goes into depth in regards to a conversation he had with a possessing demon in which he attempts to find out what these creatures look like.

The Voice:         I do not choose to be here!

Ed Warren:        Why did you come then?

The Voice:         I am under the Power!

Ed Warren:        Whose power?

The Voice:         A white light!

Ed Warren:        Describe yourself to me.

The Voice:         No.

(The crucifix is then set in place, followed by agonized screaming by the possessing spirit.)

Ed Warren:        Describe yourself to me!

The Voice:         I must in truth tell you what I look like. I am wicked-and ugly looking. I am inhuman. I am vindictive. I have a horrible face. I have much gross hair on my body. My eyes are deepsunk. I am black all over. I am burnt. I grow hair. My nails are long, my toes are clawed. I have a tail. I use a spear. What else do you want to know?

Ed Warren:        What do you call yourself?

The Voice:         (Proclaiming) I am Resisilobus! I am Resisilobus!!

And within the same book The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, by Gerald Daniel Brittle, iUniverse Press, 2002 softcover reprint edition, ISBN 0-595-24618-4, page 115, paragraphs 3, 4, & 5:

Ed speaks of the demonic spirit showing itself only rarely in preternatural form. What does the demonic spirit look like? The question is an uncomfortable one for him to answer.

“Although the spirit can project itself in any form it chooses,” says Ed, “its appearance is an abomination, a monstrosity. To see what’s really behind the phenomenon is not something to be desired. To actually see the demonic is to feel ruin. What shows is something distinctly preternatural in appearance: something real enough as you see it, but yet something not of this world.”

But what does it ultimately look like?

“Ultimately,” Ed answers with great reluctance, “it is not human. It is inhuman. It has scales. It looks . . . like a reptile. That’s it,” he cautions. “I won’t complete the rest of the image.”

There were many situations in which Anneliese was like night and day. A specific event comparison would be the night before Ascention Day. Anneliese smashed her head through a window and window frame in her home, while on another day, she was praying from sunrise until sunset. There was literally no way to predict what type of day it was going to be, and these attacks were known for being completely random.

Anne tells an event that completely changed the entire flow of this story. It was a Sunday she vividly recalls. Anneliese and Peter had decided to go for a walk in an area not too close to their home, called “Paradise Mill”. They drove there, but when they got out of the car on the side road, Anneliese’s condition was very, very bad, and it seemed as if they might not be able to complete this walk as originally anticipated. She was almost to the point where she could not physically speak, period. She couldn’t walk without assistance, and needed help standing upright. At that moment, something happened that changed Anneliese. She claims that Mary, Mother of God appeared to her. She suddenly began to walk, without Peter, as if in a world completely her own. She claims that herself and Mary began to walk, side by side, for quite some time. During this walk, Mary said to her, “My heart suffers so much because so many souls go to hell. It is necessary to do penance, for priest, for young people, and for your country. Would you like to do penance for these souls, so that all these people wouldn’t suffer in hell?”

Peter was also there during this time, but did not see Mother Mary, some speculate, because he was not gifted with the same grace that Anneliese had earned through her spiritual suffering.

Mother Mary also asked, “Would you like to do penance for the souls that will be damned for eternity otherwise?”

Peter stood by and watched as Anneliese immediately kneeled and began praying. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Anneliese jumped up and began running again with no pain! He realized then that something must have happened, because until that moment, Anneliese couldn’t even stand unassisted. It was at this moment that Anneliese’s vision ended. When they both returned home, Anneliese ran upstairs, and said “Mom! Mom! Look at me! I can walk again! Jump! Dance! Mother of God has appeared to me!”

Anne at first thought that Anneliese had finally gone mad, but was reassured by Anneliese that what had happened was indeed real. She repeated it several times, with not so much as a single detail changing. Anneliese told her mother about what Mary had said in regards to the damned, and Anne asked where Peter was. Anneliese responded by telling her that Peter was sitting in the car, in the garage, sobbing and crying. His emotions had apparently overrun him.

Peter had indeed been touched. He was a very unique person, in the sense that he stuck with Anneliese through everything; through every stage of this nightmare, and he supported her and did whatever he could to help. He knew every detail about what was going on, and still decided to stay. They had both been planning a future together both before and during this demonic siege. They would have eventually married, had events not taken such a sinister turn. Even while these events were still occurring, both of them believed that one day this would all come to an end and they would both move on with their life. At Anneliese’s home in Klingerberg, he witnessed everything that has been documented. Some believe that he may not have understood that Anneliese was suffering so much in the same way that Jesus Christ had in the past.

Anneliese also told her mother that she would have three days of peace, but in those three days she must come to a decision to either accept or reject the question which Mother Mary had given her. Needless to say, Anne was frightened by the idea of her daughter suffering for the salvation of so many souls. She felt that it was an enormous and insurmountable task, and she had consulted Anneliese’s father to let him know about all of these details as well, and to fill him in on what had happened.  Anne spent literally all of this time with Anneliese, who spent all day either kneeling of standing before the cross, praying Anne told Anneliese that she shouldn’t say “yes” and accept the proposition, to which Anneliese revealed that she did indeed intend on accepting the burden. “I can mom. If I don’t do this, it will be my fault so many souls will go to Hell! They will be damned for eternity, I will be guilty.” Anne felt that was a terrible burden to be placed on such a young girl who was already suffering so greatly.

On 12/31/75, the demons had to leave. Often times, during an exorcism of a series of exorcism, the exorcist will ask the demons for the exact time and date of a departure, marking when they will leave. There are often lies told, and tactics employed to delay the departure, but more or less the dates and times are accurate for the most part. This date was revealed through Mother Mary though, as Anneliese claimed to hear Mary say “I will come and expel them.”, during their conversation.  On that day, Father Renz and Father Alt addressed the demons by stating that “they have to leave now, Mother of God is ordering.” The demonic forces attempted to delay as best they could. They were no longer answering as sharply as they were before. As a matter of fact, the priests were surprised that the demonic spirits were so sluggish, “as if paralyzed”. They did the normal growling and purring from within Anneliese, but not very much else. Not previously faced with this subtle opposition, the priests were both confused and apprehensive.

Father Renz said to them, “Leave! You must leave! I order you!” to no avail or answer. After a pause, the demonic spirits responded by saying through Anneliese “We won’t leave.” And again began growling. From time to time, they added some other comments, but ultimately, the priests waited to see what would happen. Father Renz gave a special order this time: to be absolutely sure the spirits would leave, he ordered them to say “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord of with thee.”

Now, the voice that erupts from the containment of a possessed person is something the average human never wants to hear. This voice in itself is inhuman, and it is filled with rage and hatred and despair. It sounds guttural, and intense, and ethereal. This is not the voice of anything you would want to remember, and it is extremely disturbing. In the book Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans by Father Malachi Martin, HarperOne Press, 1992 softcover reprint edition, ISBN 978-0-06-065337-8, page 20, paragraph 5:

The Voice is an inordinately disturbing and humanly distressing babel. The first few syllables seem to be those of some word pronounced slowly and thickly-somewhat like a tape recording played at a subnormal speed. You are just straining to pick up the word and a layer of cold fear has already gripped you-you know this sound is alien. But your concentration is shattered and frustrated by an immediate gamut of echoes, of tiny, prickly voices echoing each syllable, screaming it, whispering it, laughing it, sneering it, groaning it, following it. They all hit your ear, while the alien voice is going on unhurriedly to the next syllable, which you then try to catch, while guessing at the first one you lost. By then, the tiny, jabbing voices have caught up with that second syllable; and the voice has proceeded to the third syllable; and so on.

Normally, it would be very hard if not impossible for a demonic, possessing spirit to recite words such as these, as it is horribly painful for them to experience based on their intense hatred for the love and grace of God and religion in general. It goes against everything they exist for, against their entire existence.

You can view the ENTIRE English Transcription of the 90-minute version of the audio HERE: English Transcript

Father Renz told them that they would all be praying with the Mother of God. He thencommanded them to greet her, and all present would sing the hymn “Magnificent”. The priests began to sing, and no more than 2 lines into the hymn, the demons began screaming and shrieking in pain and terror, in that horrible, inhuman voice. “She is coming! She is coming!” they cried.

You can listen to this audio here: “She is coming!.mp3

<Below is the transcript, in English, of the audio posted above>

The Voice:         She is coming! She is coming!

Priests:              My soul worships God…

The Voice:         She is coming!

The priests claimed that their hair stood on end, and that they had never encountered anything like this before. They had never heard this degree of despair and torment emanate from the demons within Anneliese. They seemed to be in genuine turmoil and torment. All at once, the priests all dropped to their knees to greet Mother Mary as she arrived. Seeing their weakened state, Father Renz asked the demons, “Which of you will leave first?” After a slight pause, the first to answer was the fallen priest, Fleischmann. He had to say who he was and why he was damned to eternal suffering in Hell.

You can listen to this audio here: “The Exile of Fleischmann & Cain.mp3

<Below is the transcript, in English, of the audio posted above>

The Voice:         I am damned, because I… because I… I’ve dealt with my priestly duties so bad.

Priests:              Who are you? Judas?

The Voice:         No.

Priest:               Fleischmann?

The Voice:         Yes. I have to leave now.

Priests:              To Hell?

The Voice:         Yes.

Priests:              Do you know what you have to say?

The Voice:         Yes.

Priests:             …Son and The Holy Spirit. One God in three Persons, and The Holy Spirit. Give us the sign. <pause> I must get a sign of you leaving. <pause> Son and The Holy Spirit. Give us the sign.

The Voice:         Ha…Ha…Ha…Hail. <profuse stuttering> Mary… <pause> …Full of grace.

Priests:              It was a sign, this one has left. He said: “Hail Mary, full of grace.” It was the fixed sign. So Fleischmann is gone. Now next. Who is next? The next is Cain, or Nero? Next is Cain. In the name of the One God in three Persons, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

The Voice:         I am Cain.

Priests:              In the name of the One God in three Persons…

The Voice:         I killed my brother!

Priests:              I order you to depart. In the name of the One God in three Persons… I order you to worship the Holiest Virgin.

The Voice:         Ha…Ha…Ha…

Priests:              I order you to worship the Mother of God.

The Voice:         Ha…Ha… You dirty pig, what have you devised.

Priests:              In the name of the one God in three Persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I order you to worship the Holiest Virgin. In the name of the one God in three Persons, the Father…

The Voice:          Ha…Ha…Ha… …Hail <intense stuttering> …Mary… …full of grace.

There was a powerful and drawn out sigh and then silence afterwards. As this process endured, at the end was finally Lucifer, and he was the last one left. When he was asked why he was there, his response was “Because I wanted to reign. To be the only creature on Earth. I didn’t want to serve anyone.” At the end, he stammered and stuttered through the “Hail Mary” like those before him, and he too left Anneliese.

You can listen to this audio here: “The Exile of Lucifer.mp3

<Below is the transcript, in English, of the audio posted above>

The Voice:         I am damned. Because I didn’t want… because I didn’t want… to serve God. I wanted to reign… although I was the only creature.

Priests:              You wanted to reign although you were the only creature?

The Voice:         I won’t leave.

Priests:              In the name of the one God in three Persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I order you to depart and worship the Holiest Virgin. In the name of the Holiest Virgin and in the name of Jesus… I order you to leave! In the name of the one God in three Persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I order you to worship the Holiest Virgin.

The Voice:         No.

Priests:              You didn’t want to submit to the Heavens, but you had to. To the One God in three Persons, the Holiest Virgin, the Holy Angels, and to Michael the Archangel. Withdraw… In the name of the one God in three Persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Voice:         No…no…no…no

Priests:              I order you to leave! To leave and never come back. And to worship the Holiest Virgin.

The Voice:         Ha…ha…ha… <stuttering> Hail Mary… <pause> …full of grace.

Priests:              Great God, we praise you. Let’s end with appropriate prayer. And then we’ll sing “The Great Song of Worship”

Priests:              Oh Great God…

Anneliese:         Oh, yes…

Priests:              So are you happy?

Anneliese:         Yes, I feel completely different.

Priests:              We are begging You, we are begging You, God Almighty for bad spirits to have no more power over Anneliese’s body.

Anneliese:         I’m completely free now…completely free. It’s so wonderful…completely free.

After this seemingly successful exorcism as transcribed above, Anneliese stated, and can be heard on the recording, as saying “I’m completely free now…completely free. It’s so wonderful… completely free.”

Father Renz was searching for the closing prayer to in effect offer a sense of closure to thank God, when startling revelations were made.

You can listen to this audio here: “The Demons That Remain.mp3

After only approximately ten minutes of prayer, it was revealed that some demons were still present within Anneliese. They screamed, “We want to leave, but we are not allowed!”

It was this exact moment that baffled priests because they could not and would not ever understand. They all acknowledged that this was indeed something different, and highly unusual. They weren’t sure if they made a mistake or where, or what that mistake was. While many looked on at this as a defeat in the physical world, some took it as a final victory in the spiritual warfare that Anneliese was engaged in.

Many, many years later, Father Alt believes that despite the remaining demons who wanted to leave but couldn’t, this may have been because Anneliese accepted Mother Mary’s proposal and that some demons were bound to Anneliese because of this, but ultimately, no one knows why this happened for sure. There are no definitive answers.

Anneliese:         Father, I never thought it would be so scary. I wanted to suffer for other people so they don’t have to end up in Hell. But I never would have thought it would be so scary, so horrible. Sometimes, you think, ‘suffering I such an easy thing!’, but it gets really hard… you don’t want to make a single step.

Father Renz:       Yes, it’s easy to talk about suffering when it doesn’t concern us.

Anneliese:           Yes, that’s true. Father Arnold, it is impossible to imagine how they can force a human being. You have no control over yourself anymore.

Father Renz:        You have contributed to it a bit because you were ready to accept it.

Anneliese:           At that point that doesn’t have anything to do with it.

Father Renz:        You know, it happened because before that, you said YES.

At the time of her death, Anneliese had MANY wounds, bruises, cuts and scrapes all over her head and face, as well as broken teeth from the times she attempted to bit stone and eat it. Before her death, the priests had asked a doctor to give her drugs, to ease her suffering. He refused, claiming that he had no idea how a possessed person would react. “There’s no injection against the devil.”

During her examinations by a doctor, they noticed what they described as “stigmata markings” on her legs. Her mother, Anne, also recalls noticing this as well, with the markings first appearing on her feet and then days later, on her hands as well. Anne claims that the wounds on Anneliese’s feet were severe, while the ones on Anneliese’s hands were also very serious but not quite as severe. At this time, Anneliese was tormented, demonically, literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There was no respite, no form of a rest. People who had seen her had seen Anneliese claim that she looked extremely emaciated and frail. It was revealed that at times, she would eat a banana, or would shout out for someone to give her something to eat. The priests witnessed Anneliese gobble down food at times as fast as she could and as much as she could, and they recall even one occasion where she drank 2 liters of juice. They actually believed that it was these binges that were keeping her alive and claim to have never thought that she would die of starvation. They also claimed that she had been like this for over a year, and had previously returned “to normal”.

Anneliese claimed that “Something will change in July”, which was not very far from when she made these claims. On July 1, Anneliese died in her sleep. The priests were not there at the time, and did not believe that she had actually passed away. They requested that Doctor Roth go to the home and confirm that this was indeed the case.

The family called their family doctor, and when he arrived, he pronounced Anneliese dead. He then, as was obligated by law, informed the public prosecutor’s office that he could not say in good faith that her death was the result of natural causes.

The trial started in April of 1978, and will not be covered in this article because I completely disagree with it and think it was inappropriate in so many ways that I can’t even begin to express it.

While I only decided to write this article to focus on the paranormal/supernatural parameters and strange occurrences which were experienced by many people throughout this ordeal, you can’t help but to literally feel for this woman who sacrificed so much for what she believed to be the salvation of many. She put herself through a living Hell in this world to save others from an eternal hell in another realm. At the time of her death, she had signs of the stigmata, and on the whole, many of the case history presented above is mirrored in the life of the unofficial Saint Padre Pio, who went through the same diabolical torment and then the stigmata as well right before his own death. Without drawing conclusions, I will tell you that Anneliese believed with every fiber of her being that she was under siege by the devil. So did the priests who dedicated so much of themselves to try to help her, and so did her parents, siblings, and her boyfriend. This is a case that when reviewed in depth as I have, genuinely disturbs the psyche, and forces you to think. In reality, this article took me almost two weeks to write due to a combination of things such as research, constant reading, media hunting, and technological difficulties while trying to format all of the same media correctly. I also had trouble because for some reason, I was only able to write during the daylight hours which was compounded due to the fact that my job was interfering as well. Certain topics here just made my skin crawl, and I will tell you the truth, listening to that audio time and time again, it definitely messed with my head a bit, especially in my house, with its own paranormal infestation.

After all has been said and done, all I ask, reader, is that you take the time to realize the gravity of what went on during this woman’s life, and what she went through. If you are religious, please say a prayer for her. If you are not, at least try not to mock the people, like me, who do believe. And by all means, I truly apologize if you rad through this article and listened to the audio, and watched the video at night. You have my genuine apology for that. In closing, all media which was included in this article is available, upon request. Everything that can be said about this case has been. In the end, I guess the only question left to ask is, “What do you believe?”

  1. C.N.M says:

    The only person who died for the sins of many is Jesus Christ the living Son of God. He alone atoned for the sins of the whole world and he alone is able to save. We have salvation and deliverance in the name of Jesus – and in his name alone. No one will ever need to die for the sins of anyone. Hebrews 10: 10 – says that Jesus suffered once and for all and through this sacrifice, we have been sanctified. Hallelujah to the only precious lamb of God! Let anyone who reads this not fear the kingdom of darkness. Jesus died and rose and he lives forever. Colossians 2:15 says that Jesus triumphed over the forces of darkness and made a public spectacle of them. The devil and his advocates are defeated forever in Jesus Name and what remains is their eternal final condemnation in the lake of fire! Readers give your lives to Jesus and you will be saved.

    Blogger’s Edit: It should be noted that this comment is in reference to the part about Anneliese being visited by the Holy Virgin Mary and asking her for her sacrifice to save many. It should also be noted that multiple Saints involved in Judeo-Christian religions have also undergone much suffering in order to save others as well.

    • Lexila says:

      This reply is for “C.N.M” Respectfully

      Religion itself is questionable. No one was around the time of “Jesus Christ” in order to make such a statement with such conviction. Religion is based on blind faith where one believes in all of the teachings of said religion without a single shred of proof. So to say that Jesus died for our sins and is the only one who is able to absolve you of past transgressions is one of several points of religious view. I also see that people in order to add weight to their statements quote the bible which was not written by god by by man who is fallible. If one religiously is brought up to believe that Jesus died for our sins and one believes that blindly without any proof; then isn’t that just as silly as believing that a virgin Mary apparition would actually appear to a possessed girl and ask her to die for the sins of humanity? If you can believe one and not believe the other is hypocrisy. I believe that there is good and evil and that not one single religion has it right. Religion tarnishes ones need to seek spirituality by added archaic teachings and rules which in today’s day and age would be moot. Still people follow religion. This girl may have well been possessed by evil entities. As the outside observer its our duty to know and remember her story so that it was not for nothing. Not to impose ones religious convictions on a story which made reference to something as silly as having a vision of a Virgin Mary asking for personal sacrifice. I find it hard to believe that after reading such an article, THAT was the point that you wanted to make above all else.

      • linn davis says:

        I have also been demon posessd.being choked.unable to move.I was placed on halidol.which the demon made me overdose on.I understand the sevirityof what emily went through.mine was from drugs.I opend the gates of hell.I had hands laid on me in paris.missouri.which got rid of them.I to have seen demons.spoke in a demonic voice.I have been saved since 2003.God bless those who have been through this or are going through this now.its a spiritual battle

      • Sandra says:

        I am with C.N.M all the way. Lexila, with all due respect, how do you NOT see whats right and wrong after this article. Jesus Christ is just as real as Satan is but the world we live in today, finds Sin and Satan so much more fascinating that Christ. I also do not believe that the Virgin Mary came to Anneliese. That was a demon coming off as Mary. Satan is clever in his ways of getting humans to believe what he is doing is right and so many humans fail to see the true Love and Light of Jesus Christ. Many people have said what you have, that the Bible was written by man. Yes, it was written by man but only physically. God spoke his word through those men and woman so that our generation and the many more to come, will see, believe and understand Jesus Christ for he was and still is the Lord of Lords.
        B.I.B.L.E = Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Because God is waiting for you to open your eyes and your heart to him. He is knocking on the door of your heart and will never give up. … Do something for yourself… Seek Jesus. You will NEVER feel regret if you do that. It is the most rewarding thing you could ever do for yourself.

      • daughterofsarah says:

        well since CNM had facts and actually picked up the bible and read it, maybe you should too before you come criticizing him/her. no one cares what you believe, all that matters is the what the Bible states, if your feelings mattered, they would be in there too.

      • LVCIFER says:

        CNM didn’t state “facts”, he cited religious scripture from a book, the Bible, that was NOT written by God, but by MEN interpreting what they BELIEVED to be the word of God.

        Google the Nycean Council and then get back to me.

        I don’t argue the Bible’s validity or authenticity. But it WAS written by MEN, and not God himself. It’s possible, very, that those MEN may NOT have conveyed every aspect of the Word accurately – because of their mortal limitations and the limitations of their interpretation.

        Especially in the “lost books” (apocrypha) that they decided to “edit out and forget” by removing the previously accepted and taught books of the canon and hitting the “delete” button.

        So yes, The Bible has fallen victim. It’s had editors. It really is that simple.

        Please be informed first before launching an attack on my readers. They may not be that well versed in research, but I am.

        And if there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s a Bible-thumping bully, even if I DO believe in The Book.

      • alexandra Woodman says:

        As a Catholic I find some Protestant Christians very ignorant. I don’t suppose they realise that Mary was the one said “yes” to God, not Jesus – who is God! They just like to continually perpetuate sexist views. What you have stated above is spot on. Any Exoricist will tell you that the Virgin Mary is well repected in many religions and by demons who are in possession. Perhaps it is because Mary prays for them that her son might still save them.

      • Mike Rall says:

        Linn Davis, I would assume halidol was the medication your doctor gave you for your schizophrenia, which would also explain why you hallucinated that demons were choking you. People who see, or believe in, demons are mentally ill. Thank you for proving this fact.

        I sincerely hope you are receiving appropriate psychiatric treatment for your hallucinations.

      • LVCIFER says:

        Hello, Mr. Rall;

        While not forming an opinion one way or the other to that statement and/or argument, I strongly recommend that you give this book a read:

        “Glimpses of the Devil” was written by M. Scott Peck, a psychiatrist who came face to face with a possession (two) that he deemed to be legitimate, despite his own conflicting beliefs. He claimed these experiences turned him into a believer overnight.

        Regardless of what you believe, I think you would enjoy this book either way. It’s a very interesting read.

      • aoministries60 says:

        People often say stupid things. You for instance make a statement that defies common sense and the reality of the nature of faith. Blind faith is a term made up by Atheists to try and intimidate those of us who have found evidence for our faith and truth in the words of Jesus Christ.

        In Hebrews, Paul states that “Faith is the reality of what is expected, the evidence of things not yet perceived, our ancestors bear witness to this. By faith we understand the world was formed by the word of God, and things that we see were caused to come into being, out of things that are not apparent and not seen.”(Paraphrased from original Greek)

        Think of this, Paul is saying long before quantum physics and understanding of the atom, that all we see is created from things that are not apparent and not seen. He understood and was telling believers that there is a world going on beyond our perceptions that is apparent but not seen, By faith we take what we see as evidence of the things not seen. It is not blind but rooted in the reality of what we see. There is no less true statement that our FAITH IS BLIND, to the contrary, we have evidence of things not yet perceived. It is looking around us and understanding that there is more here than meets the physical eye. Faith speaks to that part of us that intuitively knows this. Those who like this person scream the loudest that faith is blind, do so to shout over the voice in themselves of the truth. To be convinced themselves they need to convince others that they are correct. True faith does not need validation from others but is evidenced by what we see and perceive of the creation around us.

        In Romans 1, Paul states “18 So God’s internal disposition which is steadfast against that which is unjust will be revealed against those who show bold irreverence in questioning what truth is, by which in turn others are deceived because some of them purposefully try to hold back the true notions of God which are apparent to human reason. (Moral relativism) 19 The works of nature are clear evidence of an intelligent creation and creator.20 Since what was created by God can be clearly perceived and understood through the creation itself, those who are deceived are without a rationale defense and lack a justified argument for their deception.21 Because even though they were acquainted with and had knowledge of the one true God (through history and heritage), they did not properly acknowledge God’s purpose and grace but fell into error in their reasoning that they thought to be wise. Because of this, their understanding, the very seat of their intelligence, became dark without the light of God. 22 Becoming expert professors and elevating one view over another they became foolish. (Human Secularism) 23 They altered the especially divine quality and the unspoken manifestation of the risen God’s splendor for a representation and manifestation of mortal perishable man that breaks down and dies (Entropy). And for representations of winged animals and representations of 4 legged animals and representations of creeping and crawling creatures, (Darwin’s Evolutionary tree of life reversed) 24 So God allowed them to be excited by their desires and they became slaves to their passion for impurity, lusts and luxurious living 25 So what was known as reality and divine truth revealed to man was exchanged for a false religion and they twisted what deserved reverence, the One who created all and instead pay homage to the created things. (Materialism)

        It does not take a “scientist” to figure out what Paul was referencing in these passages. I highlighted what I clearly see as direct references to the philosophies that are driving our culture and are a driving force to what we are seeing unfolding in the world today. Do not listen to those who tell you faith is blind, it is not. Blindness is a condition of not being able to see and quite to the contrary, faith is this” I once was blind but now I see”.

      • mali says:

        truly well said,lexila. more people should be open-minded and at the same time think things as rationally as you do.

      • Kim says:

        The Bible or scripture is God invoked men that God appionted wrote exactly as God wanted .The Bible or Torah is man written God breathed.The breath you take everyday is given you by God.

      • Iris says:

        I think u need to take a moment before saying u find it hard to believe this article. Theres a lot of crazy things in this world happening, and this story is def way off the charts. I think no one should have a biased opinion on this matter regarding this girl. U dont know what she went thru, her family who had to deal with it on a constant daily basis or the priests. This is their perspective. If you dont believe keep ur matters of opinion to urself. Have some respect, bcoz at the end of the day this is all a mystery. You are judging at the wrong time especially when you did not witness anything with ur own eyes.

      • Mike says:

        Still, you are just as “silly” as you accuse others. The Big Bang is the same, believe without proof. To ridicule others always makes you look silly. Basically you’re saying “don’t believe what you believe without proof”, “believe what I believe without proof”:-)

    • Koal says:

      I agree with C.N.M

    • YourSInner says:

      I think Emily Rse enjoyed pie.

      • LVCIFER says:

        Emily Rose, the character in the movie?

        I don’t know about that.

        But Anneliese Michel? Maybe she did.

        I mean, who DOESN’T like pie?!

    • Dustin says:

      I challenge you to do a historical fact check on the bible, it’s historically documented that the things and places in the bible have actually taken place. In fact I would challenge you to disprove, not by theory but by actual evidence that those things didn’t happen, that Jesus wasn’t crucified, that Moses didn’t free the Jewish slaves, that king herod killed all the first born children etc, because if you can’t disprove it then your whole comment is speculation and uneducated. God believes in you and he works in our lives everyday, you just have to not be blinded by doubt. It does take faith, that is the point, faith that there is something greater than yourselves, faith that we are not blindly walking through life to die into non existance, if energy can never be created or destroyed, and we as humans have energy, than after we die that energy doesn’t stop it transfers to something else, I don’t know what that is, but I have faith that God is real, and that Jesus us the son of God, and that he died for my sins, so that I won’t die but have everlasting life. You are free to believe what you like, but please don’t ostrisize those with faith in a loving God, it’s far better than any other thing we have here, who are you to take that away??

      • Maritza says:

        Dustin , I like your comment. I’m with you in this this one.

      • therose202 says:

        Sorry, that’s not how proof works. You can’t have solid proof that something DOESN’T exist. Since unapplied logical reasoning doesn’t seem to work with people of your mindset, I urge you to apply this concept: give me hard evidence that unicorns do not exist. No theories, just documented evidence that unicorns DO NOT EXIST. While you’re at it, how about faeries, and trolls. You see where I’m going with this.

        I’m agnostic. Anything is possible. But it’s extremely lazy and disingenuous of you to say “you have to disprove it” when the burden of proof lays upon you.

      • LVCIFER says:

        That’s the thing, the burden of proof doesn’t lie on me because I’m not actually going around claiming that things do or do not exist. I don’t state things definitively, because these topics rely ENTIRELY on belief and conjecture. I have my beliefs, yes, but I also don’t try to force them onto people. The problem with these debates are that they all involve topics that people feel passionately about, and the problem is that passion is often times blinding. If you piss someone off enough, it doesn’t matter what facts or evidence you might have to support your arguments, because at that point, the person you’re arguing with is already engaging in ad hominem. They aren’t trying to argue the points you’re trying to make, they’re trying to discredit you as a person by assassinating your character because it’s easier, and because they have no more valid arguments left to engage in an intelligent debate.

      • Aggie says:

        I don’t think anyone questions that many of the events in the Christian Bible are actual historic fact. There’s no doubt that the Hebrews were enslaved to the Egyptians, that a great flood occurred, etc. And while there’s no actual proof of Jesus existence or even his death on a cross, scholars agree that both are quite possible, even probable. But evidence of these events, or even of Jesus’ existence does not “prove” the existence of the Hebrew god, the Christian god or any other religious tenet. Those are beliefs based on faith.

        Simply put, faith is belief in the non-tangible and non-evident. I may believe that the tree in my backyard is actually the god of rain personified. I may even pray to it, and make offerings of water. But that belief is based on my faith. The fact that the tree thrives when I make my “offerings” of water and prayer is not proof of the existence of the rain god. The only “proof” I have is my belief, my faith, and that’s not proof.

      • Candie says:

        AMEN! 👍👍

    • hmk says:

      CNM is right. Only Jesus Christ can save not the devil pretending to be the virgin mary. AV1611KJV is the true word of God in English. I find it very telling when a lot so called educated people modern bibles are for better understanding because 1611kj is hard to understand. That is what I heard before I looked into it myself. I was surprised to see how simple it was to understand. Then I read many articles comparing it to other bibles. I read both sides of the argument and have found that logic is on the 1611kjv side.

      • Candie says:

        @ hmk, I have always preferred the KJV over the NIV bible. The KJV is written more like the old biblical times whereas the NIV is too modernized like your every day regular book. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

    • Loretta says:

      I agree Christ was the only perfect sacrifice once for all man’s sins and that is the foundation of the Christian faith. That his sacrifice and resurrection saved us. For a Christian to suggest that they are anyone else is as worthy as the son of God to be a pure sacrifice for man’s sins is blasphemy in our religion. So this poor girl was at the point of being tricked by Satan and believing she was seeing Mary and Mary was telling her these things. Satan can assume any form and is the master of lies. He used her kindness, faith, love, and physical weakness against her. It is sad no one could see this skeleton of a woman needed to be hospitalized before she ultimately succumb when looking at the pictures it was so obvious that physically she was on her deathbed whether possessed or not. She needed medical care she did not get. God rest her soul.

    • Monica Miller says:

      I am in agreement with CNM. Jesus Christ atoned for the sims of the world. The whole “request” of the apparition of Mary could be an insidious trick of the demon(s) to basically “get permission” to continue their torment. They are masters of deception. Otherwise, I can’t accept the rendition as its been laid out. We are NOT supposed to worship Mary or anyone other than Christ. Why would the priests require the demons tk worshii her and not Jesus Christ, son of the living God?

    • Penny says:

      @C.N.M. ….People who are “born again” always take everything, especially religious discussions, way to serious and literal. These one sided debates always end with, “it says in the bible” followed by a misinterpreted, often quoted wrong, biblical verse. (My mom is so like this.) As an open minded Catholic we are taught that Our Lady intercedes for us with her Son. Nobody is saying she takes His place. I’ve had this same argument so many times with my mom. One reason I don’t like to visit.

      On the other side, there are people who believe in nothing, which is sad, and I say this because I can’t imagine me personally living without faith. I don’t condemn and judge or throw in little passive aggressive digs. I also don’t try to convert or guilt someone with my beliefs…another maternal trait. However I don’t try to hide my faith, I just don’t go around quoting inaccurate bible verses.

      @ The Blogger…My point being, everything about this article was interesting and after seeing the movie several times, I wanted to read “true” accounts of the actual story. This article was thoroughly researched and a lot of work went into the writing. I did like the fact that the visions of Our Lady were also mentioned the movie. C.N.M. should look into the Fatima visions. It’s to much to go into and easy to find online. Educate yourself. We should remember that this isn’t a yearly Halloween movie but a tragic situation and the loss of someone’s child, sibling, and love.
      In the movie I always think how wrong it was to prosecute the Father Moore character. The Emily character was over 19 and an adult able to make her own decisions. Then there’s the whole religious freedom rights, but wrong time, country, and of course it’s a movie.

      One last thing, and this is especially for “born agains.” It’s wrong to declare we’re all gonna burn if we don’t except your somewhat narrow religious views. You’re not being charitable and christianly by knocking the beliefs of this girl and her family.

    • Penny says:

      …People who are “born again” always take everything, especially religious discussions, way to serious and literal. These one sided debates always end with, “it says in the bible” followed by a misinterpreted, often quoted wrong, biblical verse. (My mom is so like this.) As an open minded Catholic we are taught that Our Lady intercedes for us with her Son. Nobody is saying she takes His place. I’ve had this same argument so many times with my mom. One reason I don’t like to visit.

      On the other side, there are people who believe in nothing, which is sad, and I say this because I can’t imagine me personally living without faith. I don’t condemn and judge or throw in little passive aggressive digs. I also don’t try to convert or guilt someone with my beliefs…another maternal trait. However I don’t try to hide my faith, I just don’t go around quoting inaccurate bible verses.

      @ The Blogger…My point being, everything about this article was interesting and after seeing the movie several times, I wanted to read “true” accounts of the actual story. This article was thoroughly researched and a lot of work went into the writing. I did like the fact that the visions of Our Lady were also mentioned the movie. C.N.M. should look into the Fatima visions. It’s to much to go into and easy to find online. Educate yourself. We should remember that this isn’t a yearly Halloween movie but a tragic situation and the loss of someone’s child, sibling, and love.
      In the movie I always think how wrong it was to prosecute the Father Moore character. The Emily character was over 19 and an adult able to make her own decisions. Then there’s the whole religious freedom rights, but wrong time, country, and of course it’s a movie.

      One last thing, and this is especially for “born agains.” It’s wrong to declare we’re all gonna burn if we don’t except your somewhat narrow religious views. You’re not being charitable and christianly by knocking the beliefs of this girl and her family.

    • in... says:

      Jesus? Son of God? What kind of creature you think god is? Well let me tell you he is not a human. He is beyond our imagination and you think he has a son!!! And also you call his so called “son” a god too!!! There is only ONE god. Jesus is not a god. He was prophet and he did not suffer for other peoples sins. Because this is stupid and not fair. You think you will do anything you want because someone already paid the price and you will go to heaven? What an easy test to pass!!!

    • Mammon says:

      Wrong. All are abandoned.

  2. Chantelle says:

    I have read this documentary and very greatly appreciate the amount of work and research that went into such a controversial matter. It is very hard for people to imagine the horror that the tormented and posessed experience. I myself have seen the terror that some have and am searching for ways to help people with demonic opression. I was given the spiritual gift of seeing other people’s reality through dreams and things that will happen in the future, and believe that there cannot be so much evil in the world without a more powerful opposite equivalent; meaning the Lord.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Honestly, thank you for the kind words. I had originally started out trying to condense it into a smaller article, but there was obviously far too much information to include. I would also recommend the book “The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel” by Dr. Felicitas Goodman if you want even further reading on the topic, including documents obtained directly from the Priests, as well as the attorneys who participated in the trial. It’s truly a bone-chilling story, and a hellish torment that she had to go through. As far as your gift, honestly, use it to the best of your ability, but tread carefully. The demonic is nothing to be messed with, especially if you are inexperienced. You could very quickly become their next target if they feel that you are impeding their endgame.

      • zxcv6279a says:

        [Site Author’s Note]

        I removed this comment from the site because it was visible to everyone. I’ve copied it into a note file on my computer. I’ll get back to you on this once I review it.

    • Vivek says:

      hi .. can I talk to you.. maybe you could help me

  3. zoey says:

    i have experiene some of the dark spirit n i kn da day will come wen jesus ma savior will bring salvation 2 opll wu blive i him .. i loved u anne i kn ur in heaven nw… it requires eternal love n sacrifices to do wat u had chossen ….

  4. Jesus Fren says:

    Well, it’s seems funny. Mary isn’t God. She has no power at all.

    The priest shouldn’t say to worship the Holiest Virgin. YHHW in Jeshua Hamasiah from Nazareth is the REAL GOD. With HIS BLOOD, every creatures MUST bow down. There is a big misconception from the Priest Knowledge about the CHRISTIAN FAITH, so sorry.

    Hallelujah – In CHRIST

    • tonya says:

      The Virgin Mary is the closest to Jesus, a son will usually obey his mother. What better way to get Jesus to hear us: His mother stands by his side and yes this is why she is prayed too as well as her son and his father.

    • Mathew says:

      Very True “Jesus Fren”. This is for the others am writing who doesn’t know about Mary. Mary was just a human like other people. She was chosen so that Jesus can be born in this world. And she was virgin when Jesus was born but after that she married Joseph and has children. Hope you remember this verse from Bible “Behold, Your mother and Your brothers are standing outside seeking to speak to You.” 48But Jesus answered the one who was telling Him and said, “Who is My mother and who are My brothers?” Matthew 12:48.
      She passed away and is in Paradise just like the normal people. Only jesus was raised on the 3rd day. Not Mary or anyone else in this world.

      • mia says:

        The word used for brother has other interpretations and does not mean only a direct relative. Consider this, if God went so far as to provide incredible specifications (which were repeated 2 times in Exodus, less we miss the point) as to how the ark of the covenant and the tent of worship were to be fashioned to house His presence, how much would he also do to ensure that the purity, holiness, and worthiness of the vessel to bear his only son?
        If you review 2 Samuel 6:1-7 and 1 Chronicles 13:9-12, you will see that God struck down those that dared touch the ark of the covenant. So, why would he allow anyone, including St. Joseph, to violate Mary, the ark of the new covenant?
        I find it interesting that people take it upon themselves to tell God what He can and can’t do. If God has assigned Mary graces and responsibilities regarding His people, and upon testing it, we can determine that is the case, we should respect that, right? Well, hundreds of recorded exorcisms seem to reveal that Mary has indeed been given a role to intercede for us and help stomp on the head of the serpent. At the very least, we should thank God for providing us this loving advocate, for she can do nothing that He doesn’t allow. I believe we should also respect her for her willingness to plead for mercy on behalf of us poor sinners.

  5. This is what I dont understand how can such a religious person get possessed like this, where was the Holy spirit in all of this.. how on earth could it have happened?.. if you are a child of God and demons fear God then how can a demon enter into a body that contains God that makes no sense

    • LVCIFER says:

      Possession can take hold of anyone for any reason. As a matter of fact, it is usually the MORE religious people who wind up being possessed. There are a startling amount of cases in which nuns and priests have been possessed.

      Some of the Saints had also struggled their entire lives to resist being possessed, and were the prime targets of possession. Jesus Himself was also tempted by the devil in the desert to submit, but he never did.

      There is no criteria for possession, but it seems that the holier the person, the more of a high-value target that person is. Look at it from the demonic point of view: “Gee, look at who I was able to break? This servant of God is now my tormented slave!”

      I can provide citations, if you’d like.

      • paris4eva says:

        Do we have examples of children being possessed? Why does it not make sense to possess children who may be, we can assume, physically, morally and emotionally less capable of resisting a demon. It absolutely doesn’t make sense that the more religious people get possessed. Why wouldn’t less religious people, who are not as connected to God, be the ones to be possessed? Do we have examples of people who were brought up in Atheist households who never picked up on a religion being possessed? It seems that deeply religious people who feel bad about committing sins and behaving irresponsibly and in contradiction to the rules of a religious household find “possession” as an excuse to basically shirk the oppressive religion they have been brought up in.

      • Adam says:

        Im tryin 2 get as much information about exorcisms as possible and so if you got any available information can u gmail me at

      • LVCIFER says:

        Honestly, yes, but the best information you can find regarding exorcisms is in books.

        You can start with books written by actual exorcists.

        Authors Malachi Martin (“Hostage to the Devil”) and Father Gabriel Amorth (“An Exorcist Tells His Story”, and “An Exorcist…More Stories”) are good places to start.

        Then I’d also recommend Father Jose Antonio Fortea’s “Interview With an Exorcist”. It’s also very good.

      • anneliese michel/bharati says:

        you are so fat and ugly to the Lord. shut up you ‘appealing mug’ men do not find this girl pretty. the spiritual realm or christianity is a religion of mankind, men. WHy don’t you look at this paper, like this paper, she was such an eyesore she was forced to look down. SORRY THIS IS WAY TOO CRUEL TO UNDERSTAND> you only end up hating all the movie starts and beautiful girls that caused the devil to attack this girl like this. i don’t beleive any of it. i would just hate the god that was so shallow and so much of a hater, a cruel imbecile of a man that they would attack delude ppl like me and attack a poor girl ike this. for instance does a fat and ugly tamil woman have a place in the religious realm. only to be gotten rid of and insulted punished for existing with such bad looks and eventually sent to hell. THEY ARE CRUEL.

    • Alexander says:

      Of course it doesn’t make sense, and it’s not possible. Scripture is clear on that. Scripture is also clear that if you reject the gift of salvation and grace by trying to add your own works to it, you’re spitting in God’s face and essentially reject it. Read the book of Hebrews on that, and see how most of the traits of these heretical churches match the Roman Catholic church. The goal of malicious spirits isn’t so much possession as deception. Why do people think Catholic faith and Catholic ritual are effective against the demonic? Because that’s exactly what it wants you to believe. Don’t be foolish.

      • Vicky says:

        Alex is 100% correct! 2 Cor 11:13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself keeps disguising himself as an angel of light.

        What else does the bible say about these men? Oh so much, and most of it are MAJOR clues that the Catholic Church…well I’ll let this scripture speak for itself:

        1 Tim 4:1 However, the inspired word clearly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to misleading inspired statements and teachings of demons, 2 by means of the hypocrisy of men who speak lies, whose conscience is seared as with a branding iron. 3 They forbid marriage and command people to abstain from foods that God created to be partaken of with thanksgiving by those who have faith and accurately know the truth.

        Let look at this deeper. The bible CLEARLY states that some will not follow the truth that Christ and the apostles taught and will listen demonic teachings. Hypocrites who lie about the abuses they have committed. What does having a conscience seared as with a branding iron mean? When being branded or severely burned nerve endings are killed and most times that part of the body has lost all feeling. Hence through many bad acts and sins their conscience is dead. Who forbids marriage? What religions forbid their leaders o marry? This isn’t a biblical teaching. What about eating meat on Fridays? Those who did so were sent to “hell” by these teachings. That scripture is Clear! You can’t twist it.

        There is only ONE road to everlasting life Jesus said. That scripture also fits what is stated at Eph4 :4 One body there is, and one spirit, just as you were called to the one hope of your calling; 5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism;

    • alexandra Woodman says:

      Because the closer they are to God the more the Devil wants them? Don’t we always want what we can’t have? A very satanic trait!!.

    • alex says:

      Demons are doing what God orders them to do. Read a book called “Satan in the Modern World”. It explains all this very well. Demons don’t want to go after bad people. What would be the point in the that. The closer a person is to God the more likely they will suffer. Satan targets them deliberately. We all want what we can’t have – a satanic behaviour!

    • Angel Thug says:

      Dear Friend

      The lord did it so as to strick the soul that doupted the he lived another world which is spiritual and to heal our faith. Praise God dear friend.He is Great

    • justanotherperson says:

      I believe it stated somewhere in the movie that a person cannot be possessed without the permission of GOD (if it wasn’t in the movie then I heard it in church), so for a demon to take possession of a person GOD has to allow it. That being said, why wouldn’t he allow his most devoted to be possessed knowing that those persons will follow GODS design. So if GOD can allow his follower to be possessed and not worry about losing their soul to Satan doesn’t he still maintain his follower AND get his message across to people.

      Another thing to remember, although someone may be made to suffer here on earth there is an after-life that is so much more, why would GOD be concerned about someone suffering here on earth when after they die there soul will be with him in heaven for so much longer than their suffering on earth? People tend to get angry with god for allowing a loved one to die but to me that is just people reacting on their own feelings of not wanting that person to leave THEM, if you think about it you should rejoice and be happy for those passing on, they are going to a much better place.

      • Believer says:

        In Islam we believe the same, that nothing happens without the will of God, therefore a Jinn (demon) cannot possess a person unless Allah has allowed it to do so. It may be a means through which the Almighty tests the individual and their families (as you would need so much strength and patience in taking care of a possessed loved one) . An amazing article, thank you for sharing.

      • Kim says:

        This is to “just another person” I for 1 totaling agree wth u all im astoshished at your intelligence and faith.You said what I was thinking.Your correct.and pretty darn smart too.

    • Uttam says:

      I totally agree with you Danielle

    • Annette says:

      They can’t. She had mental health issues

      • Rose says:

        Many saints are attacked by demons. Mother Theresa had an exorcism. The holier and more devout one is, the more they want you.

  6. Somalion says:

    I think what people don’t understand is that science and medicine don’t have all the answers yet. At the time of this tragic case they had even fewer answers. While many of the “occurrences” are strange I need to see evidence of them. As to the mental condition of Anneliese I would say that her tuberculosis kicked off an unstable mental state. Possibly a multiple personality disorder, which explains many things including here pupils dilating hugely so her eyes appeared black, combined with epilepsy and severe schizophrenia which would explain all the things she saw.

    What we also have to take into account is that no 2 people are alike. We share similarities in our genetic make up but at certain times we can be hugely different. The psychiatric treatments available to her may not have done much because of her genetics (a classic case of this is people who feel no better when they take codeine because the gene that converts it into morphine doesn’t work correctly and therefore they feel no pain relief.) It is possible that what she was given wouldn’t work.

    I’ll be honest this story saddens me in a very deep way. Here is a deeply religious girl who is terrified, until you have seen the life that schizophrenics live you couldn’t understand her fear, but she doesn’t know what to do. I mean if I woke up to see demonic faces in my room I’d be in an awful state. So naturally she puts her faith in what she knows and claims to be possessed. I wish she could have been kept in a hospital for a year or two and have thorough analysis and treatment.

    What’s more is the dehydration and starvation she faced during the exorcism made things much worse. As to her feeling much better after the “demons” had supposedly left that is the placebo effect. She believed she was possessed. The priests told her the demons had left. She feels better because she THINKS she is better. The real evidence that she wasn’t better is that she had an attack again soon after which was chalked up to “more demons” being inside of her.

    I’m a person of science, always have been. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have a spiritual side but I am always a skeptic of possessions, I believe every last one of them has a medical causation (some of them you might need Dr. House to figure out though :P) However I don’t think this case is really about science against religion. I think what we should focus on is this extraordinary girl who faced such a harrowing life of abject terror and upset, the very depths of insanity that she reached are frightening. That is what saddens me. That both religion and science failed Anneliese. While I am an agnostic it is for people like her I wish that there is a Heaven.

    • TLEgirl says:

      Thank you for your kind, rational reply.
      I have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, which commonly produces a variety of either ecstatic or horrifying hallucinations, though typically does not produce violent behavior. In the case of Anneliese, it is quite possible that another brain disorder ravaged her as well. And I have certainly plead for the intercession of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin when recovering from one seizure in which I felt myself slipping into what seemed like insanity, just before I was gripped by another. One tends to cling to what is familiar and comforting, whatever can make some sense of the agony. At the same time, I have raged at God like a fishwife. After all, even Christ asked why he was forsaken as he hung on the cross. I’m only human. There’s only so much torment a mind can handle.
      It’s not anno domini 1614. People with epilepsy and other brain disorders are not demoniacs.

      • Eileen ward says:

        Look I have family who has epilepsy my cousin takes bad fits almost every day and then sleeps a while afterwords I do no 1 thing for sure is that they do not behave the way.annaliese did I do.believe that she was possessed not epileptic at all I do believe the medicine she was on for fits was making her worse and not helping I don’t believe she had a brain disorder either and if you think that then your wrong just saying i do believe that she was possessed by all those demons there ain’t no way that a person who is epileptic can speak in tongue speak different languages attack people attack her self drink her own urine eat spiders and everything else the demons made her do she was most definitely possessed and may God bless her and Grant her sanctuary and salvation in heaven may she rest in piece God’s loving Angel 👼

    • Mark says:

      There is a science about mental disorders. Not unless you can experience them personally, then you have no rigth to prejudice your speculations. To experience such unexplained phenomenon is a horrible thing you would regret to have wished. Levitation and flying objects alone is such an evidence that contradicts science of forces.

  7. clair says:

    it comes to show how little knowledge people have about christ/ mary. Jesus did come & died for our sins but we continue to sin. In-order to sanctify our souls, we must suffer for that is what we are here for. How can we just live a pretty life on earth, have everything we want then expect to walk into heavens gate just like that. and that is what annelise did for many souls.she knew in-order to save them, she must suffer.& we should all learn from this. Giving ourselves to god for an hour each day is penance for our sins. Thanking him ! Asking for forgivness. & 2 the person who said mary has no power. It was through woman that jesus came forth into the world and jesus love him mother, and when she died, not only did her soul went up into the heavens but her body. & there he crowned her the queen of heaven. & she has all the right to give power & has all the right to the praised and rejoiced.

    • Mary Foley says:

      Hi Clair, I’ve gone to Catholic School since I was in preschool, all through high school and our family friends are two nuns and one priest. Jesus died on the cross for our sins, not just the ones
      who were alive when he died. He died on the cross for mine and your sins. Remember how he went to hell to save the souls and bring them to heaven? He loves us, and doesn’t punish us, per se, but might try to open our eyes and weigh the wrongs of what we did so we don’t do them anymore. He just tries to make us see the light. He loves us, but we all punish ourselves for our actions.

      If we murder, we go to jail. If we lie, we get caught. For most of us we have GUILT, and I belive God gave us GULIT as a way of understanding right and wrong. We are God’s children – those who love God and are sorry for their sins, he forgives and they don’t go to Hell.

      But those who don’t accept God into their hearts and murder out of pure evil, they go to Hell because they are PURE EVIL. Those who show no remorse are a completely different story when it comes to certain matters. But those who do wrong and are sorry and ask God for forgiveness are forgiven. We are His children. He is our father. Which is love! Everyone sins, Clair, everyday. Even you. There is not one person on this earth without sin.

      Author’s Note: I almost did not approve this comment, because it is very opinion heavy, and since this blog deals with matters of faith, I try to leave opinions out of it. I have a policy to block comments that contain strongly opinionated or borderline zealot-like rhetoric, comes across as argumentative or otherwise unproductive, but this comment didn’t seem to hurt anyone, and it brought across a good message, even though the commentator has such a strong opinion. The ultimate message is the same as what the Judeo-Christian religions teach of God and His love, so I allowed it.

    • John k says:

      Where did you learn that when Mary died, her soul and her body went up to heaven and was crowned as the queen of heaven? If you read the scripture enough, you would know that no one is in heaven at this moment but God and Christ himself who are preparing the kingdom of heaven. Souls are all residing in either paradise or hades until the second coming of Christ.

      • alex says:

        John, the Assumption of Mary is in Scripture – maybe just not in yours or your interpretation.

    • kristy says:


    • kristy says:

      @ clair-I agree!

  8. Boshhab says:

    Quran has the best influence and affect on possessed individuals, if you dont believe me, who thinks he is possessed may go to youtube, USE a headphone, and listen to this–LOuEEw , 🙂 Quran burns demons in any body thereis, muslim or non-muslim.

    • LVCIFER says:

      That’s actually not true, since the Quran doesn’t even believe in demons, they believe in the Djinn. And with the Djinn, just like people, they have free will, including freedom of religion. The Djinn aren’t always Muslim! They can believe in Judaism or Christianity. If they do believe in Christianity, then standard Roman Catholic exorcisms will work. If they don’t, they will require an Imam exorcist.

      I actually have an article coming up about the Djinn. Trust me, I have studied them more than you would think. 🙂

      For a third-party viewpoint, and an alternative view on the Djinn, give “The Vengeful Djinn” by Phillip Imbrogno and Rosemary Ellen Guiley a read. It will definitely open your eyes up to a whole other world of malevolent supernatural entities. 🙂

      My Djinn article may also be co-written by a Muslim follower of the Quran and a believer of the supernatural, because I am going to try to obtain both points of view on the matter, since I am far from an expert on the Quran, or the Muslim faith as a whole.

  9. Boshhab says:

    The Quran believes in Demons, as a whole, they are called Djinn, Marada, Shayateen. all of them as a whole are called Djinn in islam and the arabic language. not just that, the quran also mentions that Djinn can dive and build and do supernatural activity. The Quran cannot even be explained in english, the language in it cannot be understood by most arabs and u can ask the muslim follower of the quran that u know. It has *AlTafseer* which explains every single verse in the book that most arabs do not understand, not every verse ull understand as soon as u read it. only *Tafseer* people can describe to you the most amazing meanings and secrets that the quran holds. In addition, u studied about Djinn and i’ve been present during exorcisms, many of them, i know what Djinn like, what they hate, how to get close to them, or far from them. * i repeat, Djinn is a word for demons in all their kinds *. i know much more than u can imagine as i have lived it, which taught me much more than ull ever study :). I’ve seen people possessed with jewish demons, christians and muslims. and Prophet Mohammed Peace Be Upon Him described Demons as Professional liars. Im telling u,Even if they act like they are affected by the Catholic exorcism, its actually not affecting them even if the demons were christians.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Oh, trust me, I’m not being combative, just clarifying. I have Muslim friends who get downright angry when I speak about the djinn, and mistakenly call them demons, or refer to them as demons. They are very quick to correct me.

      I am also currently in the middle of reading “The World of Jinn & Devils” by Dr. Umar Sulaiman al-Ashqar, so I am confident that I am reading correct information. And in it, he also specifies that the djinn are not demons, they are entirely of a different race. I know there are different types of djinn under the “djinn” classification umbrella, but they are still djinn nonetheless, and not demons. 🙂

      At least from what I’ve read. Their classifications are just the tip of the iceberg, though.

      • Crystal says:

        I really enjoyed reading this.It was well put together than getting bits and pieces all over the web.There is just a couple things I have yet to find trying to research her death.Her autopsy papers and /or photos.I have tried searching it with different search engines and wording it different.What was they trying to hide?I guess no one will know.But for anyone one that is researching her i will be sure to tell them about your website.
        Thank you.

      • tashu says:

        wat is the difference between the djinns n demons….???

  10. Boshhab says:

    my friend, some are demons or evil i would say, some are as peaceful like me and u, Not every arab muslim who writes a book is necessarily having all true information in the book. if you want all the information about Djinn or Demons, read in the *Sunna* or the sayings of prophet Mohammed peace be upon him about Djinn of demons.

    Some of the information i learned from exorcisms, firstly u should find out which part of the human infront of u is possessed *or* the demon is occupying, could be a leg or the chest or an arm IF not the whole body or the back .. etc. and then we read quran until the demon is present, then we start reading * Ayaat al7areeq* which in arabic means The burning verses *burns the demons*. We sometimes rub ice on the possessed body part which really hurts the demon badly because god created them from fire, which is also mentioned in the quran. Salt is annoying to them, Dihn Al-Oud which is an arabian Scent is REALLY annoying to demons or any other beautiful refreshing scent. They really HATE and i mean HATE olive oil. and much more. its another world am telling u.

  11. Rony says:

    Brother,this’s a vast topic & people of the west have a bit different thinking about it.The demons & the djinns are one & the same.In the arab world & in the indian subcontinent there’re people who use djinns to perform black magic,to free people from possession from other djinns & for many other purposes.
    I’ve come across a similar story of possession very recently.It happened to a 16yr old girl.During the possession period she would rarely eat,sleep & talk but didn’t act that violently.She was in this state for 3-4 months,her family did all they could to get her free from the possession but failed.And her body was also deteriorating gradually due to starvation.They were helpless so they called upon some people who work on paranormal stuffs.When they went to see her she talked about some of their very personal matters that they alone knew & they’re astonished.These people went to see her twice or more but on the 1st day she only said 1 sentence & didn’t speak for the whole day.The next day she talked about their personal matters & from there on kept quite.These people who went there were not experts at exorcism or something so they were feeling helpless that a girl is slowly dying infront of their eyes but they can do nothing.But suddenly something came into their head & they asked whether anyone lived at this house several months ago?The family answered that a maid used to work for them,whom they kicked out of the house few months before the girls possession for theft.So they suggested to find this maid quickly as possible cause they suspected that she must’ve done something that’s the cause of the girl’s current situation.Later they found the maid & upon threatening her she confessed that she casted the djinn to possess her & kill her with the help of a black magician.Later on the magician was found & forced to cast out the djinn from her body.The girl from there on was completely healed & didn’t remember anything that happened.
    In this part of the world there’re people who can even arrange a physical meeting with the djinn & description that i’ve so far came along from the eye witnesses befits that of the other people of west.If u wish to know more visit this part of the world & u’ll soon come to know what demon/djinns are.
    And another thing, peoples’ spirits do not wander around cause when people die the angle of death comes to take away their souls.The apparitions or historical humanly figures that people see in the haunted places in the west are not human spirits cause it is very well known that demons love to deceit people & do not appear in their true forms so they take the shape of the human figures to scare people.It’s very easy for them as they’re shape shifters.And as they live for thousands of years they can take anyone’s shape cause they were also there when they were alive.

    Wanted to say so many things but that’ll require hundreds of pages so winding it here.Keep exploring.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Hey Rony,

      Most of the things you’ve said hold my extreme interest, but in the beginning, you stated that the Djinn and Demons are the same thing. It is my understanding that in the Muslim religion, the Djinn were NEVER angels, correct? And according to worldwide belief, the definition of a demon, simply, is a fallen Angel who rebelled, and was cast out. This “classification” is also present in the Judeo-Christian religions as well.

      So that raises the question: how can the Djinn be considered demons when they were never Angels to begin with? The Djinn were created out of a smokeless flame, and while superior to humans, who were created of mud, they was FAR inferior to the angels.

      I know that Iblis was one who “walked amongst the angels”, but in the end, he was still only a Djinn, and never of the Angels. He was just allowed to hang around them, basically. He may have been the most powerful of the Djinn, but once again, still only a Djinn.

      Understand, I am absolutely not disputing what you’ve said, or being combative. I am just trying to understand how the Djinn could be considered demons, when they were never angelic to begin with.

  12. Rony says:

    You’re strictly abiding urself to the descriptions found in the religious scriptures.But what i meant to say is the behaviors,the appearances,the events that take place & experiences of the people are same in both cases.It’s like in USA u call the cyclonical storm as “Hurricane” & in Japan the same is called as “Taifun”.But yet they’re same.

    And for ur information Iblis’s another name is Satan.You can read the book “The Exorcist Tradition in Islam” by Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips & “The essay on Djinn” by Ibn Tamiyaah (translated by Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips) for detailed understanding.

  13. Rony says:

    And another thing I should mention here,in Islam Satan/Iblis was the one who in his arrogance defied Allah’s order to prostrate before Prophet Adam(pbuh) cause he thought he was superior to him as he was made of fire & for that he was cast out of the heaven.In the sight of Allah there is no being superior to the Humans,not even the Angels.Allah declared Humans as the best of creation in the Holy “Quran”.And among the humans none are superior to one another,no muslim is superior to a non-muslim or vice versa.A man can only be superior to the other only through his piety or god consciousness.

  14. Boshhab says:


    just to be clear, u mentioned *And according to worldwide belief*, well i believe in Islam and what it says about Djinn or Demons both are the same, if u want to believe that *demons are fallen angels* then go ahead but FYI, angels never disobey their creator *Allah*, and dont forget that worldwide belief acclaimed that angels are females which is a false statement.

    In Addition Never compare real life experience to a book that someone will read , as i witnessed many exorcisms.

    i do know most of the westerners dont believe in demonic possession and some who do believe in demonic possession do not hear out to muslims who believe in demonic possession and experience exorcism. So they believe what they want to believe and ignore the rest of the facts that are true about Djinn.

    • daughterofsarah says:

      thats correct, Angel cannot disobey their creator, the bible says so, also, God created everything, why do people think that God did not create evil spirits! he made them to do his bidding, they are under his control, if they were not then as people seem to believe, then it would be a lie that God is the Creator and controller of all things on earth and in heaven and that would also mean that he allows disorder in his realms, and that is just not accurate. he is the ONLY power and gives power to all. Even in psalms, David says that GOD sent evil angels among them. They are all his people!

  15. John doe says:

    Coulda just posted a link to the 6 part documentary on YouTube instead of writing out all the subtitles. I cannot imagine how long that took you. You got some of the idioms wrong when trying to reconstitute the subtitles out of broken English, but still decent job since the english was translated from a German translation of a Polish documentary. Although why a transcription of the subtitles was needed is beyond me.

  16. This is a great Article. I am researching the actual exorcism in order to write a paper whether it was real or not. If you don’t mind could you send me an email of your sources so I may research them myself. It would be greatly appreciated!

  17. Tracy says:

    i am currently researching this case and the infromation you have provided is invaluable. Did you manage to find any of the court transcripts relating to this case?

    • LVCIFER says:

      Unfortunately, no “full” transcripts, but the closest I was able to find was in a book by Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman called “The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel”. She had unfettered access to most of the parties involved in the case, and in this book, she does include “scans” of some court documents, letters, and evaluations. I’d strongly recommend it of you are researching into this case.

  18. Peter says:

    LVCIFER, why is your name LVCIFER? You know Lucifer is the name of the devil, the satan.
    So you make yourself suspicious….

    • LVCIFER says:

      There’s nothing suspicious at all about an online handle/tag. 🙂 Trust me, I’ve seen plenty that are worse than this. If I called myself “red_puppy_fart”, would my work be any less reliable or informative?

      • Peter says:

        I would never call myself so!
        In the Bible the name-giving was very important! You were what your name was.
        When I finished reading your whole story, I saw your name. And it gave me a little shock.
        In the name that we give to ourselves, we can express our choice. In many places of the world there are people who call themselves satanists. By this they express that they belong to satan, and want to adore and obey him. But the followers of Jesus Christ call themselves Christians to indicate that they have a relation of love with Jesus, the Son of God!
        I am also a Christian. And I would never call myself with the name of the enemy of my Saviour!

      • LVCIFER says:

        Ok, I guess I can see your point, and where you’re coming from, but unfortunately, I am still going to have to disagree with you, and here is why: most of the time, “labels” are nothing more than just that: “labels”. And when you have information that most people don’t have, such as the information that “Lucifer” is not actually a name, period, much less the name of the devil, it kind of opens up new doors for you.

        What do I mean by that? Well, the first time that the name “Lucifer” is mentioned, it is actually a mistranslation from the Hebrew word “Haylel”.

        The verse I am speaking of is Isaiah 14:12. “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!”. The word Heylel, or an alternate version “Helel”, when PROPERLY translated, means “morning star”. “Lucifer” is a transLATION, and not a transLITERATION. They are actually referring to the planet “Venus”, and in Greek, the name translates to Phosphoros. ALSO, when you view the entirety of the verses before and after the one I cited, it is clear that they are speaking metaphorically of the King of Babylon, not the first angel, “Lucifer”.

        There will be an article published on this soon, just for your information.

        I just wanted to clear it up that it is indeed very possible that people have been calling the Devil something incorrect for thousands of years. Just sayin’.

      • Sandra says:

        LVCIFER, the point is that “Lucifer” IS Satan’s name and you are contridicting all your “wisdom” and “knowledge” of the Bible, yet you call yourself that name; Label or no Label. It is very suspicious, as Peter said.

      • LVCIFER says:

        Yes, but you’re actually wrong. “LUCIFER” was a transliteration from Greek into Latin, first mentioned in the Bible to describe the falling King of Babel, in Isaiah 14:12. Through centuries and millennia of misinterpretation, people ascribed this to the devil. Read this:

        The name “Lucifer” actually has nothing to do with the devil. Sorry.

      • alex says:


    • Candie says:

      Peter, I don’t see anything wrong with someone calling themselves, “LVCIFER”. To me, it’s no worse than calling a mischievous child a little “devil”. It’s simply a handle/tag, nothing more. And besides that…LVCIFER didn’t spell it right anyway. What would you think if he called himself, Lucifer? That would be a bit more disturbing now wouldn’t it? 😉

      The original meaning of the name, Lucifer, means “bearer of light” or “morning star,” of which is the planet Venus when it rises in the morning. Now, I think that meaning is quite beautiful…but that’s just my opinion.

      Meaning & History:

      Lucifer means “bringing light”, derived from Latin lux “light” and ferre “to bring”. In Latin this name originally referred to the morning star, Venus, but later became associated with the chief angel who rebelled against God’s rule in heaven (see Isaiah 14:12). Even later it became associated with Satan himself.


  19. Peter says:

    My own language is Dutch. But I studied also English, German, French, and even Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. So I am familiar with the development of languages. You say: “Labels” are nothing more than just that “labels”. But in fact all the names in all the languages came into being from labels or something like that! So we must be very carefully with labels. Labels can become names!

    I know the linguistic issues of “Lucifer”. I can add to your words: In the word “Lucifer” is the Latin word “lux” And lux means: “light”. “Lucifer” also contains the Latin verb “ferre”. And ferre means: To carry or to bring. So “Lucifer” is someone who carries or brings light! The Greek word Phosphoros has exactly the same meaning.

    And as to Isaiah 14: 12: The Dutch Statenvertaling has: “Hoe zijt gij uit den hemel gevallen, o morgenster, gij zoon des dageraads!” “Morgenster” is “morning star”. You gave that translation already.

    But the semantic development is not so important. It is even impossible to reconstruct all the semantic developments from Adam and Eve until now. More important is the association! In every language the meaning of many words change. Many words had in former times other meanings than in this days. For us the present meanings are the meanings we have to take into account!

    When we do not take into account the present meanings we create misunderstandings!
    You created also misunderstandings. By calling youself Lvcifer (the v is the old Latin transcription for our u) you shocked me a little. Lucifer was also the name of one of the demons in Anneliese Michel. We can not make a joke of that. The whole story was not a joke, but very terrifying.
    When I saw your name I asked myself: “What is the matter? Am I deceived by the devil?”

    This does not give us profits. It gives misunderstandings and confusion.

    • daughterofsarah says:

      Lucifer is mentioned a total of one time in the bible and had nothing to do with the “devil” or “satan”.

      • Cthulhu says:

        I get you, Lvcifer. It’s just an internet name. I don’t find it scary, suspicious, or superstitious. I’m also not that religious, and enjoy learning different things from all forms of spirituality. I guess you could say I have no fear of lovely death or whatever afterlife may hold, if there is ever such thing. Thank you for the article, I needed some horror tonight.

      • Denise Wilson says:

        And where would that be in the Bible and exactly what is the scripture on which you’re basing your statement? How have you missed the obvious “connection”?

  20. Pranshu says:

    Well, “LVCIFER”, I have been interested in this case from the past 10 years or so, ’cause I thought this may have been a case of something truly inexplicable. So I searched the internet for all I could find about it (which wasn’t much, just a few recordings which made no sense to me ’cause I speak only English).

    There I was one fine evening when I thought I should search the internet again if I could find something new on this case and I stumbled upon your article. It well written, I must say. But please bear with me while I point some shortcomings:

    1. You said that Hollywood did well not to sensationalize the movie of Emily rose. But you sure did so in your article. Multiple warnings here and there into how ‘disturbing’ the contents are, is a sure sign of that. I do understand you wanna warn people before they see something they don’t want, but in some places it just seems that you’ve dramatized things too much. It makes the case look fake.

    2. About the so-called disturbing contents of the tape, I didn’t find them very disturbing. And I wasn’t impressed by the supposedly out-of-worldly or “guttural” voice either. There are a lot of extreme cases of mental illnesses where a patient is known to constantly babble in such fashion, I read about medical cases which would explain the ‘deep masculine voice’ of Anneliese.

    3. It’s no surprise that a religious fanatic like her was “possessed”. I mean when you eat, drink and talk religion and God and Devil and all that, night and day, there’s no surprise that if your head screws up someday, it gonna make you think you’re possessed by the devil and make you act accordingly. So nothing impressive there.

    4. As someone here said before me, only one guy died for the sins of mankind and that was Jesus. Who was she trying to be, dying for our sins? That’s what happens when you are too deep into religion. You decide that bombing people in the name of ‘jehad’ is fair OR you think killing yourself to save others makes sense.

    Anyway, lot more I have to say about this interesting case and the way you’ve presented it. But then again my friend, time is a luxury.

    Do reply.

    P.S. : Dear “LVCIFER”, don’t block this comment out, for ‘devil’s’ sake.

  21. Jenna says:

    is it possible if you can provide a work cited for this page I’m using it in a course and need it pronto.

  22. Peter says:

    Do you mean a book about Anneliese Michel?
    1. “The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel” by Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman
    2. “Anneliese Michel und ihre Dämonen” by Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman

    • LVCIFER says:

      I sent her an e-Mail. Yes, that book was on there, as well as a few others, including documentaries, etc. She never responded to me.

      • Ghhjjjkkkk says:

        Out of all the names in the world you chose some that you are so against.maybe you think you are so right but be careful cause Lucifer might play little bit with people who want to know to is a gift and live it relaxed,do good things,donate,help,feel for others and never stop and doubt in that!…every time you do something nice you will feel haven for seconds in your hearth. Nothing else can make you feel like that.Dont play bible,you are making your own sect here,dont you realise?the reaseon why i am here cause that silly movie scared me so badly that i couldnt sleep,and now i am trying to collect the facts that are reasonable that will tell me that imagination can go harming far.even if those things are real, isnt it selfish to public them in any way,popularize them.make children see them.its much nicer to live life without knowing anything about darkness.I wish my grandmother had never told any story that involves witches,demons and somebody elses sick imagination creatures…

  23. Peter says:

    I have told the story of Anneliese Michel with my own words on my website! In my story many secrets or confusing issues, concerning the whole case, are cleared up.

    If you want to read my story, you can click on my name. Then my website will be openened. Then click on ‘English’ (or ‘Nederlands’ if you can read Dutch). Then click on ‘God’s wonderful works’. Then click on ‘Demons & Deliverance’. Then go to point 4. Once again Germany. Then you can read the story according to my vision.

  24. Lexila says:

    This article was excellently referenced and cited. The data provided as well as the view presented was done so in a very general and unbiased light towards either side of the question. It is the tone of this article which impresses me the most. The writer was able to successfully present a story which they clearly have a set opinion on without having said opinion bleed through their writing. Again excellent delivery and data presentation.

    • LVCIFER says:

      I am truly glad that you enjoyed the article. As a matter of fact, in the past maybe eight or nine months since I posted it originally, I’ve been doing even more research on the topic, and in the near future, I’m going to be releasing a HUGE update to this article. It may not be on this site immediately, due to the fact that I am bringing Diabolical Confusions into other forms of media, but eventually it will make it to this site, and the article length is going to just about double. The amount of information that I’m going to be including is going to blow peoples minds. It’s also going to put to rest the skeptics who feel the need to claim that Anneliese never had any professional medical help. They won’t have anything to say once I post a list of all of the doctors /medical professionals that examined her, and came up with absolutely nothing.

      Once again, thank you for your kind comments. I do appreciate them.

      • akancha says:

        its hurting even to believe how much this lady had suffered…for the salvation of many others….

  25. Peter says:

    Yes, Anneliese suffered very very much!!! But I do not believe that Mary (the mother of the Lord Jesus) really asked from Anneliese to suffer for the salvation of many others. I believe that the demons deceived Anneliese in that case!
    The demons came in the shape of Mary to Anneliese to get permission from Anneliese to vex and torment her more and more! Anneliese accepted the heavy sufferings, because she thought that she had to suffer for the salvation of many others. But the truth was that the demons received more freedom to torture and hurt Anneliese! Their trick was successful!
    I have explained these things more in detail on my website: and then point 4. Once again Germany.

    • Denise Wilson says:

      The devil appeared to Anneliese in the form of the Virgin Mother. He can appear however he wishes. What he did by doing so was to trick her into giving her permission for the possession. He and his demons have to be invited in. A “doorway” has to be opened for them to enter.

  26. linn davis says:

    I to have had my share of demonic spirits.I began using drugs and saw my first black shadow figure when I was in my twentys.then I drove further into meth.and had truley opend the gates of hell.I have been scratchd.talkd in demonic voices.levitated.and remained to see black shadow figures.glowing red eyes.and orbs.balls of light floating through the family.friends.and church are a witness to such horrible things.that happend.I was baptized once it did not work it only angerd the demon even more.the second time it workd.I went to paris.missouri to have hands laid upon me.I will never forget what I went through.what I saw.I also was a self cutter.suicidel.over dosed a couple of times.I have been saved since 2003.and have never left the Lords side.I believe I went through I could see and understand that there is truley a Heaven and hell.God and satan.God blessEmilys heart and her don’t understand untill you have been there and done that.or been a witness to it.

    • Jimmy says:

      Again I dont Know what happened to my first E-Mail But here we go again. After studying every thing avaiable about Anneliese, I have come to the only Possible answer. Anneliese had a very needy Personality brought to an almost psychotic level by systematic abuse from her parents. They ruled her life with an Iron hand. It is my sincere belief that she was Sexually molested and most probably had Intercourse with her father repeatedly. Her Mother remained in denial. So as religious as she was Anneliese’s own denial was that Her Father had to be under the Devils Influence. Also Many around her Did not even believe in God as Germany and Belgium are very no Christian Catholic Countries to begin with. Big Jimmy Brooklyn To be Continued

      • Jimmy says:

        As I said earlier in her mind she saw her Molestation as the work of the devil. Then I Believe that She Purposely performed Cerimonies/ Rituals to bring about her own posssession. This had the Two-Fold reason of Clearing her Father of Guilt ( as well as herself) and showing the world that the devil Exists (Which He very much does) She would’nt allow the Exorcisms to work because she would not( purposely) Choose Christ. This way She caused interest Worldwide, And to many became a Martyr, and to Many possibly a Future Saint. But the Vatican Knows better. It will NEVER HAPPEN Big Jimmy Brooklyn

  27. none says:

    i want to ask…..this…

    why does Resisilobus said that he dont choose to be there…does that means that he dont like to posses?

    • LVCIFER says:

      A lot of times, the demonic don’t possess a person because they want to, per se, they do it because they are ordered to by their superiors. Imagine hell as if it were the military. There are ranks of the demonic, and the higher ranks control the lower ranks. That happens a lot more than you could imagine.

      • zxcv6279a says:

        lvcifer, All I Want to know is how do you take conjecture about the Spirit world and state it as fact

      • LVCIFER says:

        That’s the thing, I don’t state it as fact. I state THE facts, and then explain what it could mean in regards to the spirit world based on the work, experiments, and belief of others who have actual experience with these things.

        What is a “fact” to you might not be a “fact” to me. For example, if you say “there is no spirit world”, I would dispute that, because the existence of a “spirit world” to me IS indeed a fact. I say this because through my own experiences, with my own two eyes I have witnessed things that prove this to me. Of course, those who disagree with you will automatically try to discredit the person who believes differently. This is called “character assassination” or “character warfare”, and is not uncommon.

        So, facts can be relative. Facts can be proven. They can be disproven. They can be verified. Or they can be ignored.

        Remember, it was also a “fact” that the world was flat, and that the only way to cure mental illness was through lobotomies.

        Facts change. They’re subjective and relative.

        For example, my wife has been convinced that the fact of the matter is that I’m an asshole. I, however, disbelieve that “fact” and dispute it vehemently. I require proof, not conjecture.

        And also – it’s not conjecture when events and incidents can be proven. Once witnesses come forth who have seen these supernatural events with their own two eyes, it is no longer conjecture.

      • zxcv6279a says:

        To Lvcifer, Boy, your real long winded, in fact you said the same thing like 3 times. What baffles me though is that again I find you to be Confused. When dealing with the Spirit world your not delving into a SuperNatural Realm. It is PRETERNATURAL, other wise your giving them Power, just by your words. May I ask, are you a wiccan,celt,or satan worshiper? if so that would explain why you call the Spirit Realm Supernatural, if they are GODS to YOU. Other than that Supernatural deals only with the Holy Trinity and the Manifestations of the gifts of the spirit. Supernatural is a very commonly misused word,somuch that people automatically as associate it with anything “Spookly”

      • LVCIFER says:

        I’m Roman Catholic, actually.

        And numerous times throughout the blog, I have pointed out that preternatural is the correct terminology. But most people have no idea what “preternatural” is. So I stick with the more well-known terminology of “supernatural”.

      • zxcv6279a says:

        Great Lvcifer, Roman Catholic is Great, so am I, I guess you use the name you do as an attention Getter??

      • LVCIFER says:

        Not at all, James. In the book being released, I explain why I chose that name. But ever since you started leaving comments here, you’ve been aggressive and confrontational. That type of behavior isn’t tolerated here. I’ll answer your questions, civilly, but if your attitude keeps on shining through, then this will be the last comment you’ll be able to leave before I block them in the future. Again, flaming and loaded comments are off-limits. Try to at least keep it civil, without the accusatory undertone, please.

  28. Neodraco says:

    I have a question, why did some of the demons give the names of people like Nero, Caine ect? I would assume these are people they once possessed and not the demon’s real names. Why would they identify themselves in this manner? I expect this question can’t be answered for certain but is there a theory to why.

    • LVCIFER says:

      To Neodraco:

      Well, that’s actually a very interesting question, and it took me a few minutes to decide how I was going to answer it. First things first, let me tell you that I have absolutely no idea, factually, one way or the other, all I have are suppositions and guesswork. However, all of that information can be ascertained by intelligent deduction, so to respond to that, my answer would have to be that those “demons” are simply people who have been demonized.

      As always, you can take this with a grain of salt, but in the end, the fact of the matter is that the demonic don’t experience time as we do. Neither does the immortal soul. While they/we are not eternal, they are sempiternal, which means that even though they may not be able to actually “die” as we know it, or that they do not have an end in sight, they DID have a beginning, which is when they were created as angels by God. For them, one human lifetime is literally a drop in the bucket. There are also however, people who have genuine wickedness within them. I don’t mean people who have bad attitudes, or who enjoy being mean, I mean that there are people who do have genuine evil seeded within their soul. These are people who are so bad during life that they are actually ‘recruited’ into Hell once they die. It’s like the CIA. If you have such an extreme talent for something during your younger life such as high school and college, or languages, computer skills, manipulation skills, etc., then you will ‘graduate’ and be brought into the company. There have been people throughout history who were so genuinely evil that decades and sometimes centuries later, people have claimed to be possessed by their spirits. These people have been ‘demonized’, or, they have been accepted into the ranks of Hell and transformed into something much darker than a normal human soul. While you may not believe in that, playing around with the infernal is not a good idea.

      Another author on Diabolical Confusions had a very interesting theory on this one as well. This is what ANIMUS had to say:

      I think the term you’re (LVCIFER) looking for is ‘dybbuk’, as they are, they come out of medieval Jewish folklore, but are based on stories that can be traced back to Babylon. When a soul is wicked enough, it skips the sleep of Death of the Jewish view of the afterlife and it is imprisoned alongside the demons in Gehinom, the fire torturous pits of Hell that Dante wrote about. Supposedly after a long enough period of time, hellfire burns away their humanity and they take up with demons. Since they’re human souls, dybbukim can remain inside a human being better than a demon can, but they can be ejected the way any other soul is, namely killing the body. But again, they’re jumping into other people’s bodies.

      Demons are stripped of their ability to take on human form like angels can. Angels can descend and transubstantiate into the same “stuff” as we are made of (‘course with a few modifications, usually) but demons are sealed, body-and-soul, in Hell: they can only enter the world in spirit form, otherwise we’d have an unimaginably massive army of beings that can only be killed by another angel strutting about and, no pun intended, raising hell all across the earth.

      I hope we answered that question.

      • zxcv6279a says:

        Hello again Lvcifer, Jimmy here I just read the comment about, Dyybuks etc, and I would like to know alot more. I believe and have felt called to be an Exorcist for the last 30 or so years. I took part in 3 exorcisms, During the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s. The Catholic view has none of this information as part of it. I think all this “other Stuff” about Jewish beliefs, This belief ,that belief,justn confuse the matter

      • LVCIFER says:

        What exactly did you have questions about, Jimmy? The most common misconception is that demons possess only in the Christian or Catholic religions. The Muslims have their own possessing entities as well, just as the jews do. Ask away.

      • SevenPlus says:

        @Lvcifer I asked the same question Neodraco did because I had not taken the time to read all the replies, question and comments….thank you, you answered the questions I asked in my post, will still do some research though.

      • lateralus says:

        This is what stood out the most to me. She’s listed five people, plus Lucifer.
        It just makes me believe that she was mentally ill.
        Also, while guttural, her voice still sounds feminine, she’s not speaking in six different voices when she’s identifying herself as each individual entity.
        I’ve read about cases where people have identified themselves as obscure demons who they couldn’t possibly have heard of, and she’s saying incredibly famous names like Judas, Hitler, and Nero?
        Could it be possible, if she truly was possessed, that the entity or entities were using these names to mock?
        I like to always try and keep even a little bit of an open mind, but it does seem to me like she wasn’t actually possessed.

  29. LVCIFVGOVS says:

    An interesting, if long-winded article. We find it odd that you have usurped the name of the Bearer of Light in your responses. Surely It is as little amused by this stunt as We. There is little hope for this world if you and We cannot speak civily. The libelous accusations in this text are not at all well-received on Our end.
    We wish you nothing but a peaceful life; you have but to open your eyes to the wonders that await you.
    We thank you for the opportunity to speak freely.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Hello, LVCIFVGOVS.

      Oddly enough, I think that you may have misconstrued the message of the entirety of the blog in general. I’m not “singling out” any individuals or groups at all. I have always been a firm believer of freedom of religion and belief.

      As far as my choice of taking the name of “LVCIFER” as my handle, I assure you that it was not done in a mocking manner, though I do see your point of contention. Unfortunately, the story of why I chose that name is a pretty big let down, and not at all what you’d expect.

      In regards to Haylel, at no point do I ever display an adversity to him, nor a liking. I have learned in my life to have a healthy respect for both sides of the creation. While I may not love or worship the the Morningstar, I DO respect him. After all, he was the first, the strongest, the most powerful and the most beautiful of all of God’s creation. To forget that would be ignorance.

      For what it’s worth, I apologize if you feel the statements in the article were libelous, however, please do keep in mind that the article, while it does try to remain neutral, was written by a Roman Catholic. I also would be willing to bet that if you re-read through the text, you’d see that most of the “opinions” offered belong to other authors that were quoted.

      As far as speaking freely, I would never deny someone the opportunity to speak, as long as it is civilly, as you said.

      As a matter of fact, I am currently in the process of an article that investigates – impartially – the roots of Satanism in NYC since it’s founding days. Maybe if possible, if you know anyone who would be willing to speak to me, we could talk about that, civilly, as well?

      P.S.: Please use a valid e-Mail address. The poor guy who’s e-Mail address that you used now thinks that a Satanist has singled him out and is now harassing him, because I tried to e-Mail the address that was listed with a cc to this response. 🙂

  30. Rami says:

    God loves everyone. I feel for Annalise, she has gone through so much and therefore she deserves love. i love you Annalise Michel and how strong you are. God Bless You

  31. aaron says:


    • LVCIFER says:



      Which Ba’al are you looking to learn about? There were many. And also, is there anything in particular you were looking for, or do you just want general information?

      • zxcv6279a says:

        Hello Lvcifer, I wanted to drop you a quick line to see if you received my apology yet. I want to make sure that the air is clear. I also have a case you might be interested in. I been in process with it fo about 4 years. When I brought it to the attention of my home parish, the pastor reacted very negatively. I brought the subject to him for the annointing of the sick and as he annointed him he was shaking like a leaf. Evidently the pastor must have had some real contact with the demonic in the past. I also saw your picture on twitter and you would not believe how much you and I look alike I will contact you soon. This is the greatest website for anyone like-minded. I will do all that I can to promote it.

      • LVCIFER says:

        It’s not an issue man. I try not to hold grudges. 🙂

        Plus, this is one of those topics that promotes a response from someone, often an emotional one. I get it, it’s cool man.

        In regards to the situation you’re in the middle of, this person, are they close to you? And what exactly do you suspect?

      • zxcv6279a says:

        Lvcifer, Thank you for responding so quickly, The Subject is not close to me and I have known him for about 6 years. I have done extensive questioning and he has been seen by medical doctors and Psychiatrists and Psychologists. He is under a counselors care in a Level 3 Congragate Care Facility. I will go back into my files and send you what I have documented once I Delete his Personal Info. Is there a Different E-mail I should send it to ? or a specific one on this site to you ONLY? I don’t want it to be at risk in any way, shape or Form. I’ll get back to you ASAP Jimmy

      • LVCIFER says:

        If you like, you could shoot it out to, I’m the only one who sees that account.

  32. Huda says:

    I believe in Anneliese’s case and death. The voice definitely wasn’t her voice, it was pure demonic. I’m saying that because I’m so religious and strict believer in God. I saw everything and I even saw demons.
    In fact I’m Muslim and love all religions. I’m not Islamist and bad person, Furthermore, I’m so open-minded.
    May God rest that beautiful girl in peace.

    • Adam Nahhas says:

      i heard somewhere that she wasn’t really possessed she was “turning” insane? now I don’t know if that’s true, but i would to ask you i’m a Muslim so I like to see what other people think. We do believe in possession and things of that nature, but i want your feedback.

  33. There is no way that you can believe that angels walk this earth but demons do not. I have seen possession first hand, it is real, it does exist.

  34. yeshaia lopez says:

    hi, i’m so really interested about the exorcism that i read on your blog specially the exorcism of emily rose “”anneliese Michel”…..i hope you have also post on your blog about the case of maria rossi…if it’s real? and also the real pictures or images of maria rossi and isabella rossi….thanks and more power 🙂

  35. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on spiritualabusesanctuary and commented:
    Demon Possession and Acts of Violence, re: “The Dark Night Rises”. Is there a connection between acts such as the hideous murders James Holmes apparently committed the night of the Batman movie premier in Aurora, CO. I believe so. Demon possession and mental illness are very closely connected, although the so-called mental health community would disagree. However, the “mental health community” has never been able to cure mental illness. At best they attach labels on it,( behavior disorder, psychopathy, Bi-polar, Multiple personality disorder) and describe it in terms of relational issues, DNA, and so on, and attempt to try the person’s symptoms with various psychotropic drug “therapies”, and personal counseling. It never seems to occur with them, (or most Christians for that matter), that the multiple personalities a person may be experiencing,for example, could in fact be demon spirits intruding upon the individuals thought processes, influencing his behavior, as well as manifesting in actual physical illnesses. In any case, I wanted to publish this post concerning the attempts at exorcising demon spirits from this young woman, Anneliese Michel. In this case, it was a total failure, and the girl died at the end of an astonishing 67 rituals. Knowing what I do about demonic apparitions, as well as the Catholic churches unscriptural and idolatrous obsession with the Virgin Mary, I have am certain the church was part of the problem rather than the cure. The young Anneliese should have been and could have been delivered, and the demons cast out of her by any obedient believer of Jesus Christ. I have personally observed this. It is not a great mystery. Jesus himself cast out many wicked spirits. The problem with people today, and most Christians, is that they’ve lost touch with their true spiritual nature and have little true faith in the supernatural aspect of God. Anneliese herself was an overly obsessed Catholic, but even she suspected that Satan was playing tricks on her. Since the scriptures say that Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light, I believe this is exactly what he did when he manifested as the Virgin Mary to Anneliese,

  36. […] A famous case of this was one of the largest and most popular articles on this site, the case of Anneliese Michel. This poor girl claimed to be possessed by a multitude of spirits, including the three names I […]

  37. Mellaleus says:

    Hitler and the fallen priest didn’t possess Michel here are the six demons that were inside here:

    • LVCIFER says:

      I beg to differ. I’ve read a total of approximately 300 pages on the topic, from various sources, some of which INCLUDE Anneliese’s own diary, and they all seem to agree on who the possessing demons were.

      Belial was not one of them. Only in the “Emily Rose” movie was Belial ever mentioned.

    • Mellaleus says:

      I was wrong

      • LVCIFER says:

        I may be inclined to agree with you though about “Legion”, being that after those 6 were exorcized, others emerged and were never named. But Belial…. Belial is quite literally Lucifer’s enemy, so I doubt that they would team up for something as small as one girl’s life.

  38. pherris dontae says:

    believe the word written by man?
    man, the one who lies the most in any situation. (that is like saying that if it’s on the internet, then it must be true).
    So, trust in a story book with no factual proof, just imagination and faith?
    because of this, seeing is believing for most.
    the rest is superstition placed into peoples minds to scare them and make them mind and fear eternal damnation in hell and even fear God Himself for he may strike you down at any moment for your sins….. but all you have to do is repent and ask for forgiveness and all will be forgiven?
    He may forgive you in your brain box, but will the real world? will the law?
    the super religious fanatics are normally the ones to be possessed they say, this is because they are normally worse sinners and hide more secrets than those who have no interest in religion at all.
    optimism it is.
    its the most rational anyways, without someone looking at you and thinking you are completely crazy because you go overboard with the religious stuff…
    i know if He is real, I will apologize and ask for His forgiveness at the pearly gates.
    If He is real, then He will understand me and why I think and act the way I do, and love me anyways.
    Because He knows all, sees all, and loves all.

  39. Peter Jonah says:

    Read the Book of Urantia and leave behind the misconceptions of the error-filled Bible.

  40. Ba-RAT-hy says:

    this gave them all the chance to adore lana turner!!!

  41. Ba-RAT-hy says:

    i am mad jealous of who god loves, i have been beaten and publically humiated for it!

  42. Ba-RAT-hy says:

    all of toronto had to mock me so did hamilton! my eyes suck and are full of hate at the male race!

  43. Ba-RAT-hy says:

    man comes first! the most desirable, lovely, and coveted by them!

  44. Ba-RAT-hy says:

    daughters of men, i hate anneliese michel!

  45. Ba-RAT-hy says:

    can’t stop the devil, he is a relentless cruel pig for mother god! i am forced to hallucinate myself chopped up for the girl all the guys love!

  46. Ba-RAT-hy says:

    lets all hate barathy nadarajah, she’s an ugly eyesore that jesus personally beat and killed!

    • LVCIFER says:

      Wow. Some of those comments were genuinely disturbing. I’m truly sorry that you feel such hatred. I hope that one day, you’ll realize that God loves all, including you. Despite the fact that you may not believe it, or feel worthy I it.

      • SevenPlus says:

        @Lvcifer….I concur almost sounds like the responses of the Anneliese transcript I read….sorry no offense!

  47. Zabi says:

    LVCIFER, I went through the comments and I saw the discussion you have made with some followers of Islam. You were asking if there is a difference between Djinn, Satan and Demons.

    Let me explain it further than the others, and everyone can participate, Satan is a creature that is superior to Angels (he thinks). Satan is not Djinn and he is so powerful that he can push all people towards evil. He can present to all people at the same time (one of his powerful features).

    Djinn are other creatures .. Like Human but formed differently .. we were made out of mud, and they were made out of Fire. Among Djinn, there are demons (the powerful Djinn).

    Satan’s job is to whisper your conscience to do bad. He whispers Djinn’s Conscience (Demons among them) to do bad as well.

    Djinn are invisible and the only way you can see them is when they possess a human being, an animal or when they shape-shift (They mostly shape-shift to black living-being – mostly black dogs/cats). There are many reasons why Djinn possess a human being:

    A) In love with the person.
    B) The person went to a place where they exist and did something unpleasant.
    C) Hurting a shape-shifted Djinn and his tripe came for a revenge (Djinn moves in tripes and they can’t be alone – They get scared to hell when they are alone).
    D) Sorcery (Black magic – Spells – Curses).

    This world is huge and there are many people in this world who have Djinn friends to help them. They sometime possess other people to steal their secrets and give it to their human friends. Djinn are very weak creatures. They fear humans and when they like someone they start whispering him and establish a form of contact. You don’t choose to talk to Djinn, they choose you.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Hi Zabi:

      It’s very interesting that you would post about the djinn. I have a piece that has been prepared for quite a while now, it’s only about 15-20 pages in length, but it deals solely and completely with the djinn. I decided to publish it in the upcoming book though, rather than online on the site. I thank you for taking the time to write your comment out though, as it provides a great overview on the topic. It’s truly appreciated.

  48. terri says:

    To all who have read this article and commented some of you have seemed to have lost ur way ur going on about djinns are the same as demons does it really matter the fact is the article is about a girl who suffered possession and who would know better than any of us than the annelise herself and her family so before you go on to try and out do each other on what book says what and quote from bibles and what not take a moment to think of annelise and the facts – she was possessed and died a long and horrible death as for those who say they dont believe that annelise was visited by mary how dare you try to take away someones past she said herself and to her mother that she saw her and i believe annelise saw who she saw what gives anyone the right to say otherwise is appalling as i said earlier who knows better than annelise herself – none of us.
    And to the person who wrote the article well done annelise said she wanted the world to know about what really happened to her unfortunately this was not followed through so thankyou for helping us curious people understand more.

  49. reignman says:

    Any article that would stir up a mix of reactions, feedback, questions and brain-sharing has definitely met its objective. Hats off to you man! It was really a good read and absolutely tickled my mind. All comments included. 🙂

  50. Natalie garnett says:

    poor girl lets hope shes at peace now!

  51. mur says:

    I pray for her i believe she did what she felt in her heart was right. Its a shame she had to suffer so long i pray god took her pain and suffering away when the time came. A truely good article.

  52. Lawrence says:

    Enjoyed article o. Anneliese I have some onto you may be interested in
    Thank you

  53. Tamir says:

    I believe she had serious and extreme mental issues. I’ve never believed in anything supernatural and I doubt I will. May she rest in peace, regardless whether it’s was possession or just mental issues.

  54. My says:

    I appreciate your work and your article that I came upon by accident. The empathy you show in your writing about this woman shows that you are bettering yourself through writing (I read your bio as well). Just one thing I wanted to know though; why do you call yourself “Lvcifer”? Thank you for educating those who may not know how real the devil or even God is. I hope things get better for you through your writing 🙂 God Bless you

  55. Joe says:

    My family is very religous but I am not at all. I do practice alot morals and beliefs that comes from what the bible though. Anyways, who cares if Mary did give her a option or not. If Anneliese, her family, and anyone else believe that what she did then let them. Do not tell people to find Jesus. Let them find who they feel they need to find. Let people believe that this was a religous situation or a science situation. Do not tell someone that they are right or wrong and just be sadden that something like this could happen to someone.

  56. Anneliese says:

    This has purely scared me….. i would never have believed this until i read this article. Anneliese should not have deserved such a painful death……… this is sad . the way she died is completely scary………………

  57. Cassandra says:

    This is crazy, I feel really bad about what happened to her. I listened to the audio with my friend, and it scared me no one should have to go through that.

  58. […] Church was in 1976 on Anneliese Michel in Germany. Here is a really good read on said exprcism Anneliese Michel Exorcism Link If you read past the website title and actrually read some of it, it is not some big airhead […]

  59. God and Angels…the devil and demons…
    they are all real.

  60. the lived says:

    mary got gangbanged by 5 niggas thats why she said to joseph god did it..shes just a lying bitch who got away with cheating on her husband cus she blamed it on god

    • I disagree with you asshole!! Mary didn’t get fucked by 5 (racial slurs removed) alright!!! I know because I saw a movie of how Jesus was made and he was made by God. He sent an angel to tell Mary that a miracle is goin to happen the next day and the next thing you know Mary has Jesus and that was how he was born. That’s why it says virgin because a virgin is someone who hasn’t had sexual intercourse with anyone AT ALL duh.

  61. Soma says:

    Lvcifer: I would like to get the full article or link to full story of this Anneliase Michel. I’m not saying that I disagree with you or on any of the facts, but I’d like to see it. I’ve chosen this topic for an assignment, so I’d figured it’d be very helpful. Thanks.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Soma – The thing is, the article that I wrote was based on multiple accounts. I used a book written by a Dr. who investigated the entire trial, I used a Polish documentary, and a lot of translations from numerous sources. What I COULD do is give you all of the reference material I had used. You’d have to buy the book though. In total, this project took me a while. It’s approx. 17 pages printed as it currently is on this link, with no photographs. The version of this article that I wrote for the upcoming ‘Diabolical Confusions’ book is 2x as long as this, printing out at 41 pages. It includes transcripts of Anneliese’s actual diary, in her own words, and even some screenshots of her diary entries. It also includes detailed information about and from her doctors and medication. Let me know.

      • Soma says:

        Wow! I’m amazed of how much research you enjoy for stories like these:) Anywho, I don’t have the money as of now, but I find this story very fascinating. I would like to know what the title of the book is called, and yes, a list of the materials you had used would be helpful. Thanks.

  62. NoName says:

    I was hoping you could share your sources for where you got all of this information from, im writing a very extensive paper, and a list would be great just so i could check it out myself.

  63. Lynn O'Hara says:

    Thank you for such a fantastic read. Cant beleive i have just come across this after looking for so long for related articale’s that seem factual & legit. Very well done on this piece.

    I myself found it hard to beleive that the virgin Mary would come to one and ask to prolong their suffering for the sake of others, so it was good to read that you also have that same incline.

    Very interesting stuff =)

  64. SevenPlus says:

    First let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article but avoided listening to the tapes as I have listened to 30 seconds of one back in 2009 and the voices on that tape made every hair on my body stand at attention; but there was also something in the guttural sounds, the shades and tones of said voices that profoundly disturbed my spirit. Still makes me cringe just to think about it. I will also say that I agree with the comment made by Lvcifer about the bible being translated by men with limited interpretations.

    Now with all this said my questions are, the Hebrew Alphabet has no J’s and the Father’s name is Yahweh and not Jesus so how is it possible for a priest to exorcise demons in the name of Jesus? My next question is this, if demons are fallen angels and Anneliese was possessed by demons, why were two of the names given by her possessors Cain and Hitler or was that three Judas; who were all humans? With this being the case can I then say that humans are fallen angels or is it fallen angels who takes on a human form and after death transforms into demons or would it be preferable to say that a human who has sinned after death transforms into a demon? I am, quite frankly, at a loss on how to interpret this.

    Somewhere in my fleeting memory I have heard about the Djinn but can’t seem to remember what. I guess it is time to do research.

    My belief and I use the word belief instead of opinion because this was a significant spiritual event that occurred and an opinion would be just too dispassionate and unfitting in this case, is simply this, yes, my Elohim, my Yahweh, sacrificed his only son my Yahshua to die for our sins, but I also believe that He can appoint humans also, not to die for our sins but to pay penance for our souls; and that is what Anneliese did she paid penance, which is she voluntarily choose to suffer for the souls that were damned for eternity and so that people wouldn’t suffer in hell.

    This article has once again resurrected my yearnings to learn more about spiritual warfare, arch angels, warrior angels I fondly call them and Michael is my favorite, demons and much more! My brains cells are thirsty for knowledge but I also know that in my seeking I must be careful of falsehood!!!!

    I have lots of question regarding the Bible

    H onor
    O bey
    L ove
    Y our

    B ible
    I t
    B rings
    L life
    E ternal
    A Rastafarian taught/told me this when I was but 10 years old never forgot it and even then I understood how pivotal his definition of each letter were.

  65. John says:

    Truth is, fear isn’t of God but is devilish. Fear leads to a life style of worry and stress. Get rid of fear for the Lord is your strength and help. 2 Tim 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 1 Jn 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 🙂

  66. JamesAT says:

    Satan’s angels need not bother with those who turn their backs on the Father or His only son Jesus Christ. They need not bother because in that arena, they have already won…. Satan’s forces are eyed straight at the true followers of Christ and those who are willing to uphold His Gospel and who are willing to tell people the Good News. He is the enemy of Righteousness and as we are made righteousness only though the blood of Jesus, he is our enemy.

    In the name of Jesus Christ all things are made possible. In the name of Jesus Christ ALL evil must depart. He has claimed victory over sin in the name of Our Father and holds the keys to death and Hades. Though Mary was the mother of God, she too needed saving. She too needed Jesus Christ.

    “For I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” – Phiippeans 4:13

  67. Jorge Benavides says:

    I believe Anneliese’s case is not a Devil’s Victory, but a defeat. Often times if not always we tend to thing that the person possessed is dammed especially if he/she dies. If the possession is the manifestation of the Devil permitted by God with no fault of the person then there must be a purpose in it. I think the Devil is not interested y exposing himself through exorcisms or even through a possession event. He want to be unnotices. He can do much harm when people think he doesn´t exist. Manifeste Possession and exorcism is not good businnes for the Devil and his demons whatsoever.

    Now, People that reject Christ and who are after idols like money, fame, pleasure, delinquence, etc. are “a piece of cake” for the Devil, they are almost already his, He doesn’t care much for them. (They are in great danger when they die, without repenting, though). He is interested in the ones who near to God and who do the things Christ told them when they follow Him (taking His Cross).

    Even Saint Paul (in spirit) gives a sinner to de devil, for the salvation of that person’s sould.

    Christ bless you all.


  68. Penny says:

    I found this to be a great and informative article albeit greatly disturbing. I didn’t read it at night, I was actually researching “documented demon possessions” in the afternoon. I believe the author was trying to convey Anneliese’s story. This was a well researched and written article. A product of the resources available to the writer. Do I believe in God? Yes.. yes I do! Do I believe in Jesus? You’de better believe I do!

    Do I believe the Virgin Mary appeared to Anneliese? Yes, I do. The bible says “unclean spirits will go out and deceive the nations”. It is my belief that this is exactly what happened in this case. She was indeed possessed by many demons one of which was Lucifer (Satan, Beelzibub, Great Dragon, etc.) who IS the Prince of Darkness and all things evil and unclean. Having done pleanty of research on my own, I’ve come to the understanding that the other demons who remained within Anneliese had to follow the heirarchael chain of command and were commanded to stay by Lucifer himself. In the end, I believe it was Lucifer who appeared to Anneliese as the Virgin Mary and gave her a task she wouldn’t be able to say “no” to. Now, if the demons could read the minds of the priests in the room then Lucifer already knew that Anneliese, being a good and faithful servant of God, would suffer to save the souls of many. This gave him license to torment and torture her further showing his true hatered of all mankind.

    I’m off to find the court documents now. Thank you for a very informative article and maybe the writer should have someone exorcise his humble abode… I’ll pray for you.

  69. bob samuel says:

    it was great movie and great information about her, god bless all of you.

  70. Marcela Hernandez Cabellos says:

    I am sorry I couldn’t keep reading anymore… apparently you are saying she was possessed? Please! She suffered from schizophrenia, paranoia and if that wasn’t enough epilepsy.

    You might think I am a skeptic but I was practically raised in church, as a child I had (or at least I believed so at the time) the gift of vision, as a young woman I could speak in tongues, I have read the bible from genesis to the book of revelations, prayed the rosary every day but as an adult came to the conclusion that like Annelise I lived in a fanatic environment and when you are brought up that way you think your thoughts will condemn you, that the devil is in you, and you become restless, you lose sleep, you lose yourself in a sea of hurtful ideas, you do penitence to find forgiveness, but that is only the beginning of a true Calvary.

    Maybe this is the reason her story touches me, because I understand what happened to her she tried soooo hard to live up to Christian expectation, but in her mind she never became the saint she needed to be, then chaos unleashed her mental illness.

    Now you might not post this but after all its a true story, my story. If you are thinking about censuring this post wait! think about the people you might help just by telling them they are OK, that they only need to chill.

    Let me put it to you simple:
    Her schizophrenia was fed by her family’s fanatic belief in demoniac possessions, I understand this deeply enough as I myself was loosing it a couple of years ago when I started my quest for God and found the divine will by Luisa Picarreta then I just couldn´t stop thinking about it and trying so hard to become a saint too, but actually I just became sick.

    I ask a bit of RESPECT for MENTAL ILLNESS.

    For what its worth thank you.


    • Rafael says:

      Just because you lost your faith somewhere it doesnt mean evil doesnt exist either. Catholics ask the opinion of many psychiatrists, etc. before sayng somebody is possessed. And the Mitchels story is not somethingof the past, it does happen today. I do not think mental illness make a person speak languages the person had no contact with, among other things. Exorcists are not stupid. Btw, whats being fanatic for you? From what you wrote it seems that any christian is
      fanatic. And I dont think its possible to try to be a saint, you just are..
      Maybe you didnt get one thing in christianism(catholic).. We dont know eveything. We only know things God revealed to us, and that what we call faith. And whenever we want to know everything, we end up being like Eva, who wantd to be like God (Genesis).

    • Denise Wilson says:

      And the “layman” has spoken, A lot of “diagnosed” mental issues are actually possessions, especially in the extreme cases. The less extreme cases are oppression. They all stem from the same source-the devil, or Lucifer, if you will.

  71. Fouzia says:

    WOW,i’m only 10 and I feel so sorry for Aneeliese,she suffered greatly for our benefit,R.I.P I only found out about Aneeliese Michel because I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose,Which is base on Aneeliese’s fatal exorcism.

  72. Nikki says:

    CMN did in fact state facts. God is all powerful, all knowing, the Creator of all, and yet He cannot keep His word from being tainted and tampered with? To discredit the bible is to discredit the power of God.

    • Maria89 says:

      Yes, same as He can’t prevent some of his priests from molesting children. And as for “tampered” with… Why, yes, I believe it’s been “tampered” with hundreds of times, from the Council of NIceae to just translations.

      As for the article, good read, though I must say I enjoyed the author’s comments more than the article – and that can only be a compliment.

  73. […] Another internet source [click here] [1] provides the following descriptions of Anneliese’s life as the demons that possessed her started making themselves apparent; […]

  74. […] Another internet source [click here] [1] provides the following descriptions of Anneliese’s life as the demons that possessed her started making themselves apparent; […]

  75. Brian says:

    i believe.
    I’m goin to pray the rosary and ill say a couple of hail Mary’s. I’m not going to read this comments posted by anti Catholics asking questions about the blessed ever virgin Mary. the Catholic church is the original church and all other denominations branched from it due to their questioning. ask God for the answers and He will give them to you.

  76. pepoluan says:

    thank you for a diligently researched and commentaried story of Annaliese.

    I heard about Annaliese just yesterday, reading about her in a local Catholic magazine.

    Your article is wonderful, and indeed provide some foundation to the wisdom I received from God regarding the issues.

    God Bless You abundantly, dear sir. May you always be strong in your blessed mission of a Knowledge-Bringer.

  77. Sheena Christine says:

    Thank you for this heart-wrenching, yet soul-quenching article. I say soul-quenching because I struggle so much in balancing my spiritual life in this physical world. I strongly believe I struggle so much is due to the fact that I believe and know in my heart, God exists. And I strongly know that the deeper I develop a relationship with God, the more obscure things are and closed-minded I become. I can nearly be seen as one of those “Bible thumping bullies” as commented above – the very thing I stand against whole heartily! So, what I have done many times in my life is take a few steps back that ultimately lead to too many steps back and the more I go on like that, the less I feel Father in my life. The result is quick to anger and feeling empty. If anyone can help with this type of struggle, let me know.

    Back to thanking the author of this article, I have not listened to any of the recordings, nor do I feel ready to – and I may never. I have had a near possession experience and I do NOT want to feel utter and abyssal, sheer fear, of that kind again. I will admit that I am not that strong willed. I cannot even imagine what Annaliesse had gone through. Thank you God for giving her the endurance, stamina and will power to endure all that torment!

  78. nico says:

    Did Jesus worship “the virgin?” Indeed not. Why does this happen so much to Catholics? Anyone familiar with the story of the two pagan exercises who were beaten and thrown into the streets naked by a possessed man? Catholicism started as a good thing, until it was turned into a political faction and bastardized by European paganisms and used as means to control. Original christianity was stunningly similar to Buddhism, even teaching rebirth. It is something Himself may not recognize now. He tried to show people the truth and set them free, the form it currently has, in all its various forms, do not reflect the real sacred teachings. Certainly not in idolatry, relic worshipping, pantheon of demigod saints, replacement for ancient Artemis virgins..l do know the history and cannot be termed ignorant or even biased, as I did not pin it on Catholics only. The message to love one another is vital and greatly lost on many. It’s quite sad. None of us really know anything all the squabbling only makes us appear worse. Simply abandon wrongdoing cultivate doing good and you are the master of your own salvation. There are no holy objects o r magic words that can take the place of real faith. Christ is the light and the way of course, but you are responsible for following the way. He taught love and compassion and these should be incorporated at every opportunity, without hopes of praise from people or adherence to any particular club i.e. religion.
    Please do not be offended, it is not my intention to upset or h arm anyone, just pointing out something. “We speak of that which we have seen.” Love one another and God bless.

  79. anneliese michel/bharati says:

    did everyone see the chair at the end, and everyone hugging and happy, that’s JESUS CHRIST. i’m not jealous of anyone or spreading hatred. WHAT A LIE TO SEND SOME PEOPLE TO EVEN MORE CRUELTY

    but i’m pretty
    but i’m beautiful
    i’m the prettiest girl here ok
    the prettiest girl in shosht
    and the three clovers on the fat lady, what a joke, to make fun of childhood and creativity..these being are Damn CRUEL and MEAN

  80. anneliese michel/bharati says:

    everybody will watch that and know the identify of the antic or what not? youre the most beautiful girl in the world ok? my grandfather apparently slept with a dog!! GOD IS MEAN AND CRUEL. pppl will say that girl is not pretty at all, she has no beauty and we all hate her, they’ll laugh and get the meaning and they win(the glory of true love, etc) over some loser who has no feelings and is clearly hated by god

  81. cheyenne says:

    I think she liked pie.

  82. Jay says:

    Is there any evidence of an Atheist being possesed?

    • LVCIFER says:

      Absolutely. It happens more frequently that you’d think.

      Right off the top of my head, I can think of one of the stories from “Hostage to the Devil” by Fr. Malachi Martin, in which he recalls a story of a possession upon someone who was an atheist.

      Further than that, in Japan, I believe that they have something like a 92% population of atheists out of the entire country, and there are Japanese possessions all the time.

      • zxcv6279a says:

        Hello Lvcifer, I found this point to be pretty profound, being that I was living on Kyoto for 18 months, and What I saw was a large Shinto following. I also do agree with the Possession statement But, alot of that is Voluntary, and much is not Malevolent, But I do know that they believe in Spirits, and Multiple Gods. By the way, How is the book coming? I will more than likely want more than one, and I would like to know if and when you would be having a Book Signing or perhaps a seminar or workshop, Followed by a signing?? Please let me know if anything like that is in the works. Thank you. Jimmy

      • LVCIFER says:

        Right now, I am aiming for approximately 400-450 pages, and right now I have about 250-275 pages completed. Honestly, I haven’t thought about giving workshops or anything like that. I honestly never figured that anyone would be interested in hearing me talk about those types of things.

      • zxcv6279a says:

        Thank you for such a quick reply, But I think that, on the contrary, given enough advance notice, I think the response would be fairly large. There are many groups interested in this type of Study. I’m sure it will attract a few charlatans, But I think you may even find someone coming there that may need Genuine help.

  83. The Revivers says:

    Hi. I did’nt have much interest in this subject until i watched Exorcism of Emily Rose. The climax was Emily’s imaginary encounter with Holy Mary. Emily was given a choice, either exit from worldly hell or suffer greatly. Emily chose to suffer greatly for the sake of proving a realm where good and evil are at war and where good triumphs over evil. Emily chose to stay behind and put up a struggle against evil. That according to father Moore makes Emily a saint.
    I am now trying to understand little bit more about religions, especially the religion of Jesus Christ. You may think why does’nt this guy just google it or why not go to any bible site and learn about it. Actually i tried all that. I even took a class in world religions at college. Not much help except for the basics. I am interested to know the “real” story that rests in people’s hearts. Why they choose to believe, or not to believe, in Jesus or in any other religion. Why is it that a spiritual person should consider only his spirituality to be correct and other spiritual beliefs nonsense.
    Thanks again for a good post…

  84. red_puppy_fart says:

    I saw a pig flying today. With my own two eyes. Thus, it is a fact. Ridiculous notion. You are stating facts where there is nothing more than mere conjecture. No matter how wordy your response, you are simply wrong. Please forgive the undertones but i find difficulty in accepting nonsense. Everything regarding this case from a ‘supernatural’ perspective can never be more than conjecture. Now that’s a fact. The facts found those involved guilty.

    I refer you to Descartes’ ‘Method of Doubt’, Hume ‘On Miracles’, and Aristotle and Kierkegaard generally, before you again claim that conjecture becomes fact once a few thousand Christians have witnessed a miracle with their own two eyes.

    Good luck with your work but don’t attempt to publish it in secular nations in the developed western world as it will simply not sell. Keep it in the USA where intelligence is scarce. I would rather read atheist garbage to be honest. In hell we will find atheism and religion. In paradise we will be rid of the lot. See you never, and good luck finding God. You’ll need it.

    • Denise Wilson says:

      Want to guess at the book which sells the most copies year after year after year?

    • Candie says:

      Wow, you’re a real ray of sunshine aren’t you! Hope you can someday learn how to be a little open minded about things.

      “Facts leave no room for possibilities.” Think about it…and God Bless You.

  85. Tracy Loftus says:

    I, for one, very much appreciate the time you spent researching the details of this case. Honestly, I think that most of the negative comments come from very narrow minded people, or perhaps they’re just afraid of what they do not know. I believe this poor girl was possessed by evil entities bent on making her life miserable. However, she suffered so that those who are narrow minded, could see that evil does exist, and is very real. God bless her for her faith, and endurance. My prayers are definitely with her. As far as “facts” go, this is a field of study where facts are very difficult to pin down…AND…that is EXACTLY why she suffered through so much torture, so the rest of us could have as close to “fact” that is possible. I feel as though people should not let her suffering and torture mean nothing…keep an open mind, and understand that there are forces out there that we may not ever thoroughly be able to prove. I am a Registered Nurse, and know quite a bit on the subject of epilepsy, and psychotic disorders. I can tell you that some of the signs and symptoms of what she displayed are typical of epilepsy, and psychotic disorders, however, many of her signs and symptoms were not even close to typical, which leads me to believe that she, her family, and the clergy were right on track. Also, did some people fail to read the portion which stated that the clergy involved referred her to many health care specialists, and none of the treatments prescribed were successful? Maybe some of these people are better left in the dark on these matters….so they think. Thank you for bringing this case to light for a lot of people 🙂

  86. God's Soldier says:

    I agree with Sandras comment. I believe annaliese was tricked by an entity/demon pretending to be Mary. I also agree with the other comments saying Jesus Christ was the only one that suffered and died for our sins. Demons are very cunning and deceptive. They will try and turn someone’s eager faith like Annas into a weakness. Keep the commandments. Prayer should only be made to Vid as stated in the first 2 commandments. The demons also said they were happy with the changes the church has made. If the “father of lies” was saying to keep a cross, holy water, rosary beads etc. in my opinion the demon was intentionally misleading away from the commandment of Deuteronomy 5 8 which clearly states “you shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them and worship them; for I AM a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and fourth generation of those who reject me, but showing steadfast love to the thousandth generation of those who love me and keep my commandments”. I feel terrible for this poor girl and the torment she went through. She was deceived by the father of lies. Please people, keep the commandments sacred and near to your heart. Heed Gods warnings and find comfort and solace in Him and Yashua aka Jesus who died for all of our sins. God will not ask any of us to die for others sins. Jesus already did. I beg anyone who reads this, if any entity appears to you and asks anything from you please pray the Our Father and proclaim Jesus to be your savior and Lord. I respect Mary and the angels but only pray to God as commanded. The devil or any demon for that matter will mislead us all if we talk to them. Peace and God bless you all. God bless Annaliese Michel.

    • God's Soldier says:

      *Only pray to God…….it says Vid in my above comment which was clearly a typo. Sorry about that.

      • God's Soldier says:

        Another thing I’d like to mention are the demons names. In my opinion all the names named by the demon were misleading. Nero, Hitler, Cain, Fleishman, etc were humans and cannot be and are not demons. Again the father of lies deceiving. Proof of this is how said demons were still left after the exorcism leaving the priests baffled. It is important to get the demon to say its name before it can be expelled in the name of Jesus and in the name of Jesus only. There are rules to “spiritual warfare” believe it or not. I have spent countless hours of researching demons, angels, and spiritual warfare. Again, God bless you all and the almighty, merciful, loving God would not ask us to pay for others sins like Annaliese thought she was doing. Jesus did that for our sins period.

  87. Kathy says:

    I feel deeply for what happened to this young woman. However, i believe that she was a victim of mental illness and at times an exrtaordinary actress. I dont think that lucifer would ever take the time too possess a human and actuall say the rosary it goes against the grain. I am sorry if i offend anybody but the sad truth is that a lovely young woman drove herself crazy through her deep suggestability and religous beliefs.

    ot possession.

  88. Sarasue says:

    This is an amazing article and I love all these comments. This is a disturbing incident and feel that Anneliese is at peace. I noticed there is a debate on whether the Mother Mary Virgin was Mary or the devil/demon in disguise. Either way if it was the devil as Mother Mary don’t you think he was doing so in seeing if Anneliese would surrender to the death to end her suffering and by doing so that would show that she was selfish and the devil would win her soul. But she chose to be tormented which pissed these demons off…because remember she was already possessed so they really didn’t need her permission to stay…whether her vision was Mary or a Demon she chose to suffer and in doing so was a noble act….I don’t feel the demons won her soul…whether she actually save people from hell or not as a good and loving spirit it seemed she was doing what she thought was right.
    And honestly if one follows the teachings of Jesus and loves his message and honestly believed they could save their brother and sisters…well they would suffer just as Jesus did…this debate ignores the point that Anneliese suffered for the love and good of God, Jesus,Mary , mankind and all. I think that’s what we need to identify. Sometimes we must sacrifice for a greater cause. Great topic Lvcifer..Oh and all and all keep the name…if your name denounces this woman’s experience well then pitty on those who refuse to acknowledge your very well written information on this woman horrible yet noble short life……
    And Lvcifer if you could send me some resources that would be greatly appreciated.
    I am trying to connect my childhood teachings of Christianity to my current spiritual discoveries of energy. I would like an alternate bible more info of older bibles information of the lost books and I’d like to learn more about the catholic ways. I studied eastern religion for a while and I’m just working on something. I am a spiritual being. I’d like to say I’m a spirit having a human experience.
    You have done a beautiful job with this topic and I wish you the best on your book to one.

  89. Hurrah! Finally I got a blog from where I know how to genuinely get useful facts concerning
    my study and knowledge.

  90. Bijo says:

    Lvcifer I donno how to thnk u for ur wrk , but I do hve a request if wat u r dng now is a research or time pass or profession then its ok but never try to live in it .you make ur beliefs nd ur beliefs creates te world for u .t can go wrong way , since ther s no write or wrong in life which we can judge before.
    I do hve a doubt for Marcela Hernandez Cabellos(whom I thnk has giventhe write comment abt te truth) nd lvcifer , few months before I saw a movie cald ‘Encounter With Fourth Kind’ I was shocked to c lot f similarites n this exorcism story nd te movie events.both deal with horrible sound , diff languages nd emmence power .wat f both alien abduction nd exorcism got a single same reason behind , which s yet to find out , or may b I dont know .may b its all just ‘Schizophrenia’.BUT FRM WHERE THIS EMMENCE PHYSICAL POWER COMING.IS T TRUE OR I JUST HEARD EXAGGERATED STORIES . hope MARCELA HERNANDEZ nd LVCIFER read nd comment…

  91. melissa says:

    Every religion has an exorcism ritual and stories about spirits possessing bodies and being cast out of bodies to the present day such as :

    Native American Religions

    Doesn’t mean anyone is right with the whole “GOD” thing. People tend to place human emotions on such a thing as “GOD”. “GOD”in my mind is not human at all and does not think or feel like humans. I think people feel the need to attribute these emotions because it will help them understand. how it works but in general people will never know just be left with more questions. Maybe once we as a species evolve we will be able to understand it better.

  92. RONNEY says:

    Jesus came to seek and save the Lost
    Casting out devils and healing the sick
    The Kingdom is coming and in our midst
    In the name of Jesus is power and life

    Jesus is Lord, I have seen his power
    Casting out demons is not new to believers
    In the name of Jesus I set up a banner
    Pointing captives to freedom in Christ

  93. tyrone and shanikwa says:

    thisi si the scariest funcking thing ever

  94. idontgiveblood says:

    I could guarentee if they had took michel to a muslim scholar/exorcist she could have been saved. How can being a priest and not know everything about exorcism. I am a muslim and i have experienced this phenomena however i have no fear, because true knowledge and strong faith is enough to know im safe from the unseen.
    P.s there is no such thing as talking to the dead,so if u belive that your wrong.

  95. idontgiveblood says:

    And there is nothing in this world that the quran doesnt mention. And for your info lvcifer a djinn is thr same thing as a demon……islam has all the answers.if u look at ouiji boards. Its know as a flippin board game to talk to the dead. Cmon.realisticly people die for a reason.the soul comes out of the body and goes back to god. Not flying around the world to talk to living humans.its impossible to talk to humans.the ouiji board only makes contact with it or not.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Angels are one of the three intelligent forms of life. By their simplest definition, a demon is nothing more than a fallen angel. The Djinn are the second of the three intelligent beings made of smokeless fire. Mankind was the third species of intelligent beings, made out of the clay / mud / dust of the earth.

      While they are similar, the Djinn cannot be considered demons, because they were never angels. Even Iblis was simply a Djinn, albeit a very powerful one. According to the book “Legends of the Fire Spirits”, by Robert Lubling, Iblis was an extremely powerful Djinn who was allowed access to Heaven. He spent so much time up there that his status was “upgraded” to that of an Angel – or in the very least, an “honorary angel“. When he was exhaled from Heaven, he rechristened himself “Azazel“, though all of the Djinn still knew of him as both “Azazel” and “Iblis“.

      Being that in the Quran, it specifically states that Angels did exist, and it also stated that the Djinn were not angelic, there is no way possible that the Djinn are demons.

      Also, while I appreciate both your comments as well as respect your opinion, please don’t try to demean other religions / faith systems, while promoting yours as “the one true faith”. It’s disrespectful, and the quickest possible way to get your comments banned from this site.

      There’s a difference between having an intelligent, informed, respectful debate, and then speaking as if everything you say is fact simply because it’s part of your faith system. All I ask is that you be respectful of others faith as well as to expect the same in return.

      Especially since Mohammad himself accepted Christians, and wanted everyone to love one another.

  96. Afya says:

    I respect your research and by all means I believe your effort, worth a read. It has become difficult to me to put it into words,for my heart knows how much you have moved me. I always waited for something over which i could believe without a doubt. I see my wait is over. And for one thing, her suffering didn’t went in vain. It filled in so much faith that it brings strength in times of terror. Even though i don’t even belong to the same religion and i see much of my ignorance have left me. God is one and true. Modern day researches however present a pleasant spiritual realm. Is it because we have grown better? I just want to understand one thing if you can help, i am not able to understand how pain and suffering of one replace that of thousands. Containing empathy i can’t imagine that.
    One more thing, i think you won’t find it much relevant but very recently a horrible gang rape happened with a young girl by i believe, six men. she too died dramatically and she too had a boy who remained at her side till death. Don’t really know why i wrote that. God bless.

  97. Loo Siffer says:

    Great article, very well written. Hail Satan.

  98. mentecato says:

    Very interesting and very enlightening information man. I have one question though. During the trial exorcism, it says that Father Renz gave a mental command saying “Withdraw from her! Say who you are!” to which the demon responded by allegedly reading his thought. But I also read in another one of your articles that demons do not have the ability to read minds as they can only deduce what you are thinking. So how is it that a demon can deduce exact phrases that a person is thinking instead of just what the person is feeling.
    I appreciate your time and keep it up 🙂

    • LVCIFER says:

      Honestly, that’s a very good question, and I have no answer for it. I don’t know about exact phrasing or wording, but I do know that intelligent deduction is possible. A lot of “mentalists” use it. The best example I can give is more in th form of a question: Have you ever known someone so well that they could finish your sentences, or even give you an answer to your question before you even asked it?

      It’s rare, but it happens. Ultimately, all that is, is another persons ability to “read” you. It’s a talent, and since these demonic entities are so very old (we’re talking millions of years), I can only assume that they have gotten exceptionally good at honing this talent/skill. But that’s just an assumption, as I have said before, I honestly have no clue as to how they could know exact wording other than my supposition.

  99. Israelite says:

    I will tell you once and for all so that there is no deception about why this poor girl was tormented by these demons.
    I can’t ask to be believed since I’m only telling from mere experience and a connection I had with God when I was young when He allowed me to see the future after praying for mercy when I felt extremely guilty or to see the City of Light which is spoken of in the Revelation (as I would found out years later after the event). After talking with a lot of people about this city (because I’m not exactly caring about what people think of me) some have opened up to tell me they’ve seen as well this City of Light where their loved ones were after dying. Like me, they didn’t know what that City was.

    You must understand God is real. So is Lucifer. The first question that Satan ever put was to the woman. It was about reaching the godly status of God through knowledge. This is our age-of knowledge, of reaching godlyhood, buddhahood, enlightment through our knowledge. And this shall me the end of us. Mock my words, this will be soon, and by that I mean 25 years.

    Now, about the girl. You have to get that the girl was part of the Catholic faith-and that’s the whore in the Revelation. It is drunk with the blood of the saints because it also uses names of holy people to make you worship them. In pagan cults, they would appoint random attributes to their gods: like god of grains, god of sun etc. In the same manner, the whore that is the Catholic Church made saint of the musicians (like Apollo), saint of merchants etc. and most of all Jesus (as the Sun god portrayed). Find passages in the Bible where the saints clearly state “not to be worshiped” where angels clearly state “not to be bowed to” where the Virgin Mary HIDES in the Revelation from the dragon that is Satan. She hides because she is a woman-not a goddess-who’s name is being used without her approval.

    They’re using her name because the Catholic Church is based on the Ishtar, Esther, Isis cult. The Moon goddess with her son, the Sun god. For example, if you truly need an Antichrist, you need first a Moon goddess-an AntiMary. If you pray to Virgin Mary, you pray to Satan because you are praying to the false god that Satan’s Church controls. Look at their hats for Pete’s sake: the hat of the pope is the same as that of the Baal’s priests in the Old Testament. Please google.
    See all the apparitions of Virigin Mary by googling “our lady of”-the fallen angels (demons) are there to deceive you to believe in her as a goddess. There is no such thing-do not be fooled!

    The end of days is soon. I’m also saying this after my oldest friend told me she had a dream on the operation table. Of us being dressed in robes. I didn’t know what that meant until I read the Revelation the week I found out I’m Jewish in an unexplainable way. We are in there as dressed in robes. I also saw a testimony online of a girl-who again did not read the Revelation-of her seeing the City of Light and a room full of light beings making white part transparent robes.

    People, wake up. We are in the beginning of the end where sin multiplies and love becomes a lie. Wake up, because there is not much time left. When faced with demons-only conjure The name of God and of Jesus Christ our Savior. One God only.

  100. sylvia says:

    The demon only afraid of the Blood and the Name Of Jesus Christ.

    For a several years from 2006 until now,I have experience how in spirit I battling against the power of demon.

    I was experiencing a very bad condition when my very first wisdom teeth grow. I always trying to sleep early at the night to convince myself that sleep will take the pain away. But i can’t even sleep. My eyes were closed but my whole body and brain are still fresh awake. I always cried in my pray and begging God to give me a rest. At the time I feel that He did not care of me and never look after me.

    One night, when my condition become worst; with headache, gastric and also period pain at the same time, i walk alone to my room without bring my medicine. And for the first time, after I say a prayer, I can sleep comfortably. I can really feel a peace in my heart and a peace surround me. But suddenly my eyes open and I can see two black figure in front of me. I cannot see their face because it was too dark. I assume that figures are my sisters who come to bring my medicine. So I just closed my eyes again. Suddenly the figures sat beside me and they begin to chat. The more I want to sleep, the more louder their voice as it directly enter through my ears to my head. I called my sister name to ask them to leave me alone because I want to sleep. They stop chatting, but then I heard a man voice laughing and they started chatting again. I realize that, they are not my sisters, I cannot understand the language they use. When I try to sit down, I can’t move my body at all but my heads are directly facing on the side looking at the two figures. I am sure that, they are demon. I talk to them and I say I know who they are. They stop chatting and I pray.

    They are just laugh.The big one, come close to me and put his face in front of me, he repeated all my pray even the name of Jesus Christ. Then suddenly in my heart, I feel that I have to mention the Blood of Jesus. I pray once again and the demon still following my pray. But when I says the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. He will stop like the words of BLOOD really hurting them. He become angry and try to hit me. Tow of my sister come to my room just after the figure disappear. I ask them to pray for me and for the whole of our family members at the night.

    Not only that, I always experiencing a same situation when I come in someone house for a first time. Sometimes I can clearly see where the demon stand. I can see their figure but the face is not clear but I can feel the grievances. I also have experience of been attacked by a snake during my sleep. The snake insist that I am his lord. When I pray and says that I know the snake is demon, he become angry bite my right shoulder. After I wake up I truly can feel the pain in my shoulder. I also experience that the spirit is following me from my hometown to my college. Sometimes the spirit want to put their body inside me. I can feel and see their body already within me but their head cannot enter. Once they want to lay their head inside me, there are a power to push them out. And I believe it is the power of God.

    Every time I experience this, I did not lost my mind, I put my full trust in God and keep praying by using the word of the Blood and Name of Jesus Christ. I know that God already give me the power and authority to chase away the demon. I know that God is examining my faith on Him. How I put my Trust and Believe in Him. I accept this as a gift from God. And one thing I know the phase of Blood of Jesus Christ is very powerful when we truly believe in the power of the Blood which poured for us to wash away our sin and the power of God resurrection that break the Satan’s power.

    It doesn’t mean that I do not believe on how the the Catholic Church handle the matter, but as I believe, what we believe in our thinking, demons are enjoying use it to manipulate people.

    What I really want to press here is about the power of the BLOOD and the Name of Jesus Chris. Satan can play with our mind, they can read our mind but cannot read our heart. When God speak through our heart, listen to it. Do not put our brain in a first place as it will create the fear and make the Satan easily manipulate us. God is so humble as He will speak to us through in our heart where the Holy Spirit live within us that will always awake our spirit and always told us what we have to do.

    *I am very sorry if you cannot read my words. I am still on my way learning English language, but i hope I can contribute something in here, Thanks*

  101. To the author of this article, I truly did feel sorry for Annaliese’s sufferings from the devil. The devil makes me so sick and mad I wish he never existed in this world. To be honest, he will never reign this world because we know he will turn against us if we would’ve fell for it. It’s so mean that directors make fun of movies that actually happened like Paranormal Activity. I will pray for you Annaliese and will think of you as a strong woman even though you were the host of something evil.

  102. jolene van zyl says:

    I just want to say I feel for this young lady that had to go through all she did to safe souls I just don’t understand why she had to go through this as god is the one that has to save souls not a young girl who had her hole life ahead of her my heart goes out to her she is one brave young lady

  103. brenda says:

    interesting story, this is the first time i have read about this girl. i believe in the supernatural, but i dont believe in god even tough i was raised as catholic, i lost al my sence for believe when i read the complete bibel and saw how ignorant the people of christ are. and how the whole book misses lots of important details to make me believe this . besides that my oppinion about this story

    my observation is yes she did get possesd. and the demons askt promission to completly take over her body and spirit, by making her believe it was the voice of mary that askt her to do a great task. out of despiration for being accepted by her god and angels she had no other option as to believe it was mary. the one who would give her peace. but demons are verry supirior, they will do littarely annything to talk you over and take over.

    after studying the good side ( the bibel and the ways of god and heaven) and studying the bad side ( ghosts, demons, satin and hell) i find the “dark side” more trust worthy because they have proven to me that they exist. god and jezus however seem to hate my guts caus the let me in the dark and do nothing….

    but please dont dissagry with me because this is an opinion of mine that i would just like to share.

    ( if i have lots of typo’s im from holland so thats why,)

    im so sorry for the horrible things this family has endured, and think no one diserves this.

    • brenda says:

      oh and ps. i am a person who is not easely convinced about religion. i believe that you should live for your self and that everything happens for a reason. i live without a god or religion. if stuf happens in my life i dont say its faith. i just call it good as it gets. and then im of to annother day 😛
      just wanted to add that

    • Rafael says:

      You saying you believe in satan, demons..but not in God, Jesus, because they showed you no evidence of their existence? Well if satan exists, then God exists.. Because if I believe the Bible concerning demons, you must believe in Jesus as well. Perhaps you should not try to understand the whole Bible by yourself. Get a priest, a religious man/woman, or someone who really studies catholic theology, to explain things to you. You maybe “in the dark” because of that..youre trying to hear what you want to hear, not the truth itself. And you can be sure that the first christians were not ignorant at all, see Paul’s life for example. The apostles just wanted to tell the others what they lived, what they saw, what they experienced..think about it.
      A kiss from Brazil to you.

      • brenda says:

        you are realy missing the point of MY OPINION … you cant go against that.

        in my experiance i have withnest lots of paronormal things..witch still dont convince me of satan. but just that some people cant seem to rest after death.

        sure IF satan does exist there must be a god like figure to keep balance. but i chose not to believe inthem/ him/her/it because of the lack of evidence…
        that some weard people started to write a book on how people should live, and lots of people choses to believe that… well then go ahead…
        i believe in phisical things that move stuf and let them been seen..

        was jesus just some guy claiming to be a lot of things? or was he the real son of god? we will never know because it was so long ago…

        i believe in the things that are happening in my own life so thats realy my own choise right??

        by reading your comment i can tell you are religios…. but dont force me to believe what you believe… im not telling you to believe my opinion, do i??
        i dont hear wat i wanna here i just read this artical and give my opinion on it… im not telling you or annyone that there opinion is wrong, but im not telling you you are right either.

        please dont try to convince me of the excistence of god… because again this i my opinion. and i dont need a church person to tell me how it al works… i studied the book and that gives me the evidence i need.

        im just some person who is verry interested in these type of things. im interested in the “bad side” and by reading i think you are for the “good side”
        but ghosts and demons will always facinate me..

        dont be a chritian douche and just say to yourself after reading this… a person is free to choose on what he/she wants to believe.

        i wish for you a peacefull life with your god.
        and i will have a good life with my believes

        greets from holland

  104. brenda says:

    oh and p,s i lived by the church and went to church as a child it endid when i turned 12
    because i was just not convinced,

    but im not still in the dark im as happy as i ever bin… making my life matter.

    atleast i know that everything i have now, is all because of my hard work. from me as a human im happy and have the things i need just by working hard , and im gonna keep living like this.
    so no darkness im just a verry hard working non religious person :P.

    • Rafael says:

      You got it all not trying to make, or force, you become christian again. I was just trying to point some things which seems to disagree in what tou said on the previous comment. I used the word ‘must’ to show ’cause’ and ‘consequence’.
      Also, will you ask a biology teacher to explain you things concernin physics? No..the same thing happens with the Bible. You should have somebody who knows how to interpret it to explain you some things..i say that because if you want to understand a catholic book, you must a have a catholic person to show how things really work. And that is not to convince you. You can disagree with anything you want, but you have to disagree with what the Church really thinks about things, not disagree with what you think the Church says..

      I dont know why you got so mad..

      • brenda says:

        i get mad because you dont respect my opinion. and you say you dissagree. every person has a difrent view of life. i believe in what i see, and you believe in yours… dont you get it??

        and how manny times do i have to say i know and understand the bible, i have had people explaine it to me and the last time i was curious about it was last year…. i know it understand it but dont believe in it…

        when i am alone in my hous i believe im not alone at all there are lots of things serounding us.. god,and angels? maybe.., ghosts and demons maybe….

        i dont know if its al real or not and neather do you…. yes you believe it and are convinced of its existens… but that is only you….

        i am convinced of existence of things but it does not mean everyone else should be believing in it.

        point being no i dont need annyone to tell me about the bible. im happyer just by doing my own recurch and just be facinated by the things i incounter in life.

        can you respect that??

      • Rafael says:

        I used the word ‘disagree’ to say that some things you said do not agree with other things you said.
        I did not say, at any time, that i disagreed with you. So just study more English before coming to english-written sites, so that you will not misunderstand what people say here and start talking like a misbehaved teenager who gets mad at people trying to explain you things, eventhough you do not agree with them. You are the one being intolerant/ignorant here.

        Ps. I can talk to people with different beliefs and still not think that he/she is trying to force me to accept what they think is right.


  105. brenda says:

    i understand english perfectly, thats not my problem…
    also… i did not ask you to explane annything to me now did i??
    i am intolarant to you because you totaly missunderstand me.

    and in your ps. you may not feel forcet to accept their belief. but right now this is a story between good and evil… you try to be all good and fair…. and i just like the way that the evil ones can mess with once mind…

    your oppinions are interesting but you are the ignorant one. you claim to understand stuf but you just keep focusing on the one point witch is defending your church and belief.

    but i never in anny way atackt your church or riligion but you are forcing your belief on me like a true jehova. way the go…

    and ps. the bible is just a besic instruction of life before leaving earth.

    and pps, your english sucks. i have to read each sentence five times before i can realy get an idea of what you are talking about. plus you are from freaking brazil if im correct… so shut up.
    and finaly i hate writing comments because you cant ever understad in what type of voice it should be said…

    de groeten van holland.

    • LVCIFER says:

      That last paragraph sounds suspiciously like it’s a private attack on Rafael.

      I’m not taking sides, I just usually sit back and watch the interaction between commentators, but private attacks aren’t tolerated. Just throwing that out there, for future reference.

      Try to keep the arguments / debates on topic, as ultimately, different points of view are usually enlightening, engaging and contribute to the greater pursuit of knowledge.

  106. brenda says:

    oh im the first one to attack??? he calls me a misbehaved teenager… so yeah that makes me mad… but im just giving opinions and maybe my hard way of saying things is a little to much for you to handel…

    i did not ask for anny comments i just wanted to give my apinion,,, i did not want to get in an endless debate between beliefs… so for goodness sake why im i the bad guy in this…?????

    • Gabiel says:

      First of all if I were him I would have responded way worse than Rafael did. He was a nice old chap.
      And that’s not because of my faith or anything I believe in. It’s because your posts reek of ignorance.
      Ignorance! Do you get what that is?
      Google. Google ‘ignorance’. Because you are the definition of it. I’m not using different synonyms because it would be an insult.
      It’s only in the spirit of “knowledge spreading” that the moderator talks above, that I’m telling you in your face that if there was anyone ignorant in these matters above, you’d get 1st prize.

      You think I’ve insulted you? No dear. I am someone who has 10 years of religion, cults & mythology, logic, Latin, old Greek and Hebrew language translations under my belt and can tell you, in your face that you have not read squat! Not only that, but you are spreading ignorance.

      Let me put it this way, in the most simplistic way possible for you to get what the ‘dark side’ wants from you. When discussing the dichotomy of Good vs Evil you will find them at complete opposites. However Evil manifests, it would be in the complete opposite way that Good does.
      -Evil shows itself, Evil manifests without you haven’t to believe in it. Faith (as in human relationships) is a virtue to be worshipped. Evil does not do virtues. What it does is non-virtues: greediness, power-hunger, lack of gratitude. And it tempts you without you expressing any desire to communicate with them.
      In opposition:
      -Good hides, it’s based on: Credendo vides. By believing, you will see. (If you want to, trust our experience for you: everytime I pray with belief-I see the future; I’ve heard people who pray and see the devils afterwards. It’s real but it requires virtues: faith and hope and love.) Good is about being grateful: 1. For you life! Evil does not exist in lack of Good. It’s a logical statement: if morality does not exist-such as in Buddhism and Gnosticism and ALL religions and cults ASIDE from Christianity, then every act is the same, neutral. So if a man comes in your house, rapes you and steals all your money – that’s not immoral but amoral! Which means that in your world where Evil exists in lack of presence of Good, Evil has a new name for abstract concepts are to be defined using their antonym and we might as well call Evil the Status Quo, since it no longer is Evil. And if you know that being raped is wrong than you admit the presence of Good. So if the Devil is head of all Evil then God is the head of all Good. Which makes you at debt to be GRATEFUL for life. Teenagers are ungrateful arses with their parents even though they slave and do everything for them. That’s your stand point right now in front of a Life-giver. And in the same manner, if all stories are true, you deny the presence of Jesus Christ you deny the idea that you have absolute free-will which entitles you to feel remorse and even if ever on a killing-spree and you regret it-you still get the Kingdom of God. That much freaking love and forgiveness is out there.

      Get this:
      -Evil hates you. Evil is hatred. Evil despises you and will tempt you with all its means to get you on their side. It will give you everything you ever wished for-it will make you forget this world is dying and is ruled by the Devil himself. And you know why he hates you? Because you are like Him first. You have all the virtues of your Creator. That, and second unlike Satan and his followers who were NOT given a second chance after they rebelled, human beings were. After they sinned, they were given the pardon through Jesus Christ (all your sins are counted-that lie you told when you were 10, that bad thought you had about that girlfriend) but he forgives get it? Absolute love and forgiveness is waiting and you are giving it all up for what? For a life of pain?
      -You talk of power. The power from the Evil side is fleeting, enough to lure you in and you do in fact sell your soul. The power of Good is FREE and it requires belief. The tinniest thought of faith could make you move mountains. If you had read anything and not spread ignorance, you’d know that by now.

      You’re right, this is a battle of good vs evil. And it’s on but take it from me who gets prophetic visions of the future after praying: it’s ending. The battle is almost finished. The Antichrist is a young boy, the popes are done, the war time is at hand. And you can’t deny it. We all can feel it. Apocalyptic scenarios are even in films for Pete’s sake because we are all getting this strange feeling that something awful is coming.
      And remember as I did warn you: choose mainstream knowledge (and understand the nature of knowledge: it is either informative or indoctrinating) and fall as a sheep who could not take initiative to think for herself. (Yeah, your ignorant belief is universal, google your opinion: it’s everywhere). Or educate yourself of the Good side, going to the source, the Bible (does mainstream media even mention that that book is he reason why no one is cutting your throat on the street? NO! Because they’re telling you it’s a book of imagination instead of what it truly is which is your forefathers and such moral compass:transmitted from generation to generation. Deny its morality and you get in your neutral realm: the reality where doing evil is neutral. Justice gradually disappears). The Bible is the story where you get to find out how evil works (and it’s repetitive, it doesn’t have new tricks) and how Good works: it evolves: starts from a zero point of morality with people raping each other like it’s freaking normal and God intervening, wiping whole cities of immorality. God is both Justice and Love, fire either warms up or burns and in the same manner you have been warned. As you would not like to stay next to a remorseless killer in the celler so would God not permit a Kingdom of killers and saintly people to live together. That would be mad.

      This was a fair warning woman-and also a sharing of direct knowledge. You got defensive with that man exactly as I’ve seen all people get defensive when Jesus’s name is up. You think you have an opinion? You have one, yeah. It’s your generation’s brainwashed opinion, no search for knowledge or truth but for plain imagination and “what ifs”. If you had read anything woman, you’d know that’s the first temptation Satan offers to the woman: “It’s not that, the apple isn’t bad. You know what it is? What if He doesn’t want you to be like Gods-He knows you’ll be like Gods with all this knowledge” (abridged). In the same manner Eve does the same mistake you current folks are making: “Eve saw that 1 it was good; 2 it looked good; 3 it brought wisdom”. This is Christian apologetics but if you paid attention to her lines you’d see: “Eve saw perceived morality; saw perceived beauty; saw perceived knowledge”. In all that Evil: because Apple in Latin is “malus, i” which also means Evil.
      Your perception is clouded by a “what if” when you already have a guide of how to be holy. How to be moral. How to recognise beauty and what knowledge is the actual Truth.

      I’m not telling you this to indoctrinate you. I’m telling you of this option. And mine is tested, researched, rational and empirical- yours is wishful thinking-hence the confidence to tell you in your face of the blatant ignorance that I find in your posts. For a scholar in that, it makes me cringe and hence the long response of which I hope, has served of some knowledge.

      Doesn’t matter if you believe me or not. There is one truth and that is: you remain an opinion-less sheep if you don’t educate yourself.


  107. Wesley says:

    Hey there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m absolutely
    enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Yes I do, but good luck. I’m a very aggressive person by nature, and I offend almost everyone I interact with, mostly inadvertently, so be prepared.

      I’m at:


  108. liz burton says:

    This article. Has touched me deeply I have seen and heard many things about the supernatural. These things are real and I think that was the whole point of her suffering was so we all can know these things are real but those evil things don’t want us to know so they use our differences in religion to take fromher story there is one main idea that s long as people hear her story its on there minds and that is what I think was what it was all about so thank you for the article

  109. numacalcadotro says:

    The exorcism didn’t work because the priests were not true Christians. You cannot ask a demon to worship Mary, a dead human, and hope you will achieve something n(the “queen of heaven” is explicitely described as a demon by God Himself in the Bible and we are forbidden to worship her – Jeremiah). You cannot put your trust in objects like beads (paganism), going against God’s commandments, and hope you’ll drive out demons. The exorcism failed because the priests were not Chrostians, the were Catholics. There is no true Christian organized religion in the world, but Catholicism is the worst.

  110. numacalcadotro says:

    P.S. God let the demons go inside her, to teach catholics a lesson.

    • LVCIFER says:

      With that being said, I’m not even going to respond. I’ll let the other readers engage you in this debate.

      • liz burton says:

        I don’t think god would have demons go inside a girl to teach a lesson. Maybe the idea that mary appeared to her is because that’s what god knew she recognize I think that when we pick and chose what parts of the story are real that we are takeing away from the real point of the story which is god is real and so is the devil. The world is so blind to reality

    • Esther says:

      This has nothing to do with God allowing demons inside her. This whole mess is a demonic plan by Satan to deceive Catholics and the world. Satan used Michel and Catholicism to further his diabolical plan to bring forth the final antichrist. True Christians aren’t even recognised by the world or by any congregational religious society, they are hidden in Christ Jesus by their faith. Christian is a spiritual identity, not a gathering of outwardly religious people. But you are right about the rest, [Author’s Edit: Trash-talking other people’s systems of belief in order to make you feel better about your own isn’t permitted here.]

  111. Steve says:

    What happened to nero and hitler. I didn’t see a hail mary. Were they the ones trapped? Were they totally new entities? Do you think she attracted and held them due to an insane desire to be like jesus, with The Exorcist being a catalyst for her unnecessary mission. , and mary was an elaborate hoax. The demons said they loved her.

  112. Steve says:

    Maybe the apparition of mary was a demon seizing a special opportunity. The rescue day of mary may have given priests a placebo shot of determination. She said it was tougher than she thought. Priest agreed but reminded her she asked for it? She basically said thats not relevant. Wtf? Peter would know if she was hell bent.

  113. Steve says:

    Thought about this a bit more. it looked lto me like the catholic church used her as a pawn.

    They stalled to help, but with the exorcist movie, they really were getting a flood of bs calls.

    Then i noticed the priest took his sweet ass time getting tough with the demons. maybe he deserved to go to trial…bad karma, leaving those soft leather strap restraints in his trunk 24/7. Instead , he was interviewing and recording comments that supported the bible (wow gods 2nd gen human, nero killed his own brother….i understand free will but thats a prompt display of Not so good-design

    Wouldnt the church be giddy to show the world they were right? Hiding the tapes did the opposite. It minimized the benefiits that anniliese suffered to give society. But people would ask, why didnt mary or jesus actually come and help on day 1? Was paul vi planning to revive religion with the tapes?

    Up to now, questions have been hypothetical, but this one is a bombshell: when mary and the wrap up was expected just around the corner, the current pope seemed to evaporate, never to be seen again, afaik. A semi look alike took his place, with 30 less iq points. Some even point to plastic surgery scars.

    Dont assume ‘big conspiracy’ … pope makes pact with the devil , etc. I think of how the shroud of turin was handled, and mishandled even today. It reminds you of big bureaus, ego, rhetoric, political bs — so incompetence becomes a reasonable theory.

    Another reason to not rub aetheist noses in the recordings….they could spread, encouraging people to notice the power and ask how they too can be a bad ass from hell.

    And some healers feel they may lose power if they showboat their success. So quietly keep exorcising….

  114. Steve says:

    Correction, I believe Cain was purported to kill his brother….not Nero

  115. Pazuzu says:

    The Kingdom Of Darkness will rise.
    No God who meets my gaze can withstand my truth or power,they all bow to my will wether they know it or not.-Azazel

  116. Fidencio says:

    Thanks for this. It’s 2:30 AM and I am creeped as fuck but thanks nonetheless. I will let’s my freinds know of this excellent article.

  117. Katy says:

    Wow, truely interesting article, and very well written I might add. I was curious if you @LVCIFER have ever had any expirences with “the dark side” from all the research you have done?
    I read that a lot of times people that go digging into this type of thing often get odd or frightening expirences? For example, the director of the excorist I believe had several odd things happen when they were filming that movie?
    I am a Christian and I have always feared looking into Demonolagy and making myself vulnerable to evilness. I myself have had some scary situtations that I believe we caused by Demons or evilness. But I can’t help but be so curious about this subject. Especially after having the oppertunity to meet Lorraine Warren. I wish I could sit down with you and talk face to face.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Hello Katy.

      Actually, I’ve been having odd or otherwise unexplainable experiences for most of my adult life. That’s one of the reasons I took an interest in demonology in the first place – I was looking for explanations, because a lot of the thing happening to me didn’t see to be simple “haunting” experiences, or benevolent apparitions.

      I document a good amount of them in the “About Your Author” section. But be warned, that’s a pretty long read as well.

      Where are you from, if you don’t mind my asking?

  118. nandhu says:

    this was an interesting article that talks about god and demon. @ LVCIFER i read ur reply to all comments here.. ok, do u believe in near death experience? ppl says that our body now we feel is not really true. we just live in this kind of state. fine. why does demon really needed to possess people? and what they gonna get thru that? people involve too much in god are the one getting possessed easily is what i read but, whats the result of possession? what does the demon actually gets out of it? even later if it goes out of the body, the one being possessed is going to be same and not gonna change later right? so what do you feel about this?

  119. Elisa says:

    Oh wow! What a thread of crazy people. Riddle me this, crazy ones: why does Anneliese only speak in terms of Catholic views whilst “posessed”? Why is this true of the (obvious) drug addict up there with her Haldol? Why are Protestants so sure of who are “true Christians” and who are not? (refer to Salem Witch Trials, hypocrites). Always so sure about everything…always wrong.

    Thank you, Lexila. You’re the only sane one on this page.

    Where is Christopher Hitchens when you need him? Oh that’s right. He’s dead. Just like Miss Michel and the rest of us will surely be. There’s no heaven, no hell – these are just mankind’s ways of trying to figure out life and enslave others through fear and bribery as well. (hman foible much?). If people would pay better attention to science and the advances made, we’d all have less judgments to make and Jihads to worry about. What a hash we’re making of the one life we do have.

    As for NDE’s – the operative word is “near”. They’re not dead, they’re alive. You don’t really think that this many people rise from their graves and out of morgues do you?

    • Steve says:

      Two highly publicized, highly monetized NDEs ran the Catholic show circuit, with no evidence either actually died. But most (many thousands) recorded were definitely dead. No breathing, no pulse, sometimes well beyond 60 seconds.

      You point to NDEs, and question how people see things differently, so I’ll mention!/2012/12/genetics-evolution-versus-creationism.html

      I also like to question authority, opinions, and analyze the crap out of something.

      There are too many possessions to dismiss hell. It could be a parallel world not under our feet, but the possessors reside in some plane of existence. NDEs that are rescued from hell do not prove it to be the destination of your average everyday, “bad” guy. It may be an illusion to scare them straight. One medium told me hell doesn’t exist but the spirit of the just-expired make it up mentally because they feel guilty. For me, that doesn’t cut it because I found too many cases where the person felt they did not deserve it.

  120. Mathew says:

    And please do realise, you can’t sacrifice for someone whoz already in Hell. He has done his mistakes and he has to suffer. It is such a foolish thing to sacrifice for someone who is already dead. Please learn more about Bible and the functions of hell and heaven before blindly believing all these Mary stories and all. Kindly remember, am not against Mary but she was and is a human just like me. I believe in The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen

  121. anneliese michel/bharati says:

    would you be punished horribly and viciously, attacked and taken out, wiped clear from memory if you were an enemy to the most loveliest girl(muslim) or had true love rubbed in your face over and over when you could in no way incite true love in men or what not. Are you that worthless and futureless in a world that is very cruel to many girls that they would be taken out and sent back to their creator. oNLY SATAN IS CRUEL. he makes ppl as a cruel joke so they could suit his purposes and had no future or rights then are told they are there as a ruse for jesus and then he continued on with his cruelty. I HATE CHRISTIANITY MAN, they have no right to do this to me! or her! or anyone!! fuck those men who have beautiful girls to love, he is so mean calling ppl ugly and fat and bad telling them they were so repulsive and bad they had to be insulted nad attacked

  122. anneliese michel/bharati says:

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE THE LYING CRUEL HATEFUL RELIGION THAT IS CHRISTIANITY and ISLAM. they’re the ones who wrote about hell, the devil, hatred, jealousy, cruelty. I HOPE THOSE GODS GET WHATS COMING TO THEM>. what is human rights? what is god’s love for everyone. what is god’s love? what is rejection and open hatred? what is cruelty? She was a pretty girl. I HATE THEM. do you ppl have to do this to b.n too…openly insult and hate her for her looks and make her an object of hatred to send to hell with no chance bc THIS RELIGION Is quite possibly the cruelest thing on earth to bad ppl. i hope lana turner’s stomach cancer was long and horrible! now i’ll be k.

  123. anneliese michel/bharati says:

    an imbecile believes its ok to insult and harm me. an imbecile named a.c. you should make them powerless and worthless and nothing like garbage and crap on the road.

  124. john says:

    I wish the size of the text on your website was larger, it is so small, I have to strain my eyes to read it & even then, with reading glasses, it is still very difficult. Can you make the text larger? It could not get any smaller as it is.

  125. JOHN WATTS says:




























    • kritika says:

      Hi Jhon..i just wana ask you that u still see such things..n if not does reading bibble helpd do you feel now?

  126. Brianna Lynn says:

    Poor Emily Rose needed to be clueless on what Lucifer and all his followers thought of her. But it was God himself who was furious with Lucifers disturbance on her.

  127. zainul abidin shamsuddin says:

    Adam,Noah,Moses,Jesus,Jacob,Sulaiman,Dawood,Haroon,Lot.Ibrahim,Ismail and Muhammad (peace be upon them all) were messangers/prophets of Allah Almighty.All those prophets were human beings selected by God to convey His message to the people. Their selection by Allah/God was beacuse every single prophet was the best human being of his time(by character) therefore Allah/God chose them for the prophethood. As far as the topic of devils concern, we the muslims have the kind of information( about these satans ) which do not exist in any religion as we were informed by Muhammad(peace be upon him). He informed us that there are 3 types of Jins. 1st ,those who fly in the air,2nd type: walk among people,3rd: in the shape of snakes. The Holy Quran has a complete chapter about Jinns. I invite you to read its translation. Muhammad(peace be upon him) also informed us that not every Jin is Satan or Devil. They have religions like us. Muhammad (peace be upon him) also advised us to say/read many verses of The Holy Quran especialy the very last two Surahs named Alfalaq and Alnas,to be secured from satans and devils of all kind.

  128. Reblogged this on thepsycheofdree and commented:
    This article is a must-read. I appreciate so much that this author decided to go into quite some detail; even to the personality of Anneliese instead of the usual, “She was possessed!! Look at these crazy photos!! Oohh spooky!!”

  129. Andrew Bateman says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that war still rages between heaven and hell. The only difference is, is that the battle field is no longer in heaven but, on earth. The fight is for every soul here that God and the devil (satan) is fighting for. YOU have a choice (free will) to be bad or to be good and your reward is either Heaven or hell. Anneliese Michel is a saint and after I read this I prayed for her and now that I have she knows that I know her story. (To the best of my knowledge)
    “Fight The Good Fight”

  130. maia says:

    During the above mentioned “trial” exorcism/blessing”, this is where it really hit the fan. As a test, perhaps to prove it to himself, even, Father Renz gave a mental command, i.e. a command that he only thought but did not say, to the demons in his presence. He Thought the command “Withdraw from her! Say who you are!”.

    At that particular moment, Annaliese quite literally went berserk. The demonic entity inside her began to make themselves known in startling succession.

    i have a question about this. as far as i know, demons cannot read minds. only God is omniscient. so how does this prove that the girl is being possessed. i think this is just a coincidence.

    • scott b says:

      you agree that God can do anything right? including allowing demons to ‘hear’ the language of the priest as spoken inaudibly..

  131. thebest says:

    What a story!!! who believes this kinda craps now.?

    i liked the part where they found one of the demon to be Hitler. what if she was from Saudi Arabia? ya i know defenitly Osama Bin Laden. and she would have been chasing everyone in US now with her ak47


    Anneliese: Father, I never thought it would be so awsome. I wanted to have sex with other people too now..

    • Marcos Sanchez says:

      I’m with Lexial. I respect all religions out there but no matter what religion you pick show me proof that God wrote it himself??? Man owns this world. They’ve changed the writings in the bible God knows how many times. They tend to change the texts in this book to favor their own church no Gods. You people weren’t around when Christ was so you have no way of knowing what’s actually true & what’s fabricated. At 1st priests weren’t allowed to get married now their trying to change it so they can wed while serving. Really? There are cover ups of molestations that are covered by the highest levels in the church. Yet, these are the very people you guys follow blindly. You people have become their church not Gods church. Everything is about $$$. If you don’t have concrete evidence that he wrote it without any doubt don’t fall to this skeam & believe it. Too many contradictions out there in any book you worship

  132. […]; In the year 1973 anno domini, there was a case of possession and eventual exorcism so extreme that it left an entire country at odds with the topic of religious fanaticism and/or demonic possession. January 14, 2014 at 07:53AM […]

  133. […] I am not talking about the movie, I am talking about the real event. Here is an article I found: The Entire Case History of Anneliese Michel – The REAL “Emily Rose”. [Warning: Sho… "Back to the case details, Father Renz, the main exorcist in this case, claims that he sent […]

  134. Yaritza says:

    Hey their ! First of all I just want to say I enjoyed this article! Amazing it was kind of scary and disturbing but I really liked it!:) Maybe this has nothing to do with the topic of your article but I would like to know what are your thought about christians. My boyfriend and his family are all Christians but my family is jehovas witness and some Catholics. So as u can imagine I’m a bit confused on which is the right religion I am trying to research but I can’t find anything mabe you can help me well if you can I just do to want to make a mistake! I really hope you can read this and maybe take some time to give me some references!!

  135. Stella says:

    Thank you for such an informative, well-written article.

    • Harsh says:

      Stella i m from INDIA i dont belive in all this type of thing but my friend told me that read this whole article and audio,when i read this i m scared from now i m belive that evil spirits are present in our world,i pray for annliese that she got heaven,thanx for the article

  136. Lucy says:

    Not all Atheists/non-believers mock or even criticise people for having their own personal beliefs.

    Just saying.

  137. udbhav says:

    I m so sorry about anneleise…
    I do beliieve the story..

  138. philip xavier gomes says:

    i do belive in what ever i read above……because the prayer our father is as holy and miraculous as no other prayers can be,its a prayer given by the one and only lord jesus christ,i am just a kid…my age is only 20,i dont know much about anything about religion….nut what i know and what i belive is religion is human made but faith,love,trust are gifts from the holy spirit…i dont know that the story of annelise michal is true or not…but if it is…may god always keep her in his arms and love and adore her….and may god bless everyone and make us worthy to belive the trust of life and lolve one another without fighting…. thank you.. god bless

  139. keeping faith says:

    The point is the priest in this case didn’t order them out in the name of Christ alone! He also told the spirits in her to worship mother Mary not the father Himself! And they wonder why they didn’t leave her and in fact stayed with her until she passed. Demonic spirits do lie point blank! The priests should have known that much at least. When you take on demonic forces, you also take on certain responsibilities to the afflicted,such as making sure they cannot be a danger to themselves or others as well as ensuring the health and safety of the afflicted. I’m not saying her death was their fault, but it was a direct result of their ineptitude. I believe that she was truly plagued by unseen forces, and those men allowed them to mock and spit on the outstretched arms of Christ, if they would have just had less faith in their idolatry and more faith in Christ, that girl would still be on this earth. And there is only one salvation and that is Christ. And no man comes to the Father without the Son.

    • kasey says:

      I have done alot of research about this case, watched both movies that were “inspired” by these events, and this dude is dead on about the “Facts” the girl had no possible way to learn the languages she had spoken, not to mention all the vocal ranges… doesnt take a genious to know that demons do exist, and that this poor, church attending, smart, innocent, and respectable young woman did go through these events he spoke of. She “IN FACT” believed that she had chosen to die to save others souls. Rather thats true or not is for you to decide, but that is what she believed. I feel so sorry for the family, priests, friends, and Anneliese.. a very sad event that took place, and me personally… I appreciate you taking the time to tell this story, as it deserves to be told, and remembered by us who believe, and maybe even open the non believers eyes. As for your name.. For those who are judgmental over a name of all things… need to go to church on Sunday. If you have an opinion of the mans name, why not keep it to yourself. He posted this and im sure he expects feedback regarding your own believes and opinions over these events… I dont recall him asking what everyone thinks of his name.. Anyway Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. :))

  140. I believe…the power of God is beyond all powers…..

  141. ann says:

    Scrap description guys please read Wikipedia instead of this blog. It is highly misleading

    • LVCIFER says:

      Hello Ann. I’m just curious, but why in your opinion is this article “misleading”? I don’t believe that it was due to psychological issues and actually DO believe that the supernatural had a hand in it, so while I did present the case as independent from my beliefs as I could, I did incorporate studied and explanations as to certain things that could have explained the phenomenon, from a preternatural point of view. Everyone else has already beaten the whole “she had epilepsy!” angle to death, so I tried approaching it from a different perspective – “maybe it really WAS paranormal in nature.”

    • Breanna says:

      Ann, Wikipedia is not at all a credible site. Anyone can go in and edit the information provided. (I realize this is an incredibly late reply, but I’ve only just come across this article which I feel was beautifully written and very informative. Excellent work LVCIFER.)

  142. […] Another internet source [click here] [1] provides the following descriptions of Anneliese’s life as the demons that possessed her started making themselves apparent; […]

  143. Knowledge says:

    i beleive that Jesus Christ is the Lord he died for our sins and rise again after 3 days. It still sounds funny to many athers this aericle has taught me more

  144. abby says:

    i believe it’s a demon. who the heck would make a sound assortedly in a certain time?

  145. husain says:

    I saw that muvi and got atrracted towards this mind of m feeling demonic activity in myself….n its so scary….

  146. kritika says:

    I feel that this is a true story of Michel.. I believe that if there is god on one side there are impure souls and demons on other side..i feel that she was a great lady who sacrificed her life for others who were dammed for eternity..but i would still like my god to give right directions to such souls so they land up in the lap of god and no innocent creature like Michel has to suffer..god can himself also purify such souls after all he is the most powerful….

  147. Alicia says:

    LVSIFER, I do believe in your article and believe that Michel was possessed. I have researched a little bit about Anneliese Michel and I am greatly impressed about the amount of work and research you did to make this article especially when it is such a controversial issue. You have written the details in a great manner giving light to all the views of the case. It’ll be really sweet of you if you could only provide a few details on the ‘sources’ from where you collected the information? I read a few of your comments and I unfortunately can not buy anything related to this as I am only a teen girl with no money of my own and my parents are definitely not going to support me in this. So I’d really appreciate it if you give me some online material? I am also really curious to know whether you’ve been in any such situation where you could like feel or have experienced demonic or evil spirit activity? I personally ‘want’ to experience something, just to understand how one feels but… Anyway, I am sorry if this article seemed foolish (because I know it did). And forgive me if my grammar was wrong, I am not very good at English. Thanks a lot for such a great article and hats off to you! 🙂

    • LVCIFER says:

      I’ll get back to you, Alicia. I’ll see what I can do, if anything.

      • Alicia says:

        Sure, thanks!

      • amn060708 says:

        @LVCIFER I have read all your comments & agree with EVERYTHING you’re said on here 110%. I have seen a young teen possessed from my hometown before, I don’t know what ever happened to him, I hoped he released from the demonic burden he was experiencing. I also know items that come as gifts can come possessed, as I’ve seen a few before, once a bear from a bazaar was almost forcefully tried to given to me by a couple who didn’t want it, I denied the gift multiple times. If your book is ever released, I’d be very interested in reading it!

      • tashu says:

        but wat is the difference between the djinns n demons?????

      • LVCIFER says:

        Djinn were created as a third form of life. First came the Angels, made from light, then the djinn made of smokeless flame, and finally, man, made of clay.

        “Demons” (depending on which definition you subscribe to) are beings that were once Angels, and were corrupted. They are still “fallen” angels. The djinn were never Angels to begin with, so they could never be demons.

        The most common mistake that many people make is that people just interchange the word “djinn” and “demon” as if they are the same, and they are not. At least, not according to the proper definitions of those words.

        The CLOSEST being that was created (according to Mohammad) was Iblis, and even he was never an angel – he was simply “one who walked with Angels”, meaning that he, a djinn, was granted permission to engage and interact with the Angels. However, he was not one of them, he was simply the darkest and most powerful of the djinn.

        Fallen angels (demons) can not simply “choose” to follow the light, be “good” entities, whereas the djinn can. The djinn can CHOOSE to be pure and good, whereas the demonic are locked into being disgraced and fallen for all of eternity.

  148. Alicia says:

    It has been days LVCIFER? Can you get back to me now? I am really interested and want to know more about Anneliese Michel. I am sorry I am a little bad at English, I wrote ‘my article seems foolish’, when I should have written ‘my post seems foolish’ in my last comment. Anyway, can you please just name the source from where you got the information about what Michel’s mother had told? I will really appreciate it! 🙂 Thanks so much for your time and sorry if I seem a little irritating!

  149. tovan says:

    Bro, you’re really doing all of this stuff???
    Good job,,,
    From the transcipt, i found that the priest tend to be more exciting to get information than to get out the demons.

  150. CSharp says:

    I believe Anneliese believed she was possessed, but I don’t believe she was possessed. Fascinating and tragic story, for sure. But it was the 70s, after all, and medicine has come a long way since then in treating both physical and mental illnesses. It’s possible that today, someone as afflicted as Anneliese was back then, would have access to medications or even surgical procedures that might control the seizures she was having as well as whatever hallucinations she was experiencing. Lots of people died as recently as the 80s of diseases that are treated, managed or flat-out cured these days.

    As far as her vision of Mary, I do believe she believed that’s what happened. I believe what happened was that her mind was trying to find a reason for her suffering and it fell back on her religion; it does make sense. Why did she see Mary and not Jesus? Maybe she was looking for the comfort only a mother could provide; we’ll never know. Starve the brain of nutrition and hydration long enough and who knows what a person might see and hear.

    Having been raised Catholic myself (though not in the apparently extreme fashion that Anneliese was), I don’t think it’s necessary for so many people here to diminish Mary’s importance in Christianity with their snarky remarks about Anneliese’s vision. It borders on blasphemy, in my opinion, and I find it offensive.

  151. suvam sahoo says:

    so.. while reading the above article i decided to listen to the 1st audio clip and that too at night. so i just wanna know is there any possibility that one will be haunted by some kind of ghost after listening to the audio. thank you and god bless all..

  152. sciencerules says:

    Poor girl likely had autoimmune encephalitis triggered by the tuberculosis. Explains all the symptoms. Read “Brain on Fire” by Susannah Calahan for more information on autoimmune encephalitis. The author had all of the same symptoms, was treated medically, and is recovered. She even notes in her book that her condition was likely disorder underlying historical “demonic possessions.”

  153. M. says:

    Hmm, I would like to thank you for taking literally A LOT of time to do this research, I don’t agree with some points, don’t believe a little, but on the other hand it’s utterly perfectly written, thank you so much again. 🙂

  154. Susan McCool says:

    “Jesus Himself was also tempted by the devil in the desert to submit, but he never did.”

    Are you saying that one has to submit in order to be possessed?

  155. Kira says:

    Though I was not a religious person, after reading about this woman, listening to the audio, seeing the pictures, I am reconsidering my faith.
    Anneliese was a brave, courageous woman.
    She will be in my thoughts.

  156. G. says:

    I don’t believe in God and stuff (has some reasons…) but I still believe in reincarnation, demons, possesion, and spirits and the paranormal and supernatural. This case seems realistic to me. And it took me some hours to only read it so I had lots of time to think about that. Before I’ve read this, I now know, I had no clue what excorsism was. I thought it would be Christs torturing some poor people with then unknown mental disorders. But this was very interesting, I thank you for your research.

  157. Yasmin says:

    I agree with you, only Jesus Christ can save. Amen!

  158. Ryan says:


    I have a few questions. I read a portion of The Demonologist and I understood from the book and from doing some reading in your blog that you have to “agree” before the entity can actually posses you or dabble with things like ouijia boards. Was this the same case here? It didn’t seem like she was dabbling with anything from the occult so how did this come about?

    I was also wondering about how Mary allegedly asked Anneliese to suffer to save some souls from purgatory. The Bible does say that Jesus already died for all our sins so why would she have to suffer for that? It does seem like that was a trick and would have been a way in for the demons but like stated in the article, she was already possessed beforehand.

    Also I was wondering about the publication of your book?


  159. D says:

    I found this article too biased to be entertaining, let alone “educational”, honestly, I kept reading because I was curious about the trial, but I was deprived of that. I know that it’s your article and you have the right to say what you want, but not going into details on the trial if they were available feels quite wrong. And, if the purpose of this article was for the paranormal, the best part of paranormal studies is bringing them into reality. I don’t care if you’re religious or not, or what you believe in, but this was clearly written by someone who was only willing to look into the side of an argument that aligned with their beliefs. This girl could’ve been heavily abused, or possessed by beelz himself, but with no references besides shady books, there is nothing that would lead you to believe anything here, not that most people would in the first place.

  160. […] The Entire Case History of Anneliese Michel ? The REAL …2011. 3. 14. – Fresh off the heels of “The Exorcist” being released, a real-life case of … for the movie “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, and in one rare case, … […]

  161. […] The Entire Case History of Anneliese Michel ? The REAL …2011. 3. 14. – This is the story of a girl named Anneliese Michel, otherwise known as … as the true inspiration for the movie “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, and … […]

  162. […] The Entire Case History of Anneliese Michel ? The REAL …2011. 3. 14. – This is the story of a girl named Anneliese Michel, otherwise known as … as the true inspiration for the movie “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, and … […]

  163. […] The Entire Case History of Anneliese Michel ? The REAL …2011. 3. 14. – Anna Michel, Anneliese’s mother recalls: “She liked life. She sang willfully. She was an intelligent girl. Teachers and professors always … […]

  164. […] The Entire Case History of Anneliese Michel ? The REAL …2011. 3. 14. – This is the story of a girl named Anneliese Michel, otherwise known as … for the movie “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, and in one rare case, … […]

  165. Flynn says:

    You know, a lot of the things listed in this article as “impossible” could easily be explained by severe mental illness. Taking her to a priest instead of a hospital is some really bad parenting, it’s no wonder she ended up like she did.

  166. Esther says:

    I do believe the case of this girl is entirely the work of the devil. A girl or any person in this generation or in any generation of humanity CANNOT be an atonement for sin. The ONLY atonement for sin provided by God is Jesus Christ, God in the flesh and the living Son of God. A true saint of God is influenced and guided by the Holy Spirit of God, he/she is a living temple of God and can in no way be touched by demons to such an extent as Michel was, unless he/she forsake God and engage in unrepentant sin. How can a living temple of God be indwelt by demons to such an extent that the demons can torment the person and those around him/her to the level that is experienced by Michel? It is both un-biblical and illogical.

    Even in biblical accounts where God is clearly shown to have power over evil spirits, evil spirits are given permission to torment and indwell evil men or people with sin that is not repented and cleansed. An example is Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of the Lord, who was indwelt by satan because of his unrepentant sin of stealing. In the rare occasion where God’s holy people are tempted by evil spirits, it NEVER came to the point of indwelling. Even Job who was in every way afflicted and suffered greatly physically and emotionally through direct damage done by satan himself, we do NOT see an actual case of possession. Satan could only tempt and afflict him (even speaking through his wife asking him to curse God and die), but could not indwell him in any way. Job was still in the presence of God and guided by His Holy Spirit, and the only thing he faced was the battle going in his mind about God and His righteousness in judging his sin and about why God allowed such great suffering even for righteous men. Not a single man of God who actively walked with God in the Bible was ever POSSESSED to the extent faced by Michel. Those who were possessed was under satan’s bondage and need to be freed by the power of God.

    To say that the case of Anneliese Michel was one allowed by God for the salvation and atonement of men’s sin is wrong and blasphemous. It is a counterfeit and a fake of the true salvation and atonement achieved ONLY in Jesus Christ. The girl was in need of deliverance from satan in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, not Mary not the angels nor any other being. Only the Godhead (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) is worthy or worship, not Mary or anyone else. And true saints pray to God the Father in the Name of Jesus Christ, not pray to Mary or any angel. These praying to saints and angels, atonement by people other than Christ and worshiping of saints are the fundamental lies in Catholic faith, which were propagated not by a man of God but by godless men. These wrongful and non-biblical religious ways may even be open doorways to demonic influences and possession.

    Whatever vision of Mary saw by Michel cannot be from God for two reasons: 1) In all biblical accounts, God appeared to His people only in the Person of the Son, not Mary or any other being. Both in the OT and in the NT when the Son walked the earth as flesh and blood. 2) Any presence of God in a person’s life immediately frees the person from any demonic influence or possession. Demons are exceedingly afraid of God and will flee from His presence because they are so diametrically opposite of His character they cannot bear to be in His holy presence. Even when God walked as a Son of Man, demons were terribly afraid of Him and was pleading with Him not to cast them into the abyss. They know right from the start when God intervenes in a person’s life, they have to leave the person whom they possess or afflict. To say a person can be touched by God and yet have demons tormenting him/her to the point of death is nowhere substantiated in the Scriptures. The vision may very well be a false vision propagated by deceiving spirits.

    It is therefore conclusive for me that the case of Michel is indeed a real case of severe demonic possession and oppression. However, Michel was not under the guidance of God when she accepted the torment and demonic possession. She was deceived by the devil and was denied the real deliverance needed for a person under satanic bondage.

    • Cam says:

      Reading through the comments was just depressing, it made my heart hurt. Thank you for posting complete and utter truth.

  167. manu says:

    First let me appreciate the work of LVCIFER (very intriguing name for the author of this article)..
    Am still finding it hard to digest the fact of Anneliese’s suffering, all that she had gone through a the age where she should have been having a good time.
    We all pray to God at some point everyday even if we are an atheist, unknowingly because deep within us we have faith on that supernatural spirit that keeps us happy an going.
    Am a Hindu an with 333 million God’s to worship, I have always wondered earth should have been totally out of demons hands, but we still have trouble, but at the end of the day, its ultimately the GOD’S hand that helps us us through.
    With my heart going to Anneliese Michel for the pain that she went through, I believe she definitely has a place close to God, an also let’s pray for her family also.
    With a happy note lets all have goodness in our heart an help each other, that’s the best to keep of the evil.
    Wishing all the best to the readers, once again thanks to LVCIFER
    Manu Prashanth

  168. Marylie says:

    I believe not in “God” nor in any deity. There is no savior, only dark and vileness that swarms all around the faithful and foolish. You wish to believe in such foolish ways, then expect to be played with. Anneliese only was possessed for her deep faith witch was completely idiotic.

  169. SELENA says:

    I thought her real name was Emily Rose but I’m glad I learned her name was really Anneliese Michel who went through this. My heart goes out to her and her family. I can’t even imagine what they went through with her. The movie representing her story is very touchingly hard to watch sometimes. But I do love it.

  170. Irina says:

    What happened to this girl is cruel… I did not believe in demons before, watching all horror films and being amused, etc, until something happened to me. I will try to keep it short. I was 24 years old at the time, now I am 33, and the events of this evening are still as fresh as if they happened yesterday. My boyfriend at the time and I were going to couple’s relationship advice with an oldish lady. By oldish I mean around 40 years of age. Things were not great as my boyfriend could not find a job and was very stressed and taking it out on me. At one point she asked us to go to the sessions separately, and I had noticed that the relationship between me and my boyfriend was becoming worse instead of better. After about two months after going separately, we were not speaking any more. I sent him a text at that point telling him something this woman mentioned to me, that he was going to move in another town, where he had found a job. He immediately replied asking me how do I know. Anyway we started taking again and discovered this woman was in love with him, and was sending him poems etc. I wanted to confront her so I took his phone, and went over to the session as normal. When I left that day, I told her I know everything and showed her the texts etc.

    That evening my boyfriend and I were in his kitchen, all of the sudden I felt like my stomach is squeezed, and it felt close to my spine, I felt the urge to vomit, in 10 seconds I couldn’t see or hear properly, and my head felt really cloudy and dizzy. Not wanting to throw up in his kitchen, I headed to the door, without seeing (I could only see black), and all I can remember is that I opened the door and hit my shoulder on the door frame. Then there was a sound like crystal glasses smashing into each other, and I woke up lying on the kitchen floor with my boyfriend leaning over me saying “Breathe! Breathe!”.

    After that, I felt finished, like someone had beaten me up. I asked my boyfriend what happened, he said I was in the kitchen, by the door frame with my fists together as if something was holding me and I was repeatedly hitting the door frame with my shoulder as if something was pulling me but not being able to drag me because I was hitting the door frame. Bearing in mind it was 11pm, and the light was on in the kitchen, he said the whole hole way was dark and he could not see anything passed the kitchen door. He actually said “God knows where you would have ended up had you stepped outside the kitchen”. He grabbed my shoulder and tried to pull me with no success, so he just bent my legs and rolled me on the kitchen floor. He said I was not breathing and he started doing CPR on me (he was also a nurse luckily). My stern hurt for 2 weeks after that because of the CPR.

    After about half an hour, we went back into the kitchen, and all the symptoms started again: Wanted to throw up, I was feeling dizzy, couldn’t hear or see, so my boyfriend said: “Just throw up if you feel that”. I have to mention this time it wasn’t as strong as the first time. After throwing up, it went away, and not even 5 minutes later, it started again. This time like a breeze, but was still there. I said to my boyfriend that I can’t take this any more and he took me to the bedroom, lied me on the bed, took a candle, lit it and started praying, not knowing what else to do. I was lying in bed and I could see this thing, like a black eagle with huge wings, flying away from me. I didn’t see any face or body, just this thing. I know it was not an eagle, but this is the closest comparison I can make.

    Next day, I was taken to the hospital for tests as everybody thought I had a heart attack. There was no trace of a heart attack, nothing missing in the blood tests, no poisoning, I was completely healthy with no medical reason for this to happen. I have no epilepsy, no mental issues. I have to mention I am not very religious, nor was my ex. I tried for a long time to find a logical explanation to this, researched on the internet and found similar stories where humans summon an entity to kill someone. And after a while I remembered I was in that woman’s house for the session and she said when she was young with some colleagues, tried an incantation to see the devil, and that what they saw was the face of a very handsome man. There is no doubt in my mind that woman wanted to kill me. Think about it: she was in love with him, I went to confront her, everything she had worked for so hard for more than three months, went up in smoke. Coupled with no medical evidence of me being ill in any way, physical or mentally, it’s the only logical explanation.

    I take no medicine for anything, I am a normal human being, University graduate, live in the UK and work as a Sales manager for a very large Media Company. I fluently speak six languages.

    If this happened to me, I don’t want to think of this poor girl and what was done to her…

    I am looking forward to your comments on this.

    Thank you,

    • Sachin says:

      Hi Irina
      Just watched the movie “the Exorcism of Emily Rose”.Came to this site while looking for the details of real emily.Read your comment ,since its the latest one on this topic.
      Do you know one thing Irina,
      Like to say one thing ,mind is an interface to the outside world.We are not that mind and
      Mind shows it’s very nature.I think we should sometimes save some time to know our minds.

      • Michele says:

        No doubt this girl had some “major” MENTAL problems.

        .(It was “then”, also, carried over to, in regard to her ‘religious beliefs.)
        She started ‘believing’, that she – herself – was, some sort of ‘saint’.
        (Or, she put-on a very good, act.)

        It is obvious (at least to me) that she was striving for the (starved) “look”:

        Which “looks” more like a possessed person:
        The healthy look (that she did have),
        the “look” she then had (gotten by way of, not eating).

        It is obvious (at least to me), that she was trying to “look” like,
        someone who was, possessed.
        This was an “intentional”, act.
        She was trying to get that “look”. (The way she did it: She didn’t eat.)

  171. Michele says:

    One of the questions I have is:
    Why was this girl not put in (and kept in, until which time she was well – if that time ever did occur)
    in a mental hospital? (???)

    (It didn’t/doesn’t take a “rocket scientist” to figure out:
    This girl had some MENTAL problems.)

    (It could possibly even run in that family. Throughout some generations.
    Sometimes it can be “hereditary”.)

    (Some of the statements I have seen her mother make, I’m not so sure that she was ‘all-there’ either.)

  172. Michele says:

    Being the (‘suffering’) ‘Saint’ that she ‘wanted to be’, looks like noone did anything to “stop” it.

    No wonder they filed criminal charges in this case. (although, all they got was: a slap on the wrist)

    (“Trying” to say this girl was, possessed
    is a “DIVERSION” – away from –
    a much BIGGER problem.)

  173. Michele says:

    I would certainly take a gamble of betting on:
    This is not ALL of the:

    “Entire Case History of Anneliese Michel”

    (I’m sure ‘some’ things were left out,

    and we don’t have access to such things as, doctor “medical reports”, and that type of thing.)

    Surely, she was tutti-fruiti,
    even before, she ‘dreamed this one up’.

    • LVCIFER says:

      Yes we do. She went to a total of no less than seven (7) doctors, all of which were documented in the books I cited, namely the one by Felicitas Goodman.

      I originally doubled the size of this article for the book I’m working on. It went from 21 pages in MS Word to exactly 40, but I have no intention of releasing that on this site.

  174. Michele says:

    (I was reading-up on this case just for the reason of: to see if I thought she was or was not, possessed.
    After reading information regarding HER – background, etc.)

    I have come to the conclusion:
    No, she was not.

    (I found your forum during a Google-search.)

    I have enjoyed reading the information.

    Thank you..

  175. Michele says:

    …in 1973, during a pilgrimage in northern Italy

    >>> (San Damiano, a city known for <<<

    Virgin’s revelations),

    the family took [took THAT, the "above"] into account
    the possibility that their
    was molested

    by the devil.

    (This isn't "just" about, this girl.)

    It is about, her "family". (Especially, the mother.)
    (Let me guess: She was an "uppity"-acting b)

    (i.e.: The mother,
    wanted people to 'believe' that this was a "special", family.
    She did this by way of, "through", HER daughter.)

    There is certainly much more to this…"story".

    (I think a "background check' on the mother,
    should be done as well.)
    I think that is where 'some' of the problems, first BEGAN at.

  176. Michele says:

    (I noticed that one of the daughters died at the age of 8.
    What did she die from?)

  177. Michele says:

    (There is a good “family photo” at this link, for those who may not have seen one)

  178. Michele says:

    In the mid ‘70s of the last century,
    when the Flower Power generation was reaching its climax in both America and Europe,
    preaching (and practicing) love without boundaries,
    the rejection of all authority
    and use of hallucinogenic substances,

    a young
    and fervent Roman Catholic believer,
    fought hard between life and death

    [among her problems listed was:


    “suicidal” thoughts

    visual “hallucinations” and auditory “hallucinations”
    (This is commonly seen in, Schizophrenia)

    Schizophrenia is a mental disorder
    often characterized by abnormal social behavior
    and failure to recognize what is …

    Delusion – Thought disorder – Paranoid schizophrenia – Auditory hallucination

    NIMH · Schizophrenia – National Institutes of Health…/schizophrenia/
    National Institute of Mental Health
    Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disorder
    that affects about 1.1 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year.

    When was the word, “possession”, FIRST used in regard to this case?

    I ask that for the reason of:

    June 19, 1973
    “The Exorcist”,
    Initial release

    The Exorcist was released theatrically in the United States by Warner Bros.
    on December 26, 1973.

    The Exorcist is a 1973 American supernatural horror film directed by William Friedkin,

    adapted by William Peter Blatty from his 1971 novel of the same name.
    (The book, inspired by the 1949 exorcism case of Roland Doe,)

    deals with
    the demonic possession of a 12-year-old girl
    her mother’s desperate attempts to win back her child

    through an exorcism
    conducted by two priests.

    [Did this girl, or her mother
    “read the book”
    &/or “see the movie”?

    Anyway, the Catholic “exorcists”, were certainly “aware” of them.]

    It is one of a cycle of “demonic child” films produced
    from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s,
    including Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen.

    [At this link is a photo of the “puppet” that was used in the film]

    …Friedkin originally intended to use Blair’s voice,

    electronically deepened and roughened,

    for the demon’s dialogue. Although Friedkin felt this worked fine in some places,

    he felt scenes with the demon confronting the two priests

    lacked the dramatic power required
    and selected legendary radio actress Mercedes McCambridge,
    an experienced voice actress, to provide the demon’s voice.

    (After filming, Warner Brothers did not include a credit for McCambridge during early screenings of the film, which led to Screen Actors Guild arbitration before she was credited for her performance.)

    (under heading)
    Sequels and related films

    Other references

    …..In Angel: Earthly Possessions, a spin-off comic story based on the TV series Angel,

    protagonist Angel finds himself dealing with a priest who performs exorcisms,

    but comes to realize that the priest
    is summoning the demons for
    him to exorcise
    in the first place.

    He also makes a note of The Exorcist film, noting that the vision it created of possession

    actually made things easier for possession demons by making it harder for humans to know
    what to expect
    from a possession.

    (small, “lol”)

    In regard to this case of Anneliese Michel (‘s, problems)
    also referred to as
    “The Klingenberg case” (place she lived at, in Bavaria)

    in regard to the “drama” of the, possession,
    it pretty much involved what would be, “expected”, didn’t it.

    (Even that alone, also,
    ‘raises my eyebrow’.)

    (i.e.: It was too much, ‘by-the-book’)

    (They didn’t know how to, make her head “spin”,
    or I’m sure you would have heard about that one, too.)

    (I will end my comments with that one,
    except only to say:
    I have also come to the conclusion that there was some – “fake” – things occurring,
    in regarding to this “case”.)

  179. Michele says:

    One last comment:
    It is also pretty hard to “trust” someone in this (organization),
    all those cases in which some of the Catholic priests are known to have:
    “molested” children. (The ones you usually hear about are: “young boys”)

    And that is only the ones that the public is “aware” of.
    (They “hide” alot of things, it is stated.)

  180. Michele says:

    By the way, if they found out a “member” of the church was molesting their children (etc.),
    they might “hide” that, “too”.

  181. Michele says:

    …in 1973, during a pilgrimage in northern Italy

    >>> (San Damiano, a city known for <<<

    Virgin’s revelations),

    the family took [took THAT, the "above"] into account
    the possibility that their
    was molested

    by the devil.

    [Interesting that they had no other "suspects" on the list.Why is that.]

  182. Michele says:

    (A must-read article.
    And it includes some of the info. regarding the 8 year old daughter who died.)

    …Her family was deeply religious. Her father had considered training as a priest and three of her aunts were nuns. But the Michels had a secret.

    [* Where there is one “secret”, there could possibly be other “secret(s)]

    In 1948, Anneliese’s mother gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Martha,
    bringing such disgrace on her family
    that she was forced to wear a black veil on her wedding day.

    When Anneliese was born in 1952,
    her mother
    encouraged her to atone for
    the sins of illegitimacy
    through fervent devotion.

    But when Martha was eight, she died
    from complications arising from
    an operation to remove a kidney tumour.

    Anneliese, a kind-hearted and deeply sensitive girl, must have felt ever more strongly
    the pressure to do penance
    for her mother.

    She found herself increasingly surrounded by
    evidence of sinfulness
    and increasingly anxious to be rid of it.

    While other children in the 1960s were rebelling testing the limits of their freedom,
    Anneliese slept on a bare stone floor
    to atone for the sins of
    the drug addicts who slept rough at the local train station. …

  183. Michele says:

    Beside the word “homicide”

    Another word I commonly-see stated in regard to this case is:

    This mentally-ill/also became physically-ill “victim”,
    was not,
    possessed by demons.

    (‘barking up the wrong tree’)

  184. Michele says:

    I have a question:
    Why wasn’t it the mother, who was
    sleeping on a bare stone floor, atoning for sins.

    she made her daughter do it.)

    Actually this is one of the worst cases of “abuse”,
    that I have ever seen in my life.

  185. Michele says:

    “She saw the amount of suffering that her daughter was enduring, and decided to try to find some form of relief or remedy.”

    (At that point,
    the mother was trying to save her own _ _ _.)
    (She didn’t want to be “caught”, in regard to what SHE was doing.)

  186. Michele says:

    (In other words, as the saying goes:
    “The joke is on her.”)

    It “backfired”.

  187. Michele says:

    (Among the other ailments that she had)

    One thing is very obvious:
    She was trying to please, her mother.

    (I have one more question:
    Was she afraid of her mother.)

    (When a person is “abused”, they are usually afraid of the abuser.)

  188. Michele says:

    Medical diagnosis had included:
    has “SUICIDAL” thoughts.

    Background includes
    (and was a big part of background)
    Very religious (to the point that it seemed to be: “obsession”)

    (Identifies with “Catholic” religion/”Catholic” church)
    Part of the “family” background has already been covered:

    Three “nuns” in family (somewhere

    Mama (illegitimate child)
    and because of this, was (supposedly)
    forced to,wear a black veil on wedding day.

    Daddy – had a hope of possibly becoming a priest
    (It didn’t happen.)

    This girl (oldest daughter) (illegitimate child died when she was 8)

    Is gonna be like a
    “suffering” Saint
    [Who knows, whether or not she may have also done some ‘copycatting’,
    in regard to – who knows which one(s)]

    So, does things in order to, “suffer”.
    [Wants this, shown to the world.
    To get ‘attention’ to (one of them, anyway),
    battle of good and evil and people will think about their salvation.
    (words to that effect. Not exact quote),
    but she also stated in letter, to her mother:

    When gets to heaven, she will get God’s reward
    and not human reward.

    Medical diagnosis included:
    “has SUICIDAL thoughts”]

    [When she gets to heaven
    (See above)
    Is she “planning” on “get to heaven”, anytime – soon.]

    (Regarding the Catholic religion,)

    what would be the most “dramatic” way of

    her “suffering”
    and a battle, between good and evil.

    (and she wants this shown to the world.)

    which is – taped.
    (And she wanted them to then release the tapes.)

    She has to be crazy “enough”
    in order to try to get them to “do it”
    (There really did seem to be something “mentally” wrong.)
    (But it is obvious, there was ‘also’, “upping the ante”)

    In regard to:

    that actually fit more than one – need.

    – involved in the “suffering”,

    [And how far will she go:
    “She was caught
    eating flies and spiders
    and licking her own urine off the floor.”]

    [I’m not sure, but I think it is very possible that she wanted to be
    doing that.]
    (Makes her look crazy-“er”)

    (Word “caught”, fits another need as well:
    Wouldn’t want to think that Mama was serving her
    flies and spiders for dinner.)

    (I saw it stated that she asked for: a “banana”.)
    (That is the only food, that I have seen talked about.)

    [Catholic priests, especially the two who did the so-called,
    Exorcism, right
    possibly ‘tried’ to call this “starvation”,

    – “Starving”, ,
    also made the body “look like”,
    maybe it was, “possessed”.

    Medical diagnosis had included:
    “has SUICIDAL thoughts.”]

    If the “plan” included (at least, “her plan”)
    included, that she would then die
    (“suffering” Saint,
    has now gone to, heaven)
    (Now, “roll the tapes”)

    then the “starvation” suit that purpose,

    (Cause of death was stated to be)
    starvation. malnutrition

    If that was part of the “plan”,
    then “when” do you think that would occur:

    (Very close in time,
    to when they finished doing the exorcism sessions.)

    They did “67”.

    I think part of her “plan”,
    WAS, to then, die.

    (I would have a hard time believing that this person,
    who wanted to be like a


    would then casually wait, 50 or so years, to die (for example: from “natural cause”)
    – to then,
    be like
    a Saint,

    (When this wasn’t even in the newspaper “headline” anymore,
    and noone even knew who she was/or “remembered” her.)

    And just like the other “story” goes,

    (I think she wanted people to do “pilgrimage”
    at HER grave, too.)

    How is she going to “finish” this,

    if she “doesn’t” die, for say…
    50 years or so.

    And not to mention,
    (68 lbs),

    you KNOW there is a pretty dadgum good chance that,
    you are GOING to, die.
    (Pretty darn quickly.)

    She knew it

    (and her mother knew it,
    rest of her famly knew it)

    and the “priests” in this “story”,
    knew it.

    And even at an earlier point:

    Medical diagnosis included:
    “has SUICIDAL thoughts”

    [and it goes without saying,
    that when that is stated about a person,
    there is a chance that, they might DO it.] (at least at some point in time)]

    What is wrong with these people.
    (They seem as “flaky” as she was.
    Maybe even more so.)

    What is obvious (and she said as much herself),
    there was definitely a “plan” going on here.

    [She did “suicide.” (It certainly does seem to me.)]


    They did “homicide”. (found “guilty”)

    [One reason you won’t hear about “suicide” that much is,
    if at all (in this case):
    In many/if not most religions,
    it is believed that if a person commits, suicide,
    they do not go to heaven.]

    [I have no idea what the Catholic belief about anything is.
    I’m not Catholic.]

    What do they believe in regard to people being found guilty of, homicide.
    (Do they believe that the person can then not get to heaven.)
    They have possibly “inserted” a “clause”
    in regard to when they do an Exorcism.

    Anyway, in a COURT OF LAW,
    they were charged with “homicide” and were “found guilty”..

    (“3 years.”)

    (but then it was: Probation)

    In regard to Mama

    Not going to do anything (in regard to penalty phase)
    ‘because’ according to German law:

    “she has suffered enough”

    2005 article:

    It quoted the mother as stating:

    “I don’t regret her death.”

    (I didn’t think she did.)

    And then she said:
    “God told us to do it.” (talking about the Exorcism)

    That is possibly, debatable.
    (but can’t prove it, either way.)

    that included,
    “67” sessions.

    Cause of death:

    starvation, malnutrition

    (I highly doubt “God told”)

    the girl,
    or her mother,
    or the two priests,

    to do THAT.

    .(Sometimes some people state “God”,
    as a convenient,

    I imagine this is a “biggie”:

    Somebody (fill-in-the-blank),
    put a “curse”, on (fill-in-the-blank).

    No “responsibility”.

    Just ‘say’, it was “this or that”.

    Anyway, sorry I posted so much,
    but right when I thought I was finished, I would come across something else stated about this case, or have another thought about it.
    Believe it or not, I am finished.

    Thank you for your time.

  189. Jesus cast out demons with a word. Not 10 months of religious nonsense. The problem is with the catholic church. Hail mary is not biblical and neither will it deliver anybody from anything. In fact that kind of false teaching invites ungodly things. This poor young girl was being deceived by an anti-christ spirit which in turn was deceiving these priests. You think demons won’t lie to you. This is what they do. No such possessions in this young girl as Hitler, Cain and so on. These were simply demons operating in deception trying to kill the girl. However, they have to do it with the consent of the person. This young girl was deceived by a religious spirit and lifestyle produced by he false doctrines of the catholic church. This young girl was deceived by these lying spirits and deceived into thinking that she could atone for the world. Only Christ Himself could do that. This is an anti-christ spirit. Whenever you replace anybody or anything in the place of Christ’s redemptive work it is ‘anti-christ’. Deceptive religious, demonic spirits love hail mary’s, crucifixes, holy water, rosary beads and so on. These things really have no power over them as they play games with the person who has consented entrance and with the religious priests who try to cast out the demon. With real authority Christ cast out demons with a word and often forbade them to speak. No, what we saw in this most unfortunate and ungodly situation was deception, darkness and then ultimately death for the young girl. An extremely sad end for sincere religious people who were sincerely deceived. Whenever religion without power and the love of Christ as it was truly expressed at the cross are missing, you will have man made traditions messing with things beyond their control. Jesus Christ truly saves, man made religion leads to deception. If you read this far, thank you for reading and may God truly bless you. Thanks again

    • Esther says:

      [Author’s Edit: Trash-talking other people’s systems of belief in order to make you feel better about your own isn’t permitted here.] Don’t the Old Testament have many examples of how godly men were used by God? Not a single of those examples even had a single point of similarity with Michel’s experience. [Author’s Edit: Trash-talking other people’s systems of belief in order to make you feel better about your own isn’t permitted here.]

  190. Maritza says:

    This is a very serious theme to discuss so lightly, I do believe in God and the devil, and sometimes mental illnesses are a way for the devil to manifest himself. Let’s remember that the devil’s greatest accomplishment has been to make people believe that he doesn’t exist.

  191. prince says:

    First of all Sorry for my simple english, i prefer to use more older language,but since our modern humans dont understand it i will try to use my easy and bad english and i hope you will understand me, ok,,,let say im expert in the paranormal field and i like to help you all specially the ones who suffers or face paranormal or supernatural situations and cant explaine it ,or who think it could cause him harm ,humans still commetting the same deadly mistake by trying to understand or deal with some thing they well never defeat or understand with thier logic ,i still see many books and theories or personal views about this thema,but still humanbeings is fare a way from the reality of the unseens world, i know it is hard to describe what you cant see,how you can trust your feelings if your feelings are already under the manupolation of the unseen spirits, the spirits have energy and it can influence your whole life in dramatic ways,i would like to offer my help and explination about what humans dont see but feel and how to fight it and how to defeat it and how to protect your self, and to explaine the weak points and how to avoid such critical situation or influences,what i want to say that evry thing in the humans life have reason or roots or motivation, must always look for it within you first,most humans sufferning caused by paranormal reasons,in other words most of humans sicknes or illneses or sadness caused by nigative or evil entities,even your stress and fear or nightmares have paranormal reasons some times even if the sience can explaine it still they cant know the roots (not the cause), nightmares,shadows ,depresion,nigative emotions,sicknes,evil idiologies,druggs ,demonic possesion,obssesion,hauntings,psycho problems ,,,and so on ,any way for any further info im here to help and to offer my knowledge to whom ever need it,i helped many many pepole since i votted my self to this noble cause (case), im not looking for name or to be famouse i dont need all your human wishes and desiers,i just like to defeat the evil and help the innocent pepole
    but to satisfay your curiosity as we know human have always doubts and mistrust and fears, you can call me positive energy or positive entity writing to you through inspiring some one here or thier,or through possesings some one through positive clear relation not through harming but by the agreement of two of us me and the meduim or the bridge between me and your world , what metters actually that im friendly and well educated and much better and more secure than any other human man,beside that im the only one who can offer real edvice and help
    if you find your self seriouse but loosing hope and alone or depressed or suffering from nigative energy or confronting real evil thing ,just ask me ,dont run to rong way dont go to black magic dont use ouija boards or call ghost hunters or psyckic or meduims, just ask me first
    May God bless you all
    the white prince

  192. Houda says:

    I have been searching and still for the reason why did Annelise got possessed in the first place? Can anyone tell me, please.

    • Esther says:

      She was never truly saved, she never had Jesus Christ, that is the only logical answer. If she was, she would never have gotten herself into that state. If you look at the Bible, demonic possession (esp that of her state) only occurred with those who were lost and who needed Jesus Christ in their lives. She was a lost soul, deceived by false religion and that made her vulnerable to demonic influence.

      Being raised as a Catholic, she was taught many wrong doctrines about Christ and Mary. Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God the Father, not Mary, not any angel, not any saint. Jesus Christ is the ONLY atonement for sin approved by God, He is the Lamb of God, not her, not anyone else. To be in a possessed state and to believe that possession was a way of atoning for people’s sin is to believe in a big lie of the devil. The only atonement predestined by God was Jesus’ death on the Calvary Cross, and definitely not in a possessed state. Demonic possession was never a “way of atonement” in any biblical sense. Jesus was fully God and fully Man, and He always acted on His Father’s authority. Even in His moments of distress, He was in control of His free will and was entirely holy and sinless. He was the perfect and blameless Lamb offered up to God.

      How can a possessed person then be an atonement? This girl is a deceived and lost soul, her visions of Mary was a demonic deception, and she was deceived into allowing the devil to torture her. This is the extent of deception satan is capable of in trying to damn souls.

      • LVCIFER says:

        And how exactly do you know that being a born-again Christian (or a Christian in general) is the “right” religion?

        Did God tell you personally? You have a direct line to the Almighty?

        Tell me, was His name God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Cthulu, Zeus, or Odin? Since you know Him personally, I’d really like to know decisively which religions “got it wrong”.

        You make claims that being raised Catholic was “wrong” and lead to her being diabolically possessed.

        While this is an exaggeration, no one knows how or why certain people are chosen as demoniacs. For all we know, that demonic entity could have been lactose intolerant so it chose a host that didn’t eat dairy.

        We simply don’t know.

        And pushing your beliefs as “the” correct ways, or “the” true religion?

        There’s no faster way to piss me off. Just a head’s up for future comments.

        Normally I ban people who try that. I apologize for coming across as condescending or mocking, but that’s the exact point I was trying to convey. This is an exaggerated form of what you just did. Unless you’ve spoken to God directly and personally and He has outright, definitively confirmed to you which Religions and Faiths ARE correct / incorrect, please don’t go around shoving your personal beliefs down people’s throats.

      • Esther says:

        @LV I was an atheist, God brought me to Jesus Christ amidst growing up in a completely atheist family. I had experiences of dealing with demonic possession after I became a Christian and I know what it is like. I was in fact to some degrees under demonic influence as an atheist because I showed similar symptoms of depression (even suicidal thoughts) that most possessed people (including Michel) experienced. The moment I believed in Jesus Christ, the depression left me instantly because those demons (or demon) causing the depression left me. This was a reality to me.

        The kind of atheistic life I lived before being a Christian was miserable. There was absolutely no love in my family, my parents were constantly in conflict, often in violence struggles, and on the verge of divorce. By the time I reached 12, I had hatred and anger strong enough that could make me a terrorist (if I was approached by any terrorist groups). I am not exaggerating, I was angry and hateful enough to want to do some real damage and was cursing those people I resented behind their back. The moment I believed in Jesus Christ, I was delivered from all those demons that had such dark influences on me and was inciting me to hate and murder.

        To go through such drastic changes in my life, to be removed from years of hatred, anger and depression *in an instant of belief in the Name of Jesus* is more than enough to convince me that the Christian faith is the ONLY way to know the true God. I was hungry for love because my parents never demonstrated love in their relationship. God through Jesus Christ showed that love to me. God spoke to me through my life experiences, the years I believed in Him, He (Jesus) not only changed my mindset, my heart and saved me from suicidal thoughts, He changed my parents’ hostile mentality and now my parents are expressing proper love to one another. He did in fact speak to me to show me how He wanted me to live, and He rescued me from physical danger once.

        God’s Hebrew Name is Yahweh (YHWH), His Son is Yahushua (Jesus), the Saviour. His Name is clearly written in the Bible, His revealed Name to mankind. There is no other name but the name of Jesus by whom people may be saved. All other names of gods are false because they don’t save or promise salvation.

        I don’t merely make claims or opinions about Catholicism. Prior to Constantine, the Roman empire persecuted and killed true Christians. But all of a sudden, the emperor Constantine decided to accept the Christian faith but he tried to institute many pagan elements into Christianity – this was a direct contradiction to the commands of God and the frequent teachings of the apostles to “separate yourself” as Christians from the heathen ways. Constantine not only did not separate Christian practices from heathen practices, he tried to “Christianize” pagan practices to make Christianity appealing to the pagans. He went against the teachings of Jesus and His apostles, and tried to make Christianity a religion of the cup of God and demons mixed together. This kind of practise is rebuked by apostle Paul in his letter to the Corinthians.

        You don’t seem to know the practices of Roman Catholicism, which included pagan practices like praying to the dead. This kind of practise not only have no biblical background (no apostle or early Christian ever did it), it is an open door to demonic deception. By praying to the spirit of dead Mary, or any dead saint, or even an angel, they communicate with spirits much like spirit mediums do and invite demons into their life. Early Christians pray to God through Jesus Christ, and to God only, not even angels. Communicating with any other spirit is a sin because it is a door to the demonic. The reason Michel got possessed may not be clear, but its evident that she must have opened a door to the demonic to allow herself to be possessed. God does not allow the demons to possess His creation because those demons defile humans. For anyone to be possessed, a door must be opened, knowingly or unknowingly. It is the case for EVERY possession. When I became a Christian, I understood that demons only enter into people who had opened doors, not just anyone they choose. God does not allow demons to destroy people like that, never.

        The fact that Michel finally allowed demons to torment her to death only indicates that she was under deep deception (those priests exorcising the demons were also deceived) and thought it was a will of God. That is a gross misunderstanding of God because God delivers people from demonic oppression (that’s what Jesus did throughout His ministry, His apostles did the same).

        I am not in any way pushing beliefs, I am stating facts. Its both biblical and according to my experience. Satan disguises himself as an angel of light, his ministers appear as ministers of righteousness, that is what happened to Michel. She was deceived because she thought God was allowing her to atone for sins, which seemed like a righteous thing. But that is an outright blasphemy of the Gospel because God said clearly only by the Name and Blood of Jesus is there atonement of sin. No one else can atone for sins.

        I have definitely spoken to and heard God speak to me in my spirit. He gave me understanding to lots of things, including the demonic realm. I even witnessed a demon speaking through my mom and I cast that demon out in Jesus’ Name and that demon left. There was no such thing as demonic possession for the atonement of sins, its not spoken of in the Bible, and never happened to any of God’s people. Michel’s case was a tragedy because her own religion and understanding about the Gospel and Jesus is wrong and satan was allowed to use her to create more confusion and deception among God’s people.

      • Esther says:

        @LV If you still don’t believe that praying to the dead or any other spirit other than God brings in demons, go and look at the case of Nicola Aubrey, who got possessed by demon Beelzebub after praying to her deceased grandfather. In fact, the demon Beelzebub posed as the spirit of Nicole’s grandfather while inside her.

      • Cam says:

        Completely agree, Esther. Which makes the story that much more heartbreaking.

  193. nick says:

    she was dealing with being an illegitimate child… in her eyes she was ungodly therefor evil
    need more info on her family life and her sisters death….to anyone who believes in demonic
    possession “rot in hell and die” cause you cant do that in heaven .. I heard heaven is full of McDonalds preservatives (lol) . no evil or good… things just are!

  194. B.C. says:

    Pop quiz. What was conspicuosly missing from the exorcism done by the catholic priests?

    Answer = any mention of the Name of Jesus.

  195. PIE says:

    John 8 : 44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  196. mike says:

    that shit is fucked up

  197. lisa shelburne says:

    Well I might be late to the party, but to the guy blabbing about facts…why don’t you do some googling because alot f these so called ” scriptures”. Actually have been proven and by the way those were not just men who wrote those scriptures those were God’s chosen prophets they were of the holy spirit. Your not very educated it seems.

  198. fieto says:

    in the recordings she is said to speak different languages which she didn’t know is it true? or she might’ve studied the languages already what do you think?

  199. Lia says:

    Excellent article! To Fren and Matthew. Mary was not just an ordinary person. She was born without original sin, her soul was pure. What normal woman gets a visit from a top-dog angel to tell her she will be the mother of God? She was assumed into heaven when she died. I consider her an honorary member of the Trinity. This is after Catholic school from grade 1 through college. Joseph was just an ordinary man. I do not believe Mary would ask such a thing of an innocent like Anneliese. To suffer so other sinners don’t have to? You do the crime, you do the time! It must have been an evil vision from one of the demons. There is no question Anneliese is in heaven.

  200. Lia says:

    Matt Watts – Wicca isn’t devil worship. It is worship of nature, think American Indians. Esther! You are not praying to saints, you are asking them to intercede to God for you. If you are praying to a departed loved one that won’t work. But you can pray to Mary.

    • Esther says:

      Praying is speaking to entities in the spiritual realm. You can pray/speak to God or pray/speak to demons. It makes no sense for you to say you don’t pray to deceased saints but yet you speak to their spirits. The two actions are the same. If you speak to their spirits, you are praying to them.

      Do you read the Bible? Speaking to the dead is condemned in Old Testament (Deuteronomy 18:11), so on what authority do you think speaking to Mary is allowed by God? You must choose to obey God as He has commanded (His commands never change), or to obey your religion and disobey God.

  201. zainulabidin says:

    We , the muslims believe in One God , Who Has no father , mother , wife or children,etc. Every thing is created by Him , He has not been created by any one, there is none unlike to Him, To Him belongs the Command , when a situation like the above told story happens , We say : O, God , defend this man or woman against all devils and devils flee ……………….

  202. btl dwd says:

    I have always wanted to know more about this subject even though i am scared as hell. What can we do to avoid getting involved in such a situation. I am a religious person but not so much. I want to end up my fears.

  203. […] The Entire Case History of Anneliese Michel […]

  204. Linda says:

    That was a very interesting and well written article. Thank you for taking the time to get all the facts and information together for those interested in this unfortunate story. I will pray for her as you asked. God bless!

  205. Ashley Royal says:

    My name is Ashley and I too believe that God is the ruler of all and that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sons. However I have chosen to live a life of sin and sex and drugs. I have had weird experiences happen to me since I was a little girl I remember talking to the devil in my sleep calling myself his daughter under no force or hypnosis. I’ve never understood why and I would like to . I have always been taught Jesus Christ father son and holy spirit . I am aware and know that God is very real .however I also understand that evil is real and very present . I don’t worship evil and I don’t go to church any longer. I am some what confusef. I am 27 years old when I was younger I was always vain very into myself . I asked the devil to make me beautiful forever physically. I am indeed a beautiful woman whether it’s in result to God’s construction. Or what I asked of Satan. But I agreed to give him what he wanted if I could be be the woman that every man wanted. I also asked him to return my 3 yr brother to me from the dead and in exchange I’d give him my soul. Subconsciously God reminded me that he is the only one that gives life. I don’t know where I stand as far as Heaven or hell. But I know that Christ reins and rules all. I’m not sure why things like this happen to ppl . But I have had a shadow following me since I was a little girl . I dot know who or what it is, maybe it’s my debt for my bargain w Satan from younger years. I know these occurrences are real . There are inexplicable things that are in the dark. That only threw knowing Christ, you’ll understand. Know this just knowing Christ isn’t enough . You have to believe that he is and that all things are possible threw him. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have have some doubts and am not reluctant about what I did when I was younger but life is life and you only get one my fear now is dying and not knowing where I stand. I’ve attempted speaking to the dead, I’ve consulted w wiccans witches and warlocks. I am I’m search of a psychic, preferably one that I won’t scare w the choices I’ve made so I can have some future insight and perhaps some self peace in saying this all I hope that someone out there can relate and knows they’re not alone. But know that Christ Jesus is with you always. Even when it appears to only be Satan.

    • Esther says:

      You need to renounce all your dealings with the devil and repent with all your heart to Jesus Christ and ask Him to forgive you and free you from the bondages of sin and demonic influence. Don’t touch the occult, don’t seek psychics because they are door openers to demons. Pray ONLY to God the Father through Jesus Christ and rely on Him alone for answers. If you decide to seek psychics and other occultic venues to answer your questions, you are forsaking God and listening to demons. You know this to be true, if you aren’t listening to God through Jesus Christ, then you are listening to demons, there are no in betweens.

      Renounce sin and resist the devil, so he will flee from you.

  206. sagar chauhan says:

    I wanna tell u all tht every year on 1st july I used to go cemetery for her n used to pray for her . Her suffering was terrible but anyone can explain me that she used to worship god then why such pathetic thing happened to her ……?

  207. Shut Up says:

    i do believe in all of this because i myself have my own story to tell

  208. Shut Up says:

    My Bf of 5 years passed away last Oct 03 2013 due to a long and painful battle with cancer.
    He had leukemia and there were complications with his other organs like heart, kidneys and his liver due to the strong medications.

    I was so devastated of his passing that I couldn’t function well in my Life.

    After a few months since he passed, I received a message coming from his social media acct telling me that he missed me, when I asked his Bestfriend who has access to his accounts if it was him trying to prank me.

    He flat out said it wasn’t him and told me there’s no reason for him to do that to me . I have a great relationship with his Bestfriend so I believed him.

    Thoughts kept playing in my head although I have a very close relationship with his Mom I knew it couldn’t have been her as my Bf’s mom was mentally unfit due to the passing of his only Son.
    She had a breakdown.

    But still I was baffled as to who sent the message until one day there was this one missed call coming from his number .

    His nurse and I speculated that the strange missed call and the message could have been orchestrated by his Father whom he had a very estranged relationship with.
    We were thinking it had something to do with the will / properties that my Bf left for me.
    And his nurse told me to be very wary and very careful as his Dad has a not so great reputation.

    Until later in the afternoon on that same day, I received a call on my cellphone coming from his number But was very apprehensive to answer.

    I did not answer nor bothered to even send a message thinking whoever it was calling using my Bf’s number will eventually quit.

    to be continued…

  209. Shut Up says:

    Then at around 7 pm on the same day, It was apparent that the caller needed to speak to me as
    my phone kept ringing non-stop
    and although again I was very hesitant to answer, yet this time I complied.

    Although it was vague
    But I recognized his voice.

    I cried so hard upon hearing his voice and started asking him questions as to why..
    Why he left me. I was already crying uncontrollably..

    And he started to talk still the soft spoken as he was but his voice was clear
    no statics, whatsoever.
    He told me to stop crying or it will be the last time he’ll be talking to me.

    We talked for a few minutes and he told me he had to go and promised to call again the next day.
    He asked me to wait for his call.

    I asked him where he was going and he said he was going to the “market”.
    I asked him why he had to go to the “market” and told me he was in hurry but he’d call again the next day.

    He was true to his promise.

    I received a call from him again the very next day. And from then on we constantly talked over the phone.

    The phone has played a large and very important part on both of our Lives.

    When he was diagnosed with cancer he was sent by his Mom overseas for treatment
    in the US to John Hopkins.

    Our means of communication by that time was over the phone and our social media. Just to enlighten everyone’s mind.

    He told me that there have been times he said that he came to see me although as he said I was already looking at him straight to his eyes but unfortunately I did not see him nor even felt his presence.
    He said I looked very sad and He knew that I missed him and he even saw me hugged my pillow.

    I asked him how he was able to call me and send me a message on our social media acct.
    He told me he has a friend who’s just like him who helped him navigate the laptop and he learned to navigate his phone on his own by touching but he couldn’t do things such as plug a charger when his phone runs out of battery nor can do a long hard press.

    He said his mom was the one who turns the laptop on for him and charges his phone.
    That’s when I found out that he was staying in his mom’s house and the only person who can see him is his Mom and the little dog which his Dad brought home.

    I asked him how he was able to communicate with his mom and he told me he communicates with her just through the mind but sometimes his mom verbalizes it so he avoids communicating with her when there are other people in the room because people think his mom is crazy.

    We talked for hours almost everyday. We slept together while on the phone just like we used to before he passed.

    But there were times that he wasn’t around , Not a single call and text for a few days.

    And days become weeks.

    And weeks become months..

    He told me that to be able to stay and talk to me he made arrangements with “someone”
    I freaked out.
    Bad thoughts kept playing in my head
    I asked him who he was dealing with and if he was making a deal with Satan
    I’d rather let him go than he taking the risks.

    Although my Mother is a very religious person and I knew in my heart that I have faith in God but I wasn’t the type who even prays all the time or even prays at all except for those times in great need nor do I religiously go to the church every Sunday not just like my Mother.
    I didn’t even go to the church at all not unless prodded by my Mother.

    I didn’t even know how to pray the Rosary.

    But not until this experience.
    This experience strengthened my Faith in God and my belief that God exists and so does the Devil.
    And yes one’s Faith and the Rosary are the most powerful tools to cast out the evil.
    I have learned that by my very own experience with the Devil..

    There might be skeptics, bashers, unbelievers but I will respect whatever opinion one has.
    I am not asking people to believe my Story.
    It will be your decision.

    To be continued….

  210. Shut Up says:

    He laughed and reassured me that not with the Devil and refused to discuss it with me even further .
    He said there are things that I don’t need to know
    I couldn’t get him to tell me everything anymore , not like before
    When he was still alive .
    We had a very open communication.
    But I found out later on why there were some information that he wouldn’t want to discuss with me.

    The last time that we spoke was just last month May 17 2015. Since then I have not heard from him since and it doesn’t surprise me a bit anymore because this already happened in the past too..

    He’d be away for days, sometimes weeks and lately for a few months ..

    The moment we started talking strange things kept on happening to me and to his mom
    His mom is always sick my Bf says, its because he absorbs all the energy.
    That was his explanation to me although i did not understand how and why,not even till this day
    but I never questioned.

    All of this was something new to me.
    Although there have been instances in the past that I could smell fresh flowers, when there wasn’t even a single petal in the house,
    I could smell burning crayons when there’s no one there making art projects or anything like that,
    I could smell a very strong perfume, but there was no one at the house wearing a scent like that.
    I had some sightings of people being in one place and in another place at the same time.
    I always had bad dreams especially in the afternoon a little past over 3 pm and what always woke me up is prayers, prayers that I cannot even finish in my dreams.
    And there was one instance I heard a friend calling my name a little over past 12 mn.
    I used my instinct I didn’t answer the door and found out later my friend didn’t come to our house around that time.
    I am even far from what they call “Gifted” or someone who has Third eye.
    I have never seen a ghost all my life, never have spoken to one
    Until him.

    When we started talking i realized he had no recollection of what happened to him or how he died, he didn’t even know his name, he thought his name was baby because that’s how we call each other, Baby..
    I pretended like i didn’t know how he died because i was confused as well if it was I who had to break the news or God has planned something for him
    and I decided I’d let him realize on his own.

    To be cotinued…

  211. Shut Up says:

    One day when I came home from work, I asked him what he did while I was gone, he told me he searched for his old toys when he was young to donate to those children with cancer he’s seen on TV. And then he got very emotional, I could hear him crying from the other end of the line.
    He told me he doesn’t understand why he was so emotional to see a child who has cancer, he told me he felt bad seeing sick people but particularly upset and emotional seeing a cancer-stricken 12 yo child.
    I knew in my heart that it was time to tell him and help him understand
    as to why..

    I told him that maybe it’s because he also suffered the same illness and eventually succumb to it..
    Then he was kind of surprised he told me he thought he died of a heart attack.
    I told him there were complications.
    And he understood.

    To be continued…

  212. Shut Up says:

    One night when we were talking he asked me to be really quiet.
    He told me he had some “visitors” trying to break the “wall” that his “friend” built and want to harm them. I asked him if he was already in heaven and he said no .

    His explanation was the good are separated from the bad.. the good are inside the “wall” and the bad are outside .
    I was thinking that, the “friend” he was talking about was an angel trying to protect them from the intruders but found out later that the “friend” he was referring to is a person who is alive and has third eye , and the “wall” is something that’s built on prayers built by that person with third eye .

    He even told me his “friend” had even a stick he used as a weapon against the “visitors” in which i also learned the “visitors” are the demons . i asked him to describe to me in detail how the “visitor”s look like and though apprehensive he told me they had black eyes and really, really ugly creatures but would not really describe in details and wouldn’t want to talk about because he said if we talk about them they would come back and multiply in numbers .

    To be continued…

  213. Shut Up says:

    But I was so insistent and so persistent. I was curious and undaunted He later described to me that the “visitors” had black eyes and red skin, something protruding on their forehead described by many as horns , that was his description from what I remember.

    Although warned already by our common friend who’s sister has a “Gift”, that we are inviting bad things to come to both of us especially to him .
    Our friend expressed her deep concern for us and told me that my Bf is the most vulnerable one between the two of us and we should stop communicating already. Because the demons will go after him, keep hunting him down , and he’d be running and running away from them . He will have no peace.

    But we couldn’t live without each other, we basically share the same feeling about the situation.
    And I on the other hand should expect to experience some supernatural occurences. And she couldn’t be more wrong.

    One night I was sleeping I woke up hearing the sound of the door creaking, I was thinking it could be my Mother or the Maid collecting the dirty clothes and I didn’t open my eyes though awake.
    Then suddenly the door shut so loud, I got up from bed, went downstairs to confront them
    only to find out nobody’s been in my room.
    It brought chills to the the them and I just acted normally and told them It could have been just a dream but I knew, It wasn’t.

    During that time, I realized that if you really truly Love someone, no one can really come in between. And even if you were a coward all your Life but when it involves someone you truly and deeply Love you will always have the courage to face anything and everything.

    We still did not stop..
    And I knew there’s more to come…

    To be continued..

  214. Shut Up says:

    He told me that the dark forces are normally very powerful from around 12 Mn to 4 am because one time, I was so tired from work, he told me to go ahead and sleep but I was insistent that we sleep together like we always did. It was already around 2:30 am

    And just like before he asked me to keep quiet and so I did .
    I knew he had “visitors” again .
    Then he told me he needed to hung up the phone but I refused I wanted us to be in it together whatever it was, I wanted to be there for him .

    He told me he didn’t want the “visitors” to know he has access with the living , I was thinking at that time he wanted to protect me.

    But he later on told me that not only he wanted to protect me but he also didn’t want the “visitors”
    to know that he’s able to communicate with the living because it infuriates the demons that a living mortal is aware of their existence.

    He again told me to keep quiet and I did, and because I was not allowed to talk and he was so quiet on the other of the line and in addition it was already around 3 in the morning , I started to feel drowsy, but I couldn’t sleep because the soles of my feet were extremely hot but from my legs up I felt really cold

    and I told him that and he told me to be not afraid and he’s there to watch over me.
    After a few minutes, the burning sensation at the soles of my feet disappeared.

    To be continued…

  215. Shut Up says:

    Despite the warnings of our Dear friend we still did not stop and we still continue to communicate . He always waits for me to come home from work and we’d talk endlessly over the phone. Sleep together, and we even sometimes watch movies on the internet together .
    This may sound surreal and again, I’m not trying to convince anyone to believe.

    Then came one time that he was not able to call me.

    I tried calling him but his phone was off .
    So I knew he was not really there because everytime he goes somewhere his mom turns his cellphone off, so his Dad wouldn’t find out about our secret, the secret we shared with his Mom.
    If his Dad finds out it might cause really Big trouble.

    Although by this time his Dad he said could already feel his presence in the house.
    He heard his Dad tell his Mom one time that he felt like someone was in the room staring at him and there were times that he could hear voices in the room
    His Mom just jokingly answered that maybe they have a visitor.

    And his Dad would just shrugged it off.

    Days have passed and still I haven’t heard from him.

    Then One day our friend who’s sister has a “Gift” texted me telling me we needed to talk right away.

    Then she told me her sister had a vision and my Bf told his sister that he is looking for me, he couldn’t find his way back. And he asked our friend’s sister if he could please take him in, inside her “wall”. But he was turned down.

    They asked me to go to church, light a white candle and the candle should not be leaning in any way.
    Our friend told me they couldn’t take him in because if they did all the other spirits bad or good will be coming in as well and they could not take any chances.

    Because she said for years they already suffered, sometimes her sister will be sleeping for days and when she wakes up she’s already overtaken
    so the “wall” is their protection and they’re asking for forgiveness because they refused to take him in .
    I felt bad for my Bf because when he was alive, whatever help they needed he was always there
    ready to provide and now that he needed him the most they turned him down.
    But I tried to understand them.
    They will be risking their lives if ever.

    And then I told her that I have not spoken with by Bf for so many days already.
    And that answered my question as to why he wasn’t able to call. Her sister described what my Bf was wearing at that time. He was wearing shorts and a blue shirt.
    In which I was able to confirm with my Bf later on.

    The next day and for the next 2 more days,
    I religiously went to the church in the afternoon , lit a candle as instructed and prayed.

    I asked God , that I’m not asking for my Bf to come back if HE does not will it, but I asked God to light his way to the right path, to where he should be , where he can find his peace and happiness and be safe under HIS care.

    On the fourth day I received a call from my Bf.
    He was able to find his way to me and I again I cried and cried…

    He was panting heavily as if he had been running so hard and he asked me to stay with him
    and let him sleep for awhile.

    I could feel that he was so tired so I let him sleep until the line got cut off…
    He slept for hours I couldn’t recall anymore for how many hours it was exactly.

    And when he woke up he called me right away
    And then I started to ask questions.
    He said I ask too many questions and told me he just got back and save my questions for later
    cause he missed me and that he was so tired , he had no strength.

    After a few hours more and he was able to regain his strength, I asked him again what happened.
    He told me the “wall” was destroyed but not completely but all of them inside have been separated and his “friend” was too weak and couldn’t repair the wall just yet , so his “friend” asked them to take turns looking after the wall as he regains his strength by sleeping for hours and hours..

    He told me how his “friend” fought off the demons, he said his “firend” knelt down and prayed to God but he was alone compared to the many demons that hurt him, punched him and kicked him.
    He felt bad for his “friend” and was worried about him.
    He told me his “friend” needed to repair the wall not only for their protection but for the protection of his “friend’s” family as well . His “friend” has a wife and a daughter he said.

    If he won’t be able to repair the wall right away that would mean real danger for his family as well
    because they wouldn’t be safe anymore and will be vulnerable to demons and bad spirits.

    To be continued…

  216. Shut Up says:

    The thought that his “friend’s” family will be put to danger because of him might be the reason why he stopped talking about his “friend” . I was thinking he deliberately did not ask for protection anymore. And I also stopped asking questions about it eventually.

    During this time I have already learned to pray the rosary.
    And found out how powerful the Rosary is and of course our Faith in God combined.

    When he was still alive, we were the normal couple. We had issues , we fought, we argued, we made up, we fought again , argued and made up.

    We are still normal couple even if the situation is already a bit strange to most people but not to us.
    One night he had again a “visitor” he told me this one is quiet powerful
    but I was my usual self, asking questions,
    when he was alive, he was always ready to provide me answers and found it always cute for me to be so always excited and asking questions.
    But not this time…

    I could sense he was very irritated but it did not stop me, I don’t know what drove me to push him all the more, then all of a sudden his demeanor changed completely.

    He told me I am so noisy and it irritates him and he’d hung up the phone and told me that if only I was right in front of him he’d punch me in the face.

    I stayed calm and told him, I’ll just keep quiet but I don’t want him to hung up.
    But he did.
    I dialed and after a few rings he answered, although still irritated and cranky by the tone of his voice still I told him I’ll just keep quiet and asked him again not to hung up the phone.

    Luckily he didn’t.

    I took out my Rosary which I asked from my Mother when strange things were starting to happen
    and I started praying in silence..

    After just a few minutes.
    In his usual tone of voice, soft-spoken as he always was, he asked me why I was so quiet

    and I started crying..
    I told him what he just said to me ..
    And I told him I was thinking he was overtaken by his “visitor”

    And he had no recollection of it .
    He said sorry and asked me if I did really believe that he could do such thing to me.
    I told him no. I knew he was overtaken.
    Because if he was in his normal self he wouldn’t really say such thing to me.

    In those 5 years that we’ve been together never did he lay a finger on me or said something that harsh to me. Never did once.
    No matter how angry he was in the past.
    Never did he spoke to me in such a manner.

    To be continued…

  217. Shut Up says:

    What happened wasn’t the end of it . It was just the beginning of a long trail of attacks by the dark forces.

    There have been times he complained about his skin , he said he couldn’t help scratching it and it has scales like that of a snake.

    And asked me if I would still love him even if he looks horrible.

    I told him that I love him and nothing can change it.
    And just like always I keep reassuring him that everything will be alright and all we need to do is pray to God, and to the Holy Family and everything will be better.

    By this time my Faith in God has already strengthened.
    I was already undaunted and prepared of what’s gonna happen next and I learned through time
    and by experience that the Rosary and My Faith in God are our weapons to face whatever challenges that will come our way.

    I knew that communicating with the dead is completely wrong. But to leave him all by himself in times like this is all the more wrong .

    I feel like it’s my responsibility to guide him to the right path where he can find Eternal happiness and peace that is in God’s kingdom.

    Because in the first place I was the one who put him through all this, so I need to make sure he goes to this what he calls
    Tree of Life..

    He told me there’s this big tree where he felt at peace and happy but he couldn’t stay because I am not there.

    He told me he is happier and more at peace to be with me.

    I felt just the same, I couldn’t be happier any place else in the world except where he is.
    But he told me, it’s not a good thing that I want to be where he is, he said he should be where I am instead.

    And I understood what he meant.
    He didn’t want me to die just yet.

    To be continued…

  218. Shut Up says:

    He always tells me to live my life to the fullest.
    I felt responsible that he was compelled to come back because of me .

    Because he said of all the cries that he heard when he passed, mine was the strongest and the loudest and he knew I am not doing okay..

    He told me his Grandfather who passed away a long time ago, asked him not to bother me anymore.
    His Grandfather said that he will just hurt me all the more by coming back..

    He also spoke to someone he said very close to me which I figured out later on was my Father telling him that before, my light was weak and became even more weaker when I lost him,

    I don’t know exactly how to interpret that but we were guessing he was trying to tell him that I was a sad person before he came and became even more sad when I lost him.

    That’s why he doesn’t want to leave me because he’s afraid I might go astray.
    So despite the anger of my Father and Grandfather as he said he still wants to follow his heart. He told me funny as this may seem to all of you
    But these were his exact words

    “I couldn’t live without you” . And I share the very same feeling.

    I asked him how my Father looked like but he said, in their world they couldn’t see faces.
    People have no faces.
    It’s dark.
    And wouldn’t want to talk about it.
    He told me that not everything I should know.

    To be continued…

  219. Shut Up says:

    For the days that followed after he complained about his skin, he said he needed to to go the beach
    I asked him if the itchiness will go away if he bathes in the ocean and he told me it helps.

    I was thinking during Jesus’ time , people were baptized or immensed in the ocean as a sign of spiritual purification.

    That answers my question as to why everytime he feels sick he wants to go swimming in the ocean or in the pool at their house.

    He complained one more time about his skin and that he said he smelled like gasoline and his skin this time it’s like covered in oil. and he felt like he has burnt skin this time.

    I told him maybe because he was cremated.
    But we don’t really know for sure why.

    Then again he was gone for a few days to go swimming .

    Either he’d disappear because he wanted to go swimming or wanted to go to the “market”.

    It was this time I already found out what a “market” was.

    He told me it is a place where , they could pray or have a good time.

    Drugs and Sex were being offered for free..

    Voluptous Women with no clothes on offer them sex and a good time.

    He said he just took a short glance and start to pray each time because he knew it was deliberate so that those who are like him will forget to pray.

    My Bf when he was alive had a really pure and good heart and it was that time that I realize his being a good person when he was alive reflected when he passed.

    I asked him if he has seen God,
    And he told me, nobody has seen God
    But you can always feel his presence and voice.

    I asked him what God told him
    He said He could hear him say ” Do not be afraid, I am here”

    Those were his exact words..

    I m having second thoughts already if I should still continue telling my story..
    Because i was warned by him never to tell anyone.
    Although I maintain anonymous..
    I’m already having second thoughts while typing this..


  220. Jessie says:

    Do you think that maybe he come to her as Mary (Lucifer) since to her religion his super holy. Do you think he lied to her about staying possessed to help the damned. Bc I believe God/Jesus can be duplicated by Lucifer so next best thing. Do I believe she was possessed? Absolutely. Do I believe medicine would have helped? No. I believe she was tricked and when she said she’d stay to save the damned I think God took her home bc that’s not her job. Not in that extreme. I don’t know just throwing it out there.

    • Esther says:

      I always believe Michel was a deceived girl. She can be the most sincere and devout Catholic but she is sincerely and devoutly wrong. Her belief system was wrong, her religion was wrong. Religion does not save anyone, in fact, religious people in Israel were CONDEMNED by Jesus for their hypocrisy and sin. Look at the Bible and highlight a single example when God allowed His child to be possessed and tortured to the point of death in order to save people from sin. Yes, I mean both POSSESSED and TORTURED. You will find absolutely ZERO example of such a situation. Jesus, the holy and living Son of God was NEVER possessed, He saved the possessed and drove OUT demons, and He is the ONLY one who was tortured and abused and died on the Cross as an atonement for sin. No other men of God ever encountered such things, let alone a woman.

      So after thousands of years, why would Michel be chosen to die such a horrible death, having no control over herself and be subjected to manipulation of the demons, JUST to atone for sins? This case of Michel is a blatant lie, a demonic mockery of Jesus’ holy and unique sacrifice on the Cross. This is an insidious and demonic plan to deceive Catholics and the world on what the atonement of Jesus Christ really means and to plant more lies into Catholicism which already believes in lies about Mary, angels and saints. No doubt powerful demons were involved in the possession of Michel, but this whole possession-atonement is a sham by Satan and his minions. If you believe all this is the work of God, you are insulting the name of God and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, because Jesus is the ONLY atonement according to biblical revelation.

      • SUE says:

        Can I just say, Catholics DO NOT pray to Mary asking her for help or guidance or to answer our prayers, We Only pray to God for that. Catholics pray to Mary Asking Her To Pray for US. Not pray to her so she can answer our prayers but, asking her to pray to God for US. It is very different. Catholics do not worship Mary or the angels or saints, We only worship 1 God in three persons. Father, The Son & The Holy spirit. But Catholics pray to Mary & angels & saints asking to pray to God for us because we know they are already in heaven so we ask them to basically put a word in. I am A Catholic But I personally do not pray to Angels, Saints or Mary asking them to pray for me. I have always felt better just praying direct to God but I’m just saying there’s nothing wrong with Asking Mary to pray for you either.

  221. Jessie says:

    I meant can’t be duplicated*

  222. Rose says:

    As soon as you mentioned Ed and Lorraine Warren, all your credibility went down the toilet.

  223. Shut Up says:

    Dear Admin,

    I would like to request for the removal of my posts . I hope you will grant my requests thank you so much

    • Curious says:

      Dear “shut up” ,

      Why would you ask the admin to remove your posts, I mean, what is wrong? Moreover, you showed us an other side of this life and I would love to keep in touch with you, if that`s possible.

    • azeemgani says:

      Can i have your full story ,
      It’s so interesting you show us another side of life please continue this

  224. aditi chaturvedi says:

    as for my side way anneliese was a very strong and loveing child and to the grace of good she will be save in heaven ,as this profe we do are surrounted by devil and god thanks to the court justice

  225. Xoz says:

    In islam we believe that the demons(Shiyateen) are the best of liars. So do not be fooled when they act like they are being tormented when they see the cross or any other christian holy sympole.
    Dont forget they are here to cause mankind to sin, and the greatest sin in the sight of God in both islam and Judaism is idol worship(polytheism). Invoking Jesus (peace be upon him) and Mary(peace be upon her) in prayer is indeed one of the greatest sin you could accomplish.

    This being said. Remember the story about Moses(pbuh) when he went to mount Sinai, his people created a statue of a calf to worship in his absence. The Quran dictates the story as such.

    Sura 30:88 “So he brought forth for them [the statue of] a calf, a (mere) body, which had a mooing sound, so they said: This is your god and the god of Moses, but he forgot.”

    The demons possessed the statue and made it appear as if the statue made a mooing sound, which would deceive some into believing that the statue was of divine origin. Hence, leading them to commit the worst sin.

    And to those of my muslim brothers and sisters who read this comment. Dont forget Allah told us in his book Sura 3:175 “That is only Satan who frightens [you] of his supporters. So fear them not, but fear Me, if you are [indeed] believers.”..

    May Allah the most high protect us from the evil ones among the Djinn and mankind.

  226. Phr. Khan says:

    Can You send me all the audio/Video tapes in mp3 format on my account “”

  227. Ushna says:

    Reblogged this on ushnashoaib.

  228. therose202 says:

    I’m agnostic, but this article creeps me out to the max. Anyone denying that there’s something truly fucked going on here is mad, especially once you do individual research into the case. Super creepy.

  229. therose202 says:

    This article creeps me out to the max, man. I’m not religious. I’m agnostic. But holy crap if this stuff ia true it is definitely chilling.

  230. Well reading the story and watching the movie based on her life, i think that experience would really had been hard for such a family or any other family. Humans are sent with a soul and no soul wants to leave this world as it charms them a lot. This world is more attractive than any other thing. People won’t hurt themselves until they have given up every hope. Annelliese seemed to me a very beautiful girl. May be she was possessed or i don’t know. I have myself encountered many situations which made me think that spirits do exist. At first i used to tell myself that i’m hallucinating, but then i began trusting them. Its like if their is positive charge then to balance it their has to be a negative charge too, if their is light their is darkness too, if their is GOD their is DEMON too. All the religious books in the world attest to the existence of god, so their is a demon too. The thing is who you trust more. If we think about spirits only then a slight movement in a curtain can seem disturbing. I want to share one experience here. During sleep i used to see a dream in which i used to walk down the stairs and somehow i miss one of the stairs and falls down. Surprisingly, i felt those jerks in reality too and wake up out of that. It was like someone has pushed me. I’m sure many other people might have experienced this too, i’m not alone in this case. But what my grandparents used to say is that you must be sleeping in a way where your feet were facing some holy book or you haven’t performed ablution properly or you haven’t prayed to god before sleeping blah blah blah and some good spirit wakes you up to rectify it before sleeping. That was the most weirdest thing i have heard. But then i myself remained cautious about these things and watched my feet before sleeping, prayed too, performed ablution properly etc and now seriously saying that i hardly woke out of a jerk anymore. Not every story is fake or fictitious. Their are billions of people in this world who have different stories. Annellieses was a bit too much. May her soul rests in peace.

  231. mathew says:

    i don’t know what ide do if it were me.

  232. Abbie says:

    Thank you for writing this in depth dissertation on the topic.of exorcism within the Roman Catholic Church and the tragedy of what occured with this young woman, may she RIP in peace

  233. Manish Singh says:

    I’d hv never come to know about this until i watchd inspirex by this beatiful n jovial girl Anneliese Michel or hollywood’s Amily Rose..whts so ever thnks to hollywood tht brought this story to us….
    Really a heart delting fact story of this russian girl..i’d like to visit her place n wan to know about her more…feel sorry for her fmily n frndzz
    #em wid u..

  234. rajat says:

    The god is everywhere. He was still watching her condition gives by those demons…..
    Im feeling too bad for her and i really want to meet his girl bcoz I feels love for her when i saw her…. She is really cute., lovely and sweet natured also i knw very well these things about her..

  235. christie says:

    Are they really demons, who made such inhuman and alien voices? And also why they had entered inside Anneliese who was such a religious girl?

  236. Aggie says:


    I have appreciated and enjoyed your discourse and responses. You seem well-grounded, both in your faith and in your reasoning, your “humanness” if you will. I have a question that has been floating in my brain for a while, and I’d like to hear your thoughts. It has to do with possession…

    The very word automatically conjures up images of Satan, demons and evil. Possession is almost always spoken of as originating from Satan. But could the opposite also be true?

    I find it an interesting question, one for which I don’t have an answer, and I’m curious about how this is all viewed. I mean, we like to see the world in black-and-white. If it isn’t good, then it must be evil. If you aren’t “godly” then you must be “ungodly” (a word that carries it own connotations of evil and wickedness).

    But I don’t see things as cut-and-dried. I’m not godly, nor am I ungodly. I’m agnostic, meaning I don’t know, and I don’t believe that anyone can truly know. I respect all faiths and all religions, and encourage those who have faith. I’m in awe at the power of belief, especially when I see what it can do to the devout (or inspire the devout to do).

    And, I prefer to view things from all viewpoints, not just black-and-white.

    So I’m looking at this from the point of view of an outsider, trying to see all sides; the godly and the ungodly, and anything that may lie in between. And the question seems simple; why is “possession” almost always thought of as emanating from an evil source?

    (Note: I’m not picking on Catholicism or Christianity here. Demonic possession seems to be inextricably linked to Christian religion, and I’m so using Christian examples to illustrate my point.)

    Consider people like Joan of Arc, or Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes, or the levitating St. Joseph of Cupertino. Indeed Christian history is full of people who had visions, or managed inhuman achievements or any number of other manifestations and miracles. Who possessed them? If these things had happened to unbelievers or atheists, or heretics such as Muslims or Buddhists (I’m being facetious here), people would immediately call it demonic. But since it happened to the Christian devout, it’s automatically a miracle. Why is that?

    Consider the amazing “Holy Stigmata”, where wounds spontaneously appear. If the wounds mimic those of the crucifixion of Jesus, or if they happen to so-called “holy” people, or those who are devout in the Christian faith, they’re considered godly, spiritual, righteous. But if not, they are considered demonic in nature. Why?

    When speaking of Irving Houle or Heather Woods, just two of many modern day Christians who have manifested stigmata wounds on their hands and feet, we don’t dare use the term “possessed”. Why not? Could they not be just as possessed as Anneliese Michel, but with a “good” entity instead of an “evil” one?

    Of course this opens up a whole new gray area. Consider the Christian terrorists: fanatics who do what most consider horrendous acts in the name of their god; people like David Koresh of the Branch Davidians, or Jim Jones of Jonestown, or Randy Weaver of the Ruby Ridge incident. There is Frank Silva Roque, Jim David Adkisson, Wade Michael Page (who murdered worshippers at a Sikh temple, all in the name of the Christian god) and so many more, all of whom were, by most standards, absolutely mad (as in unhinged), yet thought they were doing their god’s work.

    Or, go back into history, and consider some of the massive killings that have occurred. Hitler’s unspeakably horrendous evil was considered to have been inspired by Satan, but he believed he was inspired by the Christian god. And what about Tomás de Torquemada, first fanatic leader of the infamous Spanish Inquisition? Thousands upon thousands were tortured and killed, all in the name of the Christian god, by that same god’s priests, adherents who believed that they were doing their god’s sacred work. Or Pope Innocent VIII who initiated the infamously brutal witch trials of the late 15th century.

    In the modern vernacular, we might lightly ask, “What possessed them?” But I’m asking the question in all sincerity. What indeed did possess them?

    Christians have a term: “filled with the Spirit”, a condition lifted directly from a number of references in the Bible where people have been, in my terms, possessed, by an entity. (See: Exodus 35:31, Acts 9:17, Acts 7:55, Acts 2:4, Micah 3:8, to mention a few.)

    To me, an outsider, that’s the very definition of possession!

    So for the sake of argument, let’s say that one can be possessed by “the spirit” (good) or by a “demon” (evil). If one is possessed, and does something heinous, then that possession is obviously evil. Likewise, if one is possessed and does something good, then that one must be “filled with the spirit”. But who decides whether the deeds they do while “possessed” are good or evil? Is there be no gray area?

    Robert Doggart, a Christian minister and candidate for Congress, concocted a plan to burn down a Muslim temple. Arrested on April 10, 2015, he claims that he was “filled with the Spirit” and was determined to give his life if necessary to prove his “commitment to God”.

    What possessed him?

    Pope Urban II called for armies of Christian knights to ride to the Holy Land and “free” Jerusalem from the “ungodly” Muslims in the 11th century. He even instructed them to kill as many Muslims as possible, promising them that if they went on Crusade, all of their sins would be automatically forgiven, and they would be guaranteed a place in heaven.

    What possessed him?

    I could go on, but I think you understand my point.

    Who decided what actions are good and what are evil? Those decisions are based on individual morality, stemming from beliefs, faith and even conjecture. Abortion of a unborn fetus is considered murder by some, salvation by others. What is evil to one is good to another, depending on what and how they believe.

    So who determines if one is “possessed by a demon” or “filled with the spirit”? And what lies between those two extremes?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts (and anyone else’s too!).

  237. i cant hear the audio

  238. Candie says:

    Thank you for this amazing article LVCIFER, it was an excellent read! I truly believe in all of it. I cannot fathom ever going through what Anneliese went through. Demonic possession has got to be the most torturous way to die…and those that make it through…God Bless You All with my whole heart!

    If anyone would like to leave Anneliese some virtual flowers and/or a note, go to this site:

    I don’t think you need an account to do it but I don’t remember for sure. I made my account over a year ago but my short term memory doesn’t work anymore and I consider a year as still short.

  239. elmar escala philippines tacloban city says:

    demons was created by the Almighty God..

  240. Princess Oleka says:

    Till now, I thought “The exorcism of Emily Rose” was just a script written & shot as a movie. I never new it was a true life story. Infact I just came online to see if I could download it since I couldn’t get it in d market all these years.

    Honestly am shocked to d marrow. To imagine a young lady go through such pain & torment is something unthinkable and NO ONE can ever wish for, no matter how religious u are.

    This is not an article to argue on. All I can say as a Christian is GOD HELP US…

    Then to ask d writter, d bible says satan (lucifer) and his agent wil reign over d earth after rapture; after which Christ will come back & cast satan & his agents to hell everlasting (though I stand to be corrected in my quotation). So now u wrote dat lucifer aswered it was leaving her body to hell. Does it me it & d danmed has been cast to hell ALREADY? (2) At wat age did d torment start; how many years or months; has she been buried? (3) Will she go to hell if u say some demons still remained in her even till death. (4) Will she be made a Saint by d Catholics or in d Catholic church?

  241. Princess O.C says:



    Till now, I thought “The exorcism of Emily Rose” was just a script written & shot as a movie. I never new it was a true life story. Infact I just came online to see if I could download it since I couldn’t get it in d market all these years.

    Honestly am shocked to d marrow. To imagine a young lady go through such pain & torment is something unthinkable and NO ONE can ever wish for, no matter how religious u are.

    This is not an article to argue on. All I can say as a Christian is GOD HELP US…

    Then to ask d writter, d bible says satan (lucifer) and his agent wil reign over d earth after rapture; after which Christ will come back & cast satan & his agents to hell everlasting (though I stand to be corrected in my quotation). So now u wrote dat lucifer aswered it was leaving her body to hell. Does it me it & d danmed has been cast to hell ALREADY? (2) At wat age did d torment start; how many years or months; has she been buried? (3) Will she go to hell if u say some demons still remained in her even till death. (4) Will she be made a Saint by d Catholics or in d Catholic church?

  242. […] exposed to the possibility of vehicular doors; and if received a thorough religious education like Annelies Michel or Clara Germana Cele, then not only do you believe in vehicular doors, but a large portion of your […]

  243. Leah Knox says:

    I think all the bickering is ridiculous. Believe how you want to believe. I don’t hate on anyone for not believing Jesus died for my sins and arose 3 days later. Love each other. Meaness and bickering is uncalled for. This poor young lady was tormemented. End of story. Draw your own conclusions. Stop being mean.

  244. Unknown says:

    Demons are true angel Doe’s exist. But on that case of attacks in Anneliese there only one meaning to it that the demons on her body want to know their existence to the human world I adopt that Anneliese attack was only a trial to their works. A sign of their existence to us. Human who been or unwanted by heaven for the crimes when theirs still alive in the living. Now that their death consumed by darkness they now want to make a put were the living walk that they want them to suffer more extremely than they. By act of possession.

  245. Shivam says:

    I can’t believe people actually believe in all that shit….obviously emily was a victim of some rare mental problem…she should have been diagnosed …instead her foolish parents believed in exorcism…really good thing that they were found guilty..

    • LVCIFER says:

      She actually was evaluated by numerous psychologists, as well as prescribed a laundry list of medications. The amount of doctors she went to was staggering. Not mentioning this for any particular reason, just setting the record straight, because the misconception is that Annaliese wasn’t diagnosed. She was, numerous times, that’s all I’m pointing out.

      • R. Alt says:

        the author doesnt even have correct spelling of names, titles, facts.

        this girl had adrenal crisis symptoms that were made worse because instead of testing vitamins and all that they gave her pills that made a physical treatable condition worse.
        yep im an Alt and he should still be in prison. He was a pastor not a father priest.

  246. JFK says:

    Thanks for keeping focus on such important subjects. The only way to fight evil is to remain good. That’s why it is so difficult. The harder you try, the more aggressive they come at you. Keep on fighting!

    • Caitlin says:

      I think it was amazing how Anneliese stood for what she believed in right unto the end. I wonder if it might have been Jesus that she saw and just thought that it was Mary.

  247. NikiW says:

    This was an interesting read. The title was a bit misleading as a “case history” is most often a telling of facts without the entwines of opinion and religious undertones. Annelise Michel was a disturbed young woman who suffered, ultimately, at the hands of people who gave up trying to find a medical cause for her condition and relied on a supernatural explanation. Unfortunately, like other tragic stories of the past, the limited knowledge we possessed in the 70s contributed to the inability to help this young woman.

    While there are many people who will read this and believe it to be a demonic possession, I would have to urge them to remember not knowing doesn’t equate to a supernatural answer. It simply means we don’t know.

  248. Wow. Very interesting.

  249. I will not say my name says:

    Totally creeped me out.

  250. Julia says:

    Anyone who says suffering or Crosses is not in the Bible has not really read the Bible.

    In the letters of Saint Paul he says we have to offer sacrifice and do penance to make up for what is lacking in the Mystical Body of Christ. That being the Church founded by Jesus Christ and we the people make up the Mystical Body of Christ.

    Penance and self sacrifice ( like giving up something we like) is a way of accepting the Cross of suffering to atone for our own sins or the sins of others.

    If some of us sin, we have failed Jesus Christ, and someone like the sinner or a victim soul has to atone and make reparation for the damage done to the Mystical body of Christ.

  251. […] the details differ, it’s still a remarkable story, which you can discover more about on the blog Diabolical Confusions [2] or in this book: The Exorcism of Anneliese […]

  252. […] the details differ, it’s still a remarkable story, which you can discover more about on the blog Diabolical Confusions [2] or in this book: The Exorcism of Anneliese […]

  253. Mark says:

    By mean of saving a thousands souls, is to unmask the real face of the devil, knowing its ugliness and torments, so people may be aware the same fate they suffer. The choice of serving or not to serve God.

  254. SUE says:

    I am confused as to why the Priest was demanding the demon to Worship Mary. He was wrong in doing so. Catholics DO NOT worship Mary they worship 1 God in 3 persons Father, Son & Holy Spirit. All glory & worship goes to Him, Mary is The Mother of Jesus. Jesus was both full Man & full God, hence why Catholics call Mary Mother Of God, we respect & honor Mary & pray to her asking her to pray for us. I don’t get why the Priest ordered the demon to worship Mary. R.I.P Anneliese there will be no more suffering in Heaven x

  255. CL heyes says:

    If this child had not been brainwashed from birth with silly stories about demons & gods she wouldn’t have mentioned them in her sick delirium. The moment she be gain having mental problems at puberty she should have been under constant professional medical care, and this is exactly what a court of Justice determined. Everyone involved in preventing her hospitalization was criminally negligent to the point of killing her. No one can be allowed to let the mentally & physically ill die when there is every opportunity for modern medical care available to them. Religious delusion cannot be allowed as an excuse to murder sick people.

    • Isaac Lynn says:

      I agree, I dont understand how any mentally sane person who has read all of the FACTS about what happened could think that anything other than the torture of a very ill girl was carried out by religious fanatics. This article perpurtrates a very dangerous ideal that when someone is sick all that is need is religuous intervention. She needed proper medical care not religon backed torture.

  256. R. Alt says:

    Ive been doing research on the brain and how adrenal problems can cause people psycological effects and or sensativity to the paranormal.

    i believe the priests and Doctors didnt evaluate her properly when she got her beginning symptoms.

    in my opinion fromreading your synopsis and others that her body started suffering an imbalance of nutrients and it left herself suseptable to the paranormal.

    And to my knowlege Father Alt was a pastor, not a father, which is a catholic priest. But pehaps adrenal problems are a curse and entirely spiritual. However in my experience and research if adrenal problems dont get treated a lot of symptoms like Annelise happens to a lot and these people are called scitzophrenic and nuts and are put on heavy medication to treat adrenal problems causing, seziures, slurred or no speach, extreme dizziness, inability to stand, feeling of evil nearby, fear of the dark, fear of heights. the gear center of the brain, the hypocampus has been affected. Delusions or false imagry is always possible with losing proper homeostasis.

    In my opinion the parties involved got less than they deserved. And her Doctor should have been severely punished. Never perform a Christian exorsism on an unhealthy weak person. that is why if there was any they couldnt and didnt have to leave.

  257. rest in peace says:

    I believe that 6 months was too low of a sentence for the preists, they should have spent the rest of their lives in prison for killing (indirectly or not) this poor girl who’s beliefs in religion poisoned her mind.

  258. nasir says:

    Dear friends,
    Quran clearly tell us about satan that he is enemy of people. Actually Demons evil spirits satan are equal. and in Muslims they use the word is Jinn for demons or evil spirits who made with fire. Quran helpful for Muslims and even for non Muslims in the matter of possession.
    Please read my blog in this matter.

  259. Ryanne says:

    I honestly cannot understand why everyone insists on arguing over their differing views… I’m Wiccan, and even though people make rude jokes about witchcraft, or call Wicca a cult, or mistake my amulet as a satanic symbol, I dont argue or yell at people. I just explain to them the parts that they dont understand. But I don’t ask them or expect them to believe exactly as I do. And I’ll always respect what someone else believes…

  260. […] me in movies but not in this one. Even though it was based loosely upon the true story of poor Anneliese Michel, a German Catholic girl who believed that she was possessed, Emily Rose was a character who made […]

  261. Jackie Lon says:

    Can someone explain to me why the priests told the demons to “worship” Mary? That is not the teaching of the Catholic Church. And it makes me very skeptical of this whole article and its intentions. I am a devout Catholic so I should be sold on this. The only explanation I can conjure up to defend such language is that the exorcisms were done in German. And perhaps their word for “hyper-dulia” (veneration proper to Mary) would be translated as worship in English. Also I find it odd that the demons spouted phrases that I only hear from hyper Latin-Traditionalists or Sedevecantist… WHAT IS THE ACTUAL AGENDA HERE? Because I’m wondering if this is a fire and brimstone attempt by schismatics to scare people into thinking the Novos Ordo is heretical. I would just like to clarify I love the Latin Mass as well as the Novos Ordo… but this whole article has some serious theological hang ups.

  262. George says:

    You didn’t had any articles in a while.

  263. Raquel says:

    I really want to use some of the material in this article but I am in dire need of some way to source this. I need a name so bad.

  264. S says:

    In Hinduism we believe that the Supreme (God) created this cosmos and created the dualities of good and evil (which are two sides of the same coin). The goal of every soul is to overcome evil, not fall into its trap of “kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya” (lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego/pride, envy/jealousy) and be in constant God communion through spiritual yogic practices in order to attain “moksha” (liberation from the cycle of birth and death) by which one perceives the cosmos, however it may appear to one – beautiful or ugly/distorted as nothing but the various forms of the ONE Supreme (G-O-D stand for generator, operator, destructor)
    “Maya” or the great illusion or the duality of nature also acts as a constant veil between the Absolute Truth and falsehood and impedes progress towards liberation.

    Even today there are many saints in India who exhibit extraordinary powers. There is a Saint who throws himself into fire and yet remains unscathed and very much alive and well. There are many who absolutely do not require food or water and some don’t even require oxygen for survival. Many who meditate in extreme Himalayan cold temperatures naked or meditate underwater for years and years! They can fly, walk on water, levitate and can read or change your thoughts, make themselves invisible and can even immobilise a person if they want to! They have acquired power over one or more of the cosmic elements : air, water, fire, earth, ether. If interested, please see link below:

    There have been eye witness accounts of devotees being instantaneously cured of their extreme chronic illnesses just by coming in contact with a Saint of a high order in cases where these Saints are directed by the Supreme to absolve their devotees of their sins by taking these sins onto themselves! But the difference is that they use their powers only for good. Whereas the same powers are used by almost equally powerful evil beings for harming, tormenting and causing large scale death and destruction. If interested, please see links below :

    The battle between good and evil is happening time and time again. Even though God or Supreme has created both good and evil, it is God’s mission to fight evil. Gurus, Saints and the good souls are on God’s side. Whereas “mantriks” (subtle sorcerers – some EXTREMELY powerful ones who exist in the deepest recesses of hell and have the power to give rise to tsunamis, earthquakes, world wars by spreading enormous amounts of negative energy with their evil powers), and negative souls are on the evil side.
    But as per Hindu scripts and epics, many of which are more than 10000 years old say that the law of “karma” (law of cause n effect – whatever you sow, shall you reap) applies to each and every soul without ANY exception and ultimately good always wins over evil and “Dharma” (righteousness) is restored. If interested please see the links below :

    Here is the link to the home page if interested :

  265. Frankie says:

    This poor woman was severely ill. She needed doctors, not priests. These people killed her. She didn’t die for her religion, she died because of it. Y’all are some religious nutjobs.

  266. Olivia Winne says:

    I loved the movie it was very scary I can’t imagine that happening to me or someone I know that is a serious thing

  267. Mannat says:

    This is a really powerful documentary , I learnt alot through this , hats off to the writer who worked so hard in collection and analysis of this case study . Ah I just wish I’d seen it in daylight rather than at 3 : am at night . Anyways Amen.

  268. lamisa choudhury says:

    i dont understand one thing abt so called religious people,pls someone enlight me on this,in every religion it says no relationship except marriage,then why christians and also other religion people they say they are religious,then why they have bf,like this girl she was religious,so why she had a bf? i dont get it,i feel so confused bcs its also a sin in christianity.

  269. Mara says:

    Hello. I read through your article and laud the effort put in to set Anneliese’s story straight. There are some parts that I did not understand, however.

    When it was mentioned that Anneliese could choose to suffer for the salvation of many souls that would otherwise be damned, which souls are being referred to?

    Why must Anneliese, a religious person, suffer for the sins of these other souls?

    If your answer is that “souls” refer to the rest of humanity, why then would it a higher power state that humanity is already damned?

    Does it imply that punishment must be meted out for a sin, regardless of who is on the receiving end?

    Does it therefore imply that a higher power would have one beloved creation suffer at the hands of damned creatures?

    Is it even possible for damned human souls to become powerful enough to cross over onto the human plane of existence to torment?

    Thank you for taking your time to read them.

  270. Mara says:

    Hello. I’ve read your article and noticed that you feel very strongly about the portrayal of Anneliese’s case, and seem to be quite religious.

    Why, then, is your online pseudonym “LVCIFER”? There is no dearth of holy or pure names that you could have picked, so why take on a damned one?

    I have nothing against your faith and beliefs; it’s just that I cannot honestly understand if the article was written just for a blog on the supernatural, or if you genuinely felt the need to recognise Anneliese Michel’s agony.

  271. […] Anneliese was born to a German family in 1952 and was raised up in a very strict, Catholic home. However, despite her being a seemingly perfect, young, Catholic girl, she had her first episode at the age of 16. By the time she was 23-years-of-age and in school in Klingenberg, her family believed that she was possessed by sex demonic spirits.  […]

  272. Nick says:

    You are so full of shit, it’s not even funny. Whether or not one believes in demonic possession, the parents had a duty to ensure that this poor girl got appropriate medical care, including forced nutrition, since she was unable to fend for herself. They failed. She died because of their negligence.

  273. “this is possible, to use the assistance of a demonic entity to actually relieve ailments caused by demonic oppression.”

    You say that as if it’s a verifiable fact. It’s not. Know why? Because demons, angels, devils, ghosts & other paranormal entities are not real. They are a product of ancient fairytales, mental delusions & Hollywood movies. These beliefs are not harmless either. They are responsible for the continued stigmatization of the mentally ill & actually endanger lives by promoting exorcisms & reinforcing hyper-religious hallucinations, which are a common symptom of Bipolar Disorder & schizophrenia.

    Anneliese Michel had temporal lobe epilepsy, which can cause psychosis and other changes in personality. Her symptoms were no more caused by demons than heart disease or lupus. She was tortured & killed not by demons but by her own family & religious clergy. She was beaten, starved & deprived of water until she weighed only 68 lbs at death. There is nothing morally good or “Christian” about that.

    In Texas, a father believed that his infant daughter was possessed by the devil, causing him to bash her head in with a hammer, rape her & bite her all over her body & face. He & his wife were caught on camera at a pawn shop, looking for “exorcism tools” after the killing. His name is Blaine Milam and he’s currently on death row awaiting execution.

    So you see, the belief in demons and other evil spirits is NOT harmless. In addition to being ridiculously stupid, it endangers the lives of the innocent who cannot defend themselves against their so-called loved ones who are stuck in Dark Age thinking.

  274. John Smith says:

    Omg please get help.