“Mirror, mirror, on the wall….” – The fear of mirrors (Eisoptrophobia) and their role in superstition and magic.

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Image courtesy of luna-8.deviantart.com

Image courtesy of luna-8.deviantart.com

Recently, I had been updating some information in the “About Your Author” section, and some random topics came up, which included the fact that I have a paranoia of being around mirrors. I say “paranoia” because it is not the same as a phobia. I do not have the same symptoms which are revealed when a person has a phobia. I don’t suffer from paralyzing fear or panic attacks when being near a reflective surface, but I do however, have an extreme discomfort due to the fact that I know that on the other side of the glass, there is something not of this world watching me. So, for starters, I am going to define and explain what a phobia of mirrors actually is, and what symptoms and troubles it presents. Then, I will go into detail about my own experiences. Overall, this is a circumstance that affects thousands of people every year on a constant basis. It is not something to joke about, nor is any phobia, because to the person experiencing these things, it is absolute terror and a constant hindrance in finding any peace within life. Some may crack jokes, or tease people who suffer from these conditions, so all I ask is that like all of my articles, you read seriously and approach the topic with an open mind. Obviously, I have some beliefs that are completely out there and not many people would share these opinions. I can respect that, and only ask that the severity of these topics be addressed with that same respect. So, with that being said, let’s embark on this intellectual journey.

Eisoptrophobia: An abnormal and persistent fear of mirrors. Sufferers experience undue anxiety even though they realize their fear is irrational. Because their fear often is grounded in superstitions, they may worry that breaking a mirror will bring bad luck or that looking into a mirror will put them in contact with a supernatural world inside the glass.

Now, that may sound or seem absurd to you, but imagine going throughout life without being able to ever glance into a reflective surface. That means that you would never be able to check yourself out before leaving the house to see if you look alright, or you would never be able to drive a vehicle because you rely on mirrors to see. It also means that you would have to dish out top dollar for any electronic devices you own such as a television, a computer monitor or laptop display, or even cellular phones, because you would have to get anti-reflective coating applied to all of these things. You would never be able to look at a clock, or into a picture frame, or even window at night, because in each of these instances, a reflection will occur. Now, I only gave a brief idea of the few every day items a person encounters without really taking into affect the impact these items may have on someone with Eisoptrophobia. There are countless items out there that would, could, and do cause people afflicted with this phobia amazing amounts of strife on an every day basis.

And that doesn’t even consider the supernatural aspects of these surfaces.


Above, I mentioned the very basics of Eisoptrophobia, but now, I will go more in depth about the uses that mirrors have had throughout the world of the supernatural. Most dominantly, mirrors have been used by witches, warlocks, and the practitioners of magick for many, many centuries. Mirrors date back to the times of the caveman, when they were made out of volcanic rock known as obsidian. And even then, these items were treasures that only the most esteemed villagers had. From the advent of mirrors in general, practitioners or magick have used in a technique called “scrying”, which is a practice which enables the individual to physically see things in a medium, in this case, the mirror. Scrying has been used for obtaining spiritual visions mainly, and fortune-telling. Occasionally, this process is also used for divination, and in many cases, it is used as a “window” to contact demons in order to obtain information from them and to obtain their services or assistance for a particular matter. While mirrors are most preferred in these rituals, other surfaces such as crystals, reflective stones, plain glass, water over a reflective or dark surface, and even fire and smoke are also used in scrying.

Now, each culture is different, and this is no shock. There is a very simple belief that most theologians share when it comes to supernatural entities left on this earth. I am familiar with these beliefs due to my studies of exorcists and demonic possession. Basically, the theologians believe that in this lifetime, if you are a generally good person and do good during that time, your essence or soul will be placed immediately in Heaven upon the expiration of your physical body. If you are a particularly bad person who uses their time to commit negativity, or even if you just simply don’t want to be forgiven, then your essence or soul will go immediately to Hell once the physical body expires. All those in between who were both good and bad during their time will go to Purgatory, because they didn’t commit or engage in enough good or selfless acts before they died or refused a life of the sacramentals. SO, using that theory and mentality, the way the Roman Catholic Church feels about the topic is that since Lucifer and all of his rebelling angels were banished to earth (not hell, as many believe) then any supernatural or paranormal presence which affects this world/realm is strictly that of the devil or his minions. Anyone who engages in magick, period, is enlisting the services of the devil because there is no such thing as good, or “white” magick, because all magick calls for the intervention of supernatural forces or entities, which are in essence, evil because they are the only ones in this realm which have the power to affect the physical world or perform “miracles“. These actions are strictly temporary, and are most usually considered illusions.

Still with me?

Back to the topic of each culture being different, some cultures think that scrying will put you in touch with god, gods, devils, demons, loved ones who have pass on, ancient people, so on and so forth. Above, I described the Roman Catholic point of view, but there are also Wiccans and Satanists who use these practices quite frequently. Even Walt Disney may have may these practices somewhat acceptable, due to his child’s cartoon “Sleeping Beauty”. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?“. Yes, that was said by the main villain of the movie, who happened to be… yep! You guessed it! A witch. Some people throughout history who you may have heard of were also “scryers“. In fact, the most famous “scryer” in history was Nostradamus. He used a technique that involved a bowl full of water or a “magic mirror” to see into the future so that he would record his ‘predictions‘. He used a method where he placed himself into a self-induced trance before conducting the method of scrying, in which he opened himself up to many other possibilities during the process. And we all know how that turned out. Apparently, as of this writing, we have little over a year and a half to live until 12/21/2012. Good luck.

And just a quick reference, in modern culture, scrying is also still very much alive. For example, a recent movie which incorporated this was “The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring“. When Frodo is with Galadriel in Lorien, and she has him look into the ‘mirror’ of water over a reflective silver surface, guess what? That was a form of scrying.

Another superstitious aspect of mirrors is that it is said that mirrors simply cannot lie. So if you see something in a reflection that should not be there, or is not there, then that is supposedly an extremely bad omen. And speaking of omens, there is an urban housewives tale that claims children should avoid seeing their own reflection until their first birthday. The reason for this is because mirrors, and eventually later, photographic cameras, display and capture the soul. And since the newborn infant child is still new to the world, that child’s soul, like it’s body, is still in a process of development. The legend states that if that child sees it’s own reflection, it will die a sudden death.

There are also certain creatures that are prevalent in ancient cultures in which the best possible description of them is “mirror demons“, or “mirror walkers“. They ‘travel‘ by going from one mirror to another, to another, and then affecting the world around those mirrors, sometimes even the people as well. I wish I could say more about these entities, but there is simply not very much known on the topic. If I happen to find more, I will update this post.

Yet another famous superstition is that it is not only bad luck, but it could potentially be catastrophic to have two mirrors facing each other.

Some Buddhists believe that evil or wicked spirits will enter a home particularly if the roof is shaped in the form of a 3 pointed triangle. To combat this, they suggest putting a small, circular mirror near the front door inside your home. That will supposedly be enough to prevent the negative entities from entering.

Now that we have successfully gone through the methods of scrying, let’s talk about yet another practice of the supernatural that involves mirrors. This technique is called Psychomanteum. This is the practice of setting up a room of mirrors specifically for the purpose of contacting the spirit realm. Just two paragraphs above this one, I have mentioned how it could be a very bad idea to have two mirrors facing one another. Well, this technique completely abolishes that theory, because as far as it is concerned, this is simply what needs to be done to successfully use this practice.

This is where shit gets bad, people. One famous technique of psychomanteum involves taking blood and pouring it into a small pool or puddle, usually in a concaved object. Then, once the blood settles and levels, and all surface blemishes are gone such as bubbles or even foam, practitioners will use that as the “mirror” to contact the spirit realm. This personally, is some bad shit. While some people obviously use water, there is no ‘good‘ way to obtain blood. Even if its from an animal, guess what? That animal has to die. However, when using blood, there are two methods that have supposedly garnered noteworthy successful ratios: the blood of a virgin, or even your own blood. These are obviously from human beings. While we all know that it is possible to lose a large amount of blood and still live, you would STILL need a small pool to be able to ensure that the medium used is correctly situated and set up properly to contain that blood as a reflective, even surface. But, this is supposedly an extremely successful method, as I mentioned above, and the rate of completion allegedly skyrockets when this method is used.

These rooms are set up in such a way that they are completely designed to work off of your own psychological affects, one of those being that you can actually easily put yourself in a form of trance without any assistance from an other person. The reason that the lights are dimmed is because this is supposed to represent a mild form of sensory deprivation, which makes it easier to engage in a trance affect. Another method involved would include a candle to provide mental stimulation by utilizing moving, indirect light. This provides a way to see undifferentiated color without the view of a horizon, which results in a form of momentarily ‘blindness‘. This is also known as the ‘Ganzfeld Effect’. The result of using candle light above is used because it also assists in causing hallucinations, and in combination with the indeterminate depth or darkness which the mirror reflects, it assists in reducing your ability to remain alert and aware. You are quite literally, as far as your mind is concerned, staring into infinite and engulfing darkness.


Everyone has heard the myth that if you break a mirror, you will be plagued by seven years’ bad luck. The most commonly accepted theory for the origins of this deal with the fact that many people, as I mentioned above, believe that the mirror is believed to reflect a piece of your soul. In some cultures, the soul is said to regenerate itself every seven years, so it is very likely that this is where that myth originated from. I personally have issues with souls. I believe mine to be severely dysfuntional, and I do not believe that every soul is created equally. My soul is a very dark one, and it is a constant battle every day not to simply lose my shit and unleash hell upon whoever is closest to me at the time the dams break. However, I do believe in salvation, I just don’t believe that I can obtain it. I also believe that the ‘soul‘ is the essence, the energy of a being. I believe that in this life, at birth, a chosen energy simply possesses the newborn vessel (infant homosapien body) and lives and grows through this vessel. Since physics dictates that no energy can be destroyed, only converted into another form of energy, my belief is that our souls/essences/energy forms a symbiotic relationship with our vessels, and that we don’t even know it. Upon death, once the physical vessel expires and is no longer able to function, the soul/essence/energy leaves the body and wanders, eventually entering a new vessel. This is very similar to the theory of reincarnation, which Roman Catholics vehemently deny. So when breaking a mirror supposedly gives you seven years of bad luck, this is where the myth goes a little bit wonky for me. Once again, energy cannot be destroyed, only converted. Maybe its possible to have that piece of your soul shattered, in which case, that I could believe, but having it broken and ripped from the whole entirety of the soul, that is the part that I don’t believe.


Certain religions, most famously the Jewish religion, have certain superstitions that involve covering up the mirrors in their home for a minimum of seven [7] days. The reason for this is because if a mirror was left uncovered, the soul of that person may become trapped inside that mirror for eternity if it were to return to visit or say its final goodbyes to loved ones who are still alive. This is a risk if it returns at any point, in fact, because mirrors in general are supposedly very good at ‘catching‘ the essences around it. A general belief is that normally, these souls are confined within our bodies, and that these bodies are the very thing that prevent the soul from being trapped inside these mirrors. When there is no longer a body to prevent this, the soul is then subject to confinement to the mirror. This practice is still in effect in many other countries and it extends to all reflective surfaces, not just mirrors. Very much like my first paragraph up top, all reflective surfaces are covered to assist the dead in their transition.

This is also the same reason that vampires are said to have no reflections – it is because vampires allegedly have no soul anymore, because it was taken from them upon the moment of their death. This is an entirely different post, and trust me, that is coming.

Supposedly, it is also extremely precarious to have mirrors in the presence of the recently deceased because it is said that the devil himself could eventually appear in the reflection with the body, thus claiming that soul to an eternity of torment and pain and anguish in Hell.


It is no secret that I am one majorly fucked up individual. I will not go into why during this post, but because of events that took place in my youth, I am an extremely open vessel to the supernatural. If strange shit can happen, then it will happen – to me. And it isn’t just me, it will happen to those around me as well.

Needless to say, when I was young, I had many experiences with mirrors, and still do to this day. The fact of the matter is that I am never alone. Even when I am not near mirrors or reflective surfaces, I am still never alone. There are always moving, living shadows that I constantly see out of the corner of my eye. When I lie down in bed, these shadows visit me, and when I am near mirrors, it is that much worse. To be clear, I do not suffer from Eisoptrophobia. That is just the closest explanation that I could find to what my apprehensions are. I have seen creatures manifest in dark mirrors. Even in fully lit rooms, I have seen things which make me question reality in general, such as the fact that I will turn away from the bathroom mirror, and for just a split second after I am no longer facing the mirror, out of the corner of my eye, I will see my reflection continue to look at me. I have used mirrors in the past to channel – or attempt to channel – the supernatural. I have heard and felt physical responses while using these mirrors. I have seen things with my own two eyes that would make the average person pee themselves.

Mostly though, I am fearful only around real, glass mirrors. Little, bullshit plastic ‘dollar store’ mirrors do absolutely nothing. It only seems to be real glass for me. I do not have these problems in most reflective surfaces either. While I do occasionally see large shadow figures behind me in my ‘reflection’ when I turn my 55″ HDTV off, I suspect that is only because the surface of the television is large enough to capture the actual entities. I know that mirrors are the gateways to the supernatural, much like a door way or a window. Many, many times, I have seen instances of my own reflection where I will be staring at myself (reflection) in the mirror. Physically, everything matches up. Everything is as it is supposed to be. Except for the eyes in my reflection. The eyes are not mine. Physically, they match in color and pattern, but it is what is behind the eyes. It is the persona of the thing watching me that slips through every so often. Like a glimpse. And once again, they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. And the soul I see in the eyes of my reflection does not belong to me.

Now, about my youth, I did dabble with Satanim, and Wiccanism. I DID attempt to scry, and I have experimented with mirrors in a supernatural sense. I have also utilized certain rituals in the past that didn’t work. I have partaken in seances, and fortune telling. I at one time attempted to summon both the dead and demons directly. I even once offered for myself to be used as a physical vessel. While my life may have changed, and I rescinded my offer, as well as turned away from magick or even the attempt of magick, I would be ignorant to assume that none of it had ‘left its mark‘, or ‘imprinted me‘. I know exactly what I have done, and when I stared into the darkness, I know that it started to stare back.

To this day, my wife has a very, very large mirror that she keeps in my mother-in-law’s house. This mirror is approximately eight [8] feet tall, and about four [4] feet wide. It is approximately 200 years old, and comes directly from Russia, where her family used to live. It has been revealed to me that her family in particular has been involved in the “white” side of occultism, which they simply refer to as mysticism or superstition. This mirror has made me feel extreme discomfort for all 11 years that I have known her, and it has appeared in ‘dreams‘ of mine in which horrible, horrible shit has happened. To this day, I refuse to look at it, and I have to mentally prepare myself to sleep in that room when we stay over at that house.I will not look into it at night, because I know that if I do, I will see finally what is watching me.


Above, I did everything I could to give you, my reader, a decent idea as to what the phobia is like, how it affects a person, and why they are right, from a supernatural standpoint, to be afraid of mirrors. I know that many people will find this through google. I had posted a simple comment that, years ago, initiated 25+ responses, all people with stories like mine. I ‘helped‘ people feel comfortable telling what they had gone through, and I hope that I can help those people again. I know that eventually, maybe even over the time period of years, that you will find me. And I hope that you do. This post was crafted for those people who simply know that the things that go bump in the night are real, and I am evidence that while I may be severely damaged, I am not crazy. Neither are you. I look forward to hearing from everyone.


As it seems, I see that there are a ton of hit this article is receiving from searchers using Google, so I figured that I would update this section with a few interesting tidbits. First, above I spoke of an antique mirror that my wife has stored at my mother-in-law’s house. This mirror is the one that has haunted me for years. I hate it with a passion, and ultimately, if I had the choice, I would destroy it, however, it is not mine to do so with, so I am left in it’s presence whenever I visit that house. Here are some images of that mirror, so that you get an idea of how massive it is.

And, even further than that, I have found a few interesting stories/quotes in regards to mirrors and their uses in the supernatural. The following excerpt is from the book The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, written by Gerald Brittle, ISBN # 0-595024618-4, pages 88-91:

Perhaps no item more vividly illustrates the “wicked wisdom” of the demonic spirit than the five-foot antique conjuring mirror that hangs on the wall near Ed’s office. One can’t help but notice its ornate carved frame, but it is anything but a treasured objet d’art. Instead it’s under the watchful eyes of Ed Warren because it is a profane object.

“These days,” Ed explains, “people’s only real familiarity with mirror magic comes from the rhyme in Snow White: ‘Mirror, mirror, on the wall; who’s the fairest one of all?’ Witches and sorcerers once used mirrors to foresee or manipulate future events through magic-not illusion, but true magic, the real manipulation of nature and events. That ornate mirror by my door came from the home of a vindictive forty-five-year-old New Jersey man named Oliver Bernbaum who used it to practice a little-known medieval ritual we call speculum, or mirror magic.

“Now magic, like witchcraft, can be used to produce either good or bad effects. This man used the mirror as an instrument of black magic. First, he performed a lengthy incantation ritual or conjuring formula, inviting the spirit world to assist him in manipulating the future. After the incantation, he then directed his gaze into the mirror, using it in much the same way one uses a crystal ball: as a point of concentration.

“When he first started out, Oliver saw very little in the mirror other than the movement of blurred forms, or quick little incidents that meant nothing to him. But day by day, week by week, the more he concentrated his attention in to the mirror-that is, the more he opened up his free will to the experience-the more control Oliver gained, and consequently, the more he could see. Eventually, after performing this speculum ritual obsessively for many months, Mr. Bernbaum got to the point where all he had to do was state what he wanted to see, and the desired image would appear.

“In time, once he perfected the ritual, he could actually tune into the future whenever he liked. He could see-indeed predict-self-oriented events that would occur a day, a month, even a year later. But as the saying goes, ‘Power makes slaves of us all,’ and he soon decided to use this occult power. Going a step further, then, he projected people into the mirror. Invariably these were folks Mr. Bernbaum didn’t like-whom he singled out for revenge or punishment. God help the butcher who shortchanged Oliver Bernbaum!” Ed jokes.

“In order to wreak his own personal form of justice, Oliver would select a victim whose image would come up in the mirror. The unwitting individual would be seen in some actual future situation. Then, with the victim literally in his sights, Oliver would will some misfortune to befall that person. For example, he would see his victim standing at the top of a flight of stairs. At that point, if he wanted to make his victim fall down the stairs and break an arm, all he had to do was desire to see it happen. Working this kind of magic, the man would actually see his spiteful justice occur in the mirror just the way he planned it-kind of like watching an instant replay before the action takes place.

“Neat trick, right? Except there was a sticking point. These malicious acts wouldn’t happen just on his mortal say-so; they’d be carried out by inhuman spirits that he commanded as part of the ritual process. In order to make a victim fall down the stairs, an inhuman spirit would either momentarily disorient the person, apport some grease on a step, or go so far as to even give the victim a psychokinetic push-and, whammo!

“However, somewhere along the line, Oliver made a mistake, and his magic went awry. No doubt he neglected the part of the ritual where he had to give homage to Satan. As a result, the evil he proposed for others began to occur to him. But this was only a secondary grievance, because the spirits that he’d turned loose on his enemies had infested his own home instead, and were actively engaged in oppressing him. Disembodied footsteps and heavy breathing were heard in the otherwise empty house. Doors opened by themselves. Objects levitated or were flung around the room by unseen hands. Unearthly noises woke him up in the middle of the night. In short, an invisible presence roamed the house, and there was nothing he could do about it.

“After about a week, this man was so absolutely terrified he called a prominent Catholic official here in the East, and literally begged him to send a demonologist to his house. Rather than send over a busy priest though, that church official contacted me in Connecticut and asked if l’d investigate and try to straighten things out. At the time, Lorraine and I were working a tight schedule, but with us, people come first. So I canceled the remainder of our appointments that day, along with an appearance on an important interview show that night, and drove off with Lorraine to northern New Jersey.

“When we arrived at the address, we met a man frightened out of his wits. Of course, he had every right to be. Doors were opening and closing by themselves. Objects were flying here, there, and everywhere. Every minute, something would crash and break, or bounce off a wall and hit the floor and smash-a real ruckus! At one point during the afternoon, my own car even got involved. About an hour after we got there, cars in the street started honking their horns. When I looked out the window, I saw our car parked in the middle of the road crossways blocking both lanes of traffic. When we arrived I had parked the car in Mr. Bernbaum’s driveway, pulled the emergency brake, and locked the doors. Yet, someone on the street said they saw the car roll backwards out of the driveway all by itself. When I went out to get it, of course, the car’s doors were still locked and the parking brake was still set.

“Anyway,” Ed goes on, “it was apparent I was going to have to do something that very afternoon to stop the disturbance. In a situation like this, the best solution is to ‘Stab the devil with his own pitchfork,’ so to speak-therefore, what I had to do was reverse the ritual that Oliver had performed. I did this, at considerable danger to myself, but it put an immediate stop to the action, and also nullified any future evil the man had projected-because it committed the demonic to perform the evil on itself, or else cease the oppression altogether.

“That afternoon, when our work was done, Mr. Bernbaum wanted to know if we would take the conjuring mirror with us when we left. I said, ‘Sure.’ That way, at least I knew I wouldn’t have to come back on the same case twice. So, I put the mirror in the trunk of our car, and Lorraine and I started back home, just before dark.

So as you can see, mirrors can be practically used even today as tools of the supernatural. And that wasn’t even the only quote I was going to mention. Obviously, you can see the negative ramifications of delving into mirror magic, and you can also see that when playing with these tools, if you enlist the assistance of some type of entity to do your dirty work for you, you can also be expected to pay your debt in spades. And trust me, these things will come to collect, at some point of another, and you will rarely have what it takes in order to satisfy that debt.

Here is yet another excerpt, from yet another book, Shadows of the Dark, written by John Zaffis & Brian McIntyre, ISBN # 0-595-32509-2, pages 190-194.

Mirror Magic: Conjuring the Spirits of Lust

The modern movements stemming from an interest in the unknown give rise to many different techniques for self-empowerment. People of all cultures will go to great lengths to attain this power, an advantage of some sort in their everyday lives. Others are curious about the different belief systems and sample pieces of different practices out of curiosity. There are so many different beliefs and practices that it can often be intriguing to probe these worlds, which in itself appears harmless, but one does not quite know what they will come up against. Many will experience nothing while another will encounter many negative experiences. Each experience is unlike another’s own experiences, making each occasion and case unique-the severity shifting up and down on the scale of anguish. Dabbling is just like rolling the dice; what comes up is entirely unpredictable.

It is not uncommon for John to be sought our for aid pertaining to those who have dabbled with occult who did not expect anything bad to happen. They were most likely experimenting with the world of the unknown for verification of its existence. Perhaps they wanted to test the limits of their mental powers. Others gave up on traditionalized practices and sought the aid of more unconventional methods of belief. Regardless of the reason, several cases of this nature are submitted to John’s organization each month.

The following case dates back only a few years and was taken from John ‘s case log. It exemplifies the types of problems people might run into when fooling around with negative invocation methods.

While staring into an old mirror, Alan stood completely still, invoking what he thought would be powers to help him obtain his main goal, which was to achieve dominance over women. Growing up, Alan had very few girlfriends. He lusted after women who he saw, but upon getting involved never achieved the sexual dominance he so desired. Alan, a tall, dark-haired man in his early thirties, knew that he was slipping from his prime. Girls he met at the bar were interested in younger men. With no other place to turn, he tried the world of dark magic. Alan remembered one of his short-lived girlfriends who was heavily involved in witchcraft and claimed to obtain much of what she desired by implementing ritualistic practices she mastered throughout her earlier years. He thought it was probably nothing more than the power of suggestion, bur he still had an underlying hope that an external agent was at work that could possibly bring about the attainment of a desired outcome for him. Perhaps her desires fueled her to obtain what she wanted by changing her view and approach, but he still was not quite sure. He believed that the spirit realm most likely existed, bur still remained skeptical due to a lack of experience with the world of the occult.

A month before his first experiment with the mirror, Alan began researching many textbooks that embraced matters of magic, the existence of demons, and the hierarchy of hell, as well as the summoning spirits to one’s side. Alan really was quire unknowledgeable and dove in immediately to achieve instant gratification. It would only be a matter of a few short weeks before Alan began to notice a change within his life reflective of his brushing up against the preternatural underworld.

“Ultimately what Alan was trying to do was invoke the spirit world to obtain desires based on his selfishness and sexual perversity by means of crystallomancy, states John. “Crystallomancy is a process that often uses a bowl of water, a mirror, or anything that may be transparent or cast a reflection. In this case, a mirror was used to invoke assistance and to gain influence and power over women so Alan could have sexual relations with a multitude of females. “

Alan started to notice that his experimentation was nor working and tried the invocation process a few more times. He tried lighting incense that he read about in a magic handbook and purchased the root at a local herbal store. He was more determined and serious in his endeavors than ever before. His process of experimentation went to a mindset of complete determination. Alan’s intent was now very serious and he repeated the perverse prayers boldly, staring into the well-polished mirror.

After two weeks, Alan was becoming obsessed with the mirror. When he was not actually invoking, he cleaned the mirror as if it were a prized possession. Cleaning it anywhere from five to ten times a day, Alan was determined to make sure the surface was nothing short of perfect.

On a Thursday night after work, Alan headed to the bar downtown for a drink. Across from him sat many women. Alan sat, lusting after them, imagining himself involved intimately with the women. He did not want to hear their aspirations or their backgrounds. He did not care what they thought on any subject, nor did he wish to hear anything about them. Instead, he wanted to dominate them, penetrate them, and absolutely violate them any way he could.

That night his wish came true. He was approached by a young women in her mid-twenties who caught him staring at her with his burning eyes. After an hour of dialogue, Alan invited her to his house. He eventually consummated the ephemeral affiliation and asked her to leave the next morning after getting ready for work. She left her number, but Alan knew that he would never call the woman, and discarded her number within a few minutes after her departure. Alan almost immediately desired another woman. His first taste sparked an ever-growing desire to get as many women as he could. He began to use the mirror more and more until his invitations to specific deities became the focus of his madness.

“Alan had gone from experimentation to regular involvement, to obsession, then reached all out direct communication,” explains John. “I remember speaking with him on the phone for the first time, listening to his story, realizing that he was treating this mirror like a living and breathing person. He consulted the mirror and treated it like a god. Most of his actions revolved around the mirror, treating the object like it was a mentor. He really thought that it was the mirror giving him his luck with women. Alan, however, began to notice more and more that something was not right in his life. His obsession gave way to a force that made itself known physically on more than one occasion.

“The first time Alan was attacked, it was late one night after one of his female guests left following their having sex. This is when Alan began to realize that there was more than the power of suggestion at work. He then knew that what helped him achieve his perverse desires was not a figment of the deepest part of his fantasies, but instead a real entity that would seek out Alan’s very own destruction after several months of appearances.”

Alan lay in his bed trying to sleep, but was not able to do so. He felt as if eyes were staring at him, yet there was no visible presence in the room. He rolled over, ignoring the deep feeling that radiated throughout his entire body. Whatever the reason for the uncomfortable feeling, Alan had no desire to acknowledge the sentiment. Alan started to drift off into twilight of sleep when he felt something on the bed of substantial weight. After a few moments of being held down, he flew out of bed to the other side of the room. Covered in sweat, the hot feeling that encompassed him was gone. He felt as if he were being smothered by a large blanket of electricity. Alan sat in the corner thinking about what happened. All of the invocations he performed had taken their toll. He read the books, said the words, and hoped for some type of action. Well, that was just what he got.

John discusses Alan’s behavior. “Alan never thought that anything bad would happen as a result of the incantations. At first he didn’t even think they were going to be effective. When results became apparent, he began to delve deeper into the bizarre rituals. That is when I believe the presence moved in. It waited for him to basically give himself up and waited for his guard to be completely down. At that moment there couldn’t have been a better time to strike.

“When I got to know Alan, I saw a person who was quite friendly and ultimately harmless. Sure, he wanted women, but he never really experienced a woman sexually, this curiosity being the catalyst for his strong compulsions. He claimed that he used the rituals to acquire women because he did not want to pay for sex or forcibly rape anyone. His bizarre intentions became real and caused a struggle that goes on to this very day.

“I arranged for Alan to rid his home of the mirror and to have him come up to Connecticut for a Roman Catholic exorcism, but the plans fell through. A few days before the rite when speaking with him on the phone, he claimed he could not give up what he had. At this point, he was usually having sex between two and five times a day with different women. He knew and admitted it was not right, but could not bring himself to give up what he craved.

“I have not spoken with him in quite some time. The exorcism never happened and he continued on with his form of worship. I can only hope things have not intensified for this confused man. When I stopped communicating with Alan, he had been bitten and scratched on several occasions and had reoccurring nightmares. He often saw a dark shadow in the room with him that would seem to stare at him and then disappear. There is no doubt in my mind that his struggle carries on. Unless he renounces his involvement in such practices and performs a complete turnaround, his suffering may never end.

“Alan’s study of the occult stemmed from his influence from the literature from one of modern day’s perverse occult forefathers, Aleister Crowley. Crowley was born in the latter part of the 19th century in England and eventually came to this country. His ideas were rooted in his experiences under another occult-based man, Eliphas Levi. His study in the Temple and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn sparked Crowley’s initial interest and developed his beliefs and practices. Many people view Crowley as the forefather of many negative New Age movements. Crowley’s experiments into the unknown were indicative of Satanism. He had renounced his Christian upbringing and often referred to himself as

“666” or “the Beast.” Alan felt a strong connection with Levi.

‘The problem is just that; people get very easily influenced. They may simply pick up a book and feel that magic will work for them. Most would-be practitioners are not well versed in the occult, but instead experiment, merely dabbling with a few rituals before leaving the practices in their past. This is sometimes when whatever they summon comes back to them. Others experience the effects and crave more power, delving deeper and deeper into practice until they reach a point where they are completely consumed by what they see, hear, and experience. Perversity becomes their god, their very actions and thoughts on this level of wickedness. It is quite common to run into those who seek help, but when push comes to shove, they often cannot give up or renounce whatever it is that is around them. They are consumed, obsessed, and give it the recognition it needs to carry on its assigned duty. Getting people to break away from such practices, even when they are seeking the help for themselves, is often nearly impossible.”

So though these are only minor updates, I figured that I would include them anyway as reading material for those interested in this phenomena. If I come across any additional info, trust in the fact that I will update it here.

  1. AbiK says:

    So I actually found this blog after seeing your comments in the eisoptrophobia post you mentioned (where you sparked 25+ responses, which even are showing up this year). I have a lot of issues (nothing diagnosable, just anxiety and a hyperactive imagination and strange supernatural experiences) but I figured I might repost what I commented there as well, in case you were at all interested. My entire family has always been prone to supernatural occurances- from being touched physically by spirits to hearing them to seeing dark figures or having premonitions. I myself had premonitions in the past and still get odd feelings that make me suspect that something unusual is about to happen- yet it seems I’m the only one in my family to have ever had eisoptrophobia. It varies in degrees of intensity- from paranoia to extreme fear to mild anxiety- and usually gets worse in conjunction with other fears of mine. Below is the comment I posted to the other blog, word for word. Hopefully you have some ideas for me…

    So, a LOT of the previous comments are similar to mine, but I also want to preface mine. I have a few other fears, such as a discomfort when alone or the sensation of others watching me. A lot of the time, I can picture in my head, using my imagination, something strange happening (something crawling over the top of the bathroom stall when I’m alone, someone or something hiding in the back of a car or in a hotel room, that freaky girl from the grudge that has given me more nightmares than I care to count). So, although I know I have eisoptrophobia, I don’t know if it’s my only problem.

    As of now, I’m a 17 year old girl. My fear comes and goes in intensity, but is usually worse when I think about it. I’m uncomfortable around all reflective surfaces, especially when I’m alone or out night, and will not sit with my back to an empty space or window and will not look out of windows at night. I’m also uncomfortable when the shower curtain is closed (whether I’m just in the bathroom or if I’m showering) because I feel like something might be watching me from the other side. It’s come to the point where it is mildly debilitating, and I’d love to fix it.

    For the most part, my fear is seeing something I can’t explain or having something appear in the mirror that isn’t there (people, spectres, ect). I’m also uncomfortable with my reflection’s eyes and the idea that it is a separate entity- that it can move and think and act on its own.

    For the most part, I believe that my fear comes from my love of horror stories, my hyperactive imagination, and the fact that I used to have unusual spiritual experiences when I was younger (premonitions, the sensation of knowing other people’s emotions, one case of what seems to be telepathy). The worst, however, began after watching movies like The Grudge and Mirrors, because they gave shape to my fear (especially the bathroom scene in mirrors- I still get the chills thinking about it). Also, when I was young I heard a story about this spirit called a fetch, which would appear in a mirror or empty room within a week of when you were supposed to die, and the idea freaked me out terribly.

    My parents keep telling me to be logical, to face my fears, but I can’t. I did the same as another poster, and tried saying nice things to it, but it still seems malicious or cold or smug. I don’t know what to do at this point. Reading the other posts is comforting, but does anyone else have any idea how to make it better? I also can’t walk into my bathroom at night without turning on all nearby lights first, and am afraid of my reflection doing things while I’m not watching. Sometimes I can picture what I imagine it doing very clearly- like watching a movie clip or seeing a creepy photo. It’s really much too much….

    Any suggestions would be much loved!

    • Amy says:

      “I have a few other fears, such as a discomfort when alone or the sensation of others watching me. A lot of the time, I can picture in my head, using my imagination, something strange happening (something crawling over the top of the bathroom stall when I’m alone, someone or something hiding in the back of a car or in a hotel room, that freaky girl from the grudge that has given me more nightmares than I care to count). So, although I know I have eisoptrophobia, I don’t know if it’s my only problem.”

      This is the exact problem of mine. Except that I am 26 and that is a huge problem. Another problem is that no one believes me at all, they are making fun of me or/ and my situation.

      So in brief this is my story:

      I do believe in God, and I watched a lot of horror movies too, also I had a lot of problems and stress situations- my father died few years ago. Also I tried bloody Mary thing when I was a kid, maybe did few more weird stuff- also when I was a kid. I also pray a lot but this is freaking me out. I want to be a mother, i want to grow up. I work, I have a great boyfriend, I have a mother a brother and a sister and everyone are good apart from my mothers abilities that are kind of supernatural (she once predicted to my sister that some important man in her life is going away for a long long time and may never return- our father died that summer and he wasn’t sick).

      I am aware that these fears are unreal and illogical but I can’t help my self. When I look at any reflective surface my heart rate speeds up i start sweating I feel uncomfortable. I can’t watch and can’t look away. I am glancing it from time to tame to make sure that “it” is not there.

      I don’t know what to do, i fear that my boyfriend will leave me an that I am going insane. I want to be good, I want to stop feeling this way I want not to be superstitious anymore and to stop believing in these things. Please help me!

  2. ItsaMeMario says:

    Dude lay off the LSD! Your mind is just fuckin with you! Honestly!

    • LVCIFER says:

      Trust me, you’ve never spent a night in my house. *chuckle* I’ve never done a single drug in my life, and I never intend to. Truth be told, I can respect and appreciate that you might not believe in this type of stuff, there are many people out there who don’t. And the only thing I can say to that is that I know with 100% certainty what I have experienced. My intention was not to convince anyone of the experiences I have had, merely to point them out. Read the rest of the site, specifically the “About Your Author” section, and that may shed some light as to who and how I am, especially in regards to the paranormal and supernatural situations that I have lived through. Just a recommendation though.

  3. strangeonesheis says:

    I am a haunted person. I never look into a reflective surface if I can avoid it. I’m no psychic, just someone who sees things others don’t. Finding your post has helped me tremendously. I’ve been laughed at more than once for covering reflective surfaces. Two generations ago in my family on my fathers side, who was a warlock, a very powerful one at that, he died years before I was born. I have this fear that, it’s he who passed this to me. I practice no magic, never have, never had a seiance, no ouija boards, yet everyday I am tormented. I know there is an entity who follows me, other people have seen him with me, said that I am the most haunted person he’s ever known. It seems like almost monthly I have to have my house cleansed because something is making contact with me. Because of my experiences and the weird ass way my mind works I have been diagnosed with schizoeffective disorder. Maybe you can help me. At this point I’m at a loss as to what to do.

    • Demonologist 13 says:

      You did some excellent research for this article and very thoroughly explored this topic. I learned some new information I did not know before.

      My friend, don’t rest in the conclusion that you are beyond salvation. That is a lie that originates with the spiritual forces you transacted with in your occult practices. Perhaps, they are what you are seeing behind your reflection. And think about it, what a better way for them to keep you from the one thing that can deliver you by making you believe you are beyond salvation.

      Keep up the good work!

  4. liz burton says:

    I have a fear of mirriors although not to the point of avoiding them its almost like I have to look and always get that apprehensive feeling I know its some how linked to when I was young doing what they call bloody mary where you close the door and turn out the lights and repeat the name three times while looking into the mirror I did on one such ocassion see something evil looking back glowing red eyes at that I’ve never been in a bathroom without the light on since and still don’t like mirrors during the day but still feel like somethings watching or waiting????

  5. I have heard and seen things before that I can’t tell anyone about and I have the same problem. I have learned to deal with it for the most part but I still get extremely angsty if the shower curtains are closed or if the window blinds are open at night. I still avoid staring into a mirror for long periods of time especially considering that I have stared at my own reflection long enough to the point where it became hard to look away because of that feeling of a different soul… or a darker part of my own soul staring back. I even make sure to turn all mirrors to the wall when I’m not using them if possible and can’t sleep without having some sort of light on (usually my tv) all because of experiences I’ve had. I also can’t sleep with my room door open and especially hate it when doors are open just a crack. I always feel like I’m being watched but I figure if there is something there, it hasn’t done anything yet and if I don’t provoke it or show my fear and let it feed off of my fear, I should be fine. Maybe you should try getting into a similar mindset and that may help.

    Admittedly it was difficult learning to cope but I eventually did because I went through an intense and scary phase of these things affecting me to the point where I would end up on long walks at 3 in the morning during which I was terrified and yet couldn’t stop. I would become extremely aggressive with others for no reason. There was even a moment where I was able to hurt someone by placing my palm to their forehead. To this day I don’t know what that other person experienced I just remember knowing it would hurt them when I did it and I recall attempting to stop and not being able to. I felt like I was going crazy during these episodes and had a tendency of wandering off on my own in an attempt to not seem insane to people that don’t believe in the supernatural. One day though I got sick of it and decided it was my body and I should be able to control what is going on with it. Believe it or not, I have used prayer before despite the fact I don’t go to church and don’t identify with any religion. I did grow up catholic though and remember a prayer or two that helped. It can work if you have faith and a strong will. If you don’t though it may not help much.

    I will admit I still freak out every once in awhile but if I concentrate enough on not being scared and standing up to whatever may be there by not showing fear, it definitely helps. They say a strong will can keep things away and I believe that to be true. Negative entities feed off of negative vibes I believe, so giving off negative emotions should be avoided if possible. I also make sure to have a light on when I can, or a source of light, even if it’s just my phone screen.

    Whoever reads this may just think I’m crazy or on drugs like the person that made the comment about LSD and your mind just fucking with you. Hell, sometimes I still think I’m crazy but then something always happens to remind me that it’s not in my head and witnesses can usually vouch for me. I guess the good thing about us with strong intuition and a sixth sense is we can help those around us that may be in danger from a darker entity. I have helped a friend that was being drawn out to the countryside in the middle of a storm once. As soon as I convinced him to turn back the wind started blowing harder and his phone went off and when he turned to check it something whispered in my ear. He heard it too and his phone had no messages, alarms, or missed calls that should have set it off. It was strange. This was after some female entity (succubus) had actually appeared in his room. Thank goodness his dog woke him up that time. This may not seem to have much to do with mirrors but it is related in a way because mirrors are definitely attached to the supernatural world somehow and for those of us that know this, they can be frightening to look into or be near and we should be aware that there are things we don’t understand completely out there and that we shouldn’t mess with if we can help it. We should just learn how to keep it at bay to protect ourselves and those around us, especially because believe it or not there are demons and spirits wandering this earth and some of us are just more susceptible to them than others

  6. Donna Matthews says:

    I am 61 and when I was in my late twenties or early 30s (and was going through a 5 year period of my life that I experimented with drugs) there was an occasion that I sat cross legged (which I usually didn’t do for more than 10 or 15 minutes as it made my knee, which I had previously dislocated, hurt) in front of a mirror on my bedroom floor picking at a raised knot on the inside of my lip. I remember being in a state that I believed any question I thought I immediately knew the answer to, though upon coming out of this state I don’t recall remembering any of either the questions or the answers. Also I thought it only lasted a moment, but when I looked at the clock it was about 4 hours later and my knee didn’t hurt . I thought it was a drug induced state. Until now I hadn’t paid much mind to the mirror. Also I was saved in the summer of my 7th grade year and yes, you can be too. All that is required is that in acknowledging our sinful nature we take that next step and accept Jesus’s sacrifice of taking our sins upon himself and paying for them by dying in our place We still go through growing up spiritually and we run amuck from time to time, but we are never lost again. Also I went through what you make reference to as to an awareness of dark spirits being in the room and watching me when I went to sleep at night after some friends got me into chanting when I was in high school. They claimed to communicate with spirits. I asked God to make the spirits go away. It was a very long time ago, but I remember him giving me a mental image of being seated cross legged on the floor in the middle of an empty white room with only one door which nothing evil could come through and staring at the light coming through the only window in the room. I knew the light was him. It worked. I remember going to that room inside my head and immediately the dark spirits were locked out of where I was It wasn’t long before they never came back. Be well, friend. You have every bit as much hope and worth in the eyes of God as any of us. He is no respector of persons. All you have to do is ask. 😘

  7. Mind Analyzer says:

    I have had a couple of weird dreams with mirrors. In my last dream I had a sleep paralysis but after a while I was able to wake up [in spirit]; well, I stood in front of my mirror and the image in the mirror was completely different. The being in the image was tall, muscular, big wings, sort of handsome but missing one eye, immensely tough but at the same time kind and serious face, I got closer to the mirror and noticed that my arms and legs were full of scars. And i knew in my mind (heard it I guess) that this [as well as the missing eye] was the result of fighting in a ‘thousand’ battles. This being also had 3 antlers (or similar features) protruding from his back, pointing upward with some forward bend, there was a symbol on top of the central feature

    I did not get a bad vibe but still tried to test my ‘image’. I started praying an Our Father prayer and the being was praying with me but after a while he forgot the words -> the same happens to me sometimes when I pray in my dreams

    PS: I experience the phenomenon 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 and 5:55 all the time and I have also been dreaming of having wings (feathery jetblack) that I use to fly and to fight [demons and aliens] for more than 2 years. These flying dreams are beautiful

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